Thursday, October 28, 2021


Large-ish girl gets outta car in front of me.

 Black hair, with white accent stripes.


Black push up bra.   Size 16 G minimum, boobs spilling out the top of the bra.

Pure white, exposed belly, jiggling.

Black, see through nylon stockings.

Full brief, black undies.

Black boots.

And I just go... WHAT THE FUCK? Where's ya shirt and skirt?

You are going into a supermarket like THAT?

Yeah, I get that she was dressing 'GOTH LIKE', and everyone has the right to dress however they like, but her outfit was borderline indecent FOR THE SETTING.  


'Lady' in the carpark at Pak n Save.  

Wearing baggy long pyjama pants that were not even half on... you could see her entire naked bum.

And a bra 2 times too small.  Bare feet. That's it.   Vaping.  Looked drunk.

I thought I'd seen everything by now.

Apparently not.

That was yesterday.

I think I'll stay home today.

Talking of today, there will be sewing involved.

As long as I don't get distracted by something else.

Steve saw his Doctor yesterday.  Then he talked to his Gastro Doctors at the hospital.

There is some speculation about his ongoing muscular pains and stiffness.  It could be a reaction to the Covid vaccination, (Reactive Arthritis), or it might be something entirely separate from that.  Either way, it's extremely rare.

So, he's had a blood test and they will go from there, depending on the results.  In the meantime, he's back on Steroids to try and settle the pain and stiffness down.

His immune system is shot to pieces right now.  

He is not going to have his second Covid jab until this latest issue has settled down.

He's a constant worry for this Mum.

Right, best get moving... I've got stuff to do.

11.15 am:  and no distractions.
I'm in me sewing room, have been since 8.30 am.

ABOVE:  And I'm finally ready to start sewing the next Cat Runner!
I made another one, different from the first two.
So I had to make the pattern.  That took a while.
But... let's get back to it. 

What are you doing?  

2 pm:  Stew and I both stopped working for lunch, and to listen to the daily Covid Report.
No good news there really.
Moving on.

Steve:  Heard from his hospital team.  His bloods show he's fighting a viral infection, all his 'infection markers' are elevated.  So, his Pancolitis is flaring up again, and his body is fighting to get some equilibrium.
He started Prednisone today, so hopefully that will help with the inflammation.
He also has to start a two week course of anti-biotics, as while he's on the Prednisone (and his other medications), his immune system is non existent. 
He will need to be very careful who he comes into contact with for the next month or so.

So extended family, he's a 'don't go near him' for now.

Brylee, Griffin and Lacy... we will need all of you to help us this weekend, moving our furniture into the garage and sunroom.  Steve will not be here, or helping.

ABOVE:  And there is today's Cat Runner.  It took a lot more work.  But I love it.  "IK, PEOPLE".

Now I'm stopping to get dinner in the oven.  Pork Belly.

Dinner was amazing!  Can't really go wrong with Pork Belly, slow roasted in the oven.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


 I sat in front of the computer, scrolling through cat pictures last night.

Getting ideas for more cat runners.

I've now got quite a few ideas, and am excited to make more.

But first, I will be making the first two again... cos SPARKLING bought them both!

I will be sewing all morning, then after lunch I'm going to Cambridge to pick up some plants.

A friend's kid has been growing succulents and selling them over Facebook.  He had a few left so I am getting them.  How hard is it to kill succulents eh?  😂😅😊

Actually, I am going to plant them in the front garden.  They can grow and propagate, then I can give them to others.

Sooooo.... I might not be back on here much today.  Ya know... got stuff to do, places to be, peeps to see (FROM A DISTANCE).  😖

I will try to remember to pop back, I promise.

10 am:  And we all know about those 'best laid plans' eh?

So, the boys got dropped off so Bex could get the groceries and take Steve his lunch.  Yes, Steve is back at work, but still not 100%.

Then the SKY Technician arrived, cos we've been having problems with our Sky reception.

Then... I got distracted by a little job just waiting to be done.

ABOVE: These tiles by the sliding door in the family room needed to come up.
So.  I did it.  And it wasn't that hard a job at all!
I think we have to grind the grout/glue off now?
Or maybe the carpet company can do that?  Dunno.   I'll talk to them about it before they get here.
We don't even know how long the carpet lay is going to take.  One day?  Two?  Another thing to find out before next week.
The boys are quietly watching TV, so I might just sit and relax for a little while myself.

2.30 pm:  Just home from Cambridge.

ABOVE:  Hardly any traffic on the expressway, but PLENTY in town (Cambridge!).  Anyone would think we were not in lockdown, there were so many people and cars in town.
I drove past our old house, they are putting an inground pool in, and have stripped most of the gardens.
Looks so sad from the road.
They have even taken out the lovely railway sleeper garden by the kitchen and lounge windows.  Such a shame, my gorgeous Robinia Lacy Lady tree is gone.
There is now a preschool at the end of our road, and a new block of shops just around the corner.
It feels weird being back there and seeing so many changes.
I now have several pots of baby succulents to plant in the gardens.  That might be a job for tomorrow.
For now... I'm off to do some work in the sewing room.  FINALLY.

COVID NEWS:  Our area is going to be staying in Level 3 lockdown for longer.  BUT we now have the freedoms that Aucklanders have.  We can meet up with neighbours, up to 10 people.  Go golfing, fishing,hunting, boating etc.  But still have to stay in our area, no crossing internal borders.
No shops open, unless it's online/contactless purchasing.
A few other things opening, like preschools with number restrictions bla bla bla.
So ... still stuck at home really.  Like I'm gunna go golfing/fishing/hunting/boating!
Oh yeah, you can go SCUBA DIVING too!   Like... I hold my breath when there's an underwater programme on the TV!!!  No way am I going friggin scuba diving ffs.  Thanks for that 'freedom'  JACINDA.

I lay down for 'a minute'.
Woke up at 6.15 pm!  Whoops.  Not cooking dinner now am I?  Stewie went out for takeaways.  😅😆

I can't keep track of the days.  I swear all day I've thought it was Saturday or Sunday.  So weird.
It's probably because Stew is home all the time?
Anyway.  It's sign off time.  I'm not doing anything else except watch idiot TV.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 As we are stuck in Level Three lockdown, Stew is still working from home.

And I'm at home with nowhere to go.

It seems crazy that Auckland is in Level Three like us, but they now have more freedoms than us!  Yet their Covid numbers are 90 to 100 + most days, and ours is less than 9 most days.  What's with that?

The other crazy thing is, all year 11, 12 and 13 college kids can go back to school as from today.  Ummm, hello... LOCKDOWN does not count for them?  WTF?  Or have I got that wrong somehow?  

It is totally Mickey Mouse, and I'm pretty sure hundreds of thousands of people are friggin over it.

I used to think Jacinda was doing an amazing job handling this Pandemic.  Now?  NOT AT ALL.

And now that I've had a little rant... I don't actually feel any better.  

Today I'm gunna empty the bottom of the linen cupboards, and then do another runner.

ABOVE:  A sneak peek at the next runner.  It's a cat.

What is it with me and friggin cats?  I don't even like cats.

ABOVE:  Bloody man, he's far too sensible. 
He's always pulling me into check.
He now says "You do what you want, BUT ...".

The damn annoying thing is, I can see where he's coming from.  So.  Another little rant done and dusted.

I am just feeling... frustrated.  Time to stop whingeing and just get on with me day.  OK.

10.15 am:  And it's very noisy outside my  house.

ABOVE:  There's road workers fixing some big pot holes in our road.  Marley is not impressed.  And Coco?  She just wants to go and play with the  men.

Lacy arrived bright and early, and helped me take down three sets of curtains that need shortening.
I'm NOT a fan of the extra long, pile up on the floor curtaining.
So, making them 'just touching' the floor.
It's a job I've been putting off for ages, no better time than now to do it, with nothing in the rooms to get in me way.

ABOVE: The last one... then I can press them and re-hang them.
Meanwhile, Lacy has moved some stuff into the sunroom, and vacumed.
Thanks Lacy.

5.46 pm:  YES, I know I've been quiet virtually all day.
I've been busy doing stuff around the house, then I did another cat runner.

It is NOT going to appeal to many, Sorry Liz, probably not your cuppa tea either.
I will make you another one, like the first cat one from the other day, OK?

ABOVE:  I LOVE IT!  Totally is my sense of humor.
Remember, when Stew annoys me I say "I'm gunna stab you 16 times in the chest!"  

So, it's down 'tools' time.  Might get takeaways for dinner as we are both knackered.

We had Pizza for dinner.  Filled the gap.

SPARKLING:  OMG you are a dag!  Thank you for taking BOTH my Cat Runners!

I really didn't expect anyone to want the 'WHAT' one... it is a bit 'out there'.  

LIZ:  Don't worry, I am going to be making more.

And now... it's time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2021


 Today we should be getting up bright and early and heading off to the Cambridge Labour Day Market.

Thanks to Covid restrictions... we get to stay home.

How bloody wonderful.

I've got all this stock ... and no way to sell it.

Most frustrating.

Sometimes I'm tempted to pack up the sewing room, move it into a small bedroom, and rent out the studio.  Sure would bring in more money than my sewing does.  But then we would lose the privacy we have come to enjoy.  Still it's tempting sometimes.

It might be an option further down the track, who knows?

ABOVE:  This kid!  Her Mum said "Smile".  And that's what she got.  

ABOVE: Cooking her own dinner, scrambled eggs with cheese.  She really enjoyed herself.

ABOVE:  THIS.  This is so me.  You too?

Right... today I am going to continue moving smaller things off the floors, putting them in the garage and sunroom.

I want to move as much as possible this week, so that there is virtually just the big stuff to move on Saturday and Sunday. 

The only thing we won't move till the night before the carpet comes will be our bed and a couple of lounge chairs.  

Gosh, we even have to take all the doors off their hinges... and they might not fit back on as the carpet and new underlay will be higher than what's on the floor now.

Which means Steve will have to cut a small slice off the bottom of some doors, if not all of them.

Things you simply don't think of eh?

Lastly for now, I'll just leave you with this:

11.30 am:  and Stew and I are making excellent progress on getting the smaller stuff moved out of the bedrooms etc.
We have done way more than I imagined we would today.  And I'm knackered already.

At least there will be bugger all to do next week.
And we can take our time putting it all back.

YEAH RIGHT.  You know me.  It will be done in a matter of days for sure.

A bit later on today, I am going to finish a Medium Runner that I made last night.  It's not a tree!
It was rather fun.  I'll show you once it's finished.
I stole the idea off a t-shirt I saw online.  In fact, I've got a few ideas off t-shirts. 😉😊😅

9 year olds who lie to please others... Grrrrrr.
Exactly what we expected.  Coached to give the 'right' answers to please the questioners.
Accused of conversations that NEVER happened.
One day this shit will ALL STOP.

AUDREY:  WE do not hold adult conversations in front of any child.  If a child relays information that is deemed 'adult', it is being FABRICATED, or having words put in it's mouth by 'others'.

And that is it for this subject.  It won't happen again.

ABOVE: The garage is starting to really fill up!

ABOVE: on the right is the front bedroom's floor.   The carpet is in a disgusting state.  Looks like originally it had two single beds in it, cos the flooring in the middle of the room is filthy.  
So glad we are ripping it all up and putting down new carpet.
Nice to know we are not living with someone else's dirt.

5.07 pm:  And it's been a fairly nice afternoon.
Bex and Steve came over with lunch for us, which was a nice surprise.
They stayed a couple of hours.
Then Stew and I both just chilled out in our lounge chairs and listened to music etc for a couple of hours.

Now, I've done a few little jobs around the house.

ABOVE:  With all this talk of flooring, I remembered the left over tiles we had from our Auckland home, so Stew brought them up from the shed.
They should look good here in the laundry area of the garage.
We just have to get the fixative.  I am sure we can do it ourselves.
It will probably be done in the next few days.

Stew and I are having Lemon and Garlic chicken with rice and veges for dinner.  But for now... I'm in me sewing room finishing off the runner I started last night.

ABOVE: This one was fun to make.  

SPARKLING:  Of course you can.
LIZ:  I can always make another one, if you want one.

Sunday, October 24, 2021


 Well... today I'm going to be in my sewing room again.

I'm thoroughly enjoying myself in there.

ABOVE:  This little 'fence' was in front of the heat pump unit, under the lounge window.  It's here now ... until we can build another one specifically for here (with a little gate).

Having it there means I can have the door wide open, but the dogs can't take off down the road.

It will be wonderful once it gets really hot in summer.

ABOVE:  And here is the re- arranged sewing room.

I hope this works out, and I don't have to sit there and feel like it's not 'RIGHT'.

Is anyone else like me, who simply cannot work happily unless their area is RIGHT?   

It sure makes life slightly more bothersome being a pain in ya own arse!

So... what shall I sew today?  More Wonky Tree runners?

Yeah, I think I will. 😊

11.45 am:  And I've been sewing all morning, and I am thrilled to say the new room configuration is working PERFECTLY.  I'm pretty happy about that.

Stew is busy working outside, laying down weed killer. The dogs have gone on a 'Playdate' at Steve 'n' Bex's ... so they are safe.

Might stop shortly for some lunch.  And do some fluffing around in the house.

ABOVE:  And whoops!  Marley struck again.  No toy is safe when she's around.

Bloody hell, where is everyone?  Having fun?
I don't think there's been such a quiet day on here in months and months!

So... anyway.  I've made two more of these:

ABOVE:  I'm still having fun with them.

Stew's cooking dinner tonight (again!).  We are having sausages and veges, nice standard fare.

It's shitty outside, cold and wet.  So, not done much else today.

I'm gunna bugger off now... cos well, no one is here.

7 pm:  Well Stew did well with our dinner, it was delicious.  He even made us cauliflower cheese in the oven.  So yummy.
I'd have seconds, but I'm too full.
Must have been REALLY good, cos the kid even ate all her dinner.
Time to wind up this for the day... nothing much is happening around here.

Saturday, October 23, 2021


After finishing the 5 blue, smaller table runners yesterday, I made one more.

ABOVE:  A Christmas gnome runner. I've done large runners with 6 gnomes on them before... but this one?  Sooooo cute!

And I added the little lantern as an after thought.  Do you like it?  

I am going to make some more runners today.

Maybe I'll mix it up and add different things to them?  Ideas peeps?

Lacy will be here all day with Miss Muppet.  I am hoping the little boys come over to play as well... those kids love being together.

STEVE:  If he's to be believed, he's feeling a bit better.  But he's good a fibbing too.  He knows I worry about him, he's been known to cover up how he's really feeling.  Time will tell I suppose.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.

11 am:   I've started working on my next set of runners.
And they are not going to be Xmas Gnomes. 
No markets.  No chance of selling them till next Christmas.

ABOVE:  Might be using these fabrics instead.
IF I get one done by the end of the day, I will show ya.
And dang!  I just realised they may be considered Christmas runners as well.  
Oh well... I wanna do it anyway.

I have two twits in my sewing room with me.  It's noisy.  I've just told them to shut up or they will be getting kicked out.

ABOVE:  I'm making a mess.  And I love it.
Very damn fiddly what I'm doing now.
But... I'm using up heaps of me little scraps of fabric.  SCORE.

Stewie is making me lunch.  YES!
Actually, he's making dinner too.  Home made burgers.

So.  Working in the sewing room all day, having visitors come in and sit on the couch, at the computer desk etc, showed me the configuration of desks, tables, ironing board etc just was not working.
So I spent a good bit of time once everyone had left, re-arranging that bloody room AGAIN.
I swear to God, how many times have I done that?
I do me own head in I tell ya.

I think I've got it right now, so I can access everything, work at all work stations, and still see the computer screen.
Yes, I like to watch Netflix while I'm sewing... it's awesome!
I took some photos, which I'll show you tomorrow... cos come on, I need blog fodder for tomorrow!

For now... here's what I got sewn today:

ABOVE:  I had a lot of fun making these Wonky Trees.  The top one is a small runner, and the bottom one is a large coaster.
I have listed them for sale on my Facebook page.

Because there's no markets till next year, I might as well try selling a few things on Facebook.  If it doesn't happen, well I tried.

Apart from my sewing today, did I tell you that Lacy and I took all the furniture out of my dressing room and Stew's big set of drawers this morning?  Well we did, just getting a few more things out of the rooms ready for the carpet arriving in..... ELEVEN DAYS!

And.... it's like 8.41 pm and I'm done for the day.
I'm actually going to bed!
Don't know if I've gone to bed this early in years, but I'm just exhausted.  So much to do, not enough hours in the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2021


There was an announcement made last night.

The Waikato is staying in Level 3 until Wednesday next week.

Not what we wanted to hear, but it's expected because there were more cases in the Waikato announced yesterday.

AND a case in Napier, their first Delta case.

So... it's spreading.  Goodness knows what will happen next.

There's a damn good chance people are going to go 'fuck it all', and just do what they want.  I think plenty of people are already doing it.

I so, so wish life could just go back to 'normal', and let damn Covid do it's thing.  Vaccinate as many as possible, and let those who refuse to get vaccinated face the consequences.

It has to happen eventually.  We simply cannot keep going on as we are.  Locked down, then have some restrictions eased, then  lockdown again and again.

People are simply not going to keep putting up with it.

I've started looking online for Christmas presents.  I think that's being sensible, as clearly shopping in person might not happen for a long time.

I will devote a couple of hours to doing that this morning, then I'm going to continue my sewing.

Bex made some good suggestions for smaller runners yesterday.  Instead of large runners with say, 6 gnomes on it, do small ones with only one gnome.

Good idea!  Same with cats, wonky houses etc.  I'm a little bit excited about adding a smaller range to my runners.

We had a lovely evening last night.  I  hadn't laughed so much in months! FILTHY AND INNAPPROPRIATE JOKES abounded.  Steve was reading them from his phone to us, and he had us in hysterics.  Much as I'd like to share some of them, 99% of them were downright disgusting!  Totally inappropriate and not suitable to general consumption!

I don't know how people come up with them, sick puppies. 😂😅😆

Right, time to go and start the day.

We shall be picking Miss Muppet up this afternoon, another lovely weekend ahead.

1.47 pm:  Well I've had quite a busy morning.
Got washing out.  Fluffed around moving some things in the house.
And been sewing:

ABOVE:  I have almost finished five smaller runners!
I can't wait to move on to the next batch.

Before you ask, NO, we did not feel the 5.9 magnitude earthquake... it was way down the line, centered near Tauramanui, it was very deep (210 km).   

MIKE!  Did you feel it?  Any damage? SANDRA?  CHRIS D?  ANNE? LOIS?  JANENE? ALL you girls down there!

I have had an excellent and fun afternoon.
I made the first of my next batch of smaller table runners.  It's rather cute.
I'll show you tomorrow, once it's totally finished.

I'm now out of the sewing room, and have  supervised Miss Muppet cooking her own dinner, and now?
Might think about what Stew and I will be having.

Well dinner was just average.  We had mini spring rolls, crumbed prawns and hash browns.  Wasn't very nice at all for some reason.

All is quiet now, and I'm probably going to bed early tonight.  I've been a busy bee all day.

Thursday, October 21, 2021


 Today I plan on doing some prep work in the wet room.

There's some sanding to do... which shouldn't take too long to get done.

Then clean off the dust and get painting.

The room won't look any different as such, as it's already white.  But, there won't be areas looking iffy or covered in fluff!

The fluff is from fibres coming off towels and clothes, and simply 'sticking' to the walls!  

ABOVE:  I got one more of these arm rest covers finished yesterday, and two more cut out ready to stitch up.  Then I will have enough 'spares'.

We have our bubble mates ( Steve, Bex, the boys and Lacy) coming over for dinner this evening.

We are getting takeaways.  I'm ready for a night off cooking.

It will be so nice when we can have everyone over again.  I miss our larger family gatherings.

Mike and Joyce would have been here today too... but because of the Waikato being in Level 3 lockdown, they couldn't come up.  

So, a long weekend looms.  Labour Weekend.  No market in Cambridge this year. 

I wonder how many people will try to leave their Level 3 locked down area and go to the beach?

ABOVE:  Apparently there will be 'tighter border controls' to stop that happening.  But as we have seen, plenty of people can and do get through those 'border controls'.   In fact, the border measures already in existence are a bloody joke.

If too many people flout the rules of lockdown, there could be a huge and rapid spread of Covid, outside of Auckland and the Waikato.

Then where will we be?  LOCKED DOWN FOR LONGER.  

So, here's hoping the cops CAN keep people from leaving Auckland and the Waikato areas.

OK, time to get up and get some jobs done.   There's some washing to get on, then sanding.
And... I wonder how Steve is feeling today?  

9.07 am:  And I've changed my mind about doing the wet room today.  Just not in the mood.
In fact, I'm kinda feeling FLAT.
Might take myself off to the supermarket, buy some flowers.  And a cake.

ABOVE:  I padded the bought flowers out with some from my garden.  There wasn't much to choose from at the supermarket.
And I got two cakes, a big one and a little one... cos well... I'M GUNNA EAT CAKE.

ABOVE:   I have finished making the chair arm rest covers.
I've now moved on to small table runners... same fabrics.
There will be more made over the next couple of months, in readiness for the next market, whenever that is held!

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.

Stew bought some gorgeous earrings for my birthday.  They are still in the shop.  I have to pick them myself, once the shops are open again.  😂😅😆
I better tell him, right?

ABOVE:  IT WAS A GORGEOUS CAKE!  Two types of Lemon.
We  had chinese takeaways before hand.  We are all now in food comas.
Sent cake home with Lacy, and Steve 'n' Bex are taking some home too.  AND Brylee is popping in a bit later to pick up cake too.
So hopefully there's not too much left to scream at us from the pantry.

I've had a neat day, sewing mostly.  Got quite a bit done, and I'm looking forward to doing more tomorrow.