Monday, August 08, 2022


 I was looking at my new Robinia Lace Lady tree just a couple of days ago... to see if there were any spring buds.


They yesterday afternoon, while out the front with the guys discussing our next project, I looked again.

ABOVE:  And YES!  We have a bud or two happening.  Spring is coming.  I'm kinda over winter now.  We've had so much rain this winter, it's getting a bit old now.

I thought we had done everything we needed/wanted to do around here.  But no.

Of course I found something else I want done.

A front gate, or two.

Yep, by the time summer arrives we will have front gates.  Then I can keep the front door, sewing room door, and garage doors open in summer, getting much needed ventilation.  AND the dogs can still be confined to our property and safe.

It's gunna be awesome.  This house was like a sauna last summer.  I'm hoping that having the ability to have all those external doors open will help keep it a bit cooler inside.

Oh and NOT having black, hot, sticky asphalt on our driveway will make a huge difference too!

Now... back to today.

I've got to do a small grocery grab.

Then I shall finish the 2nd Flower Runner.

So, that's me day kinda planned out.

Catch ya later.

Sunday, August 07, 2022


 The weather forecast was for doom and gloom today.  Looking out the window confirms that.

We are not going to market today.  I'm a bit bummed after working hard to have plenty of stock, and more variety.  But hey, I'd rather have plenty of DRY stock, as opposed to WET stock!

So yesterday when we bought my new pillow, I almost bought some pillow cases to fit it.

I say almost because the only ones in Adairs were $50 a pair.  And there is no way I'm gunna pay that for two pillow cases.

I went home and made myself a lovey warm polar fleece one:

ABOVE:  I like it!  And it fits perfectly.  I will have to make another one in the next week, for when that one has to go in the wash.

Today?  Meh.  Another quiet day I suppose.  I might go into the sewing room and work on the next Flower Runner... unless Stew can think of something riveting we can do?

10.37 am:  And it's a cold, nasty old day.  Wet as predicted.  Bex didn't go to market either.  
Stew couldn't think of anything  for us to do, so he's parked in front of the telly and I'm in the sewing room.
I will work on another Flower Runner.

3.51 pm:  Well I've done a fair bit of sewing on the 2nd Flower Runner today. 
I stopped a couple of hours ago as Steve, Bex and the boys arrived to visit.

I have another job lined up for Steve, so he came to do a measure up, suss out what is needed material wise.

Hopefully in the next month or so it will get done, in time for summer.

Yes, Summer is coming, times FLIES!

They have gone home now, so I suppose I should start thinking about what to do for dinner.  
MEH... get so tired of cooking.  Necessary evil though.  😖😒😟

Ha!  I just asked Stew what he felt like for dinner and he said "KFC".  So looks like we are having KFC for dinner.  Awesome.  No cooking for me after all.

7.13 pm:  And that's a wrap on our day.  Cruisy and mostly about keeping warm.  Though we have certainly had colder days and nights.  
The KFC was very nice... but I think I've gone off the chicken itself.  It's so often dry.  Ikkk.
Right, catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, August 06, 2022


 I have been collecting glass bottles/jars/vases for about a year and a half now.

I've amassed quite a few in that time, and I love them all.

Yesterday Bex and Dante visited an Op shop and saw one, and Bex thought she better buy it for me.

Dante told her I already had one just like it at home, but she still got it ... 'Just in case I didn't'.

ABOVE:  I kinda did.  
On the LEFT is the one we bought in Palmerston North for quite a considerable price, and on the RIGHT is the one Bex and Dante bought for the grand sum of $3! 
As you can see, they are similar, but not exactly the same. I love them both. They are just so cute and funky.

It's Saturday, much to Stew's relief.  He is so busy at work he really hangs out for the weekends.
We have absolutely no plans for today.  And I'd like it to stay that way, because if it's fine tomorrow, we have a market to attend.

And that will be tiring.
So... a lazy day is planned for today.

TV. SNACKS. MOVIES. BLANKIES. Am I missing anything?  MAYBE A TIPPLE!  😂😋😏

What are YOU doing this weekend?  Anything exciting?

1 pm:  We've been out shopping for stuff.
I wanted a new pillow and some things for market.
Stew needed a haircut.
All done.

ABOVE:  I'm hoping the new pillow is good.  I was gobsmacked to find pillows ranged in price from $250 down to about $25!  I went for something well under $100.
Clips and chain for my market, which is looking very unlikely to happen if you believe the weather forecast.

After shopping Stew wanted to check out an eatery he's been told about, called 'The Lookout' in Pukete.
So we went there for lunch.

ABOVE:  Everywhere ya go... water.  Totally wasted on us.

ABOVE:  I was freezing in the bar/restaurant, so Stew got a blanket out of the car.
I didn't give a shit sitting there with a blanket over my legs!
The fire place was on, but not putting out any heat at all.

ABOVE: Cute menus.  Little computers, you clicked on what you wanted and it went straight to the kitchen.  

ABOVE:  Stew had an open Lamb sandwich, and I had a Pork Belly burger.  We both felt like both meals were only just OK.  5/10.  My pork was very dry and over done.  So was Stew's lamb.
Their chips were lovely though. 

We are finally home, and now just relaxing in the family room, blankie/heat pod... telly on.

I did a little sewing this afternoon.

Then bugger all after that!
We  had left overs for dinner.
Now, just watching TV before bed.

Fingers crossed the new pillow is comfy.  I'll be finding out soon.

Friday, August 05, 2022


 Yesterday's effort:

ABOVE:  A basic Tree Runner... it was so good to do something easy for a change.

I do believe I will be making another one today... maybe smaller though.  

Steve got the preliminary results after his colonoscopy on Monday.

Yes.  He has Pancolitis AND Crohns Disease.  So, now he has to wait and see if the new medication helps.  If not, there is a chance he can get into a Clinical Trial using a different medication.

Either way, it sucks.

Another thing that sucks.  I used to LOVE the Kumera Posh Poppas.

I went to have some yesterday and OMG.... didn't like them anymore!  WEIRD.  But it is what it is.

I won't be buying them again, which is probably just as well, as they have jumped up in price quite shockingly.  Just like so many things across the board.  Prices just keep on rising.

Some good news.  My thumb has finally stopped hurting ... must have been a pin jab into the joint that caused all the pain I reckon.

Right, I'm off to sew, bla bla bla.

In the past 18 days I have made....


I am pretty damn proud of myself.

Today I am starting a new 'line'.  It's a project you have seen before, but I was going to do something different with it.  Bex suggested I do Runners with them instead.  I will show you once I've got one finished.

OH and it was Bex who suggested I do Trees too, not Steve.  Derr.  

ABOVE:  2nd day in a row we  have a shitty fog.  It's just so NASTY.  Cold, damp, seeps into your bones NASTY.

MIA.  Been sewing all day, except for a little break at midday when Bex called in with Dante.
They had been out and about and had found something for me.
So, I will show you that tomorrow.

Bex also went out and bought me some lunch, which was lovely of her.

But enough about that.  I know you all want to see my next project, another Runner of course...

ABOVE:  I'm sure a few of you will recognise the blocks.  I was going to make a quilt out of them, but I simply can't see me ever getting around to it, so now I shall make 5 runners instead.

What do you think of my Flower Runner?
It's a lovely size for the middle of a dining table, or large coffee table.

I'm done for the day now, I hope I don't change my mind later!  I'm tired.  My eyes hurt from concentrating on sewing for so long.
Off to put me feet up for while.

Thursday, August 04, 2022


 I'm taking a break from sewing today.  I'm feeling very tired and jaded.

So... might just stay in bed till some ungodly hour of the morning.

ABOVE:  After dinner last night,  Steve self administered his next lot of medication.

He did really well, didn't even flinch.  Gosh I hope this new stuff works for him.

ABOVE: Saw it on Facebook and just laughed!  

ABOVE: I got tagged with this one.  It's so bloody true... something I'd certainly say over summer to me plants.

And well... that's me for now.

I do have to pop out at some point for a couple of things for the market... but till then, I'm going to stay here in bed where it's nice and warm.

12.20 pm:  And well.... I hate 'relaxing' and doing nothing.  Particularly when I'm at home and I could be doing stuff.

ABOVE:  So yeah, I did some 'stuff'.  I thought it would be boring doing trees again after doing more colourful, busy runners.  But I'm actually enjoying it!  It's easy and probably just what I needed.
Thanks Steve for the suggestion.

I'm now taking a little break for lunch.

6.25 pm: Well I thoroughly enjoyed today.  I got a lovely big runner FINISHED!  I'll show you tomorrow.  I reckon I will do another one or two of them ... it was very nice to do something simple for a change.

Our dinner of curried sausages and rice is delicious.  Stew loves curried sausages by the look of it!  lol

Right, I'm buggering off now.  I have to do Wordle and Quordle before I do anything else.

Which will be watching the telly before bed.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022


 I'm not wildly enthusiastic about this, but it looks like I might be doing a market on Sunday.

So that means I am going to pull out all the stops to get the next few runners finished on time.

NOT that I will necessarily sell any, but well.... better to be prepared with enough stock right?

ABOVE: This is the lady who had the hideous orange towel. It's swapped out now for a pretty one.  Notice I matched her bandana to the towel?  I thought I was clever.  No one else might,  😃😂😉😏...  but I do.  

Obviously, sewing is about all I shall be doing today, so ya might as well bugger off and do something exciting for yourself.  And tell me about it, cos it can get pretty lonely here in the sewing room, day in day out.

2.30 pm:  And well... I did say I would be sewing all day eh?
I stopped twice for visitors.

ABOVE: These two are off school today due to coughs and colds.  They got to make themselves some fruit kebabs for afternoon tea.

Once they left I came back into the sewing room and continued with my latest two runners.

ABOVE:  It really is a long, slow slog.
Lucky I enjoy it 90% of the time.
Today I'm feeling really tired.  Just a bit much going on in my head.  It's draining.

We are having Nacho mince with Nacho chips for dinner.  Should be nice.

ABOVE:   Two more done.  Time to take a break.
Got family coming for dinner... better sort that out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022


 Last night I finally got the runner I'd been working on all day finished.

And I utterly LOVE IT!

ABOVE: There WAS going to be a Fat Bottomed Bloke, but he just didn't look right.  So he became a she.  

Today I shall start work on the 2nd in this series.  There's 4 altogether.

Later on I will be making some marshmallow and fruit kebabs for Card Night.

Last time they went down really well... so I shall just repeat that.  I will have to pop out and get more marshmallows... we like, ATE them all. 😂😋😉

And that's me for now.  It's going to be a lovely day.

Gosh! I forgot to update on Steve last night.
His procedure didn't get done for hours once he was at the hospital. 
He went in at 1 pm but didn't get it done till after 4 pm.
At least it WAS done.  Some people have had to wait over a year for a colonoscopy.  Steve 'only' had to wait about 5 months.

All looked at expected.  Pancolitis, AND a distinct possibility of Crohns Disease too.  As he's now on new medication specifically for Crohns Disease, he may see a reduction in his symptoms in the next couple of months.    I sure hope so!

He can get mighty miserable when he's having a flare up.  This latest flare up has lasted a long time already.

ABOVE:  Well I finally did it.  I started wearing two pairs of socks to keep me feet warm.  And it works! Stew does it often, but I never did till a couple of weeks ago.
Highly recommend.

ABOVE:  I thought about doing this overnight, and first thing this morning I chopped the next large runner in half.
Each will only have two girls on it.  I'm trying to give people options, not everyone has a really big coffee table or dining table eh?

1 pm:  Time for a break.  It's taken me all morning to get 4 ladies cut out and ready for stitching.

ABOVE:  And looking at it now... I really don't like that orange towel.  It's gotta go!

1.55 pm:  I go out to the supermarket. Get my shit.  Come home.  Unpack.  Go to check my phone.
NO PHONE in my handbag!
I'm like ... OK I must have left it either in the car or the sewing room.
So I go hunting for it.  Can't find it anywhere.
OMG where is it?
I get Bex to phone me, hoping it's somewhere in the house, and not long lost at the supermarket, though I don't remember using it in the supermarket.  If fact, I know I didn't.
I hear it ringing... oh thank god.
Guess where it was?

On the bonnet of my car.  And it had been there all the while I was driving to the shop, and all the way back without falling off or being stolen in the carpark!   I also drove over 4 speed humps and that bloody phone stayed on the hood of me car!

Kudos to my phone.  She's a keeper!  
That feeling of utter dread though, when you can't find your phone and think it's gone forever.

I need to eat something.  Lunch ... and all that.

Just made the fruit/marshmallow kebabs:

ABOVE:  And before you ask:
Marshmallows, Dried Apricot, Grapes, pineapple pieces, mandarin segments, Kiwifruit, and all topped off with a Chocolate Marshmallow Fish.
They are just lovely. And fun.  

Next time I think I will be doing a club sandwich, in me Tupperware Jel Ring.

Monday, August 01, 2022


BLOODY HELL it's cold!

I'm not lingering in the house today, I'm going straight into my sewing room, shutting the door and putting on the heat pump!

It's so cold my rings are just spinning around on me fingers... it happens every winter.  I sometimes just take them off, cos they piss me off being on the underside of me fingers.

Does that happen to you too?

While I was sewing yesterday I made a conscience effort to see how I was using my sore thumb.  And I came to the conclusion it's not my sewing that's causing the soreness.  So goodness only knows why it's suddenly flared up and being an arse.

It's marginally better compared to earlier on last week, so that's good.  I even wonder if I did jab it with a pin last week, and aggravated the joint.

I sure in hell did stab myself numerous times in my fingers/hands with bloody pins!  Shit I hate pins.  

Right, enough bitching, I'm off to me sewing room soon.  Later on today I have to pick Steve up from the Hospital after his procedure.  Bex can't make it as she will be picking the boys up from school.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  8.56 am, and it's kinda cold in my house!  Looks like we are in for a lovely fine day though, so it should warm up.

ABOVE:  Doesn't it look lovely out there.   I love my sewing room view.

ABOVE:  It's a movie right?  Think I'll watch that today while sewing.

ABOVE:  Slowly getting there with this one.  I'm constantly being interrupted by messages today!

ABOVE:  2.40 pm and it's now warmer in me roof than inside the house.  Hmmm... according to that the heat from the roof should be getting pumped into the house?
I hope so.
Or I'm climbing into the roof!  lol... as if.
I'll put me blankie and HotPods on.

Just took a break from the sewing room.  Had some lunch (leftovers) and now will just relax for a little while.

Not sure when Steve will be ready for pick up... they thought it would be around 2.30, but it's up in the air.  Either Bex or I will pick him up from the hospital though.
So... just waiting for a call.

6 pm:  Well I really hoped to get one of the new Runners finished today, but it's just not going to happen.
I've been on the phone, texting, messaging various people on and off ALL DAMN DAY!
I'm hoping I can have a quiet evening!

But first, I need to stop and cook Stew his dinner.
I'm giving him a seafood salad and hot spuds.
He will LOVE it.

ABOVE: And that's a wrap.  He's a happy man.
My job is done. 😋😊😉

Now, while he consumes his dinner, I am going back to the sewing room to use the main computer to do Wordle and Quordle. 

8.15 pm: I finally got a  finish for the day!  I will show you tomorrow.  I am utterly thrilled with this one.
Oh and I got Wordle and Quordle solved ... most days I do.
I'm buggering off for the day now.  It's time for some peace and quiet.