Thursday, March 22, 2007


Gunna be the usual sort of day,except the kids get out of school early today due to Parent Teacher Interviews, seeing Griffin's teacher at 2pm and not sure about Brylee's, her teacher is away sick. I have no idea how Griffin is doing, so it will be great to talk to his teacher. We kinda know where Brylee is at, cos she's in a special programme and they keep us up to date anyway.

Am off walking this morning with Gym Buddy, I suppose we shall be charging up the bloody hill again, and me thinks she will make me jog again too... such a tart!

later...WE had a lovely walk, went up the hill no problems at all, even managed to talk most of the way!!! We did not, however, do much jogging, in fact we only did one stint.... that was enough for me! My legs were quite sore and stiff for ages, probably from all the weights I did yesterday.... I LOVE IT !!!

My darling grown up children in Hamilton are taking me out to dinner tomorrow night while I'm up there, soooo nice! Now will I be good, or evil ???? Maybe if I eat crackers all day tomorrow and saturday, then I can have pudding ! YEP, Sounds like a good idea to me! hee hee he. May not be 'BALANCED' diet, but it will work for me. The only annoying thing is I can't take me piddle pills while travelling, ever tried to find a public loo or place to hide behind every 15 minutes???? In the middle of the wops? So , my legs will be swollen for the weekend, so what's new?
Shit happens.
But.... I am planning a lovely weekend away..... and as long as I'm back in time to do the speech on Sunday afternoon all will be good. This will keep my mind off getting nervous about the speech too..... surprise surprise, I can get nervous about speaking to strangers eh! I know once I get going I should be fine....

Both kids doing fine, Brylee coming along in leaps and bounds.... Griffin is a "lovely boy" who isn't quite ready to do the reading and writing stuff yet, he just wants to play! But she's not worried about him, he's a bright button. Oh yaaaa.

Took them both for a haircut after school, took a whole hour! Griffin had his done then spent the next 30 minutes sweeping the salon floor, cos he wanted to... and his mouth never stopped the whole time we were there... whereas Brylee was as quiet as a mouse. talk about 2 different kids... and just cos I can, some picture of the two littlies today....

Oh, and I have been totally good with food today ... so far....
had some chinese takeaways for dinner, didn't have much at all... just wasn't that nice. Am packing my bag now, watching Grey's Anatomy on the telly then going to bed... if I can update while away I will.... nite nite.


  1. Gosh you're such a live wire - makes me exhausted just reading about what you get up to! Trying to take a leaf out of your book and fit in more exercise - watch next week's post for the story. Getting some interesting visitors to my blog who are coming via yours - yesterday someone from Dunfermline in Scotland (right next to the town I was living in Scotland before coming to OZ) and someone from Lausanne in Switzerland - you have a very cosmopolitan readership!!

  2. Hope your interviews went well. Our parent/teacher conferences are next month, I'm not sure how they're going to go.

  3. Enjoy your time away. Best of luck for Sunday.

  4. Gee I hope your interview went better than mine!! Little shit!!
    Your weekend sounds nice .... enjoy!!

  5. Whenever I had to speak in public I always imagined the sudience where naked, it always helped my nerves,but sometimes it was hard to control the giggles!!!

  6. Oooh, I hope you enjoy your meal out. It must be nice to know you have done a good job raising them that they want to take their mum out ;o).

    Why haven't you joined yet?? It seems right up your alley...see you there!

  7. Two very cute kids.

  8. Hi, i stumbled upon your blog when you did your "shamless plug" in Becs gabby chat thingy.
    I was curious about the tummy tuck thing and was wondering if i may ask you a few questions about it?

  9. What a busy day. Have a wonderful trip. Good luck with the speech.

    Kids look sweet.

  10. Cute kids you have and glad to hear conferences went well.
    Good luck on your speech, I'm sure it will be very inpirational for others to follow in your path.
    Have a good week!


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