Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 The story of my life.

Yo-yo dieting.

Exercise ... then none.

Motivated... then not.


But.  Today I will start again.

First up, I shall go out and find a book on KETO, and/or VLC diets.

And don't worry, the lolly box is safe.  I have no desire to eat any of them.

My new doctor has prescribed me a new diabetes medication, to take with Metformin.  So, a new regime.  He said there was no way he wanted to put me on insulin!

That surprised me.  But we all know, if I start insulin, I'll never get off it.

Same with Stew.  He doesn't want to go on it either.

So, here we go again.

Next. I'm going to do some more wallpaper stripping.  There is still so much to do!  I hadn't realised how much in fact.  😓😔😕

I think I will work on the front door area, then the first spare bedroom.

11 am:  And I've made a start on the entrance:

ABOVE:  not much done yet... I had to stop because I had the shakes really bad.
See, I have not eaten since mid afternoon yesterday.  So, I'm stopping to have an early lunch.  Left over pork chop and salad.

Monday, June 14, 2021


 Well ... for the first time in a while I really don't have much housework on a Monday.

So, I'm gunna go and look at some wood!

I have decided to do some Shiplap on a few areas in the house.

ABOVE:  This is an example of Shiplap.  It's wooden panelling on a wall.  I want to have three walls done this way.  One in the entrance, one in the lounge and one in the kitchen/family room.  I also want to put it here:

ABOVE:  'Behind' the kitchen benches.  I had originally thought of only putting it behind the benches, but then decided to have a few walls done to 'tie' it in.

And well... I really like the look of shiplap!

What do you think of my idea?  Yes?  No?  And why.

I'm only in the planning phase of this feature, as I'm still stripping bloody wallpaper!

Steve said you can buy an MDF product that is already in panels, that looks like Shiplap, so that's what I want to go and look at today.

Planning, pricing and so on.  These things take time.

Once I've done that, I will come home and get a load of washing on, put away yesterday's washing, and do some ironing. 

All the usual, boring household jobs. 

So, that's me for now.... catch ya later.

11.30 am:  Brylee and I went out to the Base.  I bought another clothes airer.  The signs said 40% OFF all Clothes Airers.
Got one and went up to the counter to pay for it.  It rang up as full price.
Ahhh... nope I said, it's 40% off.

The sale ended yesterday, said the sales person.

Brylee went and got the sign... to prove it was still up there.
So they had to honour it.  SCORE.

After that, we moved on to the supermarket, I needed shower wash liquid.

ABOVE:  Who EVER goes into a supermarket and only buys what they went there for?
I decided to buy a 'few' different lollies for the lolly box.

ABOVE:  I think we have enough, for now.  😊😏😅

4.50 pm:  Well... I had a dr's appointment this afternoon.  I got some shitty news... but not unexpected.
My HbA1c (diabetes) count is way too high.  
Clearly, I won't be eating any of those lollies!

The Dr has said I really should try the KETO diet.  *sigh*

It's all I seem to have done (on and off) my entire adult life.
Bloody sick of it.

But... if I want to get healthy and stay that way, Stew and I are gunna have to change our bad eating habits NOW.

So this evening we are having pork steak and a green salad. 
The Dr said we could have healthy carbs, like a potato, every 2-3 days.  Oh yaaaa.

So I suppose I'm now going to be researching the KETO diet.

I'm not exactly thrilled about it.

Stew is home, and happily having his dinner.  As I am not hungry, I'm not having any.  
We are both going to work on our diet, let's see what we can do!

Sunday, June 13, 2021


 It has been a bumper year for mandarins.

We have two trees, one is fairly small, and not too old.  It's producing heaps of mandarins.

The other tree is large and very old.  It too is producing heaps of mandarins.

We can't possibly use them all, or even give them away!  Everyone seems to have plenty of the fruit.


ABOVE: This one (the larger, older tree), is coming down.  Today.

We are also taking down the netting from around the grape vine, so we can prune it.  

Hopefully the vine won't grow quite so BIG next season!  We had so much wastage of grapes last season.

So, that's our plans for today.  I think it will take us a couple of hours at least to get the tree down and into the trailer.  

Catch ya later...

Steve and Bex came around to give us a hand... 

ABOVE:  Steve made very short work of that tree!

ABOVE:  Before and after.  Much tidier.

ABOVE:  Winter maple leaves, they are so lovely.

ABOVE:  Scones for lunch.  They went down rather well!

ABOVE: There's always one in the family right?

Once the kids had left... Stew and I had a very quiet afternoon.   I even had a nap, which was blissful.
The day got drearier and darker, and rained in the early evening.

Dinner tonight?  Bex mentioned that sometimes she makes a pizza using a scone base.  So, as I had some left over scones from lunch:

ABOVE:  I used them to make us a pizza!  It was really delicious.  I only managed two little pieces.  I think Stew will be having some for his lunch tomorrow.  

And ... that's a wrap of our day.  Just so happy with how our weekend went.  We got all our outside jobs done, had family over, and also got our peace and quiet time too.  PERFECT.

Saturday, June 12, 2021


 Providing it's fine, today is going to be spent doing some outside jobs.

Gardening.  Weeding.  Lawns etc.

We need a hedge trimmer, so that might be first on our list of things to do.

Down the 'dogs' side of the house is looking pretty disgusting... Stew's not been out there to tidy it up in a few weeks.  It's out of control!

I might do a before and after photo... later.

So, while we were looking forward to a 'quiet' weekend, jobs still need to be done.  😒

The other thing on top of the job list is to bomb the pool and run the pool filter for the day.  We only need to do that once a month over winter luckily.

And that's about it for now.  Catch ya later.

10.57 am:  Well after a very late start, we went to Mitre 10 and bought a hedge trimmer.  Then home in time to look after Dante and Archer for an hour or so while Steve went to check out a job for work.

ABOVE:  The dogs are happy, they love the kids. 

1.20 pm:  We've still not really started on the outside yet!  Stew just scooped the dog's poop, and now he's gone to get petrol for the new hedge trimmer, among other things.  Like Baked Beans.
We are having Fish Cakes, mashed potato and baked beans for dinner!  Nice and easy.  Comfort food.  Or Lazy Food.  Call it what ya will.  😊

ABOVE:  Well that's one shitty job done!  Stew went over it all with the weed eater, then I water blasted it.
We will still have to spray it with weed killer, and also mould remover.
It's such a damp, dark side of the house.  It's a wonder weeds even grow there, but the bastards do.  😕😖😏  AND it doesn't even take that long to get so damn horrible looking!

Anyway, it's now 4 pm and we are both done for the day.  
Time to put down the tools and settle down for a nice, relaxing evening.
Tomorrow is another day.  

We are chopping down a tree tomorrow!

Friday, June 11, 2021


 Well... for a change, I've got a semi early start today.

I have to get 'Z' to Driving School by 8.45, which means leaving here by 8.15.  

I'm gunna be in 'rush hour' traffic.  Ikkkk. 

Once I drop 'Z' off I will head home and get some jobs done around the house.

Lacy and I made a bit of a mess with the wallpaper stripping, so I need to vacuum the dining/family room for a start.  

I have decided to put all my blue glass stuff back up above the kitchen cupboards as well.  It might be months before I get around to painting the walls, so I might as well put it all back.

I'm almost tempted to do some more stripping actually.  Maybe I will make a start on the front entrance area?  We will see how I feel a bit later on in the morning.

I love that it is Friday... and Stew will be home for the weekend.  I'm hoping we will have a nice, quiet weekend.  Last weekend was full of family, and while that is really lovely, it's also tiring!

10 am:  Stay off the ladder?  Leave the blue stuff there?

I was ALWAYS gunna put it back!

ABOVE:  It looks sooooo good up there!  And it wasn't gunna sit in a box for months until I was ready to paint the damn walls.

Now that's done, I am gunna sit and relax for a little while, before doing some more housework.

9.50 pm!  Wow, clearly I've not been back for most of the day.  Sorry about that.
Just hanging out at home, then I picked up the kid and came home.
Z was picked up around 3.30 pm, and then I just sat and watched some Netflix programmes.  True Crime, my sorta stuff.

Stew got home around 6 and we had takeaways for dinner.

Since then I've been watching more Netflix while Stew has been watching rugby on the TV.
So, a quiet evening.

Thursday, June 10, 2021


 Well... I'm gunna do some more stripping today.

Ahhh... NO.  Not that sorta stripping!  lol

Wallpaper.  Lacy is coming over to give me a hand to do a bit more of the walls.

There's still heaps to do, but I'm in no hurry to get it done.

I'm NOT looking forward to having to empty the china cabinets in the lounge, so will leave them till last.  I'm hoping Lacy and I will get the kitchen done today.

I have to go out this afternoon and pick up a friend's kid from Driving School.  'Z' will spend the night here, then I'll take 'Z' back to Driving School in the morning.  'Z' is doing a course through Cambridge High School... which I think is rather neat.

They sure never had anything like that when I was a kid!

And well... that's me for now.  I better make a start on me day, which means get all my blue glass stuff down from above the kitchen cupboards.  There's bloody wallpaper up there too.  

ABOVE:  I got all the blue glass stuff down, then Lacy got all the boards they were sitting on down.  OMG talk about disgustingly dirty!
Steam/grease rise from the oven and stove top eh?  Eeeeew.

ABOVE:  Lucky we have a skinny bitch in the family!  She fits up there just fine.  It sounds like it's hard going though. I'm just hoping she doesn't end up falling through the pantry ceiling.

12 noon:   AND... the biggest room in the house no longer has wallpaper on it.  And it was a right bitch getting the last bits off I can tell you.

Lacy has now gone home, and I'm taking a break.  Lunch time I reckon.

ABOVE:  Yaaa, I don't have to stand and stir dinner.  Z is doing it for me.
We are having Teriyaki Chicken on rice for dinner.

Dinner... done.
Time to chill out and relax.  I'm totally looking forward to bed tonight.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021


 How about... card night photos?

I totally forgot to post them last night.

ABOVE:  Well... Susan D and I won, and Roslyn (in front) was our loser.  But never mind, she got consolation kisses from her darling dog, Oscar!
Oscar was just a delight, lots of loves.  
He's only about 16 months old, so just a baby still.  A big baby, full of playful energy.

Now, what am I up to today?  I have no bloody idea!
The house is spic 'n' span.  
I have no motivation to sew or paint.
I might strip more wall paper?
But in actual fact, I am not motivated to do a damn thing!
I haven't been for months really.
I've been faking it ... hoping I'd snap out of my funk.
Ain't happening.
I might just stay in bed a bit longer, then get up and see what the day brings.

4.15 pm.

- I went for a walk this morning, and ran into a lady I had met at Weight Watchers a couple of years ago.  So we went back to her home and had morning tea and a good long chat.

It was lovely!

- When I got home again I did some more washing, and then some ironing. 

- Lunchtime.  Watched some true crime stories on YouTube.


Thinking about sorting out dinner.  I've got out some sausages, and might do something with them.

ABOVE:  I'm giving this stuff a go.  I don't think I've ever done curried sausages before.  Didn't want to try making me own sauce... I'd probably stuff it up.

And yep, mashed potatoes on the side will be lovely.

ABOVE:  And the verdict is?  Mild, but I liked it.  Stew would have probably liked it stronger.  I'll certainly use that sauce again.

10.45 pm:  Well another day done and dusted.  Don't feel like I accomplished much today.  But then, getting out of bed is an accomplishment some days!  😂😅😆

Tuesday, June 08, 2021


 Right, here's a new face for ya!

ABOVE: This young man visited us last night.  We had not seen him in years!  No excuse really, it just never happened.
So, who do you think he is?

ABOVE:  It's our grandson, Joshua.   Josh was born between Brylee and Griffin, which makes him 20 years old (last month).  OMG don't kids grow up so fast!

He's a delightful young man, and it was wonderful to see him again.

Right, back to today.  I've got a fair bit of housework to get done.  But not as much as I first anticipated, as I did all the washing last night.
Such a good idea, I really should do that more often.  Then ya not left waiting around for washing to get done in the morning.

I'm heading out to the mall later on this morning, there's a few things I need to get.
So, that's me for now.
Catch ya later.

11.25 am:  I've been shopping.  What a great start to the week.

First up, I bought some more winter tops for myself, as I seem to be cycling through just 3 at the moment.
I really don't have many winter clothes.
After I found what I needed, I got a few items for a grandchild too.

ABOVE:  then I bought these wireless headphones.  I'm happy to have found decently priced, wireless ones.  Wires do my head in.
I'm now going to connect them up to me computer.
Then I might have some lunch, and continue with the housework.

5.47 pm:  finally, all the housework is done, and dinner is on for Stew.
I'm off to Card Night shortly, so anticipate an enjoyable evening.
I missed getting a photo of an amazing sunset this evening, drat.  The sky was RED, and so pretty.

10.08 pm:  And I'm home from cards.  There were two winners this evening, me and Susan D.  We had a very nice evening.
Glad to be home, feet up and blankie on.
It's been a very quiet day.  
Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, June 07, 2021


Last night I had a brilliant idea!

Well... I thought it was anyway.

Keera wanted a bath.

We don't have a bath.  We have two showers.

But... hmmmm.

I thought of this:

ABOVE:  How about a big plastic box?  With bubble bath of course.  😊😉😂

ABOVE:  I'm happy to say our kid loved it, I had a hard time getting her out of it.

She got very good at frothing up the bubbles again, when they started to disappear.

ABOVE:  She was thrilled to find rose petals in her 'bath' too.  She went to bed a very happy little girl.

Mission accomplished.  Clean, happy kid.

Sadly, Mike and Joyce are leaving for home today.

There won't be another long weekend until October, so we probably won't see them again till then at least.

So, today will be spent hanging out with them primarily.

Catch ya later!

1.10 pm: It's been a busy, hectic morning.

Just for now... I will share this:

ABOVE:  Mike's transition from being a scruff to a dude.

I'll be back later... the kids are leaving soon.

ABOVE:  We bought Keera some PJ's...

ABOVE:  And Steve and Bex got their boys some too.  
It certainly is winter PJ time.

7.30 pm:  And finally!  Everyone has gone home.  Mike and Joyce are safely back in Palmerston North.
We had a very unexpected visitor this evening too.  I'll tell ya about that tomorrow.
For now... I've got my third load of washing on, and am about to hang some outside, in the dark.
Might as well save myself time in the morning.

After that, I will sit down and relax till bedtime.