Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I did 5/8th's of f#$k all housework yesterday....  I shall be doing it today!

Kelly and Rena go home today.... and I am going to Patchwork Class first thing, then posting some 'Cute Bags' to a couple of girls in Aussy..... after that... the housework.  yaaaaaaaaaaaa, pffft.

ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena slept on the couch the other night due to the smell of the carpet cleaner... Kelly snores!  Brylee and Griffin thought it was funny!  *smiles*
Teddy and Coco didn't mind, they liked the company on 'their' couch. 

OH!   I have found a 'boyfriend' for Coco for next time she comes into season!   He's a Shih Tzu from Warkworth.... I am wrapt... he's lovely.

ABOVE: That's him... on the right,  with his 'wife' on the left and one of their babies in front.  Coco is going to be 'the other woman' in his life...  (or his 'bit on the side')... ha ha ha!

Right... gotta go, things to do..
ABOVE:   the lipstick marks.... I've put the Cavalier Stain Remover on 5 times... we still have marks. 
I didn't ring our Insurance Company as we have a $250 excess... and there is no way I'm paying that to have someone else try and get it out!
I will try again today to get more of it out.... and then try something else I suppose.

I came home early from Patchwork... there is just so much housework to be done it was preying on my mind.
So it's back into washing clothes, vacuming, washing floors, dusting... you get the drift.

And I want to have a break this afternoon... and enjoy the quiet.  Rena is a noisy visitor... she screamed and cried whenever her mother left her sight.    Add to that her total aversion to Stew and Me... it just made me sad. 

Housework.. well I'm still working on it... there is a lot to do... and sadly I have the mother of all headaches.  It's hot.  I think I now dislike summer and the heat.

End of Day:  we went to KFC for dinner... which was nice as I did not feel like cooking in the heat with a headache.  Off now to potter around in me garage, make a few cards or whatever.  nite nite.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Yesterday morning I totally lost my temper with Brylee.

She has been slowly driving me completely nuts with her behaviour, both at school and at home.
She has this attitude ... like she can do exactly what she wants, never mind that she's not ALLOWED TO... We are constantly having to put her in 'Time Out' or sending her to bed right after dinner as punishment.

Well, it obviously IS NOT WORKING, as she is still being a right little bitch.  So... I took her into her room and told her that there was NO SANTA CLAUS, That in fact I was the one who bought all the Christmas presents... and if she didn't buck up her ideas and stop being so disobedient I would NOT  be buying her anything!

Did it look like she cared?  NOPE, she just stared at me and smirked.  

Boy oh boy is she gunna be sorry on Christmas morning.

CONSEQUENCES.  (Opinions welcome)

Today Kelly, Rena and I will do some housework then maybe go to the mall for lunch and a look around.

ABOVE:  a little video of Rena in the 'naughty corner' after drawing on my carpet with lipstick...(which was actually Brylee's fault as she had put Rena in a bedroom and left her there).   I have not got it out yet.... not sure what approach to take ... and I don't want to spread it or set it.  Any ideas???

Kelly and I (and Rena) went out this morning and bought two different types of Carpet Cleaners... Cavalier and some other one.... will be giving it another go this afternoon...hoping it works!

Also got a few card making supplies... Kelly has been great helping make bits and bobs for the cards too.  I am going to get Brylee helping me too... as suggested...some Mum/Daughter time, just the two of us.

AND Yes, I have tried to ignore the 'unwanted' behaviour, and be positive with her.  To no avail.   Some behaviours you just cannot ignore... and the school certainly isn't ignoring it!

ABOVE:  waiting.... waiting  for the Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Remover to dry.....

End of Day:  lots of ideas from you girls... thanks for that!  I am going to try and do a 'combo' of things... more one on one time with her.... BUT also try a different form of 'punishment' when she is acting up... like take some of her 'stuff' away and she has to earn it back?  But knowing her, she won't give a shit.  Time will tell. 

It's been a stinking hot, muggy day today, no wind to speak of either.... so now I have a rotten headache!   Going to bed!  nite nite.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: The most gorgeous 'formal' garden ... with the pretty fountain, herbs and spices, roses etc.

ABOVE:  the front lawn, where we could play crochet.... but not many did.

ABOVE:  everywhere you looked you found soft toys... the girls who organised the 'do' did such a good job!

ABOVE:  The 'Queen of Hearts' giving Stew some 'grape tea' from a teapot.... lol... it was wine.

ABOVE:  Dear, darling Jackie, one of my bestest friends here in Auckland.  She is also a 'Work Colleague' of Stew's.

ABOVE (x 2):  The two girls who made it all happen, and the bloke works with Stew too.... he looked fantastic.... but hot!  It was a really hot day.

ABOVE:  two photos from around the garden... this home was set in an acre or so of gorgeous gardens and pergola's... it was heaven.

TODAY:  Well it is supposed to be another really lovely, hot day.  We might just head off to the beach with the kids and Kelly.  Time will tell...


It's a super-dooper hot day!  we opted not to go to the beach afterall... did some jobs around the house then went to Sylvia Park Mall for lunch and a look around.  So did 20,000 other people.  The mall was packed to the gunnels.  *sigh*

ABOVE: Oh to be so little that you can go around in only ya knickers!  Even the dogs seem happier now.

Talking of dogs... ours have learnt to JUMP... so now they just jump over the barriers set up to keep them out of the bedrooms and lounge.  I am quite annoyed by that as Coco is still into chewing anything and everything.  Off to the mall again soon to look for a doorguard that they can't get over, through or under.

We've spent the afternoon making dog 'jump proof' barriers.  Bought a gate for the hallway too.

Young Rena was put into the bedroom by Brylee and Rena got hold of her mother's lipstick and proceeded to draw on the carpet with it.  NOT good.  So cross with Brylee for putting her unsupervised into the bedroom... can't be angry with Rena, she's only two afterall.  

I got a really good short video of her and the carpet.. will put it up tomorrow.

End of Day:  have spent the last few hours in the garage making cards.... will Kelly doing some of the 'donkey work' for me.  Yaaaa.  Time for bed, it's 11.30 pm.  nite nite.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


ABOVE:  my niece sent me a whole raft of 'funnies' last night.. this one tickled me fancy! 

I was worried last night that I would have to have the 'Birds and Bees' conversation with Brylee and Griffin.... as Coco is in Heat and it's VERY OBVIOUS.... but luckily I managed to side track them by saying it was because she had just been groomed.   They kinda believed me.  Hopefully.  They are just a wee bit young yet to understand "all that"!

Today:  well Kelly is babysitting while Stew and I go to his work Christmas Party.   It's a lunch with the 'theme' Mad Hatters Christmas Party, so we have to all wear a hat.  Yaaaaa... luckily I have one already... which is a bit funky.

So... not much else is going on right now.. off to wash the hair, bla bla bla.


OH we have had a wonderful lunch/afternoon!!!  The weather was spot on, the company was great, the setting was IDYLLIC... and the lunch itself was really nice too.
I have a wee video of the 'greeting' everyone got when they arrived at the 'venue'.... which was the home of Stew's boss, Dulcie.

ABOVE: The theme was 'The Mad Hatters Tea Party', and most people wore just a hat, some went the whole hog and dressed up fully.  It was a lovely afternoon. 

Now ... on our way home we stopped at the local block of shops to get LOTTO (from the Petrol Station) .. while we were there two car loads of young men pulled up... they were not there for PETROL.... one of them went over to the local liquor shop and grabbed two boxes of beer and ran for his car!   The owners of the liquor shop were running after him.... it was quite exciting... but scary too as there were at least 8 of these young men just standing there thinking they could get away with stealing the grog! 

No such luck, the owner of the liquor shop had a huge length of wood and he stood over them and threatened to hit them and their car with it!  Meantime the other guy from the liquor shop got the stolen beer out of the car... Stew took photos of them all and their car number plates while they just stood there and laughed.  What absolute arseholes!

After a tense few minutes where it seemed to be a stand off, they all left.... with NO BEER. 

So, that was our 'drama' of the day!   Hoping to have a nice, quiet late afternoon and evening!

I will post more photos tomorrow of the Christmas Party!

End of Day:  spent the evening making cards and making seahorses etc to go on cards!  OH and I watched a movie on the telly while doing it.  That is all... nite nite.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I worked on a few cards of the larger variety, using a fabric I hadn't used before.  This is how they are looking:

ABOVE:  They are a more 'musculine' card... one that some chick would buy for her man/dad/brother.  Well, I hope so anyway.

Today:  yaaa it's Friday.  Weird how I like Fridays and Mondays!  It means I have nothing 'on' today.. I can do what I like.
Which will be make more cards.
Play with me dogs.
Lie on the couch even!

ONWARD.... I've 'stuff' to do!...

ABOVE:  so... I didn't make cards.  I did some of the 'donkey work' and punched out kiwi's, ferns, anchors and large ferns, put most of them through the embosser (Cuttle Bug) too... that lot took me over 4 hours to do!   
The only consolation:  I won't have to do any more for a while!  

It is now 1.12pm and the dog groomer is due ...ooops she's here right now!  Gotta go...  OH DAMN!  The dog groomers that are so good with the dogs are closing their business in February!   NOW I have to go about finding a new one.. one that I like, who does a good job.  *sigh*

As for today, they are both getting clipped VERY SHORT to keep them comfy over the summer.  I think I will be horrified when they are shorn... but it needs to be done.... I suppose.  Teddy has gone first... and he's not howling, which is great.

Coco is going beserk inside cos she can't see Teddy... she loves that boy.

ABOVE:  Coco freshly shorn.... she looks so different!

ABOVE:  Teddy... the grumpy boy!  He hates having his photo taken!  YES.. really!

ABOVE:  He got sick of me trying to photograph him and tried to hide under the table.... Coco joined him.. but her growled at her...the grumpy little bugger.

End of Day:  and we have Kelly and Rena here for the weekend.  That's 'it' for the day... going to have a relaxing evening.. nite nite.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last night I sat in the lounge and punched dots...Stew said "how on earth do you put them on the cards?"... well with a PIN of course!  lol

ABOVE:  see, they are TINY... and sometimes I do wonder if I am mad making them!  It took me over 2 hours to make that many dots....  and now my right hand is so sore! 

But it has to be done (OK, not really) but I love using them! 

Today:  taking the boy to his Speld lesson, and while I wait for him I am planning to punch ... STARS!  lol  

Nothing else to report on right now.... so...

So... home again... got an aching hand from punching stars for hours... so will take a break for a while me thinks.
BLONDIE:  ahhh, some things just ain't gunna be mentioned on my blog... like 'girly' things to do with Brylee!  Some things are PRIVATE.  Gawd imagine how she would feel if I started talking about her body/puberty! 

I do believe her behaviour is due to her personality though.  Nothing else. 

Off to relax for a wee while.  Tired.

Here is a weird request!  Does ANYONE close-ish to Auckland have a Bichon or Shih Tzu BOY who can make babies with our Coco???  She has just gone into season and I want puppies!  Fingers Crossed someone does.

It's been a quiet afternoon... the kids are home and Stew is not expected home till late tonight... so it will be a looooong afternoon!

It's been a good afternoon!  I got the kids punching out kiwi's, ferns, stars etc... they just love doing it.  Weird kids...lol.

I talked to our vet (thanks JO) and yep, Coco is a bit young yet to breed.  I thought so actually. So, I have plenty of time to line up a boy for her! *smiles*

End of Day: been a long day... time for bed. nite nite

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yesterday afternoon when the kids got home from school they asked nay begged to help me with my card making.   So... being the ever so loving Mum I said they could punch out stars and dots for me.  (I do believe in Slave Labour!)

ABOVE: they sat there for 2 hours!  BUT sadly I had virtually NO STARS OR DOTS after they had finished as they spilt them on the mat and it was too hard to pick them up!  The dots were the 'miniscule' ones.  I probably got a few stars!
Griffin had no idea about not overlapping his punch,  so his stars ended up with bits missing or being 'half' stars.  lol

They tell me they are going to 'help' me again this afternoon.... oh yaaaaaaaa.  Can you hear the enthusiasm??  hee hee.

Today, well I'm off to the Hospice Shop for my stint behind the counter.  Hopfully I don't find anything cos I am broke!!!  Christmas is coming so soon and I have done NO Christmas shopping at all.   I wonder if everyone in my family wants a bag???  I can do that!

Home... and very proud of myself!  I did not buy anything for MYSELF at all!   I did, however, buy a wee baby bonnet for a newborn baby girl who was in the shop with her Mum this morning... she was 1 week old and was out in a cold wind with NOTHING ON HER HEAD!  So I bought a wee bonnet for her.  I hope the Mum realised that her baby really NEEDED a hat on her head.  *sigh*.. these young mum's just don't have a clue sometimes.

ANYWAY... off to have me lunch now...

SAD NEWS this afternoon.   There were 29 mine workers trapped in the Pike River Mine in Greymouth, New Zealand for 5 days after an explosion last friday.  There was a tiny hope that they were still alive and perhaps could be rescued ... BUT this afternoon a second, more deadly explosion has happened and there is now no hope of survivors. It is a dreadful day for all those families affected and the people who have tried so hard in the past 5 days to save them.  My heart goes out to them all.

End of Day:  spent the evening sewing fabric on cards... and punching dots!  Had a lovely dinner of pork chops and veges.... now.. nite nite.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am supposed to be going to Patchwork Class today.   But really I can't be arsed. 

What I really want to do is just stay home and make more cards so that I have plenty of stock.

So... until I make up my mind... I will procrastinate.

I have to go into Manurewa some time today to get Stew his pills (he's a type 2 diabetic)... so maybe I will do that this morning and then come home and work oops I mean PLAY with my cards!  LOL

ABOVE:  and how cute is this???  Coco kept on jumping up trying to get on my lap, so I popped her onto the computer desk by me... she was really confused!  She's so so adorable, and so so NAUGHTY!  My house is like Fort Knox now.. barricades all over the place to stop her getting into stuff and chewing it all up!  I can't wait until she outgrows THAT phase.


I surprised myself and ended up going to Patchwork Class!  It was nice too... so I'm glad I went.  I then went into Manurewa and got Stew's medication, popped into the Hospice Shop to kill time and found this:

 ABOVE: It's a really lovely lightweight dress that Amanda can wear to work while she's pregnant over summer!  I got it for FREE as it needs the catch at the back to be sewn back on!  How awesome is that then???  lol

ABOVE: The bag I almost finished in class this morning.. I only have to do the strap now.

Right, time for lunch...

I have had a busy afternoon... making cards, punching out stars (probably get a blister or two).... and tonight I will be doing the same!
Stew is due home in a minute so I better get dinner ready... left-over spag bog mixture with ?  Maybe toast!  lol  God, I'm a lazy tart!

End of Day: and I have had a truly lazy evening!  My laptop had been playing up, but a phone call to Steve had it fixed in no time, so I've been sitting on me butt in the lounge watching tv and browsing the net.  Bliss.  nite nite.

Monday, November 22, 2010


ABOVE:  the friends we had dinner with last night have just got two new kittens.  Aren't they cute?  (for cats...lol)   I am not a cat person, but these two are quite cute.  The boy, he's the black and white one is named Ringo.  The girl.... multi coloured in the front, is named Star.  Hard case names if ya ask me!  lol

So, it's boring old Monday.  I get to vacum and wash floors today.  Gawd I can hardly wait.  What else?  Hmmmmm.... maybe get back to making bags?   I have listed my 'available' bags on my side bar if anyone is interested?  Otherwise I shall be taking them to market... IF I ever get enough stock made that is!

OH and before I forget:  I have been taking these:
ABOVE:  Slim Pomegranate pills... I take one before each meal.  It suppressed the appetite, increases metabolism and I am finding them really good!  My niece in Australia sent them to me.... they are 100% natural and do not have any nasty side effects like sending you to the loo every 5 minutes.   I have not been taking them long... so can't report much downward progress yet... but they certainly are making a difference to my appetite!

Anything that helps AND does not taste foul  is worth a go!


The housework is almost all done.... while waiting for the floors to dry I made more cards.

NOW I have to stop and go up to the school for a meeting with the 'Behaviour Team' to discuss WHAT AND HOW they think they are going to turn Brylee's behaviour around.  Pfffffft.  I have no confidence in this at all.  She is what she is.  A stroppy little madam who will not change until she matures and realises that she will have NO friends if she continues to be a little bitch to people!

But I will go and listen to their ideas.  *sigh*...  wish me luck... cos all I really want to do is tell them they are all wasting their time (and mine).  Sounds harsh?  Well I have 'been there', 'done that' before.... and it did not work then either.

Such NICE people... with such NICE ideas and intentions.... AND I will try to take on board what they have 'suggested'.... and let them do what they want with Brylee at school... cos afterall, they are the 'experts'.    I can see their points. I can try to do things a bit differently here and see if it makes any difference.  But I am highly sceptical. 

It's now 3.10pm and I am finally having some lunch!  First food of the day.... those pills kinda make you forget to eat!  I will google them to see if they are potentially 'dangerous' or not, thanks.

SHIT!  Those pills... on the box it says take one before 'meal'.... so I assumed that was before EACH meal!  Then on the foil containing the pill it says  'One Day One Capsule'..whoops,  I've been taking two a day!   What a dick I am!

*sigh*.... cooking dinner now... Spag Bog.... YUM YUM YUM.

End of Day:  and I have spent the remaining part of today/evening doing cards... I'm on a roll people!   *smiles*   nite nite

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have nothing to report today!

As far as I know my plans are to finish off and wrap in cellophane the 60+ cards I made yesterday!

I didn't get to bed last night until midnight... I was determined to get as many made as possible!

The only other thing I really must do today is put my feet up!  My legs/feet swelled up yesterday due to me sitting all day.  Such a pain that is. 

My sewing/card making stuff is staying in the garage.  I do not plan on moving it all AGAIN.... I do believe someone would throttle me if I did!


It's been a predictable day.  I have worked on cards all morning, then took a break when we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.   Got the kids a haircut each... now home and going to continue with the cards.

BORING OBVIOUSLY!... or is no one blogging today???

ABOVE:  A full box again... woo hoo!  If you don't count the 3 days it took to cut out the card and sew the fabric on each one... I finished off 92 cards in just over a day!!!  That's rather good going.  Now I can relax again.

Talking of relaxing, we are going out to a friend's for dinner tonight, a BBQ... should be nice. 

SPARLKING:  yes I do... I will put them on my sidebar tomorrow so you can see what is available.

End of Day:  BBQ was LOVELY... so nice to just sit and relax... enjoy the company, sip me tipple and not have a care in the world.  Just got home.... getting kids to bed then we will be having an early night too.  Another busy but nice weekend behind us, and I still have not put me feet up!  nite nite.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


We are both tired.. it's been a long week.

I don't think we have any plans for today barr taking it easy!

Card making is high on my agenda... and sewing bags that are cut out and waiting.   But not this morning.

I'm going to stay in bed a while and just relax.


ABOVE:  it's been quiet around here.  Stew and the kids are upstairs, and I am down here in the garage making cards.  Just a normal day in fact!  Stew and the kids are heading out soon to Onehunga to find rugby boots for Mike... while  I stay here and work.  Yaaaaa.

It's a wet, hot and humid day here... I'm glad I'm in the garage today!

End of Day:  and Yes, I've been busy making cards all day!!!  I've made about 60 of the small gift cards today and I'm really happy about that.  Almost time to call 'time' on the day and go to bed.  I'm tired!  nite nite.

Friday, November 19, 2010


After Stew spoke to his Real Estate Associates, and listening to their advice we have decided to NOT sell and move afterall.

-We live in the MOST desirable area in south Auckland.  People strive to get into this area... we are already here.
- The house I fell in love with is NOT a good buy...  lots of reasons according to the Estate guys.. the motorway ( it's a 6 lane highway/interstate) being the biggest reason NOT to buy it...
The pool is an old concrete one,  which equals lots of maintenence.  The list went on and on...

So, putting my 'sensible' hat on.. we are not going to buy it!  I think we will always wish we had a bigger house, with room for a pool... but we just have to be thankful for what we already have.

AND ONE DAY.... the kids will be grown and leave  home and we will have enough room!  ONE DAY.

I'm off to the Doctor's first thing this morning.  I have my fingers crossed he can give me something else that will stop the hot flushes?  My temper is trigger happy right now.... I am sooooo over getting all hot and bothered

Went to the Dr's... he has doubled the pill I am already taking, thinks that will work.  He also said I would probably have less hot flushes if I lost weight.   I'm sure weight does not affect hot flushes, but I might be wrong?  Anyone know???  OH AND HE SUGGESTED I get Aircon in my bedroom!  Ha ha ha... like I spend all day in my BEDROOM???  What a dork.

I mentioned my painful heel.. it hurts when I walk.. but not when I put my weight ON the foot, it hurts when I lift my foot up!  He said it was probably all to do with my weight AGAIN.  BULLSHIT! 

Why in the hell do Dr's always try to 'blame' one's health issues on our weight EVERY TIME??
I left there feeling even more crabby, if that is possible.
Hopefully the double dose of pills will stop the hot flushes....

ABOVE:  some cute sheepskin lined booties I got from the Hospice Shop this morning.  For Emily... oooo I can't wait till she gets here!

NO... I will NOT be moving everything back now that we are not moving.... I NEED that spare bedroom!  We will no doubt have family visiting over the summer who will use it.  *sigh*.... I am destined to work in the garage forever I reckon.

We have visitors coming for dinner.  Stew's sister and his cousin and her daughter who are visiting from America.  We are doing a BBQ.   I am feeling.... blah.  Tired, hot and crabby.
Don't know what sort of company I am going to be!

The dinner numbers just grew by two.. now got cousin/her daughter/her son/her son's freind and SIL coming.  Yaaaaa.. the more the merrier.

AND I just had a coldish shower..OMG I havn't felt that good all day!  It was BLISS  just standing there under the cool water.. I didn't want to get out!

I turned the sprinkler on my fruit trees this afternoon for 2 hours.... it is getting very dry already.  NOW... it is starting to rain.  HOW. BLOODY. TYPICAL.

End of Day:  and we have had a really lovely evening!  Dinner was spendid... the company was awesome and I am soooo stuffed!  Couldn't even eat dessert!  Company has gone home now (it's 11pm) and we are ready for bed.  nite nite
(I forgot to take photos!) Derrrrrr.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our 'youngest' is 9 today.   Just think, in about 9 more years he might leave home.   *sigh*

I am looking forward to that.  Imagine having NO kids at home!  I find it hard to believe it will EVER happen. 

I'm feeling really, really crabby.  The hot flushes are getting really bad again.  I am making a Dr's appointment, hopefully for tomorrow.  I can't stand them... I'm now getting instant headaches when they hit too.  They make me so tired... and grumpy.

Taking Birthday Boy to his Speld lesson this morning.  Before that, I have quite a bit of housework to do.... I put it all 'on hold' while Chris D was visiting.... not that anything is screaming out to be done.  But I like to keep on top of it eh?  


Yaaa.. I have almost finished the second 'cut in half' quilt... I only have the hand stitching of the binding to do now and I will do that in the car while I wait for Griffin to finish his Speld lesson.

I've also done a pile of washing and various other household jobs.  I'm thinking "hell this feels like exercise"... so it is!  I've been up and down our stairs countless times already today... it all counts right?  lol

My plans to cook a Ginger Cake for Griffin's Birthday got shot down in flames... he wants one from the supermarket! Pfffft.   So this afternoon I've just been fluffing around the house, moving curtains, finding headboards... just the usual sort of stuff. 

Still doing that in fact... back to it...

ABOVE:  the two 'new' bedspreads, done.  I'm really happy with how they look.  *sigh*  I can only find one headboard.... I'm thinking we gave the other one to our daughter Kelly .... which means I will have to make another one.  Oh well.... keeps me busy eh?

End of Day:  and I've been a lazy tart again tonight and just blobbed out in the lounge!  I really need to get more cards made... so that will be my main job tomorrow.  nite nite.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


ABOVE:  I got another parcel in the post!  Whooop.. this awesome Fish Quilt Pattern with templates and:

ABOVE: this fabric!  All from a blogger friend in Aussy (Sparklingmerlot)... isn't she sweet?

ABOVE:  I finished one of the 'smaller version' quilts last night.   Just have to do the other one now... then put on the new valances and find the headboards for the beds.  I'm sure they are in the storage room under the house. SOMEWHERE!

Today Chris D and I will no doubt go out and about again.... but we need to be home by lunchtime as my Son-In-Law is stopping in to pick up a few pieces of furniture we have given them.  Yaaa... less clutter in my house.


It is such a glorious day Chris D and I went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens with the dogs.  It really was lovely, and the dogs loved it too... Coco in particular!  She was like a rabbit, bouncing all over the place!  She loved the water too:

ABOVE:  she's having a 'Bad Hair Day' for sure!   I am getting both dogs groomed next week... short for summer.  hee hee he.

Andrew and Sky arrived at lunchtime, so I fed them. As ya do.  Then they loaded up the trailer with the bits of furniture and left.  Chris and I had a quiet, relaxing afternoon sitting in the lounge doing diddly squat!  It's weird doing 'nothing'!
I am taking her out to the airport in a couple of hours so she can fly home again. 

Maybe I won't cook tonight!  lol.... I will be in rush hour traffic afterall!  *hint* *hint* to the hubby!

End of Day:  and I have finished off the day by doing.... NOTHING!  Just chilled out in the lounge with Stew.  Weird.  But true.  nite nite.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ABOVE:  remember this quilt?  It's the first one I ever made... about 2.5 years ago in fact.... I got the block patterns off the 'net and made it for Griffin's bed, but it was HUGE.  Well last night I took the binding off and then chopped it in half!

And today I'm going to buy more red fabric and put new borders around the two,  now smaller sections and I'll end up with two matching quilts for the single beds in Griffin's room.  Clever eh?  And it means I don't have to make two 'new' ones!   neat.

Chris D and I are going to be out and about this morning... we need to go buy some presents for Griffin's birthday, which is on Thursday!  Shit I'm leaving it late....


SCORES GALORE TODAY!    We visited Payless PLastics again.. and I got these:

ABOVE:  this awesome bucket type thingee to hold my buttons, and two single valances for Griffin's room... all HALF PRICE.  Woo hooo.

We also got the red fabric to make the one quilt into two... had lunch at Sylvia Park ... got Griffin's Birthday presents... and now are chilling at home.

Spent the afternoon yakking and reading blogs, then made a really lovely Beef/Bacon/Tomatoe stew for dinner.  It was super yum!

End of Day:  hope to do a wee bit of sewing this evening, if not I will just blob in the lounge and watch Coronation Street! lol   nite nite.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Righty, here's some photos from yesterday:
ABOVE: Andrew relaxing after spending hours moving my furniture!

ABOVE:  they look comfy don't they?

ABOVE: this is Sky, he's 17 and is from China, he's spending a year going to school in Hamilton and he is boarding with Amanda and Andrew.  He's quite lovely.
ABOVE:  *sigh*... all my stuff BACK in the garage.  I can't believe how many times I've moved all this stuff around the house!  Nor can Stew.  lol
ABOVE:  Awww too cute... I blacked out her knickers!  ha ha ha. 

ABOVE:  the spare bedroom back as a 'bedroom'! 

ABOVE:  Amanda's tummy... she is 25 weeks today. 

AS FOR TODAY:   well doing some  much needed housework first thing, then later on this morning I'm going to the Airport to pick up my BFF Chris D.  She's coming to visit for 3 days.  Luckily now I have a room for her!

Now as for our moving:  Stew is going to talk with some Estate Agents who are affiliated with the company he works for... and see about getting an appraisal of our home before we decide to list it or not.  ONE STEP at a time, it's a big decison to make.

Chris D is safely here, we've spent the day yakking (as ya do) and that's about it.
Well except for 1 hour that I WASTED answering questions for a Survey...I was dumb and let her in the door.

Just got a meatloaf in the oven for dinner... yummmmmmm!

End of Day:  a lovely quiet day... doing nothing but yakking.  What a change for me... lol.  nite nite

Sunday, November 14, 2010


ABOVE:  the house I have my eye on.  I think Stew has reservations about the motorway being so close.... but I am sure we would get used to the hummmm of traffic.  AND that pool is to die for..... *drool*
I'm going to suggest we put our house on the market and see what happens.  It probably will take ages to sell... and maybe that house will be gone by then.... but you never know eh?

I think Amanda is popping in today... she mentioned it a couple of days ago.  That will be nice....

The real estate agent who was showing us that house yesterday suggested I check out the North Shore market too... so if Amanda gets here at a decent time we might just go over there and check it out.  The estate agent said it was a really good market... so it's an option too.


My head is spinning... thinking of all the things I need to do to get this house ready for sale!  I will need to move all my sewing/card making stuff into the garage again so we have a 'spare' bedroom again.  AND that is only the start!  I am freaking out really.  Do I really want to go through all THAT again?  Open Homes... keeping the house spotless?  And it could take months?  And what if the house we want sells?  So much to think about.

WE went and checked out the North Shore market... way way too busy and crowded for me!  You have to be there at about 3am in the morning, queue for hours to get a site... and there is no guarantee you will even get a site!  Stuff that. 

Home now and going to have lunch then start moving shit.

He is down in Palmerston North and has to work today.  What a bummer.

Been flat out super busy all afternoon... moving ALL my craft/sewing stuff down into the garage AGAIN... the guys (Stew, Andrew and Sky) have been moving all the heavy stuff while the kids (Brylee, Griffin, Huston and Joel) have been taking down all the small stuff.  MY GOD I have a lot of shit.   It's now 5.30 and Stew is getting dinner while I fluff about getting things in some sort of order.

Griffin is back in his 'old' room with two single beds and we have a 'spare' double room.  IF we put the house on the market it will present much better that way. 

OH HELL I'M TIRED.  And I have heaps more to do yet.

End of Day:  and I thought it would be days before I had the change around all done... but you know me... it has to be done  NOW!  So it is.   Tomorrow I will do some fine tuning and vacum ... but that is all!  So, so tired now.  Bet I sleep well tonight!  nite nite.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wish I could say we were doing something thrilling today.

But we are not.

I have to go to the Dr's and pick up me piddle pills, then swing by Payless Plastics to see if they have something I can display my cards on for when I do the Pokeno Market.

That is about it! 

Well.. at some point I will need to get back to the card making too... yesterday I got masses of them ready with the fabric sewn on... now all I have to do is add the 'finishing' touches, which actually takes quite a while for each card.   Oh well... at least I love doing it.

ABOVE:  Two cards I finished last night at 11pm.. I quite like them!  Simple, but cute.

HI!  We've had a busy morning.... went to Payless Plastics and got two Document Holders for displaying my cards at Market:

ABOVE: see?  Neat and on sale, 50% off.  SCORE!
After that we bought summer sandals for the kids.. what a nightmare that was.  Griffin has  HUGE feet and is as fussy as a girl... and Brylee has looooong narrow feet and it's almost impossible to find anything that fits her feet.  But we did eventually.

After having lunch at the mall we went and checked out an Open Home:

ABOVE:  We both love the house ... BUT.... and there is always a but.... it backs onto the Southern Motorway... so the traffic noise would always be there in ya face.  But I still love it.  Much thinking to be done.   And of course we don't even have OUR house on the market yet! 

MAGGIE: yes we currently live in a very quiet area.  But I still love that house, and as the previous owners have lived there happily for 40 years I reckon we could get used to the traffic hum?

End of Day:  It's been interesting. And maybe even momentous, as we are seriously thinking of listing our home for sale!   Scary thought.  nite nite.