Thursday, June 30, 2011


I got my Telletubbie on Tradme!
Laa Laa is here but sadly Blogger is being a pain in the butt and not letting me upload photos right now.... otherwise I would, of course, show her to you!
She's cute.... and Telletubbies are really hard to come by let me tell you! 

ABOVE:  Yaaa, it took me about an hour to get this freakin photo on me blog!  But there she is... my Laa Laa.

Today it's Griffin's Speld lesson again, so I am out until 1pm.
Steve is staying home today as Amanda and Emily are due at lunchtime too.

I plan on visiting that awesome shop in Pukekohe again too today, maybe I will find just the thing for the towels to hang on in the lounge! 
Stew probably hopes NOT.  lol

ONWARD...  and apologies for not visiting any blogs for the past few days... I just have not had time or inclination.  Frazzled.

I'm standing at the kitchen bench this morning in me nightie, slippers, my dressing gown (which was inside out) and my hair up in a messy bun.
Stew says "your dressing gown is inside out" and I'm like...
" it doesn't matter, no one cares around here"

Then there is a knock at the front door... it's a guy Stew works with ... Stew is taking him to work today...  Far out!  I can do nothing but turn me dressing gown in the right way and hope my hair isn't sticking out all over the place.
In he comes, sits down and has a coffee... later on I look in the mirror... yep... 

ABOVE:  you've heard about the Good, The Bad and The Ugly right?  Well this is the UGLY.  Only consolation, Stew has to look at this mug every morning!  lol

ABOVE:  Ugly is a state of mind... I choose to feel beautiful... hair all over the place an' all!

ONWARD... need to get dressed, put face on bla bla bla...

I decided to have a spa before getting ready to go out... and QUITE BY ACCIDENT I found out something else our Spa can do!  Any ideas what ???

(think dirty)  cos I'm a grubby girl!

Just got back from Pukekohe.  Went to THAT shop again.  Left empty handed... for now!

ABOVE: This is the mirror I fell in love with... Stew.... read this and weep.  I put the bugger on Lay-By.  It will be on our lounge wall in 3 months.  Ahhhhhhh.  Feel better now.

Amanda and Emily are here until Tuesday, so I'm off to have a cluck with our wee baby...

Someone asked me if the Spa pool has helped with my aches and pains, and I can happily say yes!  My back feels so much better, and my knees.  Just my right shoulder and arm to get better now!

I think that might involve more than a spa though.  *sigh*

End of Day:  yep early... I plan on spending time tonight getting pampered by Amanda, having my hair straightened and so on.
nite nite.

Edit:  I have been having massive problems getting into MY OWN BLOG all afternoon/evening... and still can't leave any comments anywhere!  Anyone else having these problems?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 I had a big post already up on here today, but just deleted the lot.


Cos I spoke to Brylee AGAIN this morning.... and she has gone and changed her 'story' from the other day.

Now she's saying the other girl might have punched her by ACCIDENT while they were playing ball.

OMG.. I could kill her (Brylee)
Why oh why do I swallow her stories 'Hook, line and sinker'???

OK, she got punched.  But seems is most likely was an accident.

Now I have to ring the school and do some backtracking. 

And take back all my evil thoughts about the 'other girl'... well up to a point.

She has been damn awful to Brylee for months... this I DO KNOW as the Teacher has told me so.

To be honest I could spit tacks.  I am so over bloody kids and their crap.


I'm going back to bed.  Today sucks.

JAXX:  Thanks for your comment, it made me question Brylee again and get a new version.  Bloody kids!  Grrrr.   I could never 'hate'  you  either, honest comments are always appreciated. 

Anon: Thanks for  your comment too... I won't publish it as it's no longer applicable.

- Garage door is great, not leaking.
- TV... waiting for new one to be delivered.
- Lounge Suite.. no news on that yet.
- Spa refund.. cheque is 'in the post'.. will follow up on that later on today if it's not here today.

Rang work and told 'boss' I wouldn't be in today... told her I was in a super foul mood and just didn't want to come in!  She understood, she's a love like that.

BLONDIE:  me go to school and SURROUND myself with kids?  ARE. YOU. MAD?  I worked in schools with special needs kids for 5 years... I ain't going back!

I decided the day couldn't get much worse, so I did the grocery shopping! 
Then once home I fed the kid and Steve.
A few minutes after Steve started eating his lunch he screamed in pain... my blood ran cold I tell ya!
He has a cavity that is giving him grief but has done nothing about it due to being broke... so I immediately rang the nearest dentist ... who could see him right there and then, so off he's gone to get his tooth fixed.

Any more drama anyone want to throw my way?
Cos I am so over today already...

I feel .... shattered to tell the truth. And I am not emotionally eating, in fact quite the opposite.  I am not hungry.  Stress.  Ahhh there's a good 'diet' tactic.

ANONYMOUS:  yep ... there is always going to be someone (no doubt thousands) of people worse off or having a disastrous day which is WORSE than mine.  That does not diminish the fact that I am having a bad day, and I am allowed to have a pity party. 

Stressful situation over family members has hopefully kinda resolved itself for now... time will tell. 

MARY! Racy, very racy... lol.  It's on cos I don't have a problem with it!

New TV arrives on Friday afternoon.
Spa man is 'working' on getting us our cheque still.  Pffffft.

I ordered an 'over the bed' table for me to use as a computer table in the lounge today too. 
Ahhhh... retail therapy is EXCELLENT for the soul. 

Steve's tooth is fixed... $235 later, thank  you very much.
He's in the spa trying to relax cos it's hurting like hell now... he had to get three injections to make it even a little numb... now it's wearing off and he's not a happy little camper.  Tears well in me eyes, they really do.... snigger.

(obviously I decided to write a book today!  with NO pictures)

End of Day:  it could have been worse... but nothing else horrid happened so ended ok.
nite nite.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


ABOVE:  this is the Thank You card I made for a girlfriend in Hamilton.  I hope she likes it... it was fun to make.  I like the pretty ones!  lol

Today:  not sure.  Maybe try to catch up on blog reading, some housework... bla bla bla!  Just a normal day around here!


!'*# SPARKS MAY FLY around here soon.
I just sent an e-mail to the school.  Brylee is being bullied again, picked on, punched... and the little BITCH who is doing it is getting away with it scotch free!

So, I am taking the school to task about it.  Why should Brylee be treated like this?  How long will it take until she lashes out as well and hits the little bitch who is bully'ing her and then Brylee is the one who gets into trouble like last year???

Waiting for a response....  Drumming fingers on table... not heard a dickey bird.

I went off to Sylvia Park, got some new laundry baskets and had me little fingernail put back on... the bugger broke off and f#*k that hurt!  Some chick tried to sell me a $400 hair curling thingee... like a straightener... on SALE today ONLY for $280!  YEAH RIGHT.  Left it there.

I just heard back from Brylee's teacher.  She said that Brylee is much happier now, that the incidents happened ages ago and were dealt with then (BULLSHIT), Brylee got punched YESTERDAY!!!   Oh and the teacher is going to talk to BRYLEE about it?  Ummmm excuse me, but the OTHER GIRL is the one who needs to be talked to!   I'm even madder now.
I feel like going up there and talking to that little bitch myself as obviously the Teacher isn't going to.

TRACY:  FUNNY that is exactly what I've been thinking of doing!  

Brylee is home for the next couple of days with a heavy cold... so can't do anything right now anyway.

so... clearly I can't talk to the little bitch... can I at least GLARE at her????  Pretty please?

End of Day:  and my day just turned to CRAP.  Lost my appetite even.
nite nite

EDIT: Anonymous... she's 10, she is a little bitch and she knows what she is doing is WRONG.  No one is suggesting we BULLY HER.  Get a life.

HEY!  It is a pretty card eh?

Monday, June 27, 2011


Steve got that job he did a trail for yesterday!

Now he has to decide if he wants it, how he's going to get there... bla bla bla....IF HE TAKES IT!

He has another job interview at 12 midday today in the city... he would prefer the job in the city ... so we wait and see... maybe he will come home with a choice of two jobs!  Wouldn't that be awesome.

Today:  usual start of week for me... which involves lots of housework.  Tidying up after the weekend.  Oh joy.

I might even go into the city with Steve too...

I started thinking ... what might I already have in the house that could serve as a towel rail or holder... and came up with two possibilities:

ABOVE: the hat stand I use to hang all my bags on in my room.... OR:...

ABOVE: the little 'hall table' that is usually at the front door? 
WHAT DO YOU THINK???  Should I use one of them and which one, or still try to find a towel rail???


Why do I want a towel rail or similar in the lounge???
-We don't want to leave our towels outside while we are in the pool as it's bloody cold outside and the towels will end up freezing our butts off... and if it's raining they would get wet as there is no cover out there... YET.
-We don't want to put holes in the plaster of our home adding hooks or whatever to hang said towels on ... outside.
-We come and go to the spa via the lounge, being the closest outside door.
-I want to be able to leave the towels in the lounge, by the door so when we come in all wet we can stand on the pretty blue/white bathmat and dry off before traipsing through the house to get dressed.
- Of course we could just leave the towels in a heap by the door... but I just don't like the LOOK of that!
- I'm fussy like that ya see.

I hope that explains it clearly enough?

I have decided to drive Steve in for this job interview.... that way I can check out a few shops in Remuera on the way home. 
This afternoon I am making a special Thank You card for a friend... I'm quite looking forward to that.  It's ages since I made a pretty card.

Back from town.. what a SHIT of a place to try and find a park!  I ended up down at the waterfront waiting for Steve.  He thinks he's in with a good chance at this job... so shall say 'No' to the job on the North Shore.  It's just too far away from here... and he has no car or way of getting there easily.  Train into the city, then a bus over to the North Shore is just too time consuming AND expensive.  *sigh*
So, we just have to cross our fingers and hope like hell he gets the inner city one.

We stopped at Greenlane for lunch, had hoped to catch up with Stew, but he was busy.

I'm inclined to think a Coat Stand is going to work best in the lounge, so will keep my eyes open for one.  There isn't exactly a hurry on it.

I just finished the card I wanted to get done.... it's glued bits are drying now. 

End of Day:  Kids in bed.... almost time for Stew and I to have a spa and head off to bed. 
nite nite.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We have some to the conclusion that we might just need a nice towel rail 'thingee' to put our towels on while we are in the spa... it would need to be in the lounge though, so it needs to be something nice.'s an opportunity to go SHOPPING again!  lol

Stew got away scotch free yesterday... maybe he won't be quite so lucky today?

Below are a few photos I took with my phone yesterday at the shop in Pukekohe... I took my good camera... but left the freakin' data card at home like a twit!

ABOVE:  I fell in love with this mirror ...

ABOVE:  that cream/white pergola was gorgeous too...

ABOVE:  pretty blingy stuff.... *drool*...

ABOVE: it's a bit hard to tell in this photo but there is a really big metal pergola in the background and Stew and I love it too... trouble is it's RATHER expensive....  suppose it will stay in the shop.  lol

So, there ya go.  They had a really nice towel rail there too.... dumm dee dooooooo..

Sewing? Taken a bit of a back seat of late... it's really COLD in the garage!
Card Making?  Same problem!  Plus I have plenty of stock.
Blog Reading?  Will do some of that later on today! 


Steve's job trial went well... he should hear towards the end of next week if he got the job or not.  He has another job interview tomorrow in the city too.... fingers crossed he gets one of them.

We went 'looking' for a towel rack to no avail... maybe I just have to keep looking until the perfect one turns up. 
We did find a nice light blue and white bath mat ... so I didn't come home totally empty handed!

Kelly and Rena are here for the day, going home after dinner and a  spa.  We loves our spa... *smiles*

 ABOVE: first spa for the night... Stew and I will have our's later with no kids.  I love this light the best... there's 12 different colours !

ABOVE:  this face says it all eh?

ABOVE:  Rena loved it obviously ... Brylee has come down with a cold so could not have a spa tonight.  It's really cold outside and I don't want her getting any worse.

End of Day: another lovely day in our household.  nite nite.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I think I mentioned on Thursday that Steve and I found an awesome new shop in Pukekohe... so anyway, I'm dragging Stew out there today to show him.

I will take photos of what I've been drooling over! 

There has been some confusion going on in the past few months...
Steve =  son
Stew =  husband

Steve = looking for a job
Stew = gainfully employed

OK, good.

ABOVE:  the Chess Set Steve and I bought.  It's quite traditional, I had hoped to find a more 'funky' one... but the two we saw that were more 'themed' had bits that I could see being broken easily.... so I got a traditional one.  It's nice though.

We went out to that shop, The Complete Garden in Pukekohe.  It sells outdoor and indoor garden/wall type furniture and accessories.  I really, really wanted at least 3 thing things in there, but Stew made me put my 'sensible' hat on. So we came home empty handed.  *sniff*
One day...

Lunch at Sylvia Park... then Amanda and Emily went home.  I'm having a 'Nana nap' as I have not been sleeping well lately and am seriously tired...

End of Day:  must have been tired, think I slept for about 2 hours!  We all had bits 'n' bobs for dinner... Brylee, Griffin and I had a really lovely spa while the blokes watched the rugby.  Sign of the times... rugby is back in full swing so I know where Stew will be for the next few months!  In front of the telly.
nite nite.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Well.... our new garage door is arriving today... fingers crossed this one does not leak.  I will be gutted if it's not perfect.

We've had such a good week, what with the Spa arriving with no problems.... now the door too!  It's all good.

OH and another excellent thing!  Panasonic are giving us a brand new 50 inch TV to replace our buggered one!  How awesome is that???  After Harvey Norman telling us it was out of warranty and there was nothing they would do about it.. we get a totally new one by just talking to the manufacturers!  SCORE.

Now we just have to hope we get some good result with the lounge suite.

Steve has a job interview at midday today which I will be taking him to... it's on the North Shore so if he were to get it,  it could become problematic getting him there every day!  But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.


ABOVE:  Coco living in hope that Amanda has some treat for her .. she was shit outta luck.  lol

ABOVE:  Two kids, two vacums.... yeah baby!  There is method in my madness...

EXCELLENT DAY... Steve did well in his interview and is going back on sunday 9-1pm for a trial ... if he shows he's not an idiot we think the job is his. 
On our way home we stopped in at Sylvia Park and picked up some sushi for Amanda, and Steve talked me into trying it too.. last time I tried it I hated it. This time?  LOVED IT.

Got home to find the garage men installing the door... it looks and feels much more substantial... so here's hoping it does not leak!  Somehow I don't think it will... they have gone out of their way to make sure.

Oh.... Steve and I also found a Chess Set at Sylvia Park.. I will show ya tomorrow... gotta have something to put on for tomorrow eh?  lol

Clearly blogger is playing up again! I just did a forward post for tomorrow and no matter what date I put on it.. it publishes it today?  So, if ya see a post for tomorrow or even sunday on TODAY... ignore it!  lol

Amanda and I are off to watch 'Bridesmaids' at the kids... just us.  I'm told it's really good...

End of Day:  Bridesmaids movie:  I have not laughed that hard or long in FOREVER... my stomach HURT from laughing so much!  If you have not seen it yet...  YOU. HAVE. TO. GO! 
I've had one of the best days in such a very long time... I'm just freakin happy!!!  Off to have a spa at .... 11.42 pm!
nite nite

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So what do ya do when you want to play chess but don't have a chess set?
You improvise of course!

And our kids are fairly good at that:

ABOVE: we have a Lego Chess Set and a chess board made from a random piece of chipboard marked out with black marker pen!

Brylee and Griffin have never played before, but Steve is doing a good job of teaching them... and they seem to be enjoying it.

But...I might just get them a 'proper' chess set.. that would be nice eh?  Maybe I will even try to learn how to play myself! 
Another way to spend time with the kids in a fun way.

TODAY: taking Griffin to his Speld lesson.  I plan on reading magazines while I wait for him today...I got a whole bunch of mags from the Hospice shop yesterday... so I've got plenty to occupy me.
I WOULD go for a walk, but there's a few dogs out there that scare the hell outta me!


THE SPA: OMG... it was delighful last night!  Not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.  Stew and I love it.  WE had a lovely evening.... from start to 'finish' ... *smiles*

It's pissing down with rain today and freaking cold!  I don't mind though as I'm sure the weather has a lot to do with my lack of hot flushes during the day!  Awesome eh?

Steve and I had a really good look around Pukekohe this morning for a Chess Set to no avail.  BUT, we did find an AMAZING shop that I just have to go back to on Saturday to show Stew!  There is a little 'something' on HOLD waiting for me to show Stew! lol

I am now trying to upload a video of Emily, taken today as they are visiting again until Saturday.  No luck with the video, I think it's too big for the upload.  Oh well... will work on it.

JAXX:  I realise I could buy a chess set from the Big Red Shed but yes, I do want a really nice one.  Not necessarily EXPENSIVE, just nice.
I am quite fussy about some things... and as the Chess Set is going to be out in the lounge all the time, I want it to look nice.

EMILY AND AMANDA'S first spa :

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.. I forgot to edit them. 
Everyone had a lovely time ... Emily screamed holy blue murder when she was passed out to me for dressing!  I do believe she wanted to stay in longer... *smiles*

Looking forward to 6.30 when Stew gets home as we are going out, just the two of us.  Having dinner at Botany Town centre, and might catch a movie too.  Will be nice.

End of Day:  well Stew and I did some kid free shopping but did not buy the chess set Steve and I saw and liked as it was damaged.  Sad.  Waiting for them to get a new one in.  We bought the kids some really lovely long, warm dressing gowns and underwear from Stew, then went to a really lovely Chinese Restaurant in Botany for dinner.  Oh Yum!  Stopped eating before I felt full, which I was happy about.
Going to have a spa soon then head off to bed.
nite nite.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


ABOVE: fingers crossed this has worked.  It's a short video of our darling wee Granddaughter Sienna.  The more I see of her the more I feel I must get over there soon to just hold her and smother her with Grandma kisses and cuddles.
Fingers crossed it won't be too long.

Off to Hospice Shop today... I hope me 'boss' is all better and out of hospital now.  I shall find out later on I suppose.

ABOVE:  I opened a new savings account yesterday... it's my 'Laa Laa' Account. Every time I lose 100 grams I put $1 into it.  If I gain 100 grams I have to put $2 into it!  So clearly I am aiming to lose lots and NOT gain.  This account is going to pay for my 'Telly Tubby's Girls Weekend' away next June!  My fellow Telly Tubby's are doing the same thing I think.... so we can really have a good time and celebrate the weight we will have lost over the year.  edit:  YEAH it doesn't make sense to put MORE in if I gain... so I shall take OUT $2.00 per 100 grams if I gain.  Derrrr.

As a special 'one off treat' for the kids I woke them up half an hour early today and we had a spa before school.   The water temperature was at 35.5 which we felt was nice, but it could have been a bit warmer so I've turned it up to 38.  Will have another Spa this evening and check the temp then.


It was another slow day at the shop, which left me plenty of time to find treasure!  :

ABOVE: two sets of all weather placemats and coasters and two cute coffee mugs... all brand new!

ABOVE:  8 'in perfect condition' sports shirts for Stew... all Nike/Adidas/Line7 brands... so really good quality ... they are in the washing machine as I type... should be dry so Stew can try them on when he gets home.  The lot for $30!

ABOVE: six 'I just had to have them' crystal tipple glasses!  *smiles*

Harvey Norman sent out their Serviceman 'Fred'... nice bloke.. and he took photos of our lounge suite, had a yak then left.  He will get back to us asap with ???

Off to Botany now to talk turkey with Iain again... he loves me...  (I'm sure!) lol

MARY H:  piggy was bought at Mainly Chairs in Hamilton a good 12-14 years ago!  I love him.

AMANDA:  ahhhh... NO.  Hiding them as soon as I'm off the computer!

End of Day:  in all a very good day!   Progress on the Lounge suite, pool all sorted, garage door due in two days, just waiting to hear from Panasonic now.  Furniture from Whitianga?  Not sure what to do about that one. The people who have it are afterall kinda 'extended family'... so don't want to spit the dummy at them as they could have an influence on how often we get to see our Grandson.  Its complicated.
nite nite.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I sometimes wonder if I complain too much/quickly about things?  We got our new lounge suite 9 months ago... and this is what I am concerned about:

ABOVE: these weird round patches that are on one of the seats, which look like faults to me...

ABOVE: these little speckles of dark colour coming up all over the suite where we predominantly sit.  It's almost as if the colour from our clothes is transferring onto the leather... and it won't come off, even with the Heavy Duty Leather Cleaner that came with the suite.

ABOVE:  This is the lazy boy Stew sits in the most... it has a huge sagging bit on the back.  This is after only 9 months?   I hate to think how it will look in 5 years? 

I decided to ring Harvey Norman (YES THAT shop again!) to ask them to send someone out to have a look at the suite... cos really, I'm not happy with it at all.  It cost a small fortune and it should not be like this after just 9 months surely?

On a brighter note...our SPA arrives today at 10am.   After thinking yesterday that we might not get it afterall, I am very excited now.  I wanna take lots of photos!  lol  Let's hope it's not raining too much.  Stew is going to be here to help position it once the crane has hoisted it over the fence. 

Spa arriving, step by step:

ABOVE:  crane setting up in the street. This took about 15 minutes.

 ABOVE:  the spa arrived on the back of a ute... getting attatched to the crane...

ABOVE: up she goes!...  

ABOVE: at this point I was getting mildly concerned about my pig weather vane!...

ABOVE:  Steve,  and Dave from Hotsprings  doing what we have boys for...  (*Smiles*)

ABOVE: filling it up... 

ABOVE: full, chemicals in, lid on, heating up!  The whole process took almost 2 hours.  Not bad!  Apparently it should be warm enough for us to get in and try it by late tonight!

JAXX:  sadly yes, we do seem to have a lot of problems with 'stuff'... drives me nuts. 

Just spent an hour de-knotting the dogs ears/faces/tails... Steve has kindly bathed them for me.  I'm friggin knackered now.... hope that spa IS ready tonight cos it will be lovely to just relax and chill out in it after a bothersome day.

Got a phone call from the TV Repair people, the tv screen is stuffed completely.... and it's not worth repairing it!  So now we wait to see if Panasonic come to the party and give us a new TV?  Knowing my luck it will be another battle.
That big TV cost us nearly $3,000 and it's only 2.75 years old.

I'm not going to say 'Why me?'... what would be the point eh?

Just got a phone call from the Garage Door people, all going well we will have a brand new  door on Friday!   Yaaaaa.

End of Day:  looks unlikely the spa will be warm enough for us to use it tonight afterall.  Oh well.... tomorrow will be soon enough. 
nite nite.