Thursday, January 31, 2019


Well... first up for today... is Marley.

She is going to the vet for a SPEY operation.

Yep.  No puppies for her.  Or us.  NONE.

I have finally decided NOT to go down that track again.  I simply do not need the stress that comes with all that.  

It took me ages to finally make up my mind, but now that the decision is made, I feel good about it.

I will be dropping Marley off at the Vet's at around 8.30 this morning, and picking her up again late this afternoon.

Denim is getting 'fixed' as well, but I'm not sure when.  Because she is partly deaf, it's totally the right decision for her.

Next biggie of the day is Brylee going over to Te Awamutu to sit her Restricted Driver's License.
She will be having another driving lesson immediately prior to the test with a really good instructor, so I'm feeling quietly confident she will do well.

I will be having a quiet day in the sewing room working on a baby quilt.  So, I will be keeping myself busy, trying not to think too much about Marley or Brylee!

If it's yet another stinking hot day I will be in the pool later on in the day... that pool is such a godsend, and worth every cent it cost.


 ABOVE:  And off they go.
This test is going to be extra hard for Brylee, bearing in mind she found out yesterday a few things that she's NOT been taught.  It's thrown her for a loop.
This morning that poor girl couldn't even drink water without vomiting.

I've given her some glucose tablets to take, to try and help her energy levels if nothing else, but I fear her nerves are going to play a bit part in what happens today.

I KNOW she can drive perfectly competently, and with all the saftey necessary to pass... so  GO BRYLEE!

No matter what ... we got ya back.  Love from Griffin and Dad too.

ABOVE:  I've been busy this morning.... getting heaps done on this little cot quilt... I've not used a panel for a cot quilt before... it's quite interesting.  I know I am going to do more than what most would do with a panel though... I can't 'just' stitch around the lines!  *smiles*


AND ....  after all our fears, and all her nerves and vomiting and stressing:



I'm thrilled to bits for her.  

And she's... STARVING.   So, she's now having her breakfast and lunch mid-afternoon.

And I am off to pick up Marley from the Vets. Apparently her operation went well and she's ready to come home.

5.10 pm:  just out of the shower after a lovely refreshing swim in the pool with Brylee.  OMG it is so hot again today!  Heatwave?  Yep for sure.
When I got out of the car at the Vets to pick up Marley I almost died!
The heat coming up off the asphalt was astronomical.  Reminded me of the heat in Singapore... unbearable.

We are going out to the local Indian Restaurant for dinner tonight by way of celebration, and well... it's just too hot to cook.

Dinner out was lovely, nice food as per usual at Hello India here in Cambridge.
Everyone is tired, it's the heat dragging everyone down.
Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Brylee and I are heading over to Te Awamutu this morning.
She has her final driving lesson before sitting her practical test.
That will give me an hour to check out a couple of Op shops that I've not been in before.  

Lacy is heading off to Tauranga for the day (maybe night too).  She's on the hunt for a new bonnet for her car.  

Now, here's a question.... What's the BEST sort of WASP???




ABOVE:  a DROWNED one... or 8!  Stupid wasps, all trying to get a drink at sunset... and they DIE.    Best thing ever... a dead wasp.  Shit I hate them!  I was in the pool with Stew and Brylee +yesterday afternoon, and Stew said to me "Keep Still, don't move" and I said "Why?" 

And Brylee said cos I had a wasp on my back!

I didn't keep still, and I sure in hell moved!

In fact I freaked out!  Luckily for me the bloody thing flew off before I managed to get stung by trying to swipe it off.  *Phew*

ABOVE:  Looking fatter in the face... ice cream!  Derrr... what was I thinking last night?
But... on a happier note,  ain't the pool lovely and clean!  I'm thrilled at how crystal clear it is looking.

I check the water quality every day, so it should be clear!

And that's all for now.... I will endeavor to get some photos of Te Awamutu today. 

It's supposed to be another glorious day today... once the morning clouds bugger off.


4 pm:  And what can I say about today?
It started well.

Brylee and I had a nice drive over to Te Awamutu.  

ABOVE:  A little video of her driving through Te Awamutu before we met up with the driving instructor.

Then it went a bit downhill from there.

The Driving Instructor is not the same man who's been teaching Brylee.... JUST. AS. WELL.  Cos we quickly found out that Brylee has several critical GAPS in her driving abilities.

Enough to fail her very quickly in the 'real test'.  So the instructor is going to give her another LONG lesson tomorrow morning before her test.

IF she fails, I will be asking for some free lessons from the AA, as their 'instructor' failed Brylee.  The man who took her today is also with the AA, but he has many years experience as an instructior AND he used to do the tests too.  

He said Brylee has most of the skills necessary to pass the test, but there are those things she hasn't been taught that could cause her to fail.  With any luck she can pick them up tomorrow morning!

So ... after her lesson today, we went into Hamilton for a few necessities for me sewing, then we came home and jumped in the pool.
It is a STINKING HOT DAY again.

9.06 pm:  and 'hic'... three girlfriends came around after dinner for a swim... and a yakkity yak.  It was LOVELY.  We even had a wine... and cos I'm a one glass wonder... I'm a little pickled.
I HAD ONE GLASS!  God I'm a bloody light weight.

Anyway, it's been a really neat evening.  I STILL can't get over having so many friends!!!  Like, real ... real friends.
Seriously, it makes my life so much BETTER.  
............... Yes, I'm a sad git.

They have left now, and it's time to relax and chill for a while.  It's been so hot at night... didn't help that I baked chicken in the oven and it made the kitchen/family room SO HOT!

Time to sign off for the day, it's been a funny sorta day.  Up's and down's.  Ending happily though.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Well... last night the girls left Australia.

Lacy sent me these photos once they were up in the air:

ABOVE:  It looks like they left late afternoon there cos it looks like the sun was low in the sky.  Beautiful sight.

And then, Lacy is 'talking' to me over Messenger, Personal Message.  We are having a yak while she's flying home.

And next thing I know Kelly sends me this photo:

ABOVE:  It's Lacy on her phone.   So I say to Kelly, do you know that she's talking to ME right now?  lol

Kelly is like .... REALLY?   

So I end up having a conversation with BOTH OF THEM at the same time, while they are flying over the Tasman Sea.  Just a bit funny.

ABOVE:  Then the silly tarts BOTH send me a photo... exactly the same photo.  Derrrr.   Heading home.  

ABOVE:  I bet this kid is gunna be tired today!  They didn't get into New Zealand till around midnight, then they had to drive 2 hours home too.

ABOVE: Another nice photo of my sister Lorraine, this time with Lacy.  Had to smile, both HAVE my favourite colour on.  

Right.  TODAY?

I have an eye test this morning to check for any damage caused by diabetes, it's a 2 yearly check up.  Then Stew has his this afternoon.  So Stew has today off work.

Apart from that, our day is free.  I will probably tidy up my sewing room as it's a bloody tip.

If the sun is shining we are going to swim and lie in the sun and that is it!

A really relaxed day.... should be awesome.

I expect Lacy home from Kelly's mid morning .... unless she sleeps in, which is highly likely.


4.55 pm:  Well hell0!  LOL
Been an on the go day.
Stew and I had our eye examinations.  
I've tidied up my sewing room and started a baby quilt for a chick down the line.
Had a swim and sunbathe.
Had a nana nap... well I tried to but was too hot.

The pool is a godsend, it's pretty hot today!

I've got to think about dinner soon, last thing on ya mind in this heat is food!  
Perhaps ice cream is a good idea?  YEAH NAH... trying to cut out all sugar again.  And keep the carbs very low too.

Lacy got home around 9 am, she seems happy to be home.  I know I got a massive big hug.
Was nice.

8.40 pm:  I've got the fan on full blast in the family room, and it's not doing a thing!  So hot and muggy.  The sky is looking thunderous, but knowing our luck it won't rain.  It's just pissing around.
I'm signing off for the day, it's time to just try and relax.  My eyes feel a bit sore and sensitive, so Stew's probably are too.  Won't be long outta bed tonight.

Oh yeah, and I caved and sent Stew out for ice cream!

Monday, January 28, 2019


Omg I forgot to put up a post!!!   I'm at the market. It's going well. More later!!!!

It was quite late in the morning before Stew checked my blog and told me I had not put up a post!  I think that might be a first, as you said Felicity!

So sorry about that, I will try to never do it again.  In my defense, we were up pretty early and busy making sure we were ready for market in time.

THE MARKET:  Got down there at 7 am on the dot, and were ready to go by 8.15.

ABOVE:  All set up .... so lucky Stew stayed with me all day too.  It's so much easier with two of us.

ABOVE: By 10 am it was buzzing.  Lots of people.  And a lovely atmosphere.  This is the sort of market I really enjoy.  People are there to BUY stuff, not just wander the streets.

AND I saw and yakked with loads of my FGB friends, and a few patchwork ladies too!

The only 'blight' on the day was the wind.  It kept blowing things off me tables... so I will be sorting out how to stop that happening before my next market.

As for how did I do?  I did well.  Made several hundred dollars, so it was totally worth it.  That goes in the 'kitty' for next Christmas.  *smiles*

We packed up after 2 and were home by 3.  Tired but happy.

ABOVE: Poor Stew had the unenviable job of unloading the car.  He's such a good man.

We are now having a bit of a relax for a while, we deserve it.  

Lacy and Kelly arrive home from Australia tonight.  

 ABOVE:  A REALLY LOVELY photo of Kelly and my sister Lorraine. 

ABOVE:  And Lacy holding a rather DEAD spider, which they were told is a Wolf Spider.  I don't think I could even hold a dead one! Makes me want to scream and run!

So, there ya go, a proper update!  *smiles*

SHARON:  YES... I did jump in the pool ... so did Stew and Brylee.  It was deliciously cool, a great way to end the afternoon.

Stew cooked us a lovely dinner, and now I'm watching some mindless TV before bed.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Well... today I'm gunna sew just a few more little coasters I think.  Maybe 3 more of the farmyard placemats too?

I don't want to be sewing all day again though.  It's not good for me legs or feet, they swell up.

I need to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow's market too... and add my latest products to the boxes ready to go.  

If the weather is nice, and it's supposed to be, I want to do some swimming and sunbathing here at home.

Then later on, maybe visit our friends out at Lake Karapiro.  My Aunt and Uncle from Canada are out there as well, so it would be nice to see them again too.
But... let's just wait and see how the day pans out.

One thing is for sure, once I post this I'm gunna roll over and sleep in some more!  Hopefully Stew does too... he virtually never gets to sleep in, poor man.  He's always the one who gets up early for work, or drops Griffin off to work.

 ABOVE: Two Rotty placemats I finished yesterday, one sold to an FBG girlfriend already, and Griffin wants the other one.   *smiles*

 ABOVE: Lacy pointing out some spinning thingee at a park she visited yesterday. 
She said it was pretty wicked.

ABOVE: It was 'Australia Day' yesterday, so here is my adorable little Great Niece Joyce in her special Australia Day dress. Isn't she just gorgeous!  She's definitely got her Mummy's read hair!

Right ... time to roll over and catch a few more Zzzzzzzz's.


2.15 pm:   once I was sure my boxes of product were ready for tomorrow I went into my sewing room, ready to make a few more placemats and/or coasters.
And then I thought... Nope, I've got enough of them. What don't I have enough of?

And decided to make at least one more tree table runners... cos I only have ONE left!!!

ABOVE:  So, I am working flat out to get this one done and if I am up till midnight, I might even get a 2nd one done too!  But, I'm not sure about that yet.  It might not happen, there really is only so much one can get done in a day.

4.50 pm:  And it's done:

ABOVE:  It took me about 7 hours to make from absolute start to finish.  And knowing that, I'm not going to start another one because I know I COULD get it finished in time for tomorrow's market, but I would be utterly knackered.

And it's going to be tiring enough tomorrow doing the market, without starting the day exhausted.  So I'm making the call to take a break for the rest of the day.  

I might even jump in the pool now... cos the sun is finally out and it's still hot.

LOL... I didn't have a swim... I watched some tv, had dinner, helped Stew load the car in readiness for tomorrow, watered some potted plants outside and now... gunna blob out for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


So... I didn't get much sewing done yesterday as I had visitors virtually all day.  Today I hope to get at least another 12 placemats done in readiness for Monday's market.

The girls in Australia were very quiet yesterday, virtually silent in fact!
I did get a couple of photos:

ABOVE:  A couple of nice city shots and one of a Huntsman spider.  Looks a bit creepy that spider.

Jacqui and Joel head out in an hour or so, Joel has two races today.  He's doing so well with his rowing!  His parents are super proud of him.

Not much else on today really... Stew is going to mow the lawns cos they are getting long again.  Griffin is out all day and Brylee is working.

So that's it for now.  Catch ya later.


1.27 pm:  and doesn't it feel good when you are doing what you know you should be doing?
Cos... I am.

 ABOVE: I am on the home straight with 15 more placemats almost finished!  Been working since 9 am.

ABOVE: Got me faithful little sewing buddy, Coco, guarding the door.
Well... actually... she's there cos everyone is mowing their lawns and she's freaked out too.  But she does love being near me when I'm sewing as well.

ABOVE: Have I told you just how much I LOVE having Netflix?  Cos it's amazing.... I am now 'Netflixing' Suits.  And I love it!  

Stew is outside mowing the lawns... did I say that already?  Hold on... scrolling back...


........................Yeah, I said he was going to ... well now he is.

 ABOVE:  Everything is growing like MAD.  

ABOVE:  These are really pretty... so are the trillions of clover... but not fun when the lawn is completely covered with BEES.  Stood on one the other day... friggin hurt like f*#k.

And that's enough waffling for now... I wanna get those placemats DONE and DUSTED.  laters....

6.44 pm: ....

DONE. DONE.  DONE.  18 placemats. 12 coasters.
And that's a wrap for the day.  My legs and feet are swollen now, and I need to stop and put them UP.

Oh, and have dinner. Which is fish 'n' chips, cos I can't be arsed cooking.  I been working hard all day and I'm DONE.

ABOVE: I got carried away after I finished the dog placemats, and made these ones too, and the little coasters.  I just love that farmyard fabric! Such fun.

I've got a few more to sew up tomorrow, but sadly I don't have much of that fabric at all.  Enough for 3 more placemats I think.

And I'm gunna wrap up the day early ... I'm tired and just want to relax for a few hours now.

Best thing about sewing all day today? It was a cloudy day and that meant I didn't miss out on swimming and sunbathing in the sun.

Maybe that will happen sometime tomorrow?

Friday, January 25, 2019


Well  .... today I will be making yet more placemats.   Then I can relax over the weekend and just enjoy having Stew home for three days.

Monday is a pubic ... (edit:   OBVIOUSLY I meant PUBLIC HOLIDAY!) ... holiday, and I have a market on at the local Anglican Church, it's just down the road from us.

It looks like the weather will be really great for the long weekend ... Yaaa!

 ABOVE:  It's too hot for the lillies!

ABOVE:  We might be lucky and get a few grapes soon!  

 ABOVE:  The girls finally sent me a photo of my sister, Lorraine, with Rena.  
I love the colours of Lorraine's dress.

The girls went into the city yesterday afternoon.  Didn't quite go to plan, but hey.... nothing new there.

 ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena got to have a wander around, and they went on the Ferris Wheel.

 ABOVE:  Somewhere down by the river in Brisbane.  Very pretty, and so lush looking!  I thought Australia was in the grip of a heat wave?

ABOVE:  Well... I did ask for critter photos!  He looks pretty cute to me.

I stayed up late last night getting a couple of dozen placemats ready to be sewn up.  And I made a couple of little coasters, just for the hell of it:

ABOVE:  Cute!  I will be making a few more for Monday's market too.

AND.... that's me for now.  I gotta go make the house all nice and tidy, I have an Aunt and Uncle popping in today on their way to a rowing regatta in Rotorua, and Jacqui and Joel are here tonight cos they are going to a rowing regatta here in Cambridge this weekend. 

It's all go!  Nah, not really! lol


WELL!  Ya wouldn't want visitors TOO OFTEN would ya?
You get nothing done.

LOL... I've had visitors all day and really loved it.
First came Jacqui and Joel, stopping in on their way to rowing at Karapiro.

Then in the blink of an eye, my Aunt and Uncle from Canada called in too.  

They stayed for about 4 hours... it was wonderful to have such a good catch up with them.

ABOVE:  The obligatory photo shoot! lol

And just as a comparison, here's a photo taken of me and my aunty in May last year, when they were over for a funeral:

ABOVE:  I'm rather glad I am not quite that big any more.

Now the girls have sent me a few photos, but I've not had time to download them yet.  I will try and do that soon.

Didn't get around to that!  Got visitors again.  My girlfriend Sue T came around, then Jacqui and Joel arrived.

So, not a moment to myself today which was neat. 
Watching Coronation Street now, then will be  heading off to bed not long after that I expect.