Wednesday, March 14, 2007


According to the Weatherman, we need to tie down our trampolines, cos severe rain and wind is heading our way ! OH JOY ! Now, as you know, I love walking in the rain, but torrential rain and winds? NO !

Marshmellow: wear a cap with a large peak, it keeps the rain off ya glasses ! Unless the rain is horizontal anyway!

So, today I think we will be driving to school, and driving to the gym in me trusty van... it really is very very wet out there! Tis good for the gardens and farmers I'm sure.

Woke up this morning wondering if TOM is ever going to arrive.... I have all the "symptoms" of impending TOM, but no sign... shit damn and blast... I'm sick of bloody sore boobs! And puffy face etc. And an appetite that won't stop... put food in front of me right now and I will eat it... the family is really lucky I don't get PMT cos I'm sure I could throttle someone every month, given a good excuse.. ha ha ha. later....

Well, RPM was awesome again, and I have a sore fanny - again. I'm hoping I get used to it soon, cos I'm doing it again on Sunday morning.
Had a sauna at the gym after my workout... man you meet some weird and wonderful people in a sauna... one woman who is at least 60 comes in, drops her towel and sits there completely naked! And some of the conversations are pretty interesting... todays' was mostly about the new law about to be passed on 'ANTI SMACKING'.... now while I would never advocate beating your child, I can see nothing wrong with a smack on the hand or bum when it is warranted... so I suppose that is going to make me a criminal real soon.... hmmmm. I hope the government is going to boost the police budget by millions and millions cos they are going to need it to prosecute all of us parents who smack our children. I just don't get how they are going to 'police' this new law, and how are they going to know if a kid is telling the truth about being smacked or if the kid is just being vindictive/mean/manipulative ??? What is this country going to do next??? FUCK IT'S BEYOND ME.

WOW, we have torrential rain and thunder is rolling around and it's bloody freezing....because we live so close to the school I am going to walk to get the kids (with umbrellas), we would get just as wet getting in and out of the car as we would just walking, so here goes....

A picture of two wee girls today... that was us this afternoon! Brylee got really scared cos her umbrella flipped over and dragged her backwards, poor kid was petrified! It is really really hairy out there today... Mike went on a train trip down to Wellington today, hope there is no holdups on the line due to this shitty weather!...

Didn't go to gym tonight, feel like shit.... am positive TOM is imminent... gunna curl up with a blankie and watch TV... nite nite.


  1. Our neighbours in Mt Vic actually did lose their trampoline in a big storm a few years back. And I mean LOST - they never did track it down!

  2. Yikes, that doesn't sound good at all.

  3. oh our government just floors me sometimes. This anti smacking bill has to be about as rediculous as their attempts to introduce fart tax on animals. I was reading in metro that someone has conducted one of the largest polls on records and 80% of those polled said they don't want the bill, another 7% said they would prefer that the current bill be changed to allow harsher penalties on those parents who go beyond just a smack. In my calculations that means the far greater majority don't support it, but the government (who is suppose to be representing us) is ploughing ahead with it anyway. I very rearly smack, but I do for instances of complete disobedience or defiance. (I normally find that a warning is sufficent these days) but I will still continue to administer a short sharp smack to Evianahs butt if she really deserves it, so I guess I will be a criminal soon too.

  4. ├Łep you are right - you do meet some interesting people about.

    Can you hear that thunder rolling about?

  5. Don't blow away!

  6. Well not only to house us .... but to house the little bastards they grow up to be knowing you can't lay a hand on them ..... That is the problem these days, no corporal punishment!! Teenagers these days are lazy and unmotivated, a good smacking would do them good ..... It did back in my day!!!

  7. Lock me up and throw away the key LOL a little smack doesn't hurt i think it helps children learn to respect there parents.

    Wow the rain sounds pretty feirce.

  8. Wow- I love storms but not so keen on gale force winds... they scare me!

    Hope ttom comes soon to give you some relief!


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