Thursday, May 31, 2012


ABOVE:  can ya see it?  

ABOVE:  all our frogs spend all their time hiding from us... but this one?  Well clearly he doesn't know we can see him!  Silly frog... big fat bellied frog!

Today Lacy and I will go over to the house and drop off a few things.... before I have to take Griffin to his Speld Lesson at lunchtime.

I will be going to Pukekohe today too... to pick up some curtains.


Yaaa. We have a microwave for Lacy now.  There is one for sale at Steve's work that we can buy for about $36, so I'll pick that up this morning.

LYNDA:  I will try and pop over sometime next week for the vacuum (thanks Lynda, I will make sure I'm home Sunday morning at 11 am, will that suit you?), and

TRACY:  same ... for the steamer and fruit bowl.
can you send me an email with your phone number and address again?  I lost it.

Lacy and I have got quite a bit done today... net curtains up, the lounge blind and curtain up, bought more cheap net for the dining room, and I've picked up the curtains from Pukekohe.

As soon as Brylee gets home from school we will go out again and pick up the microwave and go the Lacy's house to do some more work on the windows.  

Oh and while I was in Pukekohe this afternoon I saw this car:

ABOVE:  see?  How cute is that?  The car has 'eyelashes' on it's headlights!  They are NOT painted on, they are just like eyelashes!  

End of Day:  totally knackered, been hanging curtain tracks and curtains most of the day.
ON TRACK:  sort of.  Food on the run is usually a bad choice.
nite nite.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I've got Hospice Shop duty today... so that's me sorted for the morning.

Lacy on the other hand has heaps to do.
She has to visit her Probation Officer, go and re-sign legal papers at Housing New Zealand as they got the dates wrong, and she has a Dr's appointment after lunch too.  I hope she paces herself cos she's really feeling the pressure of Miss Muppet now.

Last night I got the last set of curtains we needed for Lacy's home .... so now we have every room done.   Very happy about that.
The last pair of curtains came WITH the curtain rod AND tie backs too!  Yaaa, I didn't need to buy them as well.

 ABOVE:  I went with blue curtains for the dining room, to pick up the blue in the lounge curtains.

ABOVE: the cool rod and tie backs for the dining room curtains.  All that for only $40!  SCORE.

I don't know who's more excited about getting Lacy's home all set up, her or me!  I know it's going to be lovely once I'm finished!  lol

I'm going to be keeping me eyes peeled for treasure for her home now too!  Bring it on.


Had a good morning at Hospice Shop... Lacy poppedin and she found some treasure:

 ABOVE:  she got two winter coats and some soft toys for her baby... all for $12!

 ABOVE:  I found net curtaining for Lacy's home, a yellow cushion cover, a really lovely Navy Blue Tablecloth, some purple fabric and a little wall thingee for Miss Muppet's room.  All that for $10... SCORE!

 ABOVE:  I put some curls in me hair before I left for work, it took me only 15 minutes. 

Time to relax for a little while, once Lacy gets back from town and the kids are home we are going over to the house with a few bits n bobs to drop off.

I fell asleep.  Woke up when a courier van driver knocked on the door.  He was dropping off a parcel from Cerebos... I have to return two bottles of my Whitlocks Thick Mint Sauce cos they are faulty.

ABOVE:  On the right, two bottles I just bought, and on the left, two bottles I bought 2 weeks ago.  They have NOT been opened at all.  The bottles are distended and feel very taunt ... like they are ready to explode.  And the fluid level has gone down... very weird.  
So I rang the company and they are taking them back for investigation and giving me a voucher to cover the costs.

Lacy and I didn't go over to her house today afterall... my batteries ran out.  I'm just too tired.

End of Day:  very quiet evening, didn't feel like doing anything ... so I didn't.
nite nite

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Masses to do today....

First off we must go and pay for Lacy's storage facility before we can get her stuff out of there this weekend.

Then she needs contents insurance when she moves into the house, so we will go to the AA, they have fair prices.

And power!  The house actually has the power on, but it needs the meter read and Lacy needs to choose a power provider.

After that, I need to buy curtain tracks for the two bedrooms, to hang the two sets of curtains on that I won at auction last night:

 ABOVE:  curtains for Lacy's room...

ABOVE:  curtains for Miss Muppet's room.

I got both sets for $40 all up.  And I have my eye on three matching curtains/blinds for Lacy's lounge/dining room.... hoping like hell I get them as they are really nice.

Lacy has just spent almost an hour trying to get a power company to provided her with power.  *sigh*  It is sorted now, thank goodness.

Now we can go do what we have to this morning....

Righty ho.... storage sorted, pick up all her stuff by sunday night.
Bought two curtain tracks... done.
Bought more towels... done.

Home and watching me latest curtain auction... it's for a roman blind for her lounge and matching curtains for her french doors.
If I miss out on these, I have me eye on another set on Trademe too.

Almost lunch time... going to have a toasted sandwich me thinks....


Wooo hoooo !  I won my latest curtain auction, and Lacy and I have already been out and collected them, and bought another curtain track for the french doors in the lounge.

ABOVE: And there they are.  Big roman blind for the big window in the lounge, and drapes for the french doors.  A bit 'gaudy', but they are really good quality, and the perfect fit for the lounge.  While there seems to be masses of curtains for sale on Trademe, so many of them are the wrong size.  So I feel lucky to have found matching ones for the lounge.

All we need now is one for the dining room, which is an extention of the lounge, so a plain curtain in either blue or lilac is what I'm hunting for now! 

End of Day:  a crazy busy day, but again, we got lots done.  Very happy.
ON TRACK:  nope, too busy means bad food choices.
nite nite.

Monday, May 28, 2012


ABOVE: Steve and Bex just could not wait to start getting stuff for their baby!  This bassinette was on sale, half price... so they bought it.   Cute.... their baby is not much bigger than a freaking Jellybean and it's already got a bed.  lol

The rate they are going they will have everything BUT the baby before too long... and then they will just have to sit and wait for said baby... for months!  lol   They are so keen for him/her to get here, which is rather sweet.

Lacy is the same, gnashing at the bit for Miss Muppet to arrive... AND our DIL Tess is the same!  Babies everywhere!

OH and before I forget:

ABOVE: THIS is what I got yesterday!  Only, I think I got the wrong one?  Maybe I shall be swapping it for the smaller one, not sure yet.

Today:  We visit the Midwife, and in the afternoon Lacy has an appointment with WINZ to sort out the bond for her Housing Corp house.
So ... a busy day ahead of us.


I had a 'go' at putting some curls in me hair this morning.  Found out 2 things.
1.  The size of the curls is just right for my hair I reckon.
2.  And F*#k I need to get some kevlar gloves!  I kept burning meself.  Hurts.  Like, the freakin thing is super HOT.  DERRRR.

Off to the midwives shortly ... where I am sure Lacy will get a clean bill of health.  She's doing really well... and not bitching too much about the discomfort of it all.... surprisingly!

JOAN: Lacy has almost everything she needs for her new home... she didn't have a vacuum cleaner, but a good blogging friend of mine is giving her one!   All we really, really need now is curtains... and I've got my eye on several sets on Trademe (online auction site), so hopefully by the time she moves in I will have sorted out that problem. 
The floors in the house are all wooden, so we have a few spare rugs that she can have.... hopefully she will be all set up before Miss Muppet arrives.

Steve and Bec's... well I'm not going to worry about them for now, there's enough to think about right now.

You mentioned we have lots of different personalities in my family!  You are so right there.  There is always something going on!

TRACY:  Jeeeezzzzz.... I WANT THE STEAMER!  LOL.  I'll ask her if she wants the fruit bowl when she comes outta her room... she's busy letting her friends know how the midwife appointment went.

And it did go well.. no problems.  She is allowed to deliver Miss Muppet at Botany Birth Centre, and IF baby displays any withdrawal symptoms from the medication Lacy is on she can be transferred to Middlemore easily. So all good!

Killing time until her next appointment today, over in Henderson.  Should do some housework I suppose... 

FINALLY home after hours of meeting, reading contracts, Lacy signing her life away (just joking)... and now... she has the keys to her new home.
We will pop over there tonight to show Stew and see if the power is on or not.  If not, it means more meeting to get her connected and bond paid.  Oh yaaa.
But in all, it's been an excellent day!
Everything is coming together for Lacy. 

End of Day:  I've been hounding Trademe for curtains for Lacy's house... had some success too.  Just bought two sets of curtains for the two bedrooms... at fairly decent prices too.  Happy about that.
ON TRACK:  yes.
nite nite

Sunday, May 27, 2012


APOLOGIES in advance... but today is going to be a repeat of yesterday really....

except for the grocery shopping.... we done that already.

We have NO plans at all.

Stew thinks we should go out for lunch 'somewhere'.

But I can't think of anywhere to go that we haven't already been. (around Auckland)

Cones:  Teddy has been in one for about 6 weeks, and I took it off yesterday as his rump was completely healed.  Yaaaa.   BUT last night he started having a go at his rump AGAIN, so back ON went the friggin cone.  Grrrrrr.   I wish I knew what made his skin flare up so often... it's driving him (and me) mental.
Coco is in a cone now too.  
I wish it was something as simple as fleas, I can get rid of fleas.  But it ain't.

  **ding ding**  it just occurred to me:  this happened to both dogs shortly after they were groomed!  I wonder if it's something like the shampoo the groomer's use??? hmmmm.

Right, back to where to go for lunch.... dumm dee doo....

ABOVE: Takapuna on the North Shore.  We are going over there right now to the Market.  It's something to do right?

ABOVE:  well the market at Takapuna was.... not as good as I remembered really.  Lots of bric a brack, food and fresh produce.  Also, lots of people... you could hardly move in same places. We had a fairly quick look around then left.  
I did manage to buy a little something for a dear friend of mine.

ABOVE: after the market we went down to Devonport and had a look around.  I bought these two cute felt brooches to wear... funky and cute.

By then it was after 1pm, so we drove to Sylvia Park and had lunch... and I got something I've been wanting FOREVER:

ABOVE: that's Stew carrying 'it'.  Can ya guess what it is???

The weather has packed it in, it's now very overcast with scattered showers. I actually felt COLD outdoors today! Was nice.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Perhaps if I say I am not doing any sewing today... I will actually get to do some?  lol

This past week has been full on... I've been here there and everywhere with the kids (the BIG kids that is!), hopefully nothing else happens for a few days and I can do a few things I want to do?

Grocery shopping this weekend (at some point)  is high on the list of "to do's", and that's about it.

Except for sewing... but shush, we will just whisper that!  *smiles*

I'm going to suggest we do a drive by the house Lacy is moving into tonight, to see what it's like in the area on a weekend night.  Hopefully it's OK.  Most state housing areas are not that 'great'... so in a way I'm a wee bit worried about how safe she will be, on her own there?
But hopefully, I'm worrying about nothing.
The local police station is about 500 metres up the road too.... which is kinda comforting!


Well... the shopping is done for another fortnight... thank god.  I hate it so much.  I always end up in a right shitty mood.  No surprises there.
Now I'm watching the final of American Idol.  Can't say I've been following it much this year... at all.
It just isn't that good this year I reckon.
So, I'll watch the finale then go do some sewing.

American Idol was nice, though I still feel like the guy who got kicked out last week should have won.  

It's been a quiet afternoon... for me anyway.  Stew has been doing the gardening and mowing the lawns... poor bugger.

Oh and I just remembered, Stew and I are going out for dinner to my Aunt and Uncle's around the corner.  So yaaa... we get to escape the mad house for a little while.
Steve is in Hamilton, so that means Lacy gets to cook the kids dinner and babysit.
I could come to like this... having a babysitter on hand all the time!
OK, once she moves into her own home she won't be quite 'on hand', but still close!  Yaaaa.

SEWING?  nope, still haven't done any!

End of day:  another lovely day.... dinner was super nice.  Lamb shanks cooked with veges... yummy.
On Track:  sort of!
nite nite.

Friday, May 25, 2012


If you live in New Zealand like me, you would know about the 'Tip Top Corner' here in Auckland.  OK.. maybe them in the South Island wouldn't!

But I digress.... I have driven past this corner a million times... and the Tip Top Ice Cream factory is clearly visible from the motorway,  hell it's right next to it.

And it has looked like this for many, many years:

ABOVE:  I think it's had a couple of repaints over the years, and a few subtle changes, but nothing major.  
Well... now it looks like this:

ABOVE:  NOT the best photo, we were travelling a bit fast... but as you can see, it's completely covered!  And has been for weeks now.
I am dying to know what they are doing under there... there's scaffolding behind that wrapping.

It intrigues me.  And when it is unwrapped, I will show what they have done!

I could have waited to do this post ONCE the wrapping came off..... but I had nothing to yabber on about this morning!  So you got that.
Be thankful... I could have posted nothing!

Wouldn't that have been novel?  No post from me?  Nah, can't imagine it.  I'd have to be in hospital for that to happen... and even then, some bugger would post for me!  lol

I'm gunna sew today I think... and fold the bloody washing... I've been looking at it all week.... *sigh*...


WOW!  Big news.  Housing New Zealand have offered Lacy a 2 bedroom house in Manurewa!  It's only about 5-10 minutes from here... which is excellent.  Griffin is going to get his room back soon!!!
Lacy and I are going to go do a drive by, just as soon as I have me shower and put some clothes on!

ABOVE:  Lacy's new abode.  It's a cute little 2 bedroom house.  Fully fenced back yard. No curtains so we will have to scrounge around for some... might even be able to get some from the Hospice Shop.

ABOVE:  she is an easy walk from all amenities she's ever going to need!  Doctor, Chemist, The Warehouse, New World supermarket, bakeries, WINZ office, Mc Donalds even!   How lucky can she get?
She is so happy... so am I!  

I decided we should go down to the Hospice shop and see if they had any curtains as Lacy's house has none.  But sadly they didn't ... but my name is on any that come in!
While there, Lacy saw and bought a couple of things:

ABOVE:  she got a tv cabinet for $5 and a lovely antique-ish coffee table for $9... So she's rather happy with herself.

WHEN does she move?  We won't know until she see's her case manager on Monday...  the house is empty right now so it shouldn't be too long?

End of Day:  well it's been a good day in lots of ways.  And I got NO sewing done at all!  Best laid plans and all that eh?
On Track: nope.
nite nite.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


ABOVE:  It's always so amazing to be able to 'see' a baby this early on a scan!  Even the baby's heart is beating already.  I can't even tell what's what yet!  But, I saw the heart pumping away! 

Quite a buzz.... even though I've seen quite a few baby scans now!  They are all special.
Wonder how many grandkids Stew and I will end up with?

Today Lacy and I are going to the mall.... don't even know why?  We just are.  I think Lacy wants to buy nappies.... she's starting to 'stock up' in readiness for Miss Muppet's arrival.


NOW I remember why... I want to find some short black boots for winter.   Or maybe tan?  Not sure yet, been looking for a while now, but not that seriously.  Today I HOPE to find some.

 ABOVE:  well it took a while ... but I finally settled on these Hush Puppies.  They need to be 'walked in' a bit, one is quiet tight over the bridge of me foot.... but the shop assistant assures me it will loosen up.  Fat feet... grrrr.

ABOVE: THIS was such a good look while trying on boots/shoes!  Freaking toe escaped didn't it?  I bought new tights today too.  lol

Lacy got more nappies so she's happy.  
Home, and it's time for a little relax... and lunch!

I've been busy.  Tidied up my craft area, shit it gets messy SO QUICK!  Drives me mental, can't stand a mess.
Looking forward to working on a wall hanging tonight... got lots to do.... and I love that.
Yakked to me Mum too... it's so nice between us right now.. like it used to be years ago.  We are close again.  I'm very happy about that.

Freaking dinner time... better go sort something out for the family....

End of Day:  I did Chicken rissoles for dinner.  Then watched Coronation Street.... ooo exciting.... David ran over Graeme!  Such a life I lead... getting all excited over Coronation Street!  lol
nite nite.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm going to Hamilton today... some family business to attend.
Then I hope to meet Amanda for lunch.
I get to have cuddles with wee Emily, that will be lovely.

Now that Lacy is at home, I can relax knowing if I'm running late there will be someone at home when the kids get home from school.

It sure helped yesterday when I was in the city and not likely to get home before they got home from school.

I never thought I would be happy Lacy was living under my roof again!  lol.... it is a weird feeling for sure.

ABOVE:  latest picture of the belly... sure is growing! Little Miss Muppet (KLCH... her initials)  is doing well in there.

Not much else to add for the day .... catch ya'all when I get back...


Want to know why I went to Hamilton?

Here's why:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bec's with the very first photos of their baby!  Number 11 grandbaby is 8 weeks and 1 day along.

ABOVE:  seeing their little baby for the first time.... it's wee heart was already clearly visible and beating!  So sweet.

ABOVE: driving down... Waikato fog.. how typical! Freezing cold, miserable, damp Waikato.

After the scan I went around to Amanda's... Steve and Bex did their own thing... so Amanda, Emily and I went to The Base for some shopping and lunch.
She ended up having to leave Emily and I there and go pick up Joel from school as he wasn't feeling well.
So Em and I had lunch together... which was lovely.  She's great company, as long as you do what SHE wants!

ABOVE:  yummm....

 ABOVE:  want one Grandma?  

ABOVE: Amanda bought a puppy.  'Lady' is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She's cute.  NOT as cute as ours, but still cute.

So, another lovely day I've had!  Got to see yet another grandbaby on the way (that makes 3 on the way!), got to cluck over Miss Emily too.  

End of Day:  made butter chicken for dinner.... as per usual... was rather yum.
ON TRACK:  sadly, no.
nite nite.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today I am catching the train into the city.
To meet up with a very old friend of the family.
She was my 'Aunty Pam' all my life, like my 2nd mother.. and I loved her.

When I left Auckland about 27 years ago, I've only seen her twice and talked to her on the phone once about 10 years ago ... since then I lost contact.
I moved.
She moved.

Well... thanks to Facebook I tracked down one of her grandkids,  and from there... I hunted the white pages until I found her again.

I spoke to her yesterday, and today I'm going to see her!
I'm nervous!  I am not sure why ... I just am.

ABOVE:  I decided to make 2 Feijoa cakes and take some for morning tea with Pam...

ABOVE:  they came out really lovely too... we ate almost half of one last night for supper!

ABOVE:  I'm glad they tasted so good... cos I had to buy the feijoas... and would you check out the price I had to pay!!!


WHY was I nervous???

Pam and I greeted each other... and then sat and yakked for 3 and a half hours!  It was so lovely... but the best moment was when she laughed at something!  She has the MOST delightful laugh and as soon as I heard it I remembered her like we hadn't been apart for so many years!  
She has not changed AT ALL... and I can't wait until I can see her again.
We have even talked about her coming out here for visits and dinner too.  
That is going to be so neat.  She really is like me 2nd Mother... well that's how I feel anyway.

TRAINS... great way to get into the city for sure. No parking hassels.  Cheap too.
But.... when I wanted to catch a train out home again... I missed one by only about 30 seconds... so I asked the nearest train conductor when the next one was and he was down right rude!
He said... "NOT THIS ONE. Read the signs!" and walked away.
Pfffffft.  As I have only been down in the central train station a few times, I wasn't sure which signs to bloody well read.  I ended up asking a Courtesy Man where the timetable for the Southern Line was and he said I could catch THAT train (pointing to one on another line)... but I would have to run cos it was leaving in one minute!

ME? RUN?  Hell no!

But I did my best and managed to get to the train as the doors were closing... so I kinda shoved me gorgeously ample body in the gap and stopped the door closing long enough to get in.  ha ha ha!

I friggin well forgot to take some photos!  Derrr.
Pam lives in an inner city apartment, she has a lovely view of part of the harbour.  Her eldest daughter and her husband are in the same building too... they Manage it.  They apparently have an amazing view of the entire harbour!

Home now... and ooops, ain't even thought about dinner.   Stewy... maybe we will have some takeaways tonight?

I'm still buzzing about my day.... huge smile on me dial.   It was so nice to have a totally lovely day, no stress... just loved it.

ABOVE:  with her permission... here is my Aunty Pam and her eldest grandchild.... Jodi.  Jodi is the one I tracked down on Facebook and she is how I found my Aunty Pam again!  THANKS Jodi!!!

SASSY: Feijoa's taste like nothing I can compare them to... they taste like FEIJOA'S!   DOH... not helping eh?  lol  And yep, I did kinda run... but me thinks it looked more like a quick shuffle!  *smiles*

End of Day:  a fantastic day!  Lovely dinner (chinese) followed by hot feijoa cake and ice cream.  Naughty but nice.
ON TRACK:  hell no.
nite nite.