Friday, March 09, 2007


Today I am going to do so much exercise those friggin kilos are just gunna piss off! I am just so friggin sick of stayng at the same weight for weeks and months on end! Time to do something different... like STOP EATING SO MUCH ! I am still eating too much, this week I have been evil personified, I just havn't been able to stop eating.... and I know its because I'm exercising so much... so I just have to work on changing the habits... maybe if I vacum the house every day? Keep myself busy at home some more... and put a friggin lock on the pantry! I have done that before!

Livy, you are welcome mate, if more people actually said how they were feeling (truthfully) there would be less women and children suffering... a problem shared is a problem halved and all that shit. I am not the sort of person to piss arse around with my words, I say it how it is, and too bloody bad if people are small minded enough to judge me.. I am an honest person and if someone needs to be told XYZ, then I'm gunna tell em ! Sometimes my words are taken the wrong way (as in not how I intended) and I find I've got my foot in my mouth without even realising I was putting it there, but such is life. My intentions are always good !

Ok, time to get on with the day.... later ...

Exercise - done
Lunch - I was good! I've had nothing naughty at all today, ya for me.
I am freezing though, I always feel so cold a few days before TOM arrives, and this month I am looking forward to it ! I can't wait to see if the pills the Doctor has given me makes a difference... I am soooo hoping it works, imagine not being house bound for 2 whole days ! It will be bliss. BRING IT ON.

Weigh in tomorrow, don't expect any great results, TOM is due and I'm holding water (Again)....
I have been so good today... and I have drunk about 3 litres of fluid too! Dinner tonight was :
1 lamb chop
1/2 a potatoe
and some carrot.... Ok, I hate cooked veges and the photo on the left is how much cooked carrot I ate.... um.... it's a start eh? LOL
I have masses of coleslaw and lettuce salad, so I'm not going to feel guilty ! So there.
Not much else is a happening around here, the teenagers are all working tonight, so should be a nice relaxing evening once we get B & G into bed... oh bliss ! Nite nite.


  1. Good luck with the exercise increase.. How about trying to get out of the house more with prepared meals/snacks- I find myself sooo hungry when I exercise that if I'm home too much (even when I have stuff to do at home) I just eat and eat coz it's there.

    Something else I find really great when I'm exercising a lot is having a protein bar with one of my snacks during the day. If I have one in the afternoon I don't feel like dinner till almost 8pm!

    Have a great day

  2. Yes Chris you do always say what you think. That is why I love reading your blog. SOOOOOOOOO stop bloody eating woman. I challenge you to eat under your allownce ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

  3. Hun do you think that you are doing too much exercise and that is why your weight isn't budging?

    Only because of the muscle etc... what about measuring yourself. Now I get this said to me all the time and I hate it but your measurements might suprise the hell out of you as you have been going to the gym twice a day or something haven't ya?

    Also like Michelle said if ya Stop the bloody eating and only eat your allowance maybe there will be a change as well.

    I must say this week I have sooooo been doing the eat eat eating thing and I have to stop.... I want to reach that goal of mine and the only way is to stop.

    Girl you are you!!! and I think when people get to know you they realise that you say things with so much love intended that it won't be taken the wrong way.. and sometimes (talking about me) it is good to have someone like you saying it how it is instead of mamby pambying things.

    Love ya

  4. LOL - good work with the exercise and good luck for tomorrows weigh in!!

  5. Hope you have a good result at your weigh in, your've certainly earned it with all your exercising

  6. Yes we are long lost sisters! Keep up the fight. I hope you got to relax as planned.

    As we live in a parallel universe, there was not much resting and relaxing at my house. The Teenagers were partying on a Thursday night. As a result they will have to deal with the BEAR today.

    Go ahead keep on saying what you want.

    Have a great weekend.


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