Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Look!... I come bearing fruit" HA HA HA.... and she did!
This was yesterday just after Chris D arrived from Palmerston North.... she was really happy to get here.

TODAY: I do believe we will go..... SHOPPING!!!! For a change you understand! lol

WELL, I do have to show me girlfriend around don't I??? She's DYING to see the shops in Auckland... REALLY.

Poor Stew is slaving away at work again, but I do expect him home fairly early today.

This evening we are going into the City to meet my niece Shelley and her daughter Ashley and spending the night with them, shall hopefully see in the New Year with them too. Shelley is a nurse working in Melbourne and is here on holiday... they are going home on the 2nd.

Right, that's enough for now... got important stuff to do... (shopping)...LATER...

Rick over at Organised Doodles is having a competition where you can win a 'doodle' (piece of artwork)... so pop on over and have a look, leave a comment and you are in to win! ONWARD...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone !!!!!

There is no way I have time today to pop around all me blog friends and wish you a Happy New Year... so take it as said OK?

We are back from shopping, didn't buy much of anything... kinda don't NEED anything now! Chris D scored some nice shirts for work... had lunch in Sylvia Park Mall... I ate some dodgy chinese ... kinda feeling a bit ill now! Hope I don't chuck it all up again! Eeeeeeew!

ABOVE: Brylee teasing Teddy... OH LOOK! White dog CAN jump! Not bad for a little dog.

ABOVE: Griffin showing off his 'muscles' to Chris D... what a show off. The kids are having a ball taking dozens of photos with Chris's camera... well it's keeping them happy, and that's the main thing eh?

2008: the Highs and Lows:

- Selling our house after 9 long lonely months

- buying our new home and settling in

- Finally getting my hysterectomy after waiting 18 months

- Surviving two life-threatening post-surgical complications

- Birth of new granddaughter, Rena

- Losing my best friend's Husband, Dave

- Losing my Father-in-law


End of Day: heading into town for NY fireworks etc... nite nite.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Don't ya just love me title?

Well I have nothing to say today! I have to do the housework, look after the kids and cook dinner. THAT'S IT.

Stew's at work....

And my girlfriend Chris D is on her way up from Palmerston North to spend a couple of days with us.

I'm really looking forward to her visit.... we have a couple of things planned for the days she is here, including a Harbour Cruise! Now that should be fun, as long as the rain stops!

So, that's me for now... will be back later if there's anything to yak about..... until then I suppose I have to fold this bloody lot:

Don't ya just get so SICK of the washing? And cooking, cleaning, vacuming bla bloody bla. *sigh*

Oh....Oh.... me thinks I havn't been folding that washing!

Errrr... I went shopping instead! We played Jenga on Christmas Day, it was so much fun I went and bought us a set! AND we needed new pillows for our bed ... me neck has been killing me lately and I reckon it was cos my pillow was too hard... so I just bought some new ones.... down from $49.95 to $33.95...... SCORE.

NOW I will do the housework!

*hanging head in shame*... I still have not done the washing! Maybe Stew can do it???

Onward.. Chris D got here safely mid-afternoon, and we have been yakking ever since. Made meat loaf again for dinner... was yum too.

End of Day: it's been a long day... going to chill out tonight with me girlfriend... watch Coronation Street then bed.... hope the new pillows are comfy! Suppose you will find out tomorrow.... ha ha ha! nite nite.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Poor Stew had to get back into his suit and tie today to work 3 more days till he can take some more time 'off work'....

OH HELL... who am I kidding? He has to work like a Trojan when he's at home, I never let the poor bugger have 2 seconds rest half the time! Here he is digging holes in the sweltering heat to plant the new trees!

The finished morning patio, looking ever so nice with the new magnolia trees and some pots.... so much more welcoming (and we have screened out the neighbours)... tis all good.

Now that Stew is back at work I think the kids and I will just hang around home.... kick back and relax! I will think of my darling husband slaving away at work, I REALLY WILL. (truth be known he's probably thankful he's there, away from me and my demands!).

I got all the tiles off the table last night too... took some doing as SOME of them were stuck on there tight as.... and some just fell off. I need to sand it down again, then I think I will just paint it this time! Less time and energy!

*** NEWS FLASH*** ABOVE: One of my all time favourite bloggers is BACK!!! MELLISA from friggin Aussy has a new blog.... PLEASE go check her out! She's a cool tart.

We watered the gardens yesterday....'s raining ... how TYPICAL.

It's been raining on and off all day... the kids have been happily playing though, so that's good. Stew came home a bit early so I took the chance and popped out to the supermarket without the kids. Yaaa.

End of Day: well quite boring really, did housework and bugger all else all day! nite nite.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yesterday we went shopping to buy a gift in memory of Stew's Dad, from his work mates... we finally found these two pots:

ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin holding them on the way back to our car after buying them....very cute.

ABOVE: the two pots, so very beautiful.... they look like they have been out by the seaside for decades! They have this amazing aged look.. and so many subtle colours and textures!
ABOVE: up close. We are both very happy with them.

TODAY: Hopefully we will stay home and just chill out... I'm hoping the sun comes out and I can work on me tan.... NO OTHER PLANS!
Well so much for that! I had decided to stay home today and not buy ANYTHING.... but we just got back from the Plant Barn (again) where we bought two lovely Magnolia Trees to act as a bit of a screen between us and our neighbours.... I like my privacy ya see! Ya can't sunbathe topless if the neighbour has a chance of seeing the boobies eh? lol
TINA: I don't actually plan on putting anything in my new pots, they are beautiful all on their own! I will live with them for a while and see if they 'need' a plant or not!
End of Day: we have done some work in the garden this afternoon, and are now just chillin out before I get some dinner sorted for us. Left overs I reckon. nite nite.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


There will be no NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS in this house.... it all starts TODAY.

We sent all the 'Christmas' food home with Amanda and Andrew last night, there is no ham or puddings left in this house.

Stew and I are going to get stuck in today and get some exercise, eat right and continue till we are happy with our bods again. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT.

I KNOW I have said it all before, I know I am the queen of procrastinators, I know! BUT this time I really really want to do it... I feel like shit, I have no energy, no stamina.... and it's all because I'm a bloody pig. And lazy. And it has to stop sometime, so why not right now?

BLOODY GOOD IDEA eh? If I can lose 500grms a week for the whole year ahead I will be back where I should be .... and feeling friggin great again....

I am not going to set up 'rewards' for myself, my reward will be when I start to feel better in myself, when I am proud of myself again... that's all I want.

TODAY: well maybe just a quiet day at home, lazying by the PADDLE POOL.... ha ha ha!

Remember my mosaic table, the one I spent weeks making? WELL just look at it now:

I am so upset... I have no idea why it is falling apart, the only thing I can think of is that I didn't sand the wood down enough? Cos one things for sure, the tiles are no longer sticking to it. I am too tired to even think about what I should do about it, right now I just feel like throwing the whole lot in the bin... actually that's what I will probably do. I'm OVER IT... there is no way I have the energy to scrape the glue and grout off every single piece of tile and start again.

On a happier note, all the hydrangea cuttings I brought with me from Palmerston North took:

So I'm really happy about that.
We are off to the mall now.... need to take a break from all the housework we have been doing all morning!

Home again, the kids spent their Christmas gift vouchers at the toy shop... we looked at a spa pool... and bought two really gorgeous pots for the patio with gift vouchers given to us by Stew's work colleagues. I will post a photo of them tomorrow.

Right now... defrosting meat loaf for dinner tonight. ...

End of Day: it has been another lovely day here! Stew is enjoying being at home with us for a few days... shame he has to go back to work on Monday. nite nite.

Friday, December 26, 2008



Tis a beautiful day out there, and I'm still in bed... wishing I was asleep still... but I'm not.. our kids and visiting grandsons Huston and Joel woke up bright and early this morning, even though the little shits didn't go to sleep to almost midnight! *sigh*

I've got a bloody headache too... might have SOMETHING to do with all the wine I drank last night eh? OOOO why do we never learn?

Today Amanda and her fiance Andrew are buying their boys' suits for their wedding, which is now only two weeks away. And we are going to do some post-christmas shopping! WHOOP!
But for now.... think I will just lie here a bit longer and THINK about getting up at some stage! LATER....

We braved the Boxing Day Sales in the malls... NEVER AGAIN! Every man and his family were there... Amanda and I got caught in traffic with the Boxing Day Races too... took over half and hour to move 500 metres down the road! Grrrrr... and it's SO HOT today.

We will be eating left overs for days:

I don't think anyone will mind though.....

I WILL be tipping all the puddings down the sink though, I so don't want them in my face... I wouldn't be able to resisit them.

No shopping do today either... just didn't feel like battling the masses to even GET INTO a shop, let alone buy anything. Think we will just blob out at home for the rest of the day.

End of Day: our visitors have just left, kids are in bed.. peace reigns again! The Christmas tree and deco's have all been put away for another year... I look forward to next year when we can do it all again! nite nite

Thursday, December 25, 2008



It's a beautiful place to live....

SANTA has been.... the kids are happy.....
And it's summer in the land of KIWIS! Yaaaa.....( and "NO", real Kiwi birds cannot swim!) ... just so ya know. ...OH HELL they can't fly either.... ha ha ha!
What can I say ? :

THEY ARE BOTH MINI - ME'S!!! Kid type computers... no internet, just learning programmes and games.... they are wrapt... AND QUIET. *sigh* A winner.

Stew and I have managed to get all the dinner preparations done and dusted ... all we have to do now is turn on the oven at 3.30 and then relax!

6.28 pm.. dinner is being dished.. I'm as pissed as a chook... I'm poking me tongs in me sister-in-laws tits even! sheesh I'm pissed.. too much wine already...... but so much fun!!!

Tried on several outfits for the daughter's approval for her wedding in two weeks.. got the OK on one! Yaaa

Gave her a beautiful necklace to wear with her dress too.. I'm so wrapt she's going to wear somethign of mine.. it's the 'borrowed thing',, AWESOME.

End of Day: AWESOME DINNER, neat company... nice wine... going now to enjoy the rest of the evenign ....nite nite.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm gunna bake again!!!!


- Vegetable Frittata (sorry Griffin!)
- Trifle
- Jelly with fruit suspended in it
- Cheese and Chive Balls

That's it for the day!
Well Ok, I might go out and see if I can't find another wee 'something' for me man. And the kids have some money to spend too....

BELOW: is a sunset I took the other night from my patio, I thought it was awesome! It looked like the sky was on fire! And purple even!!! We have seen some amazing sunsets since we moved here... I LOVE IT HERE FOR SO MANY REASONS.
Sometimes I really feel down about our move, then something comes along to remind me that it WAS/IS for the best! Like all the time Stew got to spend with his Dad before he died... that was a blessing.

ONWARD....... 'tis the day before Christmas and there's lots to do!

ABOVE: my first ever ICED Christmas Cake! I know I ain't gunna be getting any PRIZES for me effort, but I'm happy with it! I might get a red ribbon and put it around the side before tomorrow.

NEXT..... OH MY GOD you should smell this!

Just out of the oven, piping hot Vegetable Frittata! Layer of onion and potato, baked, then rows of Zucchini, Red Capsicum and Asparagus Spears, then 16 beaten eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper) poured over, Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and baked for 25 minutes or so! Going to reheat it tomorrow... for our Christmas Dinner.

I've also done the trifle... sponge spread with Raspberry jam, fruit salad soaked in Brandy and Drambuie, custard and cream.... all layered on top of each other. I don't know if that's how you are supposed to make it, but that's what I did!

Time to take a break and have some lunch.

End of Day: well it's been friggin busy again...spent the afternoon doing a few more odd jobs... delivered a couple of presents to neighbours. Killing time now till it's time to get the kids to bed, if I had my way they would be in bed already, but Stew said "NO" otherwise they would wake up too early! He's right.... *sigh*... so have to listen to them for a while longer yet. nite nite.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have put it off long enough, I've got to go get all the Christmas supplies in... Turkey, ham, salad makings, pudding makings.... I have an ENORMOUS list of stuff to get.

I'm taking the littlies with me, they can be my 'helpers'... YEAH RIGHT! I'm sure there will be numerous things put in the trolley that I had NO INTENTION of buying... but hell it's only Christmas once a year eh?

After that I will have to make the second Christmas cake, cos I didn't get around to it yesterday.... and also make a few other things in advance for Christmas Day.

What else? Dunno.... just wait and see I reckon! I hope it's a nice day ... can work on me tan a bit more too. And the kids can play in the paddle pools again, it sure keeps them happy.

Well the dreaded shopping is DONE! Yaaaa, going early (8.30 am) sure makes a difference... I got a park right outside the supermarket... whipped around the aisles in next to no time ... even did a last minute christmas present shop for the sister-in-law... then home~!

Griffin did his usual... be good then pack a wobbly ... at least he waited till we got home before packing it! I am so over that boy's NEGATIVITY! What would YOU do with a kid who is ALWAYS saying negative things? Like:

- "I know I'm not getting anything"
- "I know lunch is NEVER going to come"
- "We never get anything"
- " I know I can't spend my money, you never let me ever"

and on, and on , and on... no matter what you do or say it's not right, or on time, or enough. *sigh*..... It can wear you down till you just give in for PEACE. And that is so wrong.

I love days like this: I've baked! The 2nd Christmas Cake is done.. and no bugger is gunna eat it until I have ICED IT... and...

I have made an enormous Meat Loaf for dinner, it's just waiting to go in the oven. And the best thing about my Meat Loaf is that it is 60% VEGETABLES!!! Ha ha, Griffin hates veges BUT loves my Meat Loaf. CHOICE.

I've got more baking to do tonight, the Pavlova next....

End of Day: a busy day and I loved it. Nothing like being busy ... nite nite.

Monday, December 22, 2008


WELL? Whaddiya think of it? SO PRETTY eh? It's a Toyota Highlander, in black, with the 'extras' we want: the nudge bar, tow bar and side steps.... *DROOLING*... and guess what?
WE ARE GETTING ONE in a few months!!!!!
AWESOME. It has the seating capacity to seat 7 ... so perfect for us when we have visitors. I love it.

The woman who was driving it must have thought I was stalking her, poking me head outta the window and taking photos of her car! Bet she never comes in MY street again! lol

Stew is back at work today, so it's just me and the kids.... Griffin was a bloody good boy yesterday while we were out... thank god! Here's hoping he is good today cos I don't feel up to his being a pain in the butt on me own. My cold is causing me to have the most shitty headaches.... they just won't go away. grrrrr.


So I'm full of the cold, it kept me awake most of the night, it's the pitts.

I decided to clean my car today, this is a BIG DEAL....Why? I hear you ask... well cos my car only gets cleaned about once a year... and this year Steve said he would wash it in January... ummm dat was a long time ago! So, the poor thing hasn't been washed in nearly TWO YEARS ! I've done the inside I just have to do the outside... *sigh*... it's a big car. ONWARD...

We got unexpected visitors this lunchtime.. Kelly, Gordon and their two kids... and I had NO bread for making lunch so they had to go away hungry! I felt rather bad about that... I must go grocery shopping!

The kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon lazying in the sun, dipping ourselves in the paddle pools to cool off. I'm so sad we didn't find a house with a pool here... and we sure don't have the $$$'s to put one in... *sob*. Maybe if I didn't get the Highlander??? Nah, Stew won't wear that I'm sure. The car comes first.

Dinner.. better get me thinking cap on and sort that out I suppose...

End of Day: dinner - DONE. Car - CLEAN. Bed - NOW. nite nite.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Shopping yestererday: we were told of this really 'great' women's clothing shop in Botany Downs called "Platform"... so went there, found 4 items I loved (all mix and match with what I already have) so got them... and FAR OUT..... I could have almost bought a small car with what they cost!!! Stew didn't even batt an eyelid, I'm sure he's gone mad! Or maybe he just wanted to get 'lucky' ? ha ha.

COFFEE BEAN! This is just for you! I found your cafe in Botany Downs (Auckland):

So if you ever come to visit you will feel right at home. Awwwwww.

TODAY: not sure yet... could get the gardens sorted and lawns mown if it stays fine... or we could go shopping again! Hell at this rate we will be totally broke!

I could also stay in bed, my cold is making me feel quite ill... might throw a sickie yet....act like a man even! *snigger*


We went to Manukau City Centre, got some summer shoes for moi, a computer desk and chair for his nibs (Griffin), and then came home.

I had a nap for a couple of hours (even slept!)... Stew watched the Cricket, assembled the computer desk for his nibs then mowed the lawns ... what a trooper.

Dinner : well I made that, so I did do SOMETHING today!

End of Day: nice day, nice weather, not too hot/cold.... saw the vehichle we are dreaming of buying next year in our street this afternoon... will show you tomorrow! nite nite.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today we are going out and about to three different places here in Auckland.

We want to check out the Botany shops, Newmarket shops and the Plant Barn in Remuera... should be a good day... and we will get lots of exercise!

Can't be unhappy about that!
I saw this really funny picture on someone else's blog yesterday, so pinched it:
It really tickled me fancy! My butt is that big I could lose an elf there too~!!! ha haa ha.


I was going to ice my beautiful Christmas Cake this weekend... but it looks like I won't be now:

In fact I will have to make ANOTHER one! Friggin guys ate half of it!!! Brylee does not like fruit cake, so she isn't in the line up!

Right, shopping.....

Far out! What a long day we have had! WE went to 3 different garden centres to try and find something in memory of Stew's Dad from his workmates... no luck! Will have to keep looking.

We also did the shops in Botany Downs, got a few items there... will show ya tomorrow.

Tried a reward system with the kids to keep Griffin's behaviour under control.. it worked for a while but he lost it in the last hour or so.... hopefully he is learning that bad behaviour does not get him anywhere! We are so over his temper tantrums. PARENTHOOD.... is not all about gorgeous babies... where did it say in the BOOK that they can MORPH into friggin little monsters????

LEE-ANNE: thanks for the offer but... Griffin has only ever spent 1 night away from us, that was just the other week... it did NOT go well! I believe there is no way in hell he would go anywhere with you, no matter what you offered! Such is life, he is a little homebody and would freak out if not with his family I reckon!

SUZY: correct .. no eggs. Just 1kg fruit soaked in 2 cups orange juice, then 2 cups of SR flour added, cooked at 150 deg for about 2 hours. VERY RICH.... and yummy!

END OF DAY: I've come down with my first true cold in years... I feel like shit... all blocked up, sinuses giving me grief.... headache to be proud of... going to bed. nite nite.

Friday, December 19, 2008


12.30... that's when I have to pick up the kids from school today.. shit I hope I don't forget!

Not got any plans for today! It's all done!

Well, I could do some housework I suppose, what do ya bet I do bugger all???

OH OH!!! I just remembered ... I'm baking my first ever Christmas Cake today! Hope it turns out ok...
AND... I have been given the folowing awards:

I DON'T remember who gave them to me, I don't remember what I had to do about them, who I should pass them on if ya want one... TAKE IT!!!!
I think one requested I post some random facts about me, so here goes:
- I don't like cats
- I drink Bacardi and Diet Coke... but not often.
- I try and do a good deed a day
- I drive like my father... fast
- I love the water/boating/fishing
- I hate being cold
- I have never bitten me nails
- I used to suck me thumb as a kid
- I love the colour BLUE
- I am a bit 'crafty'.... pottery, painting etc
- I hate cigarettes (I used to smoke 20 years ago)
- I love diamonds, and ceylonese sapphires
- I literally could shop till I dropped!

THAT WILL DO...... not that interesting really!
ONWARD... BLOODY HELL, I just got another award, from Grimm :

What a nice guy... here's a photo of his baby daughter Lucy, AFTER his 4 year old daughter Julia had been playing with her:

HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE IS SHE?? I could take her home! (Leslie might have something to say about that though!)

STEW you need to come home and smell this!!! The cake is in the oven cooking... and my home smells AMAZING! YUMMMMM.

MARGARET: No Stew doesn't smoke, he stopped a couple of weeks after meeting me... I was his only vice after that!

NOLA: Yes, it's the one off Anne's blog... just fruit, orange juice and SR flour, and yes, I added some Drambuie to mine!

WELL I remembered the kids, they are home safe and sound for the next 7 weeks. YAAAAAAAA.

END OF DAY: my 'Top Commentator' thing has gone nuts! It keeps changing it's mind... DER.... anyway... it's been a great day. Very tired now, Griffin has been a right royal shit this evening and has been sent to bed early.... and it making a hell of a noise... we are trying to ignore him! All I really really want to do is ram his head through the wall... *sigh*... can't do that though eh? DRAT. He would try the patience of a saint that boy. nite nite.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


There ARE positives to that eh? I won't have to get up quite so early to get them ready for school.
I won't have to make bloody lunches first thing in the morning!
I won't have to trudge up to the school twice a day... such a fag... in the heat!
I won't have to remember to do the reading homework, read all the darn school notices, remember togs and towels, trips, cough up endless amounts of money for mufit days, sausage sizzle days etc....

SO, I'm going to look on it in a positive light ! So there.

I'm NOT going to think about where I can ship them out too! Or dream about gagging Griffin, or tying him to a chair! I will be a nice Mummy and spend time with them... entertain them, take them out and about, explore our new surroundings.... I'm SURE I will have fun too.... YEAH RIGHT! WHY, OH WHY are school holidays so long???

(all this is said with the knowledge that I actually DO love them, and don't really want to be rid of them, in case you were wondering!)

Stew's boss called in yesteday (I already told ya that eh?)... anyway, she brought Stew and I a really lovely pot of flax (Stew's Dad developed several new varieties of flax in his lifetime) so it was very touching! AND she also gave us some gift vouchers from a Plant Nursery, so I'm looking forward to using them soon! SHOPPING of any sort is right up my alley! It doesn't matter what I'm shopping for.... I love it all!

WELL OK, I don't really like grocery shopping! But that's only 'cos I have to lug it all out to the car, into the house, and then put it all away... such a pain in the butt.

I do believe I'm waffling now, so I shall bugger off for now....

Stew came home early from work yesterday cos he was so tired... and what did I do? I asked him to assemble Brylee's new computer desk and chair!

It took a good few hours too... the poor bugger!

ABOVE: The finished product, now she has somewhere to do her drawings, writing etc. She does not have a computer (yet).. that will come in a few years!

End of Day: well I got heaps done today! Finally got all the Christmas presents... AND wrapped the buggers too. What a job, I hate it with a vengence! Stew... does NONE, the shit. But he did bath the kids and get them to bed, so that's good I suppose. nite nite.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's only 2.5 days to go till the kids are home on holidays for the summer, so I am going out to finish off the Christmas shopping today...hopefully I can get it all sorted in time!

- kids to school
- Stew back to work
- me.... back to the norm... housework, shopping.... yadda yadda ya.

Yesterday after the funeral Stew's sister Khady gave me this amazing piece of art... I don't quite know what it was for!!!! Maybe an early Christmas present? Anyway... it's just gorgeous...

I put it on the blue trellis outside where my big copper fish WAS..... I've put him inside as he was getting too tarnished outside. This artwork is painted corrigated iron .... so should be ok outside! It is totally 'ME'.... and I love it!

Right, time to go get that shopping done..... ONWARD...

I got a good deal of the shopping done ... then decided I was just too tired to do anymore and came home early. Don't know why but both Stew and I just feel 'limp' today... like we have no energy at all. Maybe it's the past week catching up on us.

ANYWAY... I came home and decided I better hang out the washing.... I took one look at the peg bucket and just had to smile! Brylee hung the washing out last... and obviously she's a REAL GIRL cos that little tart had painstakingly dug into the peg bucket and only used the PINK PEGS!!!

How bloody cute is that? LOL ... all the pink ones on the top! So that's me giggle for the day, going to go put me feet up now and read a book!

End of Day: Stew came home early, he was exhausted too. Then his boss turned up on our doorstep with a gift in memory of Stew's Dad, so nice. Going to enjoy a quiet evening (once we get the kids to bed).... nite nite.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today Stew and I, his Sister Khady and a few family and friends say "Goodbye" to Ivor.... a father, grandfather, husband, friend and Returned Serviceman (WW2).

Ivor was a reknowned Horticulturalist here in New Zealand, having been instrumental in the formation of the Hamilton Rose Gardens, propagating totally new varieties of flax, and much more I'm sure!
He was a Decorated Soldier, earning the 'Bravery in The Field' Medal for saving his comrades during war. There is much I don't know about Ivor, but I know he lived a long and full life and will be missed by many.

I am sure the funeral will go without a hitch, it is this afternoon, so.... see ya later...
I have to go wash/dry/straighten me hair! Girl stuff ya know!
Dare I say we have had a lovely afternoon? Cos we have! The funeral was just lovely, not too long, lovely eulogies... Stew read his sister's and his own, I felt so proud of him. He is an AMAZING public speaker... he just has the knack, EVEN at funerals to draw everyone in and have them hanging off his every word.
Refreshments afterwards went well too, Griffin thoroughly enjoyed himself eating the whole time! I do believe that boy ate at least 6 pieces of chocolate brownies! And that was AFTER the sandwiches and sausage rolls!
Anyway, it's over now and we are resting at home before going out for a quiet family dinner.
End of Day: it's been a long day, I'm knackered.... so I'm off to bed. nite nite.

Monday, December 15, 2008


BRYLEE: "I love doing this Mum, can I always do this?"
ME: "Yep you sure can!"

Give her two days and there is NO WAY she will want to ever do it again!

Kids... I remember when No# 1 son, Russell, asked me if he could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE peel the potatoes, so I said "sure"... well he did them once and NEVER wanted to do them again! I am sure Brylee will be the same... but I decided she could do it at least once...


Kids to school, Stew to work, me to.... ??? Not sure really, maybe just chill out, make sure everything is ready for tomorrow, clothes ready for us all etc...

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for not getting around to reading and commenting on all your blogs lately, I'm just so busy with one thing and another.... I feel terrible! I'm not a good blogger at the moment and I will try to catch up soon... but it won't be for a few days OK? Thanks.

You know that door knocker? I was polishing it while we were talking with the Funeral Celebrant yesterday! She didn't mind thank goodness! She even gave me helpful hints on how to get it all clean again! Better not try something like that tomorrow eh? Multi-tasking at a funeral might be frowned upon me thinks! lol

ABOVE: retail therapy today consisted of going out to get some black summery shoes... could I help it if the shop had a "Buy one, get the second pair half price" Sale on???? So I got two.

THEN I realised that the black dress I was going to wear tomorrow was a bit too revealing in the 'front' so I rushed into town late in the afternoon to a shop I knew would have just the right thing...

I got the above reversable top .... it was INCREDIBLY EXPESIVE... but I don't give a shit....

AND I saw this one, which is sheer and looks just beautiful over the black dress too... so I got it too! I feel so much better now. LOL.

End of Day: a lovely stress free day and evening .... and after tomorrow life can get back to normal again. nite nite.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


ABOVE: this is how our door knocker looked before we bought it... and when it arrived in the mail yesterday we thought.. "oh hell that doesn't look like solid brass".... in fact it looked like it was painted metal of some sort. I was feeling kinda let down.... until:

I started scrubbing....and scrubbing.... AND SCRUBBING....
It took me hours, but look at that! GORGEOUS! And obviously solid brass.... I was thrilled to bits!
And there it is, on our front door ready for the next visitor to give it a go! We LOVE it.
TODAY: Gardening, housework, catch up on all the things that didn't get done during the week.
Maybe some shopping.... but nothing STRESSFUL today! All the major details are done for FIL's funeral.... so we can relax for the day.
We have had a nice day... I did some weeding this morning before it got too hot, Stew cleaned the concrete patio's... then we went out and looked around car yards for a while.... had lunch out, visited FIL at the Funeral Home and then home!
It's been a busy day, but not stressful at all, which is good.
End of Day: all is good here... hope to have a normal day tomorrow, nite nite.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


IVOR CHARLES ROSS H*****, gone but not forgotten. Passed away on Friday December 12th, 2008 ... aged 91 years! What an awesome age to get too!

We are so thankful that he did not have to suffer for long.... and that we did not have to see him linger on for weeks... it would have been so awful for Stew and his Sister .... now we can move on with his funeral and say goodbye.

Things go in 'three's' eh? So true... We recently lost my girlfriend Chris D's husband, my Father-in-Law yesterday and now I have heard that a very old childhood friend of mine lost his Father-in-Law yesterday too... and get this..... he was 91 years old too!!!! Freaky. So that's IT... 3 deaths... DONE AND DUSTED. Bring on the 3 births now thanks!

Meeting with the Funeral Director this morning to go over the details... ONWARD.

We have had a busy busy day... meeting with undertaker, then lunch to discuss funeral service, then meeting with Celebrant to go over service etc etc... all pretty much sorted now.

Had takeaways for lunch AND dinner... so no weight loss expected around here! *sigh*.... just don't seem to care at the moment either.

Plenty of time I reckon to worry about that later....

End of Day: I can't believe how TIRED you can get from just sitting around all day!!! I'm bloody exhausted. nite nite.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Jezzzz.... if I'd known you'd get your tits in a knot I soooo wouldn't have tried eating your cushion Mum!.... Cos I WAS a really beautiful dog......

I am SO NOT TALKING to you anymore! Sheeesh.

I mean, hell..... I sure ain't gunna be winning any beauty prizes NOW am I???
I've got my eye on you ... ya tart! Shit it's cold, think I'll just stay under this cushion. TRAUMATISED I AM.

So that was Teddy after his severe clipping.... not that wrapt in me! But he will get over it, and he hasn't got any knots now! Ummmm well actually he hasn't got much of anything anymore! LOL

TODAY: Not sure if I will go in to sit with my FIL today, he could linger for a lot longer and it's a fair distance from here.... and the housework is simply not getting done! Nor is blog reading/commenting...

So, we will play it by ear, take each day as it comes and hope for a peaceful passing soon.

Stew went in to see his Dad first thing this morning, he's back to the awful gasping for breath stage... so after I dropped the kids off at school I went back in.... and spent the next 4 hours watching him struggle for breath.

The doctor came and actioned a morphine pump for him, so at least now we know he isn't in any pain. This could still take a while, it's so sad knowing he's got to go through this.

Anyway... tomorrow I think we are going to take a break from it all and go over to Thames to visit my girlfriend 'F' and just chill out for the day... we need it.

But for right now... I'm going down to the garage and making a start of sorting out Christmas presents! I still don't know what I need to get .. what I've got... OR ANYTHING! Not enough hours in the day at the moment.

End of Day: Ok, it's a bit early but... my Father-in-Law just passed away.... Stew will be home soon and I think we will spend the evening organising his funeral... reminiscing and having a few drinks to help us wind down a bit. nite nite