Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 I have a list of things to do before the next market, which is a Twilight Market at Tamahere.  I've never done a Twilight Market before, it runs from 4 - 8 pm.  It is on the 10th of December.

Therefore I have exactly 10 days to get ready for it.

I'm making a runner/sign to hang on the front of our Gazebo, saying 'TABLE RUNNERS & MORE'... because seriously, there seems to be a lot of people who don't know what my runners are.

We found this out at the last market after several people asked what they were?

They thought they were wall hangings.  And of course, they can be wall hangings.

My Reindeer Runners have certainly been used as wall hangings by a few people.

ABOVE:  This runner went to a dear friend in Melbourne, Australia.  MC, I hope you don't mind me showing your gorgeous Reindeer Runner,  hanging above your staircase.  

I have part of the 'TABLE RUNNERS & MORE' sign already made, I just had to make the 'TABLE' to tack on to it.  I should finish it today sometime.

Then I need to get some velcro so I can attach it to the Gazebo front, which already has velcro across the front (handy!).

ABOVE: This is the little corner stand I found in Wanganui.  It was in a second hand shop... so not too expensive.

I WAS going to paint it white, but now I'm not so sure it's necessary?

What do you think?  

Bearing in mind it would be quite a job to sand it down and paint it in time for market.

I now need to make at least two more UCKI PLANTS to fill the stand.  Maybe three.

Which means I will need to get more glue sticks from Spotlight, and the velcro.  I will do that this morning.

There ya go... I'm going to be a busy bee for the next week or so doing all that.

Catch ya later.

11.59 am:  Ahhhh there's something special about this:

ABOVE:  Someone else doing my vacuuming!
Gotta love it.
She's been over doing some cleaning.

And I've been making my runner/signs for market.  Coming along nicely too.
We will be stopping soon for some lunch I suppose.

I had to go out around 1 pm.  Worst time to be on the road today.  We are having a HUGE Thunderstorm, with TORRENTIAL RAIN.

ABOVE:  Stopped in traffic, going nowhere.  Total whiteout moments after this photo.
Then thunder and lightening for over an hour already.
Glad to be home and not out in that.

I did some sewing this afternoon... then Bex and Archer called in after school for a chat.  Dante has gone on his first ever school camp.  He's away for a couple of days.  Very excited young chap on the bus this morning.

Stew just got home and is about to heat up his dinner... pre-made Ravioli.  

My eyes are sore from sewing, and just tired I expect.  Another early night for me I think.

Right I'm back, but just to say nite nite.  I'm off to bed, can't keep me eyes open.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 I'm sad we are going home today. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the kids and girlfriends. 

Next time we are coming down for much longer.

But for now.. we gotta go home. I've got lots to do before our next markets.

Dinner last night was really neat... I've not done a grazing 'platter' straight on a dining table before...  it looked great:

ABOVE: The food was laid out on baking paper. No mess at the end to clean up. 

ABOVE: The girls.
I really miss seeing them all the time. But we are forever friends and are only a phone call away from each other.

Right.. its probably time to get packed up and leave.
Catch ya later


ABOVE: The mountains were on show today. Beautiful scenery to drive by.

We are now in Turangi for a bathroom break. And to blog.... no reception on most of the Desert Road of course.

Moving on soon.

ABOVE: We had lunch with my bloody hard case cousin Janice and her Dad.
Left with our ears ringing..  my God that girl can talk! Love her to death.

We are on the road again... not long now until we get home. 

ABOVE: Whoops. We stopped at a very small fabric shop in Putaruru... where I grabbed a few meters of fabric. Its WAY cheaper here AND she gives you a 10% discount as well.
So worth stopping.

4.15 pm and we are safely home again.
We took much longer to get home today, we had decided to make a day of it.  And we did.

ABOVE:  If you are ever in Wanganui, I highly recommend this BBQ Sauce from The Yellow House Cafe.  It's delicious.  I would have bought more, but they only had two left when we were there.

ABOVE: These are the fabrics I got in Putaruru.  Look boring, but perfect for many of my projects.

We are all unpacked now, and just taking a break before moving on to something else.  
I want to get in the sewing room and sort out a few things, so I'm ready and organised for tomorrow's projects.

Dinner might be crackers and cheese, I'm sure in hell not cooking. 

Dinner was indeed crackers and cheese, so easy.
We are now watching mindless telly before bed.
Which won't be too late as we are both kinda tired.
It was quite a bit of travelling in three days.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 28, 2022


 We are heading over to Wanganui today to visit Stew's sister, and his cousin who's visiting from America. 

It is a few months since we last saw Khady so a catch up will be good.  

I took quite a few photos of the roses last night... might as well share a few on here:

ABOVE: Mike said the 'Mum in a Million' was my rose. Awwww he's such a lovely son. 

Right. Off to start our day.


I had a really good sleep last night, even though its a VERY FIRM mattress.

Not feeling so knackered now 😊.

We've just been to the supermarket for some bits 'n' bobs for dinner this evening. I'm doing a small grazing platter. Expecting the kids and girlfriends again. It's so lovely catching up with them all.

Shortly we will be heading off to Wanganui.

ABOVE: The beautiful view at Khady's home. We are really enjoying our visit with her.

ABOVE: bought a corner stand for market here in Wanganui. Gotta paint it when I get home.

Dinner was a success... heaps of left overs to take home.
We won't  be up late tonight... long drive home tomorrow. 

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 Bright an early start for a Sunday here.

Stew and I are off to Palmerston North today.

Catching up with Mike, Joyce and the girlfriends.

A few photos from last night:

ABOVE:  The first swimmers of the season!  Way too cold for me.

ABOVE:  Bex and the girls... snuggling in the sunroom.

Those girls seem to forget who their parents are sometimes.

ABOVE:  Brylee snapped me at the doctors on Thursday and sent me the photo.  I was putting a mask on as it was required at the doctors.  This was before I turned around and saw her sitting there waiting to be seen.  

It was funny, she just nodded at me like... 'Sup?'.  😉

ABOVE: snuggles with Dante.  He's getting tall, won't be long before he's taller than me I'm sure.  

Right, time to pack the car and head off.  Longish trip ahead of us.

... trip is going well. 

We are about half way.

Stopped just south of Turangi and stretched our legs at the Red Hut Pools.

ABOVE: Not a big fan of suspension bridges. They wobble and sway.

Moving on now... onto the Desert Road and will be stopping for lunch in Waiouru. 

ABOVE: Another little stop

 This time at a mountain stream on the Desert Road.

ABOVE: I often collect a rock from various places on our travels. Today is no exception. 

ABOVE: Silly man thought I only wanted one. Nah. I found two I liked. 

We are now at Waiouru... about to grab lunch.

ABOVE: Three cheeses, pork riblet, added bacon and salads. Rather YUM.

Leaving Waiouru now. Next stop Taihape's Christmas Shop. 😊🙃

We didn't find anything that took our eye in Taihape so on we went.

ABOVE: Mangaweka Gorge. 
Mangaweka Village in the background.

4.38 pm. Safely here and settled in our motel. I've even had an hour long nap, which was lovely.
Now we are awaiting the arrival of Mike, Joyce, Sandra, Neil and Chris D for dinner.

I asked our dinner guests to bring a plate as there are not enough in our motel unit.


ABOVE: Sandra's plate! She grabbed them cos they were disposable.  🤣

ABOVE: we went for a walk after dinner to the Rose Gardens with the kids and Beau.
The gardens are fantastic... 94 different roses to view.
It was raining lightly which was neat.
Note the little pussy in a heavy raincoat? 🤣😅😊

Now we are back and its time to just chill out before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 26, 2022


 It's 5.30 am.

And we are up and getting ready to head off to market.

It's just up the road luckily.  We want to get there early as it's going to be crazy busy getting in and unpacked, set up and so on.

There's 100 stalls, and then food caravans as well... so it really is a good sized market.

The weather?  I am not sure yet... it's still not clear enough to see.  But praying for NO RAIN.

Stew is worried about the field the market is being held on.  After all the rain we have had, there is a chance of getting bogged down... or just covered in mud.  

I'm just gunna go with the flow, and hope we have a fun, profitable day.  

I will update again once we are all set up and have some downtime before people arrive to shop.  Fingers crossed they do in droves!


We got up at sunrise... and were one of the first on site.

Bex and Ren beat us here!

ABOVE: That's Bex in front of us... driving onto the field. There were no stalls set up yet.

ABOVE: Bex and Ren's stall all set up.

ABOVE: Its 7.30 am and we are ready. Now we wait... the market doesn't officially 'start until 9. 

The skies are CLEAR! SUN IS SHINING.

We are very lucky considering how terrible the last week has been.

ABOVE: The girls enjoying a play date with Steve and the little boys. Spoilt tarts got fed schnitzel!

Its now 10.22 am and so far it's  been very QUIET here. Sales are painfully slow.

Fingers crossed it picks up soon.

Above: Sold to my dear FBG Friend Francis. 
Sales are slowly picking up ... which makes it worth getting outta bed at 5.20 am. 😊

1.15 pm... and it's been slow but steady, and we are actually doing quite well now. 45 minutes to go then HOME TIME.

HOME.  So tired!  And poor Stew is outside mowing the lawn before we go away for a couple of days!

I don't know how he has the energy.

Steve and Bex will be returning our girls around dinnertime, so will be staying to have dinner with us.

It will be takeaways of some sort, I'm not cooking!

All up today's market was OUR BEST ONE in a long time.  

For now... my feet are finally up and I'm relaxing before dinner.  It will be early to bed for both of us tonight.

7.40 pm: Dinner was Pizza. Very nice.  Steve and the little boys jumped in the pool after dinner!

They said it wasn't too cold... but no way am I jumping in the confirm that!    Next month will be soon enough for me.

They have now gone home and Stew and I are winding down ... won't be long outta bed.

Catch ya tomorrow.