Sunday, March 25, 2007


I am home safely... lots to do ... lunch, shower, speech.... will update properly later..... it will be a BIGGIE !!!

Ok, here goes, above Me and my four biggest "kids"...left to right: Russell (almost 24), Kelly( 25 today !), Me, Lacy(27) and Amanda(28).

Left to right and top to bottom: Amanda, Lacy, Kelly and Russell.

Russell and his partner, Corina.

Above and to the side, my new friend Mandy (Chubby Mum), she is soooo nice! Notice me fat face!!! My fluid retention is very noticeable in the mornings.... I had only had 4 piddles by then.... needed about 4 more!

Mandy and her wee family, don't know what her poor man thought of me.... my parting words were " I better go before I piss on the floor"...... really, I am so embarrasing ...even to myself, why can't I be polite? ha ha ha

Now that I've got these photos on, I shall work on doing a "Road Trip with me Feet in Water" tomorrow... now that should be riveting eh???
The Speech: I was soooo nervous.... derrrr. There was supposed to be around 10-20 people there, and only 4 turned up! So it was nice... I did me blurb, and as I got into it the nerves went, then there was no stopping me... I yakked for about 40 minutes, showed them my before and after photos etc, the huge clothes I used to wear....answered a few questions, threatened to hit one woman over the head for making excuses.. she did laugh (luckily), and I had a ball ! *BIG SMILE*
Wonder if I'll get asked to do it again, I kinda hope so, I can see me maybe getting into Motivational Speeches, may even do a course so I can be a Personal Trainer yet! Thinking about it anyway... if I ain't too old!
Right, that's me for the day, a quiet evening ahead.... nite nite.


  1. What a lovely weekend you've had. I'm okay, just some complicated shit going on....

  2. great to see you back all safe and sound. Weekends away are just the best. Hey you could have told me you were going to be in the Waikato, I would have driven down and shouted us out for coffee's and pretend cake :-) lol, or something.
    Glad to hear the speech went well, I think you would make a great motivational speaker, I certainly know it helps to be told 'pull finger and get on with it'. (I don't know why I can't tell myself that, well i do, but I listen more when someone else says it. (how crazy is that)

  3. OMG I still shudder at photos of myself he he he.

    My hubby didn't think anything of it hun... don't fear.. you are being you!

    It was a great morning wasn't it. I think that was my highlight of the weekend.

    I suppose I should be doing an update soon... GEESH am I bad or what.

    Love CM

  4. Her son looks like he is terrified, you scary old gutter mouth!! He he he.

  5. PS, can you let lynise know that I lost the password sign on to her private blog and if she could email me again!! Cheers.

    PPS and PPW was an S & M case from memory. I was only young but it stood out in my memory.


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