Friday, October 31, 2008


ABOVE: The GHD's... I didn't get to use them yesterday as I was totally engrossed in doing the mosaic table.... they even came with a "How to Use" CD and product booklet. NICE.
So that's first on the "To Do" list after I get the kids to school today... do me hair!

My back is killing me from all the bending forward while doing the table, so am going to have a break from it today...if I can force myself to stay away from it that is!

We are expecting a crap weekend weather wise, so I can work on it to my heart's content then eh?


Feeling really down, got on the scales (friggin hate those things) and I have GAINED 1.5 kilos this week! WTF??? So now I feel like diving head first into the pantry/fridge and eating whatever I can find.

PISSED OFF.... I tried really hard this week ... did everything RIGHT for a change. Pfffffft. Trying hard NOT to eat cos I'm angry.

................................ GRUMPY............................

AND I havn't done my hair yet... I'm waiting for it to dry 'naturally'... it's only been 3 hours so far... still wet in the back.... waiting... waiting....

OH. MY. GOD!!! The hair straighteners are bloody amazing! Awesome, fast, do the job so well... why did I ever muck around with cheap ones before?

So, I tried taking a 'nicer' photo... this is number 6,758:

It is soooo hard to take your own bloody photo, and not end up loooking like a startled deer in a car's headlights! ... and try to smile too! Don't feel like smiling. Shit it's a bloody awful photo! Pfffft... who cares?

LYNDA: yes they are SO much better than any others I've tried! I got them from Shampoo and Things in Sylvia Park ($350) and worth ever cent.

On a happier note: I decided "Oh stuff it, I'm going to Weight Watchers"... and I did! AND... according to their scales (I LIKE THEIRS!) I only gained .200 grms. I'm so glad I went and didn't take my frustration out on the fridge! Tis a better day already....

End of day: lots of up's and down's... but it's been good overall! NSV: I faced the bloody scales and then went to Weight Watchers! AMAZING, but true! nite nite.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


BELOW: What I got done yesterday...

ABOVE: detail.
TODAY: could be interesting. I spoke to Griffin's teacher yesterday afternoon, and expressed my concerns about his lack of progress and I asked her what was being done to help him along. I also said I was prepared to take him to extra tuition if she thought it would help him.
Unfortunately is seems she took this conversation 'personally' ... I think she thought I was disparaging her teaching, cos now we have an appointment this morning to see the Pricipal and Deputy Principal about our 'concerns'. I was rung to arrange this, so of course I am making Stew come too!

Of course I do not have concerns about the teacher's abilities! I just wanted to make sure Griffin was not going to fall behind any more than he already is... and asked what help he was getting? He is not in Reading Recovery at this new school yet, something I thought he would be in immediately on arriving there. Oh well, this morning should provide some answers I hope.

After the meeting I presume I will come home and do some more of the mosaic table top. How much more fun can I be?


AMANDA IS BACK!!!! Go read her blog again.....

The meeting with the Principal and Deputy Principal: well you always feel like you are a little kid again, butterflies in your tummy.... like you are about to meet.....

THE OGRE!!! But of course it is never that bad! I am actually never really worried about meeting 'The Principal'..... they are just like everyone else!

Anyway, the meeting went REALLY WELL... we talked at length about our concerns, and steps are being taken to get Griffin tested, assessed etc and onto some progammes to help him. I feel this should have been done when we first arrived, but oh well, it's sorted now and that's the main thing.

I just got a call from the Mall, my GHD's have arrived ... so the mosaic can wait.... I'm outta here!

Well I am now the proud owner of a GDH hair straightener! Very happy with them too. Will give them a go this afternoon after I've picked up the kids.

Just remembered something from the conversation this morning at school... they are going to get him tested for Dyslexia! Wonders will never cease... I asked about that possibility over a year ago and was poo - hoo'd .... will be interesting to see eh?

End of Day: an awesome day! Had a lovely afternoon tea at our neighbour's this afternoon... Brylee and Griffin got 3 Mellowpuffs each! Piglets... ha ha ha. And Me? NONE, not a one! So proud of myself!

NSV: didn't eat anything evil today, even though it was offered on a plate! lol..... nite nite.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yeah thanks for that CRANKY...... now I have to go buy some bloody mirrors for me table top!

Dang good idea if I must say.... shame I didn't think of it....

Kids to school
Buy mirrors
Work on Table mosaic

And IF we get some sun... work on the tan, cos there was NO SUN yesterday. I think the last time I was this white was when I was an infant! Didn't get a tan last summer, was being 'sun sensible'.... so I'm friggin WHITE. Fat white legs don't look as good as fat brown legs.... well that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

ONWARD... oh and I might get a walk in this morning too.....

DID YA MISS ME??? I have been busy all day!

It's raining.... no walk.

Went to town for more tiles and mirror bits... got tiles, came home... bugger! Forgot the mirrors. Too late now.... I got on with the table top:

Then I started work on filling in the edging:

It's a long and laborious process. But I'm enjoying it.

I picked up the kids from school (damn, no choice really) and made them pikelets for afternoon tea... dang I'm good!

I recieved 8 more cards in the post!!!! That takes my 'total' to 94!!! As Sue so kindly pointed out:

This was from SUE who said "No way am I sending you a card, I don't do cards" ..... she finally sucumbed to my incessant nagging! Such a sweetie! lol When I first thought to ask (Nay DEMAND !) Everyone send me a card, I was thinking "Wouldn't it be awesome if I can get 50 cards for my 50th Birthday"? NEVER in my dreams did I think I would end up getting almost 100 ! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Right, back to the bloody mosaic... it's back breaking work! And damn, but I will have to stop shortly to make dinner for Stew and the kids.... bugger it.

End of Day: sat on me bum too much! But got a good start on the mosaic table top. Happy with that. nite nite.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Breathing a big sigh of relief! It's been a long weekend, in more ways than one.

Visitors ... kids driving me nuts... husband dropping GOD-AWFUL Farts.... grrrrrr!

I had to go to bed with a can of room freshner! Stew could win prizes for his farts I swear!

AND he crunched nuts in me ear! I am SO GLAD he's gone back to work... much as I love him, he can drive me batty!

And the kids! I swear they forgot how to BE BLOODY QUIET all weekend! I was constantly yelling at them to shut up! Maybe my tolerance levels have gone completely? Or maybe I am just OVER BLOODY KIDS!!!!

Can you blame me? Almost 30 years of raising little kids.... I deserve a medal (I have the chest to pin it on already thanks)....someone save me! There's at least another 10 years to go 'till I can expect Brylee and Griffin to leave home! *SOB* I will be old and wrinkly........... but with suntanned boobs! LOL

Hope it is sunny today, I wanna work on me tan!

AND I want to go to the library. And go to the Tile shop, I have a little table I want to do a mosaic on... then it can be outside without weathering too bad. What else? OH YEAH, sometime this afternoon my new GHD's should arrive in the shop, so I can go get them! Wooo hoooo.

AND... I continue with the new diet... 'normal' breakfast, tiny lunch and a shake for dinner. No snacking (well that's not hard for me).... and hopefully we will see some 'scale' results soon.

MRS C....Our 'afternoon' patio is totally private, absolutely NO ONE can see into it... except planes of course! But hey, if there is anyone looking out of a plane window who CAN see me .... like they will NEVER be able to recognise me close up anyway! ha ha ha.

I walked the kids to school, it is a cloudy day so I thought "OH what the hell".. and continued on for a walk. I walked to my Aunt's house (20 minutes, 50% uphill), then I walked home (20 minutes, 90% uphill)... I'm now bloody red-faced and sweaty. But it's great!

Next on the list... Tile Shop and Library! ONWARD....

WELL.... here's me next project:

ABOVE: this used to be the little dining table in our kitchen back in Palmerston North... but it has to be outside here as we don't have the room. So, I am going to mosaic it so it's weatherproof.

IT CAN'T BE THAT HARD TO DO, right???? I have looked up 'How To" on the 'net.... *shrugging shoulders*.... I'm sure I can do it!

If nothing else it will be fun. I like fun, having stuff to do (other than bloody housework!).

I am NOT HAPPY... my GHD'S did not arrive today as I was told they would be. Pffffft. "Maybe tomorrow, but probably - definitely by THURSDAY" ! I was not impressed, not at all.

Other than that dissapointment, the day is going great.....

End of Day: a good one! Did everything I set out to do, on track with the bloody diet too.

NSV: Stayed on track, this is good! nite nite.

Monday, October 27, 2008


We are taking today 'as it comes'.....

Expecting my niece Christina back from Palmerston North this morning.

Expecting our daughter Lacy back too.

Hoping to get to the Mall today sometime.... want (NO NEED) to do some shopping.... groceries... know how it goes!

Am dying for tomorrow to get here, so want to get my new GHD's..... for those of you who don't know what GHD's are, they are only the BEST hair straighteners ever made! My hair is just a frizzy mess unless I straighten it.

I am going to try and TRACK what goes in me gob today (Sandra you must pray for me!).... cos it is going to be HARD people, really hard. But... I must do this cos the scales are groaning ! It's really, really bad people, if I keep up the way I have been going I will be back to where I started! FUCK THAT! BAD BAD LANGUAGE..... SO BAD! soorrrryyyyy. lol, ya have to just take me as I am eh? Bad words pop out .... often!

Righty ho.... on with me day.....

Christina arrived at 7am, but I stayed in bed till 9.30! hee hee he.
Then Stew and I took off and did some shopping while Chris watched the kids.... neat! I bought:

It better taste nice, cos it was bloody expensive! And I hope like hell it helps get me back on track.... I have tried shakes before, but maybe THIS time I will succeed.

It is a glorious day here in Auckland.... and we are just lazing around the house! BLISS, IT IS. Have to take Christina out to the airport later on....

End of Day: all is going well.... Christina has flown off back to Melbourne... I've fed the family and had my first Shake... tasted just like every other one I've ever had. Just average..... but drinkable.

NSV: I have drawn up a new weight loss chart... want to lose as much as I can before our Daughter Amanda's wedding in January. The race is on! Stew is also on a mission to lose weight. nite nite.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So... after MUCH shopping around to find the best one, the right size, the right price.... I finally bought that squab/cushion box!!!
Here's Stew, getting frustrated, cos the bloody thing came with NO INSTRUCTIONS! Need instructions man!

But I'm proud to say that after a few miss starts he got the thing put together....

There he is in the background putting the finishing touches to it. Rena, sitting on her Daddy's knee, wanting to 'GET THAT DOG' ! So cute.

"I'm getting closer!"....

"YES! GOT IT!"......

Isn't Rena adorable????

Alrighty, enough drooling over the grandkid....


Well I DON'T KNOW! Might be getting a visitor.... will wait and see.

Otherwise, maybe just chill around the house.... or take another 'ticky tour' around the coast! It was so lovely yesterday..... and of course the kids just loved it.

So, our visitor(s) were our daughter Lacy and her boyfriend (of the moment).. Steve. They were on their way up to Warkworth...

ABOVE: Lacy showing off her 'ankle bracelet'... courtesy of the Police. She will be breaching her curfew tonight, hope she doesn't end up in jail when she gets back to Tauranga! Nice one Lacy, flip me the fingers!

ABOVE: the loaner Steve got to use.... sure does not look like it belongs in MY DRIVEWAY.... lol! Must say it goes well though.... had a hard life though by the look of it.

End of Day: yee gads! I do believe I havn't been near a shop today... must rectify that tomorrow!

NSV: I have come to realise that I do not 'pick' anymore... and this is good! Trouble is when I do eat it's usually too much... this is not good. *sigh* I am going to try substituting a couple of meals a day with a shake.... think it might work? Dunno. worth a try, just have to figure out what 'shake' will be the best...anyone got any suggestions? nite nite.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today is going to be all about just spending time as a family, going shopping, day tripping and just chillin out!

No stress, no gardening, no de-cluttering, no sorting stuff out.... IT'S ALL DONE!!!

I will buy a squab/cushion box today.
I will take some photos of a beach near our home.
I will walk on the beach even!
I will not pig out.
I will try and be good....HELLL NO! I WILL BE GOOD.

So, that's me for quite some time..... come back late this afternoon when I MIGHT have had a chance to post a photo or two! I'm outta here to have a neat day.... rain or not!

WE have had an awesome day.. we had lunch at Sylvia Park, bought Griffin new summer sandals, adult size 4! I ordered myself a GHD !!!! Should arrive on Tuesday! Woooo hoooo!
Then we went ticky touring...
Beachlands beach....
A pier on the Beachlands beach....
The seagull took off just as I took the photo... AWESOME!
Maraetai Beach, which is just beautiful!
ABOVE AND BELOW: The pier on Maraetai Beach...
Got home at around 3 and Kelly and Gordon and kids called in for a visit....
I got some lovely photos of wee Rena, will show ya tomorrow... for now I'm going to do the 'chillin' bit of the day. NICE.
Don't even have to cook tonight, we are having left-over salmon quiche with salad. YUM.
End of Day: got to do all that we wanted to today, finally saw a bit more of our 'area'... the beach was only 25 minutes away! AWESOME. nite nite.

Friday, October 24, 2008


There is a naughty TART in America who does not understand the meaning of "Cards only" !!! A parcel arrived on my doorstep late yesterday ....

Inside ... a wee gift for Brylee, Griffin and Me!

Two rather happy wee kids, with a huge lollipop and a gift each..... Griffin loves his Yo-yo, and Brylee loves her necklace and stickers! Me....

This gorgeous gift set of 'Burt's Bees' stuff.... Body Lotion, Foot Lotion, Hand Lotions, Cremes... and a Lip Balm which is just devine!
Thank you Lynda, you are naughty... but nice. LOL

FRIDAY, yipee.... cos after today it's a long weekend here, no work for Stew on Monday.... no school.... so we can all chill out for 3 whole days. OK, the weather looks like it's going to be shitty... but that's OK. It will be the first weekend since we moved here that we can just relax and do NOTHING!

Stew is going to love that! I am hoping the we can go on a 'ticky tour' around our most local beaches... there is the Manukau harbour on our East side and the Hauraki Gulf on our Right side.... and both an easy distance for daytrips.... neat!

Today? Dunno! Read? Tidy the spare bedroom wardrobe? Just the usual stuff I suppose......
Might not 'look' pretty, but tastes amazing!
1/2 cup standard flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
4 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups milk
75 grms butter, melted
1 X 440grm can pink salmon, drained
1 cup grated tasty cheese
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh chives
Sift flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour in the combined eggs, milk and butter.
Add the salmon, onion, cheese and chives, mix well. Pour mixture into a greased ovenproof dish.
Cook in a moderate oven at 180oC (350F) for about 45 minutes, or until quiche is set. Add garnish at end.
This recipe is amazingly quick and easy, and I usually double it so we can have a 'spare' quiche for another day cold. It's lovely cold as well.
Onward with me day.... so far so good. I've finished one of the books, was a really good read.
What else have I done? NOTHING, see I can do it!!!
I've been out and about! Still trying to find the perfect squab/cushion box for the outdoor squabs.... the Mitre 10 man has seen me so much that he now calls me "Sweetheart".... ewwwwwww.... so not right! LOL
Also been in long conversations with Mid Central Health about my LACK of care after my surgery... they are still doing the INVESTIGATION after nearly 4 months! Durrrrr. I don't expect anything but an APOLOGY and an assurance that it won't happen to any other poor bugger! Still waiting on that one!
JULIE: in New Zealand we can't sue the hospital/doctors for money!
End of Day: a nice day overall.... really looking forward to the weekend.
NSV: is not happening any more, I am really struggling to find one every day! So, if I actually have a GOOD NSV, I will let ya know. Till then, it's off the 'menu'. nite nite.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon Teddy FINALLY noticed our pig weather vane on the fence... and he did not like it, uuuh uuuh no way was he liking that thing swinging in the wind! (above) There he is lying in the lounge staring at the pig!

He stalked it, he didn't take his eyes off it for hours, every time it moved in the wind he growled!!! When he moved around the house he skulked along the ground, tail between his legs and kept looking at the pig! It was sooo funny!

I think he even got a crook in his neck from watching it, I think he thought it was going to jump off the fence and attack him.
Wonder if he will do that today?
- kids to school
- housework (yaaaa)
If the weather holds I WILL go for a walk... I soooo need to get outta the house today, I'm going nuts! Much as I love my new home, I hate being in the house all day on me own. It's lonely. Maybe I will visit me Aunty up the road.......
BRYLEE'S QUILT: well I am still thinking at this stage... don't have a lot of materials yet either and I don't want to start till I have all the materials so I can 'nut it out'....
I'm over me mini hissy fit thanks... just got a bit crabby cos the weather turned cold again... and I HATE BEING COLD. And PMT happening... sucks being a girl sometimes! Mostly though I LOVE being a girl! It has
I went out... I joined the local library... I got me some BOOKS .... I'm happy again! Sitting on me bum reading... I love reading.
Not good for me bum of course, but good for me mood.
It's blowing a gale here, rain on and off... nice.
I decided to make a salmon quiche for dinner... needed to find me recipe books/folder...hmmmm...looking....looking.... yipee!! Found the cookbooks in the spare bedroom's folder with "Favourite Recipes" in it.... damn... continue looking...looking.... gettting bloody mad.....finally find them in the computer desk drawers.....
So... there's me job for tomorrow... sorting out the spare bedroom wardrobe and computer drawers....
Nothing like having a plan..... something to do....anyway...on with making that quiche now I have the recipe.
End of Day: have read half the first book, it's riveting! Dinner was delish...
NSV: well I only had one helping of salmon quiche, that's good eh? lol.... nite nite.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Me being a Weight Watcher 'n' all... I judge everything I eat by how many 'points' it's worth..

So I know a banana that fits in the curve of my hand is around 1.5 points.....

See??? A nice size banana = 1.5 points. Yesterday I was at the supermarket and saw a new banana, one I had never seen before! So I got two.....















Have ya ever seen such a huge banana? I sure havn't, it's got me gobsmacked! ha ha ha.

I am hoping it tastes good! It would be a real bugger if it was really awful to the taste.


Dunno! Kids to school, might go for a walk before it gets too hot... might work on me tan..... the choices I have!!! Being a 'kept woman' is wonderful.


Apparently (Thanks Teresa) that monster is a Plantain Fruit... in the Banana family... but needs to be cooked to be eaten... so I'm looking up recipes! Me... reading a recipe!!!!

AMANDA: ya grubby tart! lol

It's a cloudy day here, perfect for blog reading! I have 283 updates to read! Hmmmm ... maybe not! Just the most recent me thinks....

Right.... I've been reading/commenting on blogs for 2 hours.. I'm done! If I missed you, sorry. I am off to stretch me legs! I just 'marked as read' about 230 odd blog updates... EVIL. But necessary, I could never read them all. You just have to love me anyway.

OMG... some of your comments are soooooo EVIL....I am never putting a fruit on me blog again... my mind boggles at what you dirty buggers will come up with next !

I'm going to SHARE my banana with Stew... now make what ya like of that statement!!!!

You ever have days where no matter what ya do... you just feel 'flat'? Well that's me today.. can't seem to get motivated to do anything... feel yuk, moody, tired.... and all that jazz. *sigh*

The only good thing I've done all day is help my 81 year old neighbour get her new oven to go..... THAT'S IT. The rest of the time I've just moped around feeling ikkkk. I put some chops in the microwave to defrost.. and cooked them instead... still in the polystyrene trays and gladwrap! NICE. Hope they ain't friggin awful to eat!

Still havn't checked out a recipe for the HUGE nana..... useless.

End of Day: another one bites the dust. Still feeling ikkkk, think it's PMT... got bloody sore boobs. I may not have the girly bits necessary for monthly's anymore, but I still ovulate and get friggin sore boobs.... damn.

NSV: none, friggin NONE. nite nite.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


GOOD MORNING! Well, as requested.... and expected.... here are me cards! :

There is not a lot of room left on here....

Or here..... as of this morning I have recieved 77 cards, with more coming! I have thoroughly loved opening them all ... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

I thought I would 'share' a few of the messages with you:

Ha ha ha....

ABOVE: I was touched by this one....

ABOVE: nice one ! Made me laugh this one did!
A few people added little things in their cards (thanks 'you-know-who's)..... and ...

Jess did really well by sending me two little 'Diet Coke' rocks! Very clever, and bloody cute! They are real little rocks!

Some people actually made me their cards! Like this one above, and the one below with me face! Very clever tarts!!!

And then there were the really LOVELY cards like these:

PRETTY, yep, really yummy! and....

This one!!! Well done on that one chick! NICE sense of humour, lucky I totally love it!!!!

ABOVE: My darling husband gave me this one.... and when you opened it ....

It sang "You're HORNY, horny ... horny... horny" .... and lit up with wee lights!!!! I CRACKED UP !!!! Nice one Stew.....

So there ya go, me cards!

- kids to school
- vacum this house, it's a tip!

Return to 'regular' life.... housework, shopping..... struggling with the never ending battle of trying to lose and KEEP OFF the weight, getting back into a healthy exercise routine..... and being happy.
Well, I actually have the 'happy' part DONE AND DUSTED..... this is good!

Onward with me day..... and P.S. TODAY IS ME ACTUAL BIRTHDAY.... ha ha ha.

Shit I'm having a neat day! I've done all the vacuming, washed the floors, done 3 loads of washing, tidied up the bathrooms, re-arranged a couple of lounge chairs... and now...
I'm lying in the sun topless.... it's friggin FANTASTIC!!!! Me house is nice and TIDY, just how I like it... and I'm working on me tan. BLISS.

Oh and more cards arrived today.... so the total is now79....woooo hooooo.

End of Day: well it's been awesome! Lots of peace and quiet! LOL... bit of an anit-climax really, feel like my birthday has been going on for days! Tis neat.

NSV: well the huge amount of birthday cake left went to Stew's office to be eaten by his workmates, and tonight we threw ALL the lollies in the bin... so there is nothing truly evil in the house! This is good! nite nite.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here goes:

First thing in the morning, Griffin with his favourite person in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD... his beloved Uncle Steve.

Teddy saying "Good morning" to Abby....
Starting to look like a PARTY!

A really nice mix of friends, family, neighbours and blogger buddies.

Brylee was thrilled to bits to have another wee girl to play with... usually it's her and BLOODY BOYS!

Four of our 6 grandchildren, eating lunch.....On me sunlounger...

More lovely people.... yakking.....

Getting ready to blow out the birthday candles.....

That's it! Funnily enough we didn't take too many photos... too busy me thinks.


Kids to school, big boys leave for Palmerston North again... and I get to ..... tidy up and then relax!


Thanks to Lynda, we have a photo of the cake:

And after I had attacked it with the knife! I wasn't complimented on me cake cutting... hmmmmm... I don't see the problem, do you?

CARDS!!!! Well... I am going to post photos of all of them tomorrow...and in fact they are not all here yet! So, if ya don't see your's ... I ain't got it yet! If you didn't send me one... you are a shit. (LOL) I had the best time ever opening all me cards, each and every one made me smile... I WAS LIKE A PIG IN SHIT... HAPPY AS COULD BE. ha ha ha.

Steve had a flat tyre so had to get that fixed first thing this morning, and we went over to Sylvia Park and bought Mike his birthday present (hair straighteners)... he's such a girl! Well, with his hair he is anyway. They have left for Palmerston North now and it's lovely and quiet at my house. I am so tired from the party preperations etc that I am now off to have.... A GRANNY NAP! yaaaaaa.

End of Day: a quiet afternoon... no nap (bugger)... but did rest. Got lots of housework to do tomorrow... did bugger all today!

NSV: I had some pototoe chips (crisps) tonight and dang! I don't like them anymore!!! This is friggin great! I hadn't had any in literally years... I am certainly over them! nite nite.