Sunday, March 31, 2013



I still struggle with how I let myself go again.  Depression sure can do nasty things to a person.  Well... that and some very, very bad food choices over a long time.  *sigh*



 MARCH, 2013



 MARCH, 2013

 Until I went back and found a photo of me at  my 'heaviest' in 8 years (December 2012)... I couldn't see much of a difference in my face since I started my Onward For Life Plan.  NOW I can.

All I need now is for the body to start showing a difference too... cos right now there isn't much of a difference at all... well except for me knickers trying to slide offa me bum!

Moving on.... cos it's a long weekend and I can spend more time with Stew... I better go do just that.

I think I will take a photo of me face every 30 days, same time as I 'weigh in'.  The difference from December to end of March is good eh?
Quite chuffed about that.

Stew and Griffin have gone for a walk down to the local Garage to check our LOTTO Tickets.  *sigh*... not expecting anything, our money always becomes a donation, but ya gotta be in to win eh?  *smiles*

There has been a bit of chocolate floating around this house, and I don't even WANT any!

Lunchtime, I decided to go downstairs and cut out some more blocks, and then make 3 in the new block fabric I got yesterday.
Once I'd done that I decided it was time to start applique'ing the blocks I had already started.

ABOVE:  and there they are.  The first 3 blocks finished.  I am calling this quilt "ON THE SHELF".

At some point while sewing, I needed a piddle (as ya do) so went up to my bathroom and did me piddle... and had an awesome thought.

ABOVE:  see the chair?  It was in me room... and I decided it would look so much nicer in the corner of the lounge... so I pushed it down the hallway (friggin thing squeaked the whole way!)... and got the guys to put the big green leather chair in the garage so I could put this pretty chair in the corner.  Looks so nice there too.

The green chair is handy in the garage for anyone who is down there with me,  and wants a comfy chair to sit in and yak.  

I'm taking a break from sewing now... me eyes are seeing double again, and the sewing machine was smelling a bit hot.  I'll go back to it  later.

End of Day:  I've had a lovely day sewing!  Stew was a darling and did some of the housework for me.  Steve and Bex cooked dinner, and want to do dinner tomorrow night too... I shall not argue about that!
nite nite

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I mentioned last week that our Spa Pool had packed a shitty and died.
So I rang the shop where we got it from, and they told me they would send out a serviceman next week... at a cost of $128 call out fee.

*sigh*... I was all ready to pay and see what was wrong with it.

Until Lacy came over.

She jumped over the spa to where it was plugged in... pushed a few buttons and TAAA DAAA!  The thing went again.

I cleaned the filters, emptied the pool and refilled with fresh water, and hopefully it's still going this morning!

I will pop outside in a mo and have a look.
All going well it's still heating up, and we can use it again.

ABOVE:  that was the temperature of the water last night.  Fingers are crossed...

CHRISTY:  I have had NO chocolate, and I have no intention of having any.  I have already had my 'meal off' for the week. And... I am one darn determined TART, I will be where I want to be next summer... I WILL!

KAREN B:  This quilt is going to take months girl, you will be waiting a long time to see the finished quilt I'm afraid. 

ABOVE:  talking of the quilt.... here's the first 3 flag blocks.  I'm not too keen on the one on the left... too busy. The flags need to be fairly simple on that fabric.  I really LOVE the one on the right... I think I'm getting the fabric/colour combinations better as I go.  

Today:  off to Spotlight or David's Emporium to buy some braid for me quilt blocks.  I am going to keep working on it today I think.
Unless someone comes up with a bright idea for the day?


AND... the pool is at 35.5 degrees!  It's working, yaaa.   I rang the pool shop and left a message cancelling the serviceman.  I hope they get it.  

Next thing on me agenda?  Spotlight. 

 ABOVE:  Spotlight purchases today.  Quick way to spend $100.  
Stew and I were ordered out of the house by our big kids!  They told us to go and have lunch together, before doing the grocery shopping!  So we did.
Lunch at Columbus Cafe in Syliva Park, then a spot of dress shopping (for next summer):

ABOVE: bright and cheerful!  Next summer is looking good ... I've got quite a few new items waiting for me to wear now.

Grocery shopping went well.  We are now home and all the shopping is put away.

We have Miss Muppet for the night ... Lacy is going to a friend's BBQ.  Keera's cot is in Griffin's room... hope she sleeps all night!

End of Day:  a rather nice day, and hoping tomorrow will be too.
nite nite

Friday, March 29, 2013


I measured the bed I want a new quilt for, and counted up and realise I have to make 99 blocks!  


Hmmmm... I didn't realise I would need that many!  

Well then, I better make a start on them.
It's not like we can go shopping,  being Easter and all.
OMG it's already Easter!  Where have those first 3 months gone?  

Perhaps sometime over this long Easter Break we will go to a beach? Or just SOMEWHERE new?

Stew often gets gift baskets from people who he deals with ... and I get the baskets to keep.  I love getting baskets!  I've got quite a few now...

ABOVE: this is the one he brought home last night.  With the goodies inside too.

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera visited last night, and I got these cute photos of Keera and Steve. Steve is just so lovely with her!  And she clearly loves him.


I am having the best time!  Making applique blocks for my new quilt.  
Poor Stew is mowing the lawns while everyone else relaxes.  I hope he can just relax after that and actually have some 'time off'.  

Ahh.. just remembered he went into work early this morning and has to go back this afternoon too... some of his work simply cannot wait.  *sigh*

I suppose that's just what you get when you are in a position like his.  The buck stops with him usually.

I will pop back on later and show you what I'm doing ...

I found this fabric at Spotlight the other day... I got the last on the roll sadly... 

ABOVE:  I fell in love with this fabric, so decided to use it as the 'Base' fabric for a new quilt.   I am now making 99 blocks to match it, I will also have about 20 blocks of just that (above) fabric too.  I've kept enough of the 'Base' fabric to make two pillowcases.

ABOVE:  so far today I've made a start on 11 blocks.  Tomorrow when the shops are open I will go and buy some braid or ribbon to use on the 'finer' details of each block.  

I also have to Applique stitch around every single piece of fabric too.

This quilt is going to take me months I think.  It is going to be a labour of love.  

While I've been having fun sewing... the kids have been playing Monopoly again.  Griffin won!  
Lacy and Keera are visiting today too... so the house is humming.
Love it.

End of Day:  well working with little bits of fabric all day ... and now everything is blurry!  As I'm typing, the letters all have a 'double' effect.  Quite interesting!
Anyways, it's been a really nice day, totally on track... and looking forward to Day 60.  Which is on the 8th of April, not that long to go (10 days).
nite nite.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's Thursday. 

I would normally be taking Keera over to Henderson to visit with her father.

But I'm NOT.  In fact, I never will again.

Emails have been sent by our Lawyer, and presumably received by HIS Lawyer... so he should know by now that I will not be the 'taxi' anymore.

See ya in court as the saying goes.

So what shall I do today???  The possibilities are endless.  Whatever I do, I shall enjoy it!
I'm in such a good mood!  I hated having to go over to Henderson to be truthful.  It felt like I was wasting a whole day having to just sit in someone's house and twiddle me thumbs ... or play solitaire with cards.   
YA YA YA... don't have to any more.

I might just put some money in me "Happy Jar"!   Cos I'm happy .

ABOVE:  this is the cute little Drawstring Bag Bex made yesterday. She is thrilled with it and it looking forward to making another one now.

I'm starting on a new sewing project today, and I'm really excited about it too.  More on that once all the fabric is washed, dried and ironed.


OMG! Everyone is going on and one about how AMAZING Bex's bag is.  Pffff... I have made 4 already... and they are just as A...MAZING!!!  Where were the acolades over my AMAZING BAGS????

Of Course:  I AM JOKING.  na nah nah na.

I'm going out now.... to buy a teeny, tiny, itty,  bitty piece of fabric... to make something AMAZING.  So there.


Bex and I went down to Spotlight... I wanted two more fabrics for my next project:

ABOVE:  I think I have all the colours I want now!  I shall be using MOST of these fabrics for my next quilt!   Or it might just end up a 'topper/throw' ... a smaller quilt that just sits on top of the bed?  Not sure yet.

I would like to start it this afternoon at some point... but right now... it's time to sit and watch 'Home and Away' from last night.  It's a midday ritual around here!  

We had lunch in the mall.   I had Butter Chicken for the first time in 51 days!!!  But... I only ate about 1/4 cup of rice with SOME of the butter chicken sauce... so I know I have not blown me OFL Plan!   Bex ate the rest for me.  

JEN:  I will certainly look that up, any Butter Chicken recipe that is low fat is good by me.

So far today, I've had three text's from 'X'... don't think he's a happy person.  Too bad.  You tell atrocious LIES in a sworn Affidavit and expect me to continue catering to YOUR sorry arse?  Go to hell and back. 

I'm watching 'Ghost' with Bex... she had never seen it!  Amazing.  I'm gunna put on 'Fried Green Tomatoes' after that (if we have time) ... she ain't seen that one either.

LYNDA:  thanks, you beat me to it.

So, we just finished watching Ghost, and Bex did not cry.  I almost did and I've watched that movie at LEAST 30 times!

Time to sort out dinner now.

End of Day: well dinner was takeaways.  Now I feel ill.  I suppose I WILL LEARN eventually!
Made a start on me new quilt.
nite nite

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


OMG I paid for it!

I missed taking my Anti-Depressants (for relief from hot flushes & misery) on Monday night, so yesterday I started feeling really ill by late afternoon, and I'm thinking???  Why am I feeling sick?  Why am I having hot flush after hot flush today?

DERRRR... just one day of forgetting to take those bloody pills and I'm sick!  Far out... they must be pretty powerful to do that!

Somehow I think it's going to take a LONG, LONG TIME to wean myself off them... when it's the right time of course.  

Today Bex and I are popping out to get a couple of things so I can finish a bag... and then we will come home in time for the flooring guy.  He's due back this afternoon to take the tape off the stairs.  Then they will be DONE.

Waiting for communication from Lacy's Lawyer re: Developments?  We already know that we will have to go back into the city before next Thursday to sign totally new Affidavits.   Amazing how fast some things can change... someone went and shot themself in the foot, what an idiot.

I was asked to come and see Dante in the bath last night... 


Finally getting washed instead of playing.  Mummy and Daddy got wet too.

Dante is so lucky to have such fun parents is all I can say.  And I'm lucky Bex cleans that bathroom too.  *smiles*


CHRISTINE:  Yes Teddy does have 'Hot Spots'... under his chin and his rump.  And yes, it is always worse over summer.  It is an environmental allergy to something.  And I'm not so rich that I can afford the $Hundreds$ to have Teddy go through Allergy Testing.

Bex and I did indeed pop out this morning... and I got the necessary to finish the bag.
Now it's almost lunchtime and I can sit down and put me feet up for a little while.

 ABOVE:  The dogs watching over Dante.  Well... Coco is, Teddy is just there cos he likes being on the bed.

ABOVE:  Bex trying her hand at a drawstring bag.  She should have it finished later on tonight.

ABOVE:  Meanwhile, Dante hangs out on the garage floor!   He was perfectly happy there for a good half an hour, little darling.

Bex will have to stop sewing shortly.  It's her turn to cook dinner!  She's doing something with mince and pasta...

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely, Bex made Spag Bog.  Then we all had some fruit salad for dessert.  I was craving something sweet, hence dessert.
Looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in a long time.
nite nite.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yesterday, on top of everything else going on to upset me, I felt hurt.

Hurt that I felt like someone seemed to think I was not looking after Teddy properly?

Our dogs are part of our FAMILY.  I treat them the same as I would a child if it was sick or hurt.

Teddy is loved and cared for 100% in our home.

ABOVE:  I have not 'staged' this picture... it is simply their place to nap.  With their own cushions... even though Teddy is hogging them all right now!

ABOVE:  does my dog look neglected?  I don't think so.  He is just cranky about the cone.  And I have already talked about why it HAS to be on him.

ABOVE:  The suggested ointment from a couple of people yesterday ... we have some.
We also have all of this:

ABOVE:  we do already have medication for Teddy's EYES, EARS, ALLERGIES & SKIN.  All prescribed by a VET. I don't know what else I am 'supposed' to do?

We got near desperation point about 3 years ago, and had some serious discussions about Euthanasia.  Teddy's quality of life was miserable, but we have persevered, and we feel Teddy loves being on this earth with us... even with a bloody cone on.

Coco has only had a mild skin problem when we took the dogs to the beach, and they were attacked by sand mites.  Other than that, Coco is very healthy.

Moving on.

The flooring guys are SUPPOSED to turn up today.  Let's hope they do... cos my wick is pretty damn short at the moment.

Having to deal with LYING PRICKS just gets me so hot and bothered.  I'm NOT a violent person.  But sometimes I wish I could beat the shit out of one person in particular.

dumm dee doo.... thank god I've got my emotional eating under control...


ANON:  Thank you for trying to help.  I did feel a bit upset that anyone could insinuate that I was not looking after my dog properly... hence today's post.  

I apologise if I upset you.
When blogging and commenting, it is always best to re-read what you are about to say, as the written word can be interpreted in an entirely different way to how you meant it to sound.

And I am rather quick to be defensive... having blogged for several years now, and had my opinions/actions often criticised ... tis easy for me to just 'fly off the handle'.  

Moving on...

Me Spa pool has died!  I'm trying to get in touch with the shop I bought it from to see what they suggest?  Yikes.

The flooring man is here.  He's not ripping up the stairs!  He's laying new laminate ON TOP of what's already there!  Hope it looks right.

I just went out, picked up Lacy and Keera and then we went over to Mt Wellington and Lacy bought Keera's next size up car seat.  She went all "OMG I LOVE IT"  totally nuts over it!  I swear, she even CRIED ... cos it was SO BEAUTIFUL!
Lacy loves purple.  And pink.  So guess what colour the car seat is?

ABOVE:  Lacy going nuts over Keera's new car seat!  Poor Keera is going to be living in it by the look of it! *smiles*

ABOVE:  the stairs are nearly finished... AGAIN. This time I can see that the edges are flush.  Awesome.  So ready to have the flood damage totally fixed and finished.

This afternoon I almost finished the bag for Sophie.  Yaaaa... should be able to post both bags tomorrow afternoon.

End of Day: a good day, spot on with the OFL Plan... feels great!
nite nite.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Does anyone remember that Clint Eastwood movie, 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly'?

Nah ... nor do I.  But I do know that I loved it as a pre-teen... many moons ago.

But ... that actually doesn't have a thing to do with today's post!  lol

I have some photos to show you...

ABOVE:  this is the GOOD!   I can see me bones again.  Awesome eh? (ignore the badly chipped nail polish ...  I blame Bex.  She wouldn't get it off for me!)  *smiles*

ABOVE:  this is the BAD.  Teddy not only has to wear the Bark Collar, now he is gnawing himself AGAIN, and is in the damn cone again.

ABOVE:  this is the Ugly.  Goodness knows how long it will take to heal, and for him to leave his skin alone once he gets the cone off AGAIN.  

He has only been out of the cone for a couple of weeks, and now he's had another go at himself.  I am so over this.  He must be too.

I searched all over him for a flea, because I am sure his itching is caused by fleas.  But I couldn't find any sign (flea dirt) on him at all.
But, to be safe, I've put Frontline on him and Coco again.
Fingers crossed they don't react to that like last time.  *sigh*


The Flooring guys are due back to RIP UP the laminate on the stairs and re-do it.  That is going to take them a full two days.  So we are stuck at home for the next two days.  Oh yaaa.

Bex and I will both do some sewing I think.
I want to finish Sophie's bag... and I think Bex has a little project to work on too.  Just can't think what it is right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!  I hope you have a really lovely day.


Anonymous said...

-Have you had Teddy thoroughly checked by a vet? 
Yes, numerous times. 
-His itching just can't continue! Imagine if you itched all over and someone tied up your hands so you couldn't scratch! It's pure torture. 
If we don't put the cone on him, he gnaws himself until he has taken all the skin off... then he CRIES and CRIES because he still gnaws it and it hurts.  He is a 'picker', so will NOT leave it alone to heal.  We have ointment to put on him.  We have Steroids to give him when he's having a rough patch.

-Constant itching in animals is often caused by allergies, often times caused by commercial dog food. Ask the vet if prescription food is in order.
We have tried all types of food ... even home cooked.  NOTHING makes a difference.  The Vet seems to think he is allergic to grass seed or something like that in the environment.
-He might also be allergic to his shampoo.
We use a very special shampoo, supplied from the Vet's to help with his skin.  We even take it with them to be used at the Groomers.
-He should be regularly treated for fleas, not just when he starts itching. If he reacts to one type of flea medicine, another brand should be tried.
We have tried FOUR different types of flea treatment.  Advantage, Comfortis, Frontline and Flea Shampoo.  We have not seen a flea on either dog in years.  We put flea treatment on them every 6-8 weeks, depending on which one we are using.  We DO NOT 'wait until he has fleas'!  Both dogs are flea free.
I will give the Lucas Paw Paw Ointment a try I suppose, thanks for the suggestion.

Right, the flooring guys couldn't come today afterall... so Bex, Dante and I went back to St Lukes mall!  Bex wanted to get a couple of skirts like mine.
So off we went.  And we had a lovely time.

ABOVE:  my lunch.  It was lovely too.

ABOVE:  baby boy liked licking the fruit!  So we went to the supermarket and bought some baby food (fruit mostly).  

ABOVE:  as I took this photo of Dante asleep... a security officer approached me and said taking photos in the mall was not allowed.  WTF?  I said I was only taking a photo of my grandson, still didn't matter!
Didn't stop me taking a photo of me lunch!

Home now and time to relax before getting dinner on.  I'm making a beef stew.

Beef stew is cooking.... and I have steam coming out my ears.   FURIOUS in fact.
God help a certain person if he comes near me ever again.  

BLOG HIJACKED.......................................

Dear anon,

Thank you for your concern in regards to Bex & I feeding Dante solids when he is only 14 weeks old, if this comment was brought on by the photo of Dante tasting the fruit at the mall, then you will be happy to know that when I got home from work today I proceeded to spoon feed Dante mashed apple & pear. As I expected Dante loved it, and there has been no adverse effects to him, despite the 'early' transition into solids. As much as some people believe in waiting until a certain age to feed their baby solids, Bex & I believe that every baby is different, & each baby will let you know when they are ready, and Dante is certainly ready!! I was also feed solids around the same time by my mum, and I turned out just fine. So although your concern is noted, it is also kindly disregarded. I welcome constructive comments in regards to my parenting, although there is a difference between a constructive comment & trying to impress ones opinion on others.

Kind regards,


P.S. The blog will now be returned to Chris, Steve out :)

End of Day:  well thanks for hijacking me blog Steve!

A lovely day... until this afternoon anyway.
I now await developments.
nite nite

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Can't think of a suitable title for today.
Probably because we have no plans for today... except perhaps taking Bex to a mall she has not been to before?
St Lukes.  

But, I think we are now starting to feel that we have reached saturation point with visiting malls.  

I know I kinda have.  

I took a few more photos of when Josh was here yesterday:

 ABOVE: Josh has two young children of his own, so holding a baby didn't faze him at all.  I'm sure Dante could tell his Uncle Josh knew what he was doing too. 

ABOVE:  Dante managed to spit up milk on his Uncle a few times too!  Josh just laughed it off... he's been there, done that before.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Love this photo.  Dante was happy as there with his Uncle Josh.  It was sad to see Josh leave, he was only here for a half a day.
Hopefully next time he's up he can stay longer.

 ABOVE:  I like watching music on YouTube, so does Dante.... this one is of a New Zealand group... 

ABOVE:  Dante is mesmerised by them!  Lol, the look on his face is hysterical.  Poor kid might have nightmares.  Or not.  We breed well rounded kids around here.  Not too many nursery rhymes, lots of local flavour!

ABOVE:  a 'dance/song' JGeeks performed on New Zealand's Got Talent show.  You will see what kept Dante's attention if you watch it!  

Right... best make a start to the day.  I'll be back later ...


Well!  St Lukes was great!  It was really nice to wander around the mall.  We hadn't been there for a while, and end of season sales were rather good!
I got 4... YES 4, items for NEXT SUMMER!  They are going to be on my 'Inspiration Board' ... which has nothing on it yet.

Also, the whole family had lunch there... and I ate my One Square Meal cereal bar... and felt fine about that. 

ABOVE: crossing over the Manukau Harbour.  The bridge in the foreground was the original crossing bridge when I lived in Auckland 30 odd years ago.  It is only used by foot traffic now... and people fishing off it.

ABOVE:  A rather cool footbridge over the motorway.

ABOVE X's 4:  my new (for next summer) clothes.  The two skirts are the same colour, but different in subtle ways.  I can't wait to fit them.

FEELING so motivated to do well at my next weigh in... although I know it will NOT be anything like 8 kilos again... that was the 'shock to the system' loss!  Now the hard work kicks in!

I am up for it!  I have a full 9 months to get where I want to be.  

LEE-ANNE:  me legs are not that good anymore! I will probably have to wear tights with those skirts to hide me legs!  *smiles*

SPARKLING:  ha ha ha!  Yes my CAT top is awesome.  It's a Leopard mate, NOT a domestic cat... that can shit behind ya couch!  lol  ... AND it's got blue eyes!  Gotta love that. *smiles*

End of Day: it's been a really neat day, loved shopping for next summer!
nite nite