Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It is another beautiful day here, sun shining, not too much wind... BLISS.....

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy then... I'm going to the library to get me a book or two....and I am going to walk there! It's quite a distance, but I am feeling quite invigorated this morning. My iron levels must be coming up... this is good.

Got a letter from the hospital, I have an appointment in mid January to see the specialist .... might just be getting my hysterectomy yet! Yipee, imagine never getting TOM again!

A good friend of mine got a gastic by-pass yesterday.... she had tried every type of diet over the years and nothing ever worked for her... so she did the surgery..... I'm so nervous for her ... and hoping it all goes well ... she text'd me last night and said she was feeling like a huge truck had driven into her tummy! OUCH. I can't wait to see her... and hear how it all went. I imagine the weight will fall off her now..... lucky thing.

I sometimes wish I did not have a ability to just eat and eat....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In my brain....last night.....just before I fell asleep.... I'm sure there was a thought about what I was going to waffle on about this morning.... I'm bloody sure there was!!!


Today: kids to school, make house ship shape then... go for a lovely long walk with Izzy, maybe even into town ..... I'm sure I can find something to buy .... if I try hard enough..... as long as it's NOT something delectible to eat that is!

Do I need anything? Do I want anything? NOT REALLY.... unless it's another diamond.....

Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, it's another lovely Monday, the best day of the week! Kids go back to school, guys go to work.... and I'm left on me Pat Malone... all alone! Yipee!!! Peace will reign.

Well, I will be busy I know, but there will be no NOISE. I don't like noise.... of the kid/bloke variety anyway. Stew has seemingly lost the ability to "talk" to the kids, all he seems to do is yell.... and I hate it. Sure, I yell too ... but not all the time!

Poor man is probably stressed out, but still, I wish he would just SHUT THE FUCK UP SOMETIMES! Oh, sorry Darling, I know you read this here blog! I was at a loss for something to say first thing this morning, and this just came to mind.

Onward... I've got a fair bit to do this morning before the Photographer arrives to take all the photos for advertising.... better get a move on. Aaaaheeemmmm.... where is me Latte?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


So, today I will be sleeping in.... so no bugger better wake me up before 9.30!!!

After that, well I suppose I shall be 'fluffing' around making sure the house is PERFECT for the photographer tomorrow, and we also have another family coming to view the house on Monday, so I will be up late no doubt making sure it's is JUST SO.

Apart from that sort of stuff, not sure what else we can do today.... maybe get out to a park or the beach for a walk with the kids and dog? I think we need to take a break from all the "house stuff" eh?

UUUMMM... I am finally up outta bed, it is. . . . . . 11 am !@%^*%%$#@! I must have been tired eh? Wow, I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed that long! I think I even got up LATER than Mike for a change! I feel fantastic too.... a bit blurry around the edges, but fantastic!
The people who live at No 5 are having their Open Home today, they have been on the market for a couple of months... so with our sign out we will attract interest from their viewers too! Neat.

We went for a drive out to the Manawatu Gorge and had a really is lovely out there. Izzy just loved the stream. I got rather tired as it is all climbing up hill and lots of steps, but I think I did ok. Sure worked up a sweat that's for sure. I have just had a Fru Ju Ice block, so yummmmm.

Now we are home and I'm about to put a huge roast of beef in the oven, it should last us for a good 3 nights meals.

End of day: I should sleep well! I've just about finished re-stripping the polish off the kitchen floor and putting new on (AGAIN!).....NSV today: I got a fair bit of exercise! nite nite.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I went a-hunting for the bread maker and it's recipe book.... and found 'em both in the depths of the pantry.... I remember hiding it cos we made far to many loaves when we first got it and ate far too much bread... gawd it was so yummy too! Anyway, I will figure out what is the best smelling loaf to make (probably a fruit loaf with cinnamon) and make one in the morning before an Open Home, so it's ready just before the people are due. I will have it in the pantry, so when they open the pantry doors it reeks of fresh bread! too cool.

Today: lots to do, gardens, lawns mown, fill in "Izzy" holes (the little bugger), and I must get cuttings off all my hydrangeas! Almost 90% of them are grown from cuttings I brought with me from Hamilton 5 years ago! I love my hydrangeas! They are all blues, pinks and whites, so pretty! I even got a cutting from a plant outside the public toilets in Huntly of all places! Wherever I see one I havn't got, out comes my trusty pocket knife (hidden in me bag) and I just "help myself" to a cutting! So, it might be a busy day.

Well, there it is.. one gorgeous wee fruit loaf..... it did make the house smell delicious!! Now I just have to get the family to eat if before I do!
We went out to Breakers for lunch, I was very disappointed with my chicken drumsticks, they were grossly overcooked and tasteless, served on a huge pile of chips and two (WOW) lettuce leaves!!!! I did not eat it. Stew has now gone to get some more home repair stuff from Mitre 10 with the kids and I'm going to go have a lie down, me tummy is killing me!

Well, so much for having a lie down... I went outside and did the cuttings instead... so that job is done. AND the Estate Agent came around and put a "FOR SALE" sign on our front lawn, now it seems real! WOOOOO HOOOOO.

ABOVE: a photo of my hydrangeas last summer..... they are so very pretty.

End of day: NSV: I made bread, but did not eat it all! ha ha ha, nite nite.

Friday, October 26, 2007


That was so cool, for the first time in weeks I slept ALL NIGHT and did not wake up till 7.30 am! Can't say I feel any better for it, but I'm sure I needed it.

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy then... I'm going to the gym! Kinda worked out in my head what I will do:

- 10 minutes each on eliptical, treadmill, exercycle and rower

- 30 minute weight session, covering upper and lower body

- lunges and squats.

That should see me in agony tomorrow, ha ha ha. But, I need to do this, so thats all there is to it.

After the gym I'll probably come home and do some washing. Right, better make a start by getting outta bed eh?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today: Kids to school, mad dash to tidy up the house, get Mike outta bed!!! Then work at Hospice Shop till around 1, then dash home to make sure everything is spic and span ready for Estate Agent to bring our FIRST prospective purchasers through!

So, if you don't see an update till MUCH much later today, don't go wondering why! I will be a busy tart! Luckily for me I am a tidy freak and the house does not need much doing this morning. PHEW. later...
Well, I've done all I can.. it's time to go to work. I've left Mike with a list of things he MUST DO... little shit is still in bed. God help him if he's still there when I get home! I am hoping to get home about 1/4 hr before the people are due, to make sure he's done it all..... If you hear of a middle aged mother of 8 being hauled off to jail today for throttling her son... it's ME! lol

HA! I didn't have to throttle him! He had done the jobs and then he took Izzy out while the house was viewed. I went into town and had a nice lunch in a coffee shop.... home now and am feeling exhausted... all the running around is hard on the nerves. AND... I did not buy ONE SINGLE THING at the Hospice Shop today, I think that is a record? Anyway, I'm now going to relax for a while until it's time to go and get the kids from school.

So, I have not heard from the Estate Agent yet.... hope she gets back to me with feedback. As I could not put a photo of any retail purchases today (I didn't buy anything!), I thought I'd give you a
"New Zealand Hooker".... the tights remind me of our Real Estate Agent, she wears thights that are very similar! *snigger*...

Actually, I think those are her shoes too! "BIG SMILES*

NO SALE TODAY, the silly buggers wanted a pool! Derrrr, since when is it warm enough for an outdoor pool here? Twits.

End of Day, busy again, feeling totally shagged.

NSV: I've made my mind up - I'm going back to the gym, I'm feeling so fat and ugly... I'm sure in the last week I've put back on all I have lost in the past few weeks! I'm bloated and yukky, so NEED to haul my butt back there asap! nite nite.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm taking a free pass on weighing in today.... I have been totally evil on the diet front this week, and I can't bear the thought of what the scales will say.... probably something like "get off ya fat bitch"!

I will try to do better this coming week.... and I must up the exercise too, that has also gone by the by. I actually feel like an old woman right now, I ache all over....doing the splits sure hurts! Anyway.... I'm still in bed, awaiting me Latte....

Later on today I am expecting two house appraisals to come in, will be very interesting to see what they value our home at. We had a look on the Net last night at houses in Auckland... shit a brick! We will be living in a hovel compared to what we have here! Prices up there are the pitts!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Another totally blank mind in the morning, no witty title today! I did not sleep well, think I was awake from 4 am till about 6am, then nodded off again for a wee while..... got two Estate Agents coming today....

Spent and hour and a half last night washing and polishing the kitchen to get up now and put the furniture back ... then kids to school, wait for Agent due at 9.30 am.

Have been eating far too much over the past week, totally lost the plot even. Too scared to get on the scales... bugger it. And I feel yuk too, all ikky and bloated, so probably going to get TOM again soon. JOY. Been taking me iron pills, having another blood test in two weeks to see if they are helping. I don't feel that much better yet, but in saying that, I can do more without getting so breathless, so maybe they are working.

Monday, October 22, 2007


First, a big Thank You to Zanna for the following Award:

I don't know about me being "Fabulous" ! but thanks anyway. I am supposed to pass it on.... so am thinking....

- Felicity, for working so hard on her new gorgeous body and becoming a Grandma to boot!

- LindaJ, for being an absolutely Fabulous Mother to her 3 wonderful kids.

- Karen, for going through hell and still being able to laugh at life... and

- Finally.... Briony, (private blogger) for also going through hell but working on making her life and the life of her darling wee son the best she can.

While there a many FABULOUS women and men out there.... I thought these 4 warranted special mention today.

Above: The mommy (Tina), the Daddy (my nephew Alan), the baby (Chayse, 2 weeks old) and the Nana (my sister Lorraine). Baby's name is pronounced Chase.

Chayse and his Nana.....

Chayse and his Great Aunty Chris.... well I am "Great" !!! Shit, what happened to the lipstick!!! Ewwww. Cutest bubba though, bright as a button.

And it's Labour Day here, so no work or school, and we are still in bed....nice.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


*GULP*.... one more year till I'm 50 !!! Better enjoy this coming year cos I do believe turning 50 might just make me kinda depressed ~ who knows! Ah WTF, it's only a number eh?

My sister stayed over last night, we had a sauna together, she lasted a grand total of 9 minutes before she had to get out! Ha ha! When I went up to her room just now to plug the router back in, she had the cheek to ask me for a cuppa in bed! In Your Dreams girl, it's MY BIRTHDAY, not yours! ha ha ha. Looks like I will be going shopping today, Stew gave me a gift voucher from a Women's wear shop... yipee.
I do belive a few relatives from Feilding are coming over for dinner tonight, I'm not cooking! Think we are having sausages and chips.....

AND later on this morning we have the first Real Estate Person coming to do an evaluation of our home.... so I can't even laze away in bed cos the entire house needs vacuming, and friggin Mike did not tidy his bedroom or bathroom, little shit came home last night pissed as a chook and flaked out! And now he's at work (hope his bloody head hurts!)..... so we will have to do it. He will pay for it....... (evil thoughts).

And who's bloody computer is this????? I have hardly been able to get near it, the tart!

The appraisal was over and done with in 10 minutes flat! She is getting back to me mid week with her "verdict"... price/marketing plan etc. Got another Estate Agent coming on Tuesday afternoon.... bring it on.

I just realised that my new smoothie machine crushes ice...oooo how neat, it will save my teeth! And how do the kids feel about our move?

Little ones "when are we going"?..... "when are we going"?...... "when are we going"? ..... get the drift?

Big ones.... that's cool! Mike will go with us (he's got Uni in Auckland next year), and Steve and Lisa think "Neat, we will have somewhere to go on holiday to".... so it's all good.

Having a lazy afternoon, am whacked after getting all the cleaning, papering etc done.

Look at the gorgeous flowers my little shit of a son Mike got me! Awww, I forgive him. On the left is our "Palmerston North" picture, we get a local painting of everywhere we live... so now we will soon be getting one of Auckland! Wooo hooo.

Had a lovely dinner with the extended family.... they are all gone now, so can just relax tomorrow ready for next two appraisals on Tuesday.

End of Day, the diet has been out the window! Had lots of lovely cuddles with a tiny newborn Great Nephew named Chayse, so cute.

NSV: ummmm, I was a pig? LOL nite nite

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I should be leaping out of bed right now and getting on with the dozens of jobs needing doing.... but everyone is still asleep! Unheard of that Griffin is still asleep at 7.30 in the morning.... dats weird.

I am really noticing the low iron count and it's affect on my energy levels now... with so much to do... I'm finding it very frustrating not being able to do much. Luckily for us Steve and Lisa are able to come around and give us a hand.... Mike is working today but when he gets home he will be handed a list of jobs too! As for Stew, well the poor bugger is going to be working hard all of this long weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2007


It's a long weekend coming up, and you can guess what we will be doing... finishing off little jobs around the house/yard, doing lots of cleaning.... friggin door frames, light switches, windows bla bla bla.... cos I am ringing Real Estate Agents today to get a few to come around early next week to give us estimates on our home's worth, their marketing plans etc..... oh it's so much fun!

Today: kids to school, ring estate agents then get my butt to work.... and there is NO WAY I am going to buy a bloody thing... well unless some item of clothes catches me eye that is!

I know this will be a stressful time, but at least I know what is what now... it was living with the "unknown" that I found so hard... I'm so glad it's over now. My husband has done all the hard work over the past few years to earn this job, and I'm so proud of him. He deserves it. He's a really top guy, both at work and here at home. I kinda love him ...hell I must do, I let him sleep with me! ha ha ha.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The rest of todays news is on the other part of this post.....below!
nite nite!


Went to bed at 11 pm, closed my eyes... and stayed awake all bloody night ! There was nothing I could do to make myself go to sleep, my darn brain just would not switch off. So, I'm feeling like total crap this morning.. wondering if I can even go to work!

Today: kids to school, maybe walk Izzy, maybe go to work... maybe stay home and go back to bed! The main thing I will be doing today? Waiting for a bloody phone call from Stew to let me know about the job....AND.... my sister is visiting us this afternoon... so I'm bound to spend 2 hours trying on this outfit, then that outfit, and doing me hair this way, then that way.... oh shit I am so nervous of seeing her again.

Today is going to be either the BEST DAY EVER, or the DAY FROM HELL....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ha! I'm a grumpy tart eh? Maybe TODAY we will find out??? It's very hard living with the constant "Don't know what we are doing" situation.... if we are/are not moving I just want to bloody well know!

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy then... my girlfriend Chris D has the day off and we are going to Levin for a look around! OOOO a girly day out, how neat!

I will be weighing in at midday... not expecting a huge loss this week, maybe just a stay the same or a tiny loss.... either would be fine by me. It is still shitty weather here, so much for summer coming.... in fact it's pouring with rain as I type!

I have a gorgeous Snowball tree, and every year it gets it's flowers, and one week later the bloody wind blows it bare! Bloody horrid weather here. I am so over winter. I wanna wear dresses and skirts, t-shirts and sandals, and get a TAN !

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I forgot my BLOGOVERSARY!!!! It was on Sunday... I have been a blogger for a whole year already! WOW, so much has changed in that time.... well to me anyway.

I have met so many really neat people through this blogging .... and I feel like I have so many new friends now... this is AWESOME.

In this past year I have written 373 posts, had over 70,000 page views of my blog, met about 18 bloggers in the flesh and am looking forward to meeting many more! I started this blog as a way to help in my weight loss, and to just jot down my day to day stuff.... well I havn't lost any weight! But that's ok, cos this has been a lot of fun, and I hope will continue to be.

Today, kids to school, then I'm off into town to do a few jobs, get new handles for a set of drawers we no longer use and take it to the shop....

Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm feeling nervous! This week two really "interesting" things could happen...

1. We might hear that we are moving

2. My sister might visit me....why is this interesting?

I have not seen my sister in about 6 years.... she lives in a little town about 3 hours inland from Sydney, Australia... and we have had our "ups and downs" over the years and have not really got on that well. So, she's coming over to visit her two kids who live here in New Zealand, and is going to visit me too.... I am kinda nervous! She has not seen me "slimmer" ... in fact the last time she saw me I was almost 130 kilos! Should be interesting.

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, take a load of stuff to the Hospice shop, then?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Anyone would think we lived in Wellington, with the winds we have today! It is not raining .... yet.... I think Stew is very lucky he got the lawns mown yesterday.

Talking of Stew, me darling is still in bed, having a sleep in for once. I'm up doing the "mother" thingee... so I better go feed them I suppose! Looking forward to when they can do it themselves for sure.

Later on Stew and I are getting out into the back shed to sort through everything in there, I reckon there will be another load heading off to the Hospice Shop come Monday. Yipee, Operation De-Clutter is nearly over.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


My mind is just that, blank! No idea what to put on me title today! It's going to be just the usual saturday, girlfriends here for morning tea meeting....

Stew is taking a load of garden stuff to the dump, I might get out to the shed and sort it out... dats about it! Quite boring really.

I dyed my hair again last night, it's a bit darker...and a bloody frizzy mess.... where are those hair straighteners???

Well, a bit of a mixed bag with us girls this week, some losses, some gains... but everyone is positive so that's great.
Our monthly WINNER was Anne, who takes home the prize for:

THE MOST PERSISTANCE over a period of time!!! She has struggled with being on a plateau for about 2 years but has never given up, so she is our most deserving girl this month, well done Anne!
Now it is quiet again, time to do a few jobs....
Rubbish to dump...done
lawns mown.........done
nana nap..............done
watch tv and relax for the rest of the evening...... doing!
End of day, it's been the most quiet day in blogland I have ever seen! Everyone must be busy and having fun!
NSV today: I wore my jeans again! woooo hoooo. nite nite.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, then.... hells bells I don't know!

There is always washing, vacuming, dusting, bla bla bla... I am going to lunch at Anne's later, that's something!

I can't believe it, but I have almost finished de-cluttering this house! I am still living in hope we hear that Stew has got the job in Auckland, but we are still "waiting".... We are very philosophical about it.. what will be will be.

Oh, I just thought of something! I havn't de-cluttered the back shed! Cool, something else to do. And the kids toys need going over too, must chuck out all the broken stuff. See, just thinking about it for a mo and I have thought of some jobs for me.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Some bugger gets to stick a needle in me in ...oooo about half and hour! Wish I wasn't such a sook!

Today: Blood test first thing, kids to school, quick walk for Izzy then off to work at the Hospice Shop. So, it will be quiet on this blog from now till about 2pm..... And I am hoping there is NOTHING I have to buy today! I live in hope....
Well, that was not as bad as the last one I had which was goddam awful! Does anyone else get a dead feeling arm after a blood test like me???

My lovely new Header/Title was done by Chubbymum/Mandy: .... and she LOVES doing them if anyone is interested!

*Hanging head*.... I did buy something... just an itty bitty wee lamp....NOTHING else...AND certainly nothing from my own attic..... you cheeky tarts! I am de-cluttering girls, I mean it! It was a rather quiet morning in the shop, so the hours dragged.

Home now and just had my very late lunch ... a jacket potatoe with baked beans, tomatoe and a tiny bit of cheese.... sooo yum. That will last me till dinner for sure.

It's been a quiet afternoon, Brylee had a wee friend over to play... typical kids just played dress ups! Griffin was an annoying little brother and caused a few problems... little shit.

Dinner was chicken on rice.... looking forward to Coronation Street next!

End Of Day... am tired and ready for bed. NSV: I had my blood test!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I will be weighing myself at 12 midday.... why? That is bang on the middle of the week! So expect the result this afternoon, I am hoping and praying that it's good! I had a bit too much dinner last night, could have kicked myself AFTER it had gone down, but hopefully I didn't do too much damage.

Today: kids to school, then Steve and I are going to attact the attic and restore it to order...weigh in, then later on I am going to the Doctor's.

I suppose you poor people will get 'before' and 'after' photos of the attic....oooo you lucky buggers! My life is so much excitement!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


For all who have asked.... my hair is naturally wavy.... it used to be dead straight until a few years ago when it decided to go nuts on me! Age? Stress? Hormones? Dunno ! Nowdays I straighten the shit outta it just to keep it under control. And I hardly ever wear it out cos it ends up in me face all the time, and I LIKE TO SEE where I'm going!

Today: kids to school, then I'm taking my scooter in to be repaired, it's still under warranty so that's good. Then.... got lots to do around the house!.... have to buy 7 more handles for the cupboards, 4 rolls of wallpaper for two walls in two seperate rooms, and do the usual housework.... bliss. My day should be fun, shopping does that to me, even if it is only DIY stuff.

Taaa Daaa, cupboards finally done.... and I have put two new white tiles behind the electric jug... will grout them tonight. Crockpot has dinner cooking in it (corned beef) yum yum. Onward...

Everything came to a crashig halt.... me batteries died.... so I had a lie down.... pathetic I am! Must go see the Dr about me iron levels.... THIS WEEK! I keep putting it off, and I shouldn't... I am not getting any better this way, I have NO ENERGY ... and I'm bloody sick of it. Making an appointment right NOW. Then I better go get the kids from school...

Tomorrow, 4.45pm, will no doubt have to have a blood test, BUGGER IT. But feel better for having done something pro active about it, instead of putting up with this feeling.

Above: the kitchen when we first moved in... it was a hideous wee "U" shaped kitchen come dining room, it was impossible to work in so we used the existing cabinets and just moved them into an "L" shape, new benchtop, stove, dishwasher etc... and now I love it.
End Of Day, it's been a productive one!
NSV: I did something good, I made an appointment at the doctors at long last. nite nite.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Today: kids to school (doing a little happy dance!), walk Izzy then get on with the kitchen cupboards... and a few other bits and bobs.

I have updated by Blogroll.... if I have missed you out and you wanna be on it, give me a yell....

Yesterday I had a rant at Griffin for pulling some of his wallpaper frieze off... said he would have to sleep in Brylee's room if he did it again (thinking it would be the last thing he'd EVER want to do).... well the little bugger thought that was the BESTEST idea ever.... so guess where he slept last night? I have a photo to prove it.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Ha! Stew sat up in bed bang on 8am this morning, turned on the TV and started watching the Rugby World Cup... New Zealand Vs. France..... and I did not mind~ I want to see the All Blacks get them nasty Frenchies too... the French had the audacity to deliberately change their jersey colours so we could not wear our BLACK ... bastards!

So, once the game is over I will have something more to say, for now.... I'm in bed watching rugby. LOL

Saturday, October 06, 2007


How's that for a witty title? It's too bloody early in the morning, me brain is not functioning even......

Got Morning Tea Meeting with the girls today.... I am bouncing up and down cos I am doing so well with the bloody diet.... and I have decided I ain't THAT UGLY really, so don't worry girls and boys .... I won't be doing no bloody botox!!! Ewwww needles *shudder*.

CARMEN ya smart arse, I will so be using those dumb bells.... pity they are GREEN though, BLUE would have been so much nicer!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Got to be happy with that! My littlies have been soooo good these holidays I can't even complain. It's just the friggin big kids that I feel like (fuck dare I say it?)... THROTTLING!!!

Mike had his best mate Ben over last night, and they stayed up all night, at some stage they even went and picked up Mike's girlfriend in the middle of the night..... in and out the doors, up and down the stairs, giggling etc etc..... I got bugger all sleep I tell ya. So my mood it not the best.

Might have to go to the Hospice Shop and see what else I can buy.... ooooo ! When stressed nowdays instead of turning to food I turn to shopping.... now I think this is wonderful, wonder what Stew thinks? ha ha ha!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I want everyone to know, yes there are two sides to the story.... I have made some comments in my time as a blogger that have been thoughtless I'm sure, but please remember you who have your side, they have NEVER been meant with malice. What I reacted to on Tuesday night was a hateful email sent to me by AKG, not Kitty..... but AKG has gotten away with it cos she has a private blog. Kitty's comment did not worry me in the least, it was AKG's reaction that was the problem. I am sorry Kitty has borne the brunt of this, she did not deserve that, AND KITTY I AM SORRY ABOUT THAT.

To everyone out there, I AM NOT PERFECT, I CAN SAY THINGS THAT COME ACROSS THE WRONG WAY.... so please accept that.

I thank everyone to came to my defense ... you are all lovely people..... I do not deserve it cos I know in my heart that I do say things that are stupid sometimes. BUT PEOPLE, I am only human.

Please let this be over now, I did not start blogging to get embroiled in this sort of controversy, it is totally unnecessary.

Kitty, Emma, Tiny Donna, Sue and anyone else out there hurt by this.... I am sorry. I am a fool.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have been accused of being a dreadful person... maybe I am... I sometimes don't think before I post a comment, and come across the wrong way to what I intended...
So until I can get my head around these issues, I will no longer be blogging or commenting on other's blogs.
It was fun ... but I cannot take the hurt that has been heaped on me today.
GOODBYE FOR NOW... maybe I'll be back, not sure.

To the sanctimonius HATERS out there, and you know who you are..... DON'T GO THINKING YOU HAVE WON AND GOTTEN RID OF ME.... cos you havn't... I will be back..... until then...


"You are judgemental, insensitive, ignorant and clearly, not very fucking bright"

"I'm really beginning to question your mindset. Seriously. WHY do you say the things you do on other people's blogs? Do you actually think that you are in any way relevant, helpful ... or even interesting? You're not."

"PLEASE. Just put brain in gear before using mouth/typing."

"Perhaps, Chris, you are just trying to "be one of the gang" in which case, I suggest you stop. Please. You're not."

KINDLY WRITTEN BY Arron's Kiwi Girl (AKG), private blogger.

OH YES! Before I forget... the girl who's blog I left the so called terrible comment on (now deleted name to avoid her being in the middle, sorry E) sent me a lovely email last night to assure me that I had not in any way offended her. So there K and AKG, seems you are the only ones with the problem.

Wednesday: 3rd October 2007.....

Life goes on... up early this morning... took Steve to hospital at 6.45 am to have his Heart Monitor finally taken outta his chest... then took him home and left him in charge of the kids while I left town for Levin.... had some business over there. It was FREEZING, lots of fresh snow on the hills even !!!!

It's not a very good picture (below), but there IS SNOW on those distant hills!

I am still in "thinking" mode, but am over the hurt... I will be continuing to blog... but will be much more MINDFUL of how my comments COULD be taken.... I will not be changing my style to SUIT anyone though..... take me or leave me, I AM WHO I AM..... if I was being nasty there would be a lot of swear words thrown in here... but I am not. There has been enough nastiness today/yesterday... please let it rest.
Thank you for all the support over the day.... most appreciated.

Some of you will be thinking... silly woman for saying she was going to stop blogging... then see.... I am still blogging like I have never been away! My reaction last night was a total knee jerk reaction to the hurt I was feeling.... silly me thinking I could not blog eh? But at the time I really felt that I did not need or want to continue.... ah well... a bit of time changes a lot.

END OF DAY: end of story...tomorrow back to normal.

NSV: Well it is from the scales... lost .500 grms, this is good.


Went to sleep last night ... don't remember another thing till.... Stew and Brylee sitting next to me twittering like a couple of idiots... waiting for me to wake up so Brylee could open her presents... oh joy!

So, I drag myself up in the bed and groggily attempt to look all excited while she does the present opening.... now that's done... and I can update then think about getting up outta bed... sounds like an awful, wet and windy day out there.... great, kids will be stuck inside again. At least Brylee will have something to do!

Griffin is happy too, Stew gave him a new rugby ball that came with (:get this) a sellotape order through work! So he's happy too.

It looks like I have TOM again (only) so I suppose that is good, it's nothing else. I am going to seriously think about getting a hysterectomy, but it's going to cost $8,000 cos the public health system won't do it unless it's absolutely necessary.... and it ain't yet. So if I do it, it will have to be done by a private hospital, and we don't have health insurance!

Monday, October 01, 2007


It's 4.30 in the morning, and I'm up... why am I up? I'm bloody well bleeding again!!! Don't know if it's TOM come darn early or..... a problem again. Why is this happening to me! I am soooo FUCKEN OVER THIS already! If it gets heavier or ANYTHING I am straight off to the Doctor this time...

So, I doubt I will get back to sleep.... so come on ladies, update so I've got something to read!