Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Well, I'm going nowhere today.

Instead, I've got two carpet companies coming to do measure and quotes.  I have a third company coming in tomorrow as well.  Three quotes is par for the course eh.

Kinda exciting now that I've made a start on getting this sorted.

It's still going to take 2-3 months until it all happens with the carpet though.

We are getting the interior painted first.  Talking of painting, I will put the two new colour samples on a wall today, so we can 'debate' which one is best.  Or if we need to get more samples.  Far out, it's such a process!

And it's made so much harder when there's SO MUCH CHOICE!  It does my head in. 😒😆

But for now, I best get a move on, can't be in me nightie when the carpet peeps arrive.  Not a good look.

ABOVE:  I've not had a chance to check the news yet.  I wonder if there was any damage done overnight, with the forecast HUGE ocean waves expected to pound areas around Wellington?

9.20 am;  OMG... FREEZING!  Frost this morning.  It's only 10 degrees C in my house!  So, the heat pump is ON and I've got me thermals on until it warms up!
Looks like Wellington didn't get battered too badly by the stormy seas.  That's so good.
Though, they do expect more today.

I'm about to put the paint samples on the wall somewhere...

10.40 am:  The first carpet company is here measuring up.  The second one is due at 1 pm.  I've locked the dogs in the garage, Marley is going ballistic!
My house is finally feeling a bit warmer.

Brylee has been away on a little trip.  She flew to Wellington, then her cousin D picked her up and they went up to Palmerston North.
Today they are travelling up to Tauranga.  I was a bit worried because of the horrible weather and snow closing the Desert Road yesterday.

But, seems they are doing well... and are not too far away from Tauranga now.

ABOVE:  Brylee thought the snow was beautiful.  She probably has no memory of being in the snow as a little girl, so it's nice she got to see it again.

It's nearly 4 pm, and I'm just doing boring shit like finally getting the washing done.  I've had towels hanging outside for about a week!  Every time I thought about bringing them in, it pissed down with rain.  So, today has been fine and they finally got dry enough to bring in.

It's incredibly QUIET on here.  Is everyone that busy?  Or is this post just incredibly boring?  😏😆😅

I know life is very quiet right now, but hell, I'd rather that than stress and drama.
I'm really enjoying the peace.

MARGARET:  I've not had any quotes submitted yet, so the cost is ???  Not much idea really.

DOGSTARS:  Yes that's in the North Island of New Zealand.  We are a good three hours drive from the closest area that gets snow.  In our South Island there is snow virtually everywhere over winter.

9 pm:  Well Stew was a very happy man this evening.  I made him nachos for his dinner... with a side of mushrooms.  
I didn't have any  as that would have given me dreadful heartburn all night long.
I'll have some for my lunch tomorrow.

Watching TV, can feel the house cooling down.  Totally expect another frosty start tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


 The dogs stink.  Like really bad.

So Lacy is coming over today to give them a bath for me.

So thankful as all the bending required kills my back.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook yesterday and it really  made me laugh.

You can spend HOURS on Facebook just looking and reading funny things!  I try not to, but sometimes.... 😆😅😂.

After Lacy has been, I will go and exchange some more carpet samples.  Probably go a bit lighter than the dark grey and brown.

AND not go for wool.  I think we are going with Solution Dyed Nylon.  Mostly for durability.

As for the paint, we are going with a particular retailer, as we can get a good discount through the person who is going to do the prep and painting for us.

And that's about it for now.

12.25 pm:  Well an excellent morning!

Lacy arrived, groomed and bathed the dogs for me:

ABOVE:  Doing an awesome job there Lacy. 😊

ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure she's having 'a bad hair day'!  lol

After she left, I took off to town to get more carpet samples.

ABOVE:  I am leaning towards more earthy tones, to match our furniture/furnishings and paintings, and the colour that will be on the walls.

Now... LUNCH.

And....... lol.  Another quiet afternoon!  Too cold to do much.  Enjoyed my lunch of teriyaki chicken.  Stew is getting his for dinner, with cauliflower rice and veges.

9.32 pm:  Well... just another quiet evening here.  Bloody cold as F.  But, it's the same everywhere right now!
I'm so relieved I'm not further south, where they are getting hammered with a freezing cold Artic Blast!
Hopefully the storm passes and no one is hurt.

Catch you tomorrow.

Monday, June 28, 2021


 I've got an important job today.

I'm going out to look at carpet.

I've been reading up on what to look for and why.

At the moment I'm open to most types of carpet, considering the many variables available.

It's a huge decision, and one I don't want to get wrong. 

So, I will be visiting 3-4 different carpet retailers here in Hamilton today.

Wish me luck!  Not that I will be making a firm choice today.  I want to narrow down my choices, then get Stew's input as well.  (of course!)

PAINT:  that's another thing I must narrow down!  I had been looking at using Valspar, which is a primer and paint ALL IN ONE.  But as we are now having to use a 'proper' oil based primer, before plastering and painting, there is no point using Valspar.

So, I will be getting samples of paint today as well.

Looks like I'm gunna be all over town today.  Busy as.  Which I love.  I just hope it's not pissing down with rain.

The last few days have been bloody miserable.  So wet and cold.  😨😩😟

Right, I'm off to start me day.  

12.41 pm:  Home.  Feeling a bit dejected.
Cos while there seems to be plenty of choice when it comes to carpet, when you narrow it down to brands/materials ... there isn't that much to choose from after all.

I went to Carpet Mill.  The lady only seemed interested in showing me ONE type of carpet.  Her 'recommendation'.  

ABOVE: And basically, you could go for this weight at this price, or more weight for more cost.  And these were the colours.
I was uninspired by every single one of them.
They were utterly boring.
Now I don't want a loud, colourful carpet, but really?  

ABOVE: Next was Carpet Court.  Where I fell in love with a carpet which was NOTHING like what I wanted!
It's Wool.  It's a loop pile.  Both things I had no intention of getting.
So now I'm at a loss what to do.

ABOVE:  I brought a few samples home.  The carpet I really like is the lightest one in that photo.
Wool - not so stain resistant.
Loop pile - can catch on dogs paws, loops break etc.  😫😪

So.  Just feeling dejected.

I think I will have to go out again and look some more.

Guthrie Bowron was next door to Carpet Court, so I got a couple of paint samples while there.  Not pure white, more warmish white.  

7.10 pm:  Well ... I had a quiet afternoon.  Did bugger all really.
Stew arrived home and I fed him sausages in a Sweet 'n' Sticky sauce and a mix of cauliflower and broccoli rice and red onions.  He loved it.
A quiet evening ahead.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2021


 Could today be the day?

The last day of stripping wallpaper?

It might be!

Steve is coming over this morning to help get the lounge done.  I'm not sure if Bex and the boys are coming too?

Steve will help Stew move the heavy furniture away from the walls for a start.  Then he said he'd help me strip the paper.

Bloody awesome.

BUT, first off, I am heading over to the mall to buy some bubble wrap.  I need it to pack up all my Britto and everything else that's in the china cabinets.

All that stuff is gunna be left packed up for a few months, as once the walls are painted, I'll be getting new carpet put down.

That thought is scary!  I've not narrowed down the carpet yet.  I've not even been into a carpet shop!  And the thought of having to move every single item of furniture off the floors to get the old carpet up and new down?  FUCK... my mind boggles.

And I've been told ripping up old carpet is a very dusty job.  Ikkkk.  I'm not looking forward to that one iota.

But, it's something that's been on the 'to do' list since we first bought the house.  And once it's done we can relax, and live in the house knowing there's nothing else needing fixing.  (fingers crossed!)

So, today will be another busy day!  Time to get up and get moving.

10.35 am:  And with Stew's help I've managed to get both china cabinets emptied and the contents put in the garage.
Next will be putting the china cabinets in the garage too.  They can stay there until the painting and carpets are done.

Steve and Bex just arrived... so ONWARD!

ABOVE:  And with the three of us working on the last walls, we have FINISHED!  No more wall paper stripping EVER.

And yes, I will be getting a professional in to do all the prep and painting.  I am DONE.

We just ordered Pizzas for lunch.  And I'm gunna have some.  I'm starving.

4.45 pm:  Lunch was lovely!  I tried onion rings from Pizza Hutt for the very first time.  OMG!  I'd have them and not even bother with the pizza next time. 😂😅😆

Stew and I have had the most lazy afternoon, just sitting watching TV.  The weather is atrocious out there!  Squally rain, and cold as F.

There is no way I will be having dinner... lunch was quite enough.  Stew will probably have some left overs from last night.

Stew is eating a cold sausage beside me... the smell is making me want to throw up!  Clearly I'm not hungry.  lol
Time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, June 26, 2021


 A couple of nights ago we watched a programme on TV about how quickly a fire gets out of hand inside a house.

And how important it is to have good, working smoke alarms.

And WHOOPS.   I took all of ours down to strip wallpaper, and haven't put them back up.

As they are alarms that were already in this house when we bought it, I'm not going to put them back up.

Today Stew and I are going out and buying new ones, and they will be installed TODAY.

Once we have done that, I'm going to have Stew move our bed so I can get the wallpaper off from behind the headboard.  Lacy and I couldn't do it the other day.

Also, he can move the TV cabinet in the lounge, it's another thing I simply cannot move.

I know I said I wasn't going to do the lounge yet, but I can do some of it!  Just not the china cabinets.  They can wait.

So, it's going to be a busy day.  

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  I think we got enough.  (10)

ABOVE:  Bex bought some of these Anniversary packs of loo paper.  They come with a cute little Roly Dog.  So I got a couple at the supermarket this morning too.  I couldn't resist.
The supermarket was crazy busy, I hope to never go there on a Saturday again.

ABOVE:  Our lunch today.  Sizzler sausages, red onion, mushrooms and a tiny bit of bacon.

Now?  Just taking a break until I feel like doing more wallpaper.
I reckon I will have it done in a week!

The smoke alarms have a 10 year warranty.  If we have to change the batteries every couple of years, so be it.
We feel much better having too many alarms, than not enough.  

I am about 2/3rds of the way through my bedroom walls.  Taking a break cos I'm already knackered.  You have NO IDEA how much I want this DONE AND DUSTED!  I'm so damn over wallpaper.

10.37 pm:  We've had a good afternoon and evening.  I got a bit more of my room done before stopping.
Steve, Bex and the boys came over for dinner.
We spent a happy 2-3 hours together before they went home.
Stew watched sport on the TV in the lounge, and I watched some Real Crime on YouTube.
Now... it's time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, June 25, 2021



I'm sore all over.

Stripping freakin' wallpaper is quite a work out I must say.

My legs ache, my arms ache, and the worst?  Me neck.

There is NO WAY I'm doing any damn wallpaper stripping today.

I'm gunna lie is bed for as long as it's humanly possible, read shit on me phone and sip Diet Coke.

Perfect way to start the day right?  😊😅

Once I'm up, I'll get the housework done, then head into town to have lunch with Stew.
After that I might just have a wander around the shops in town, see if there's any new ones.

I highly doubt it, Hamilton Central has hardly changed in 20+ years!

Right, enough waffling... I'm off to get some fresh Diet Coke and back to bed.

2.45 pm:  Geee sorry SPARKLING!   I unexpectedly had to go out this morning, instead of lunch time.  
So... I went out, attended to some business then had lunch with my darling, Stew.

I have just arrived home.

ABOVE: The only excitement in my day so far, was watching the Courthouse get evacuated and the fire engines arrive.  All three of them.
I bet they attend more false alarms than anything else!

It's wet.  It's miserable.  I'm cold.  The heater is on.  Might just put me feet up and relax for a while.  

8.30 pm:  And yeah, it's been an incredibly quiet day here hasn't it?
Bugger all to yak about, and so... I'm gunna sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, June 24, 2021


 Well, today it would appear I am going to be...


If Lacy turns up, we will be making a start on my bedroom/bathroom.

I can do some of the prep work before she gets here by taking down photos, paintings etc.

Once my room is done, it only leaves the lounge. And I'm not doing that room until just before we get the professionals in, as I have to empty the china cabinets.  And that will involve bubble wrap and boxes for the china.  Oh joy.

Hopefully we get the bulk of my room done today.

ABOVE: After being out of action with a sprained thumb for a while, Emily was awarded Player of the Day after her first game of Netball.  Well done Emily!

ABOVE:  Every night.  Without fail.  They stare at Stew, follow him around and won't leave him alone.  
Cos he feeds them their dinner of course!
Classic case of 'cupboard love' if ever I saw it.

And... that's me for now.  I better get a move on and get my bedroom sorted out.
Catch ya later.

11 am:  And Lacy arrived bloody early!  So, I think we've been going for about 2 hours already.

ABOVE:  It certainly goes easier with two doing it.  Though, she got the shitty pillar!  
Those things are as bad as the pelmets.
And internal corners.
Once this house is done, I never want to strip wallpaper again.

Funny Story time:   About a week ago, when Lacy was out with us, we bought some winter socks for her from Bunnings.  She screamed black and blue she would pay for them.
But I refused to let her.

So when she left ours, she hid that $20 in my house.  Then sent me a photo to show me where it was.

Every since then we have been 'giving' it back to each other, in a sneaky way.
Today I got her a good one!

She took some stale bread home to feed the pigs.  I hid the $20 in between some of the bread slices.

And then, when I knew she would be home, I sent her a message about how the pigs might eat some money!

Too late .. ALMOST.  She had thrown the bread in to the pigs, seen the money and had to jump in the pig's paddock to rescue the money.  

Then she had to walk through copious amounts of pig shit to get out again.  SCORE.


5.55 pm:  After Lacy left I had some lunch.  Then I took some paper off the lounge walls.  Not much as I simply could not move the damn TV cabinet!
Some things I just can't do.

Dinner tonight is a beef casserole, an all-in-one dinner.  I put it on in the slow cooker first thing this morning.  It's been wafting a delicious odour all day.

10.30:  Dinner was lovely!  Then... quiet evening cosied up in me Oodie and a blanket too.
Time to sign off till tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021



I'm still stripping the damn wallpaper in the front bedroom.

If it's the last thing I do, I'm gunna get that room finished today.

And, just so ya know... the 'diet' is going exceptionally well.

Since we both started the Very Low Carb/NO SUGAR diet, we've lost a good amount of weight.

I think Stew said he's lost about 1.3 kilos, and I've lost 1.7 kilos.  In less than a week.  So, it's working.

And because we are not totally denying ourselves some healthy carbs every few days, it's not been that hard to stick to either.

The Cauliflower Rice is a life saver!  We both love it.  In fact, I must go out today and buy some more.  

NOT the fresh stuff, that wasn't very nice, strangely enough.  The frozen version is perfect.

Ya know what?  I don't think I've ever referred to Wednesday as 'Hump Day' before.

But, it is HUMP DAY.  And I for one am looking forward to the weekend.  Not cos we have anything on... but just so Stew will be home with me.  I love having him home.

And.... that's me for now.  Just a normal day ahead.  

10 am:  OMG it was FREEZING this morning!  It took me ages to get out of bed, I just didn't wanna get up at all.
But.... that damn wallpaper won't strip itself. 😖

ABOVE:  It has taken me an entire HOUR to get the paper off that goddam 'pelmet'. Shitty, shitty thing.  AND I've not soaked the backing paper off it yet either.
I was so tired from struggling with it, I've taken a break.
You know, it gives you a neck ache from looking up that long?

So, here I am, happily thinking I 'only' had my bedroom to strip after the front bedroom right?
WRONG.  I've still got the bloody lounge to do.
AND that involves packing up everything in the china cabinets.
OMG why did I start this?

12.20 pm:  I got a phone call from Lacy about an hour ago, asking me to stop doing the wallpaper!
Seems she's going to come over tomorrow and dedicate the whole day to helping me do it.
NICE, thanks Lacy.

Meanwhile, I shall just keep stripping paper, cos I'm on a roll.

Though, I am stopping for lunch now.

2.05 pm:  And it's DONE.
And I don't even have the energy to take a bloody photo.  It took 5 hours, with about half an hour 'off' to eat a sandwich for lunch.

I am definitely stopping for the day now.  I'm knackered!

ABOVE:  For the first time in my life, I'm cooking Goat meat!
It's in the slow cooker.  Fingers crossed it's nice.

7.20 pm:  Well... goat.  Yeah, it could have been anything really.  Very much like lamb/mutton.  Lots of bones.  Doubt I will get it again.

The rest of the evening is gunna be spent on my chair, blankie on, watching telly.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 My plans for today are to just relax and enjoy the day.

I got so much accomplished yesterday, such a good feeling.

If I am inclined, I might strip some more wallpaper, as I can finally almost see an end to it!

After I finish the front bedroom I only have my room left.  Awesome.

OMG what am I saying?

After all the paper is off, I then have to paint pigment sealer on EVERY SINGLE WALL!

Only then can I get a professional in to prep the walls for actual PAINT.  Bloody hell!

I'm not going to be bored any time soon am I?

ABOVE:  I moved the tea trolley into the sun room.  It seems OK there, doubles as a coffee table.

ABOVE:  I love this space.  Thank goodness there is nothing needing stripping or painting in here.

12.50 pm:  And yes!  So far today has been wonderful.
I got a visit from Lacy:

ABOVE: Coco did her usual thing and jumped in her car.
Coco jumps in everyone and anyone's car!  She just loves going out and about.

So, after yakking for a while, we decided to head off to the mall.  Chartwell Square for a change.

I'd seen some rather nice sneakers online, so ended up buying them.

ABOVE: They are VERY similar to a pair I already have, which I thrash and wear ALL THE TIME.  So these are my back up's.  I'm not smitten with the lips on the heel, but I love the heart.

It's an incredibly gorgeous winter's day today.  We've had so much rain lately, it's lovely to have such a nice day for a change.

Lacy and I visited Bex on our way home from the mall... poor girl was in the shower!  Hee heee.
She opened the door dripping wet, wrapped in a towel.  First thing she said was "NO PHOTOS!".
Can't think why?  

5.05 pm:  And after a couple of quiet hours on my own this afternoon, I was visited by Steve, Bex and the boys.
Steve measured up my walls for a quote from a plasterer/painter for me.
So sheesh, I better get on and get the stripping finished!

As they left, Coco did her usual thing, and tried to leave in their car.  So, I let the girls go to theirs for a play date.
I'm about to go and pick them up!  lol

ABOVE:  Well the girls had a wonderful time visiting the kids, and getting fed tidbits of cheese from Steve.
The boys were all on the trampoline having fun when I arrived, while Bex was cooking dinner.
I stayed for a happy half an hour before heading home.
Now the girls are sprawled out on the floor, exhausted! 

Tonight's dinner is going to be left over sausages and potato wedges, with sour cream.
There's only so many nights you can have cauliflower rice before you need to have something different. 
And as my Dr said, potato once a week is just fine.

So, dinner was just lovely.  We both enjoyed having potato!  Sad gits.
Now, just watching TV before bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.