Thursday, August 05, 2021


 At the FBG Knitters group last night, everyone was knitting, except me.  I just went to yak!  😂😅😆

But I've decided to find a pattern for a beanie, and next time I go I'm gunna knit.  

ABOVE:  I really like the look of this one... only I'd leave the top 'open' for me ponytail!

Probably the hardest thing will be choosing what colour to make it ... or maybe I can make several in different colours?  Let's wait and see shall we?  😊

ABOVE:  This is where we hold our knitting group.  St Kilda Cafe and Bistro in Cambridge.  It's a really lovely place.

ABOVE:  They give us our own room for the meeting... which is really nice.  Most ladies order something to eat, either a bar snack or a dessert, I haven't yet though.  Maybe next time I will.

So... back to today.  I will get onto Pinterest to see if I can find a free beanie pattern.  If not, I'll check out the wool shop in town, they probably have one.

I anticipate being a bit busy this morning, so I probably won't be back to check in here till mid afternoon.  So until then.... have a lovely day. 😊

3.15 pm:  And Stew and I are finally home.

We were in court.  It's been a LONG 10 months battling for RIGHT to prevail.  And it has.  We got EXACTLY what we were after at the end of the day.  

Stew and I had a late, celebratory lunch afterwards.  And now we are home, feet up, relaxing.

Wednesday, August 04, 2021


 After I found the $20 that Steve hid in me house, the first thing I did?

I jumped in me car and took it over to his house and left it there.

ABOVE:  I didn't bother hiding it.  Just made sure he'd see it when he got home from work.  He did.

Marley has a big selection of toys to play with:

ABOVE: See?  That should be enough eh?

ABOVE:  yeah nah.  That little bugger got into my knitting bag and helped herself to an entire ball off wool.

Grrrrrrrr.  She tried denying it, but when I put it back on the floor, she nose dived into it.  Little shit.

She is always on the hunt for something new to steal/play with.  😕😂😣

I did some ironing yesterday.  Not enough though, so I will do some more today.  I will also go to the supermarket and fill the gaps in the pantry.  I should make a list... I keep forgetting shit I really need.

11.45 am:  and yes, I got the shopping done.

ABOVE:  who doesn't love a well stocked pantry?  My freezers are now full too... can't fit another thing in them.  I think we have far too many veges in them actually!
Stewie, we need to eat more veges.

Now, it's almost lunchtime, so I'm gunna take a break and have something to eat.
Then... sort myself out (shower, hair wash etc), cos I'm going to Knitter, Natter & Platter tonight in Cambridge.

I was just reminded, so I better not miss it, like I missed Card Night last night.

5.35 pm:  And I'm all ready to head off to Cambridge. I hope it's a lovely evening... what am I saying?  Of course it will, I'll be in lovely company!  My FBG girlfriends are THE BEST.

9.50 pm:  So glad I went!  I had a brilliant time yakking with my girlfriends.  Just what I needed.
Now I'm home and just about ready for bed.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021



How many of you spend literally HOURS scrolling through Facebook, thoroughly enjoying all the funnies?

I can't say I spend HOURS ... but I sure in hell waste a good deal of time some days.

Thing is, you can and do come across some really good stuff.

So there ya go... a few I thought were pretty good.

Today... well I've no set plans.  Stew needs some shirts ironed (f*#k it), so I'll probably do that while watching a movie or who done it on the telly.

ABOVE:  I'll leave you with this, Steve playing with a stacking game on the weekend.  When he had them all stacked up, he sat back and said "Oh look, I've got a pile of pussies!"  Brilliant.

11 am:  And I've been pottering around all morning doing odd jobs.
Then Bex dropped off two snotty boys who can't go to school.  Bloody winter colds.

ABOVE:  at least the girls are happy.  Someone to sit and get warm on.

There is a NEW $20 saga going on.  On the weekend I gave Steve a $20 note for the chips he bought.
He informed me when he left that it was 'somewhere' in my house.  Grrrr.
I decided I was NOT even gunna hunt for it.   It could be ANYWHERE right?

Then this afternoon, as I was walking into the garage, I spied something slightly out of kilt:

ABOVE:  And there ya go!  The one and ONLY place I looked.  

Now... keep the bloody thing Steve!

I don't think I'm too popular right now.  I forgot it was Card Night.  Whoops.  Sorry girls.
I have now missed 3? in a row.  I hope I get to the next one.

Stew arrived home from work and had another roast pork dinner.  Then he had yoghurt, I don't know how he fitted it in!

Now we are watching the Olympics.  It's been cycling, which is really boring to watch.  What's next I wonder?   Oooo diving!  Ya, we like diving.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, August 02, 2021


 Monday, and I have 'a few' photos to share of our weekend:

ABOVE: The new playground is OPEN.  And OMG so many people there on the weekend!!!

ABOVE:  Just lots of happy, smiling faces.  

So thankful to have such an amazing playground minutes from our home.  It is sure to become a favourite place to hang out with the kids.

Back to today... housework!  And probably some grocery shopping, as I didn't manage to get any done at the end of last week.

11.15 am:  We have a special event at the end of the week, and I've been torn with deciding what the hell to wear!
I went out this morning and visited every single clothing shop in Chartwell Square AND The Base...  and found nothing that would be 'right'.

Came home... another browse through the BLOODY COPIOUS amount of clothes I've got... and finally settled on the PERFECT outfit.

It is very special to me.  It's a top that my mother gave to me, the VERY LAST clothing item she ever gave me in fact.

When we attend this special event, I know that my Mum is going to be with us in spirit, because if she was alive right now, for sure she'd be sitting right beside us.  100%

ABOVE:  This is the top Mum sent me early last year.  She knew me so well 😊💙.

Gosh I'm cold!  We have another shitty, foggy day... the cold just creeps into your bones.  I'm gunna turn the heater on and warm the house up a bit.  Brrrrrr.

5 pm:  And I've got roast pork in the oven....OMG it smells amazing.  And there is enough there to feed Stew and I for 2-3 nights, and we can have pork sandwiches for lunches too. Yummy.

9.30 pm:  And yep, dinner was delish.  
Watching the Olympics this evening.
About to throttle Stew, the bastard won't stop farting!  He's literally stinking up the entire room!
Bloody man can piss off to bed.  😠😫💩

Sunday, August 01, 2021


 I don't know if anyone's really noticed... but slowly and surely I've been losing weight.

And YES, I've eaten some pies!  Just not many.

ABOVE: The difference between these two photos is : 12 kilos.

It's not a huge amount, but it's progress.

My goal for the rest of this year is to lose another 5-8 kilos.

Totally doable, I just have to keep the focus on my health, and why I want to drop a few more kgs.  Of course, I've 'been there, done that' a gazillion times before.

I think maybe the difference now is that I am much more concerned about my health than ever before.

Before losing weight was more about a 'number', and other people's perception of me.

Now I don't give a shit about what other people think.  I am doing it for ME.  

I want to feel good about myself again.  And I will.

ABOVE:  And the saga of the $20 continues.  I don't know how many times that $20 has gone between Lacy and myself... but she's got it again.  I have way less options to 'give it back' to her, but with masking tape, I manage.  
Yesterday that $20 got taped behind her number plate.  heee heee.

ABOVE:  Just hangin' around home today.

10.35 am:  And omg, what a stunning day it is outside!

I've already been out to the supermarket, we needed a few supplies for lunch/dinner.

ABOVE:  Coco can't stay awake. So damn cute.

ABOVE:  Feeding the masses... chippie sandwiches.  So yum on a cold day.

In anticipation of Lacy hiding 'the $20' at my home over the weekend, I did a sneaky move this morning.
I said I was going to the supermarket, and instead I went out to her farm.

ABOVE:  And I left one of my rocks on the deck.  Under it was $20 firmly taped in place with duct tape.  😂😅😆

ABOVE: After saying 'Hi' to the piggies, I quickly ducked into the supermarket to validate my 'cover story', then went home.  

It has been another really good day here.  We've just had dinner, sausages and veges, and now it's time to relax till bedtime.
Catch you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 31, 2021


ABOVE:  This.  The last one is my all time favourite saying.  And so true.

ABOVE:  The girls in their favourite place... looking out the studio door, checking out everyone who walks past on the footpath.

Can you believe it's the last day of July?

Seriously, this year is going too damn fast.

August tomorrow.  Some BIG things happening in August.

I really hope the painting company can do our interior in August.

THEN we can get the carpet done too.  

Talking of carpet, I've not heard from ChemDry about when they are coming to clean the hallway carpet yet.  I hope they come next week.

Oh and today I hope to drag Stew into Carpet Court, I'd like him to look at all the options.  I'm still not 100% settled on what we will get yet, and would like his input.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.

10.10 am:  such a cold morning !  We've been having super heavy fogs these past few days.  At least if the fog lifts we end up  with a semi nice day.

ABOVE:  I don't think I've told you about Brylee's arm?

She's been off work for two months  because her right shoulder keeps dislocating!  This happened a few years ago when we lived in Cambridge too.

So... she has an appointment in a couple of weeks to see an orthopedic surgeon.  She may need surgery to tighten up her shoulder muscles.

In the meantime, she's off work and can't even drive.

Yaaa.... Stew is chief cook and bottle washer today.  He's making us toasted sandwiches for lunch.  

6 pm:  And wow we have had a lovely day so far.

Steve, Bex, Brylee, Lacy, Keera, Dante and Archer all came over and we went to the park, followed by ice cream sundaes at the mall.

Once home, everyone played and enjoyed each other's company.

Dinner tonight is McDonalds.  I'm looking forward to my Angus Burger, it's my first one in a month.

We are watching the Olympic games on the telly this evening.   I didn't think I'd watch any this year, but am enjoying most of it.  Maybe NOT the rugby though 😂😅😆.

Exactly two days since my Covid vaccination, and the injection site is still tender to touch, and starting to get itchy.  But I have no pain when using my arm.  So a good experience as far as I'm concerned.  

It's now 8.40 pm, and we are watching Olympic Beach Volleyball.  Time to sign off for the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, July 30, 2021


 Well.... I sleep on my left side.

And it's me left arm that had the jab.

So, it's a bit sore this morning.

When I went to bed last night I was feeling quite headachy, and a bit nauseous.  

I still have the headache and well... that's about it.

Quite normal from all accounts.

I am going to stay in bed for a while this morning.  The last couple of days I've had to get up earlier than I'd like for tradespeople, so it will be nice to just lie here and read the news.

Once me feet start twitching, I will get up.

I feel like going shopping!

Frustratingly, there is bugger all I need or want.

I might check out the pantry/fridge/freezer and see if there's anything we need, and go grocery shopping?  The weekend is coming up and we almost always have visitors, which means a few more mouths to feed.

So there ya go... I don't feel too bad after the 1st Covid Vaccination... and it's gunna be an excellent day.

10.10 am:  I have just spent the past hour or so tidying up all the linen, and moving it onto the spare queen bed.

ABOVE:  It was a really good job to do, as now I've weeded out all the really old linen that can be thrown out.   I've also got a pile to give away too.
We had far too much linen.

Don't be fooled though by that lot.  I've got another linen cupboard full of pillows and blankets!  Not to mention what's under the spare queen bed.  I can't even remember what's under there!

Perhaps I will sort that lot out another day, once that linen is back in the hot water cupboard.

So, now that's done I am going to sit and relax for a little while.  My arm is still sore, but I'm doing what the nurse said and using it, so it doesn't feel worse.  Other than the arm, I feel fine now.

Well... some people.  😂😅😆

I'm having such a happy morning, pottering around the house.  Feeling like myself again, even got some energy!

12.45 pm:  And I've just had Amanda here visiting me.  So nice when me kids just pop in for a cuppa.  😊

I'm about to have me lunch... baked beans 'n' eggs on toast.  With some grated cheese on top. 
It will be my 'main' meal of the day.  Tonight I will just have some yoghurt.

Stew will be getting Chicken steaks, smashed potato and some salad for his dinner.  I'm sure he will love it.

Oh my, lunch was delicious!  Stew might not like me tonight when I start 'passing wind' from eating baked beans!  Gotta love me.

9.30 pm:  Such a good day!  Stew arrived home and had his yummy dinner.  I'm about to have a little yoghurt, and watch Coronation Street.
Thank god it's not been bumped off the telly in favour of the Olympics.