Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yaa, today I'm doing a new class at the gym that I KNOW I can't get confused with..... it's a spin cycle class! All I have to do is sit or stand on a cycle and pedal, ha ha.

I have seen people do this class, it looks hard out, but I will give it my best, and burn some calories. I'm not feeling very enthusiastic today, woke up feeling a bit tired still. Must get moving to get myself going ....

OH MY GOD !!! That class was awesome !! I have never ever worked out so hard that the sweat was dripping off my chin and elbows ! I loved it, and sure will be doing that one on a regular basis... and I managed to do a good 90% of the class, only had to take time out a couple of times... WOOOO HOOOOO. I so needed to change gyms man! This has really motivated me again.

I was riding along on me trusty scooter, coming home from gym and rode past 2 bakeries, the smells were delicious, and I was soooo tempted to stop..... but I didn't! I think I am finally on track again....

Picture this: I'm sitting outside Griffin's class at 2.4.5 waiting for the kids to get out, I get a text from Steve "Want me to pick up the kids?", an evil smile comes over my face.... "OK , TA" I text back..... and he rocks up a few minutes later, sees me and ..... I just smile, and say... cool, I'm off, they are all yours! He took them to the dairy for an ice cream ... awww how nice.
Then I ask him to go and get a lettuce for dinner, and he comes home with..... a cabbage! DOH.
Mike gets home, he took a bus cos Stew's outta town, he's lost his wallet on the bus (he thinks).... and yep, it is on the bus and he can pick it up at 6pm. Hmmmmm

As guessed, it wasn't Mike who thought to ring the Bus Company, it was actually Steve... I was out getting a LETTUCE. lol

I just got back from the gym again, did the Bodyattack class for the first time, gawd, another hard one, but I managed to stay till the end and keep up with most of it. Quite a few people left way before it ended, so I felt really good about that. Stew is due home shortly, he's been out and about today and had a late meeting in Dannevirke, so now I have to get the two littlies ready for bed....

Lynda: I used to live in Auckland, oh and... Tokoroa, Upper Atiamuri, Rotorua, Wanganui, Whitianga, Te Awamutu, Hamilton, and right now I live in Palmerston North! lol

Stew just got home, so I'm off to spend some time with him, catch up on his day etc. nite nite.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's getting harder to get out in the evening to do the grocery shopping, everyone seems to be out and about now, including me! So today after my walk with Janet (gym buddy) I'm going to try doing the grocery shopping by myself... It may sound weird saying "try", but if you have ever seen our shopping trolleys at the end of going around the supermarket you would understand! We full two trolleys, and getting it, taking it home and unpacking it usually takes Stew and I two hours.

So, if nothing else, it will be a good workout! Got to look for the positives in everything I suppose. Must try to remember that for the next bloody awful situation. ...

Yaa, had a fantastic walk, and then straight on to the shopping, which took 1.5 hours to buy and get home again. I have put away all the freezer and fridge items, just the pantry and bathrooms stuff to go. Might wait for someone to come home and give me a hand! I'm knackered, and am going to have my lunch next. Still doing 100% well on the diet front, havn't had a slip up at all.
Oh yeah, below is over $700 worth of groceries, doesn't look like much eh? !

Right, off for lunch, surimi and coleslaw again... for those who just asked, this is a fortnight's groceries, topped up through that time with more fresh fruit and veges and incidentals.

I'm feeling quite bummed out, I've just been to the gym to do the Bodyjam class at 6.15pm.... it was too fast, too complicated, and I felt like a bloody dork and left after 30 minutes. I don't think I will ever be able to remember all those dance/jumping/side stepping, spinning moves! I don't think I even want to! It just wasn't "me", and by the look of 60% of the women and men there, it wasn't them either ! I was by no means the only person who was just standing there with a puzzled expression on their face. (thank god).

So, I'll have to rethink what I do on Tuesday and Friday nights won't I? Maybe just a cardio/stretching workout instead.

As per usual, it's the time of day where I chill out and just unwind, so on that note, nite nite.

Monday, February 26, 2007


The start of another week, it's going to be a good week, I can just feel it.

Jabber Jaws and Miss Stroppy are off to school, oh yeah. Brylee has been put on a discipline programme at school, the little tart has been punching other kids when she doesn't get her own way.... she is so much like her "mother" that it is scary... remember, I'm her Mum and Grandma, not her birth mother. Just another hiccup along the way, and certainly nothing for me to get all worried about, think I've been there, done that once too often already. Oh the joys of parenthood.....

Firstly.... I went and had my blood test, and it didn't even hurt! I am such a sook. Then I did my cardio workout at the gym, didn't do the weight programme as I did it yesterday... so am feeling all hot and sweaty now.

Not much else is happening right now, Stew has gone to Wellington for the day, hopefully he gets back at a decent time. Right, I'm off to hit the shower and have some lunch... surimi and coleslaw, yum yum.

I went out to get Izzy and take her for a walk, and my oh my, she's been having fun this morning! Mike must have left his bedroom door open somehow (the one leading onto the deck), cos Izzy had been BAD !!! Look what happens to Biology Textbooks when left with a dog....

She also had a go at his socks, shirt, cap, ornamental swords (lucky they aren't sharp!), and the MOST LUCKY THING OF ALL, his door leading into the rest of the house was closed. I dread to think of what mischief she would have got up to with free run of the house. errrrrrr
- Lee-Anne, I take Frusemide AND Spironolactone, both piddle pills, and have been taking them for 17 years!!! Some days they work, some days they don't.

Mike is a bit gutted by what Izzy did, but no point crying over spilt milk...dinners in the oven (chicken casserole) and I'm off to the gym again tonight.... ya hoo.

Back from the gym, last week I didn't enjoy Bodypump, this week I loved it! The instructor talked to me before it started and advised me to do squats when everyone else was doing lunges (I can't do lunges due to bad knee), and it was great! I followed 99% of the class, I ROCKED ! ha ha ha.

If you read about the "video of Saturday Night", rest assured it is never going to see the light of day... not even on his 21st Birthday, in fact I am going to erase it. It is too graphic and humiliating for the kid, and he doesn't need or want to see it. I am simply not that mean. He knows what it shows, he is gutted and probably will never allow himself to get that wasted again (GOD I HOPE SO).

It's wind down time now, put the kids to bed and relax time.... so that's me for the day. I'm proud of myself for having the blood test, for going to the gym twice, for eating healthy for another day, and being a nice mum. nite nite.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


It's 3am in the morning, and Stew has just managed to manhandle our 17 year old son Mike into his room..... Mike is so pissed he can hardly stand up, and he's as stroppy as hell! Talk about a kid who can't handle alcohol yet, he has just decided that he's already in the loo, and taken a leak all over his bedroom floor !!! OH MY GOD, if it wasn't so funny I'd slap the little shit! I have never ever seen Mike like this before, not a nice drunk at all !

I'm hoping he's now lying down asleep, but knowing our luck we are going to have to stay awake and keep an eye on him, in case he passes out and is sick...... bugger , damn and blast.

3.30 am, he's thrown up all over his bed... poor Stew is having to sort it all out cos I almost threw up too..... the washing machine is going on.... I'm going to throtle the little shit tomorrow !

8.40 am, just woke up, bliss, the little ones even slept in. I sure hope when Mike wakes up he feels awful, it will serve him right. His room smells goddam disgusting, like a brewery and ????

Did I mention that I video'd him last night? Oh god I'm evil.... wait till he sees himself on tape.... the crap that he was talking last night ... and him peeing up against his bed.... I did NOT video the "equipment", just from the back ! Shit I'm laughing now thinking about how he's going to react to that, cos usually Mike is the nicest young man.

I have another fitness assessment this morning at my new gym, today's is testing my resistance level? I think that's to do with weights. Then I think I'll do some cardio and try and do a class tonight.

I'm feeling really positive about this coming week, there is going to be nothing to stuff up my routine this time, fingers crossed.

Ok, the day has gone well so far, the gym assessment was going over the weight machines, how to use them etc. All good there.
Home, then into town for a few odds and sods, was tempted by yummy food left, right and centre, and had NONE. Phew, that was hard!

Have seen Mike briefly today, he got outta bed to go to the loo (THANK GOD !) *SNIGGER*, but he went straight back to bed. It is now 4.30 in the afternoon, maybe I shall get him up soon to clean .... oh Lisa just told me he's up and in the shower... he needs to be! eeeeewwwww

Mike isn't too keen on seeing HIS video... we will see. Stew and Griffin just dropped him off at a friend's going away bbq, and I gave him strict instructions not to drink.... Griffin must have his ears on well, cos he said to Stew on the trip back home "Gee, I hope Mike doesn't piss on the floor at Brendon's house!" SAD.

I'm really happy, I've had a good day diet and exercise wise, and I'm quite chuffed with myself. I resisted naughty food all day and made wise choices, and it makes such a difference to how I feel at the end of the day. You can get into "bad"viscious cycles, and you can get into "good" ones too, I choose to go for the good ones from now on.

nite nite, I'm sure I blabber on far too much sometimes!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Haa haa, spent the night with my legs up on a pillow, I'd do anything once to try and get rid of water! It worked a bit, but I didn't get much sleep. Oh well, I'm still going, no more skivvying off and doing a no weigh, I just have to accept that there ain't much I can do for the moment.

It looks like it's gunna be a lovely day, it's Lisa's 19th Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOBE ! (she's our son Steve's fiance, lives here with us), I really like her, even though she's a piglet! haa haa ha...

Weight went up (oh what a surprise!) by...... .700 grams, not anywhere near as bad I thought it would be. Maybe sleeping with my legs up helped?

Not sure what we are doing today, but I do know one thing... we are going out for dinner... hee hee he. Think I might have a nice dinner and even some pudding, oh err.

Thanks for the comment Briony:
I have had fluid retention problems for about 17 years now, I do not add salt to anything I cook if I can help it, I drink at least 3 litres of water a day (about right for my weight) and still have the problem ... my Doctor thinks it might be my Adrenal Glands playing up... next week's test might find out why. I hope so, and I'm hoping it's not my kidneys packing up! The doctor remarked how brown I was, and suggested the fact that I go brown so quickly might be tied into my fluid retention! WEIRD EH? Strangly enough, since I stopped drinking 3 litres of Diet Coke a day, it has gotten worse! My Doc is totally baffled, so am I.

I've decided I'm just not "normal", and will get on with my life, whatever happens. I am going to be the best I can be.... and live my life to the fullest. I LOVE LIVING NOW.... not like 3.5 years ago when all I wanted to do was die.

Just a quick comparison of 'then' and 'now'.... not too happy about the mid-belly bulge, but even if I never get rid of it, I am 100% better now to how I was back in August 2003! Even if I never lose another kilo, I AM HAPPY !

His nibs went to the supermarket for fruit... and look what he got me.... awww ain't he nice? He does random nice things for me, I'm a lucky tart!
And before anyone asks what nice things I do for my hubby.... hey.... he gets to sleep with me, that's enough! lol

Dinner: went to our favourite place : Breakers, had a nice dinner, I did not eat the chips. I did not have a pudding. Brylee felt sick so we came home early. End of story.
Watching telly, kids gunna have a party in the garage, I don't expect to get much sleep. nite nite

Friday, February 23, 2007


** BIG BIG SMILE** Nothing hurts anymore! What a relief, I was getting tired of my legs killing me. I am feeling really happy, I've got gym this morning (as per) and this afternoon I am taking a positive step towards getting my monthly hassels sorted....and maybe even the fluid retention too, though I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Have no idea what sort of day we are in for, it's really overcast at the mo, and nice and cool. I don't care, I'm feeling great today...

8 weight machines and cardio workout later... I'm still feeling great. It rained, I got wet on the scooter and found out that rain hitting your neck stings... fun.

Last night... Steve went to golf... and some twit backed into his car! Are we jinxed or what? Luckily Steve has insurance, and the guy immediately offered to pay for the damage (he doesn't have insurance), so will have to wait and see on that one. So, that was three in a row eh? So... NO MORE !
CLARIFICATION : It was Steve's own car that got dinged last night, not the company car! He has dinged his own car 4 times that we can remember.

Just picked up the kids, and in half an hour I'm off to the doctor's.. I'm feeling nervous! What a twit, I'm worried he'll want me to have a blood test, and I am the biggest sook when it comes to needles....

Bugger, damn and blast! I have to have needles... and an ultrsound.
Good news though, I've got pills to virtually halt the heavy bleeding, yaa hoo. I have to have an ultrasound to check out the uterus... cool.
And the needles.... lots of tests to check out why I have such bad fluid retention, but no promises on an answer. Apparently there is sometimes no obvious cause. Might be the kidneys, might be my adrenal gland, blah blah blah. I am having the tests next week, blood tests probably monday, ultrasound friday.

Michelle: anti needle vibes didn't work ! Ta anyway, lol.

Humph!! Just rang to book the ultrasound... March 26th !!! and $157 ! Just lovely.

Well, I'm going to W/W's tomorrow morning, I'm going to have a big gain, and that's all there is to it! Nothing I can do ... fluid is way up there and nothing I do seems to be shifting it. I'm off to have a sauna, not that it will help much. I'm a bit bummed out about this on going problem with the fluid retention, I just hope the tests next week will pinpoint a fixable problem... that would be fantastic.
Ok, I'm off .. nite nite.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


YAA, I've woken up feeling quite a bit better, my back isn't so sore and nor are my thighs. Thank god!
Sue: Your comment really made me laugh, thanks for that! hee hee.
I am going to the gym today, will do a light cardio workout, and this time I'm taking triple precautions... I can't miss another day of exercise or I think I'll sieze up!
As for my food intake, well I won't be having another pie any time soon, it wasn't even nice! I can't believe I used to eat a pie pretty much every day before! I must have been in a really bad place in my head then.

I'm not anymore, sure I have been piss arsing around lately, but I do know that I will never go back to how I was.... that would be suicide! So, don't worry, I am bouncing back today.... better than before...

It's not easy being *28* AGAIN!! Setting the exercycle and treadmill for that age sure made me sweat, and my thighs were screaming at me... it's all GOOD ! *Big smile* I am hoping to get to the Bodystep class tonight, by then things might have eased up "downstairs" ... and I am actually looking forward to seeing the Doc, I should have done it a year ago me thinks. Oh well, better late than never....

I am going to confess to being the worst wife ever... I'm going out shortly... I'm taking Stew's shirts to a local lady for ironing!!! I just can't face ironing another shirt...EVER. I hate ironing with a passion, and poor Stew has had to do his fair share lately cos I simply havn't been doing it. I have all the time in the world, no physical disability or any reasonable excuse.... I am evil. But hey, at least Stew won't have to do them now.... that's nice of me eh? *please say yes*... lol

Below left is the naked kitchen window, that has let the sun stream in onto me while I'm cooking dinner for the last time! Right is the bloody overpriced (but fully washable) blind that I have wanted for over 4 darn years! Yaa hoo, no more working with the sun on my face. We have been in this house for almost 5 years, and it has taken that long to finally have the kitchen how I like it.... I'm rather happy with myself today!

Just got back from Bodystep class, it wasn't too hard, the only problem I'm having is keeping up with the changes when I don't know any of the moves! Luckily tonight I wasn't the only new person there obviously, cos the lady next to me was floundering around too. We must have looked like right twits, but hey, eventually we will know the moves too.
Am watching The Biggest Loser now, then I'm going to go to bed.... another day at the gym tomorrow! So... nite nite.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So, with all my good intentions for exercise this week, isn't it typical that something will come along to stuff it all up? The monthly from hell has decided to arrive today.... so I am still going to the gym, but may just have to stick to doing a cardio workout, so I can make frequent dashes to the bathroom.

Also, I will have to take a few neurophen cos me lower back is killing me, don't ya just love being a girl? Ok, onward....

Picture this.. I'm on the treadmill, I've only been on it for 10 minutes MAX... and the next thing I know I've got blood pouring down me legs.....FUCK! So much for that, on top of the awful embarassment of it all, I had to go home, so no exercise then. And who said "granny pads AND tampons" will be enough?? boo hoo

Murphy's Law eh? For the past few days I have been feeling on top of everything, and really happy. Today I feel like shit, so went out and bought a potatoe top pie and ate it... and of course, now I feel even worse. I am seriously thinking I'm bloody useless at this weight loss shit, I've lost the plot. How could I be soo good at it for 2 years and lose 61 friggin kilos, and now I am useless, and slowly gaining again. I just want to cry today.

I just took my bad mood out on a magnolia bush, a begonia and some random plants down the side of the house, I pruned them... felt good. I also took Izzy for a little walk (15 minutes) to try and blow the cobwebs away... it's not too hot out there today...

I have good news... I made an appointment with my Doctor, Friday at 3.45! I have been putting it off until I had a reason to see him, like when I was ill.... but it just isn't happening! I'm never sick, I dont even get a cold anymore! So, hopefully he can do something about this "bloody" problem of mine, excuse the pun!
CKK: do you know what? I don't remember having any real "down" days while I was losing the 61kgs, I was so motivated and determined to get to goal, I was on a permanent high.
The only trouble is, once you "get there" it is very hard to keep the motivation up to just "maintain"... it's a neverending battle.
When I'm at the doctor's I'm going to ask him about my fluid retention too, it is not getting any better, even with the diuretics I take... illustrated below is the dent I can make in my leg by pressing my heel down on my shin... neat eh? And I can do this at any time of the day, to either leg.
I can gross people out by doing this, lol. Right that's me for the day, I have yabbered on for far too long me thinks. nite nite.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ok, so I've still got sore arms, but my legs don't feel too bad! I woke up feeling on top of the world, it's a beautiful sunny day and I'm off walking this morning, and I plan on getting to the top of the hill today! It's the only decent hill to walk up in Palmerston North so anyone here will know which one I'm talking about! lol

What else? Home to do some housework, honestly it has taken a back seat for the past few days and my house is looking decidedly untidy, something I just hate. Then tonight it's another class at the new gym.

I'm feeling guilty about my old gym, am meeting Janet there this morning to walk from and I just know the Gym Instructor is going to ask me where I've been ... should I tell him I've changed gyms or just make an excuse? He's really nice and I don't want to let him down, but that gym just isn't doing it for me anymore. later...

Linda: thank you for the comment, as you suggested, I shall not post it on here... we don't necessarily need to publish all our family woes ! Sounds like your son and our daughter are very similar in their troubles.
Anne: I shall try and get the courage to tell Jeremy! Your comments made sense too.

Ok.... we didn't get up the hill, Janet has a cold and my legs wouldn't let me I reckon! On to the housework...

CKK: in reply to your question... I think it's cos I got nothing better to do! ha ha.... nah really it just means I'm quite organised and disciplined with my days. Inbetween doing all me bit and pieces I always flit by the computer (which is on 24/7) to do quick updates ... it only takes a few moments! And obviously I enjoy doing it, that is the truth of it. later... am getting a suntan right now!

Gawd it is soo hot out there now, just picked up the kids from school, and now I'm feeling rattled and crabby. Too hot, too much to do, stressed at bit.
Got to get them out of their school clothes, give them afternoon tea, hang out some more washing, get some in, cook dinner, get to gym at 6.15, do their reading with them, the list goes on...
Tonight the gym class is BodyJam, dance routines with different types of music... sounds like fun...

I'm feeling a bit disappointed, there is just no way I can go to Bodyjam class tonight! I think I'd do myself some damage, my legs are really killing me this afternoon and I think I shall have to do nothing tonight, and just let my legs recover. Huh, to think I thought I was fit! Ok, I can walk and cycle for bloody miles, I've got endurance for sure. But that's it. So, I shall just try that class on Friday night instead, and realise that I am NOT superwoman. I just watched this video clip of Steve Irwin the Corocodile Hunter ... it is really funny (nice), so if you liked him, watch it.

Alrighty, am done for the day.... nite nite.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hmmm, I've woken up with sore arms, boo hoo. Not used to having sore arms, this is GOOD ! It means I worked them out yesterday in a totally different way from normal. Oh I'm also sore across the front of my chest, sort of level with my armpits, lol.

Anyway, enough grizzling, it's back there this morning for Cityexpress, a 22 minute circuit of the weight machines with an instructor egging you on. Sounds like fun! Then the usual cardio workout, followed by housework... suppose it still has to be done ... bugger. later...

I like Greg - gym instructor, he's sooo cute! Young and energetic, got a gorgeous smile... wish I was 25 years younger and not in love with me darling Stew!!! OH well... this morning was another fantastic time. Greg got me on a set of 6 weight machines in a circuit, and showed me what I have been doing wrong for over 2 years! I have been doing the weights too fast (to get them over with), and he made me slow down .... boy that's harder! Then I did only 30 minutes of cardio, I'm making sure I don't burn out in the first week! I may have endurance on my side, but aerobically I'm not fit. Tonight it's Bodypump, BRING IT ON.

Righty ho, got heaps to do.... oh yeah, below is the tea wagon Stew painted last night, on the left is how he did it, and on the right is what I did to it this morning... I didn't like the white at all... so it's fixed now.

Just got back from Bodypump class..... not sure if I liked it.... when we had to do the lunges my right knee hurt a lot, which is kinda an old injury from being so overweight. Also, had to lie on my back a lot too, and my bum didn't like that either... cos of the tissue implanted "back there".... so will wait and see how the other classes are before deciding if I will go back to Bodypump or not. Lots more to try!
It has been so hot today I fell asleep in the lounge around 4pm and was kindly awoken by the kids at 5, right in time to make dinner. Talk about an old granny! ha ha ha
I am feeling..... REALLY SORE ALREADY!!! Just getting up out of a chair is killing me, and my arms are dead! Maybe I overdid it today? TOO BAD, pain is good. I'm off walking tomorrow with me gym buddy, so that's "normal" for me bod... until tomorrow night anyway. haa ha.
Righty ho, I'm off to bed to give me body a break. ahhh bliss.... nite nite.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I'm off to my first gym class today.... the first of many "new" classes I am trying out. Bodycombat today, have no idea what it entails, but I'm gunna find out! heee hee he

Then I think it will be lunch in town, as we didn't do that yesterday due to me having the assessment at lunchtime. So should be a nice day.

Further on comments by Griffin.... Stew took him and Bryle to the movies yesterday, and when they were getting out of the car at home, Griffin had another look at the damage and said :
"Hey Dad, when you go to get the car fixed, you should take it to "Pimp My Ride", and they can PIMP it for you!!! For those of you without Sky Television, "Pimp My Ride" is a programme where a person's really ugly, decrepid vehicle is taken away and completely made over... usually to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars ! Hmmm, don't think we shall hold our breath of that one. later...

I'm back, 50 minutes of hard-out-going-for-it ... and I had a FANTASTIC TIME !!! It was fast, action packed, energising, bloody tiring, and I'm gunna do that one again! Lots of punching, kicking, jumping, side stepping.... and I must have looked a right twit some of the time, just standing there thinking.. what the fuck? I got quite confused with some of the moves, very fast and complicated, but I will get the hang of it eventually. Another class tomorrow night, Bodypump, where you use free weights.... can't wait!

Right, am off to Mitre 10 now, getting some paint (dare I mention paint?) to spray paint the cane trolley in the kitchen... might go for....BLUE !

Well, got the paint, and it is....BLUE....My favourite colour. Since then I've been out the back giving the kids and dog a squirt with the hose and catching some sun.... lovely lovely day today. Stew is in the garage spray painting the trolley... notice I said Stew is doing it!!! It was his idea, so he got to do it. I don't mind in the least, he's the one now covered in a fine mist of blue paint. lol

Ok, am going to bed really early tonight (9.30), got a big day planned for tomorrow.... if you have read my Exercise Plan for this week you willl see what I mean. BUT..... that is only a "hopeful" plan, cos until I try all these new classes I won't know if I can do all of them or not! I want to try though, and see if it's possible. It will depend on how knackered I get, lol.
So on that note, nite nite.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


So, the plan was to get to bed early last night, and you know what? It almost happened! Stew and I were actually in bed by 10pm... and almost asleep when Stew's phone bleeped... it was Mike, our 17 year old son who was in town with Stew's company car ... his text read like this:
Can you come outside when I get home??? Well, you can imagine what immediately went through our heads....he's crashed the car!

so, after pacing back and forward for 15 minutes in the kitchen (in the dark) the kid gets back, and yep, the car is dinged... both sides of the rear end!! Seems some twit had driven his truck into one side, which pushed the car right over until it hit the car next to it! Luckily for Mike, he wasn't in it, and there were several witnesses, so all the names and phone numbers were taken.

This is the second time in the 3 months we have had this BRAND new car that it has been dinged.... we'd only had it a month when it was crashed into while parked on our road.... we only got it back from the panel beater 2 weeks ago! So, the panel beater is just going to laugh when Stew takes it back on monday! This time there's about 5 panels to fix, and a tail light.

I think we are jinxed when it comes to company cars.

Oh yeah, Stew took Griffin outside this morning to see the car, and his response was : "Oh bugger!", and then he saw the broken tail light and said "Oh Lordy!" soooo cute.
Am off to WW shortly, nice social outing for me today, doing a no weigh, can't face the scales! I am useless at the moment, and I really don't know why! I have all the motivation, all the right food at hand, a huge incentive in May, and what do I do? Eat the wrong stuff...... later... I am a truly sad person! I just LOVE my ww meetings, I get to yak with the girls and impart all sorts of advice, makes my day! Pity i can't take my own advice re: plateau breaking, tracking, etc. Oh well, at least I still go!I think changing gyms will make a huge difference to my motivation, I am going to ask them to weigh me weekly as well, and to get on my case and make me work harder if I EVER go up again. So look out next week, I am going to lose! later...
Had my first fitness assessment at the new gym, was supposed to take an hour, took two. The upshot is I am quite fit and when I work on the cardio machines (treadmill, rower, cycle and cross trainer) I have to enter my age as 28 instead of 48!! That way they will give me an appropriate workout for my level of fitness... wow I hope no one is watching when I do that cos they are just gunna know I ain't 28 !!! Feel quite happy about that though, quite a boost to my self exteem. hee he. Next assessment is next sunday, where they assess your resisitance level.... that should be interesting. Can't wait. later...
Now I am going to try for an EARLY night ! Wish me luck, nite nite !

Friday, February 16, 2007


Griffin woke at 5am this morning, and proceeded to ask us every 10 minutes "Can I get up yet?... Can I come into your bed yet?..... Is it morning time yet?", so as a consequence that was it for sleep. God, I don't know how mum's with newborns get through the day, I know I never want to go back to that!

On a nicer note, it's a lovely morning to take Izzy for a long walk, cloudy and not too hot, so after I've taken the kids to school, I'm walking the streets again.

Then I'll go to the gym... my old one today. Tomorrow I will be at the new one, hope they show me how all the machines work! And I'm going to go to a class sometime over the weekend as well.... maybe a pump class, hee hee. later...

Yes Jules, 12 weeks is still a newborn! So precious when they are tiny, you don't mind getting up to them at 5am, NOT precious when it's a thumping big 5 year old! I have been there, done that with 8 kids and there is no way in hell I want to ever go back there! Much as I adore babies, I DON'T WANT ANY MORE .... Please please please !

Rachel: Griffins mornings this week- mon, tues, wed- screamed and cried, Thurs & Fri- good as gold ! Phew, might be winning.

I am in a fighting mood right now, I bought my new phone how long ago? I think it's only 2 weeks, and now Telecom are GIVING THEM AWAY to new customers! Fuck, I paid $350 for mine, they are gunna hear from me!!! later...

Telecom wins again... I was told "sorry madam, this offer is only available to new customers. If you wish to disconnect from your contract, we will charge you $350 disconnection fee, then you can rejoin and get the new phone, which will "save" you $350" ! Ummm, already got the bloody phone, bastards! Excuse my language , but where is the consideration for having been a mobile customer with Telecom for about 15 years ! I must admit though, I did not swear at the guy from Telecom, so I get brownie points for that eh? Oh well, the day continues...

so, caught up with my friend Chris D, back from Hartlepool, England. She had a great time, busy busy busy catching up with family, attending her brother-in-laws' funeral and taking care of her man. We are back to our normal routine tomorrow, going to WW together, then morning tea.
I shall bugger off now, am tired and want an early night. Oh, yes, tomorrow at 1pm I have my first assessment at the new gym, so another good reason to go to bed early... will want to do well at the assessment, don't want to look like an unfit old granny !
nite nite.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

NEW GYM ? ! ? !

I'm slowly realising that if I go to bed late (after 11pm) I don't have a good sleep, like last night. So from now on I am going to try to be in bed by 10.30 or even 10... that said.....

I went and checked out a fairly new Gym last night before the movies, and was I blown away! It is huge, gorgeous, offers so many aerobic/pump/step/dance classes that I am going to change gyms! I need to be motivated and energised by other people working around me, and this gym offers that in spades! So, for the next 5 months until my current gym membership expires, I will belong to 2 gyms! I thought Stew would be a bit "iffy" about spending money on another gym, but he is behind me 100% and just now offered to pay the first few months membership on the new gym for me.... man I love that man!

I have 2.5 months till we go to Australia, and I want to be in the best shape I can be by then.... shoppping ya know? hee heee

I am meeting my gym buddy this morning, we are off walking the streets again...later... Been walkies, got my friend half way up the hill today, next week we are going all the way to the top.

Today I joined City Fitness Gym, and on saturday I have my first of 4 fitness assessments, they test your cardio fitness, resistance, etc etc.. not too sure, but I'm going to find out. Life is full of little excitements at the moment! Amazing how one's life can change so much over just a few years! And so much of it is down to losing the weight and becoming an active member of society, and living my life to it's fullest.

I can't believe that just 3 years ago I was contemplating suicide! How life changes!...

Am watching the new Americal Version of The Biggest Loser, wow, some amazing losses this week! Not much else planned for this evening, so... nite nite.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I lay awake last night trying to think "how did I hurt my back today"??? And then I remembered... yesterday morning at school, Griffin was screaming and crying cos he didn't want to stay, I was walking away from him trying to find his teacher so she could hold him while I left, and Griffin grabbed my arm from behind me and then dropped to the ground, thereby wrenching my whole arm and making me twist around... so that's when it happended... yeah thanks Griffin!

Have a meeting at school this morning with a lady who will be working with Brylee this year, Brylee needs a bit of extra help at the moment, she just isn't "GETTING IT" at school yet. So, last year she had a teacher aide all year, this year she is in Reading Recovery and has a teacher aide in the classroom too, they are so good with her.

THEN... the new fridge/freezer is arriving this morning too.... ooooo so exciting! I am pathetic, getting all excited about a bloody fridge!...

Imagine a 2 year old clapping it's hand with glee.... that's what I look like! The fridge/freezer is here, and I just want to hug it!! DOH
Now waiting for Stew to come home and move the old one into the garage, then I will take a photo to show ya all. heee hee, love me photos.

Now , when you see where the new fridge/freezer is, you may think it's a long way from the sink and stove area, in the "traditional" kitchen triange set up, but to my way of thinking, any extra steps required to reach it are GOOD !!! It was three steps to the old fridge position from the sink, the new one is 6 steps away... so double the steps to get to it. All good! photo to come later...

So, here it is... two views of the kitchen now, and one of the fridge/freezer open so you can see how much room there is inside! Ain't it just beautiful !!!
It's Valentines Day, so Stew and I are off to the movies, we are seeing The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and his son. AND I SHALL HAVE CHOCOLATE, it's not like we go to the movies often so am going to enjoy myself, and that means something evil to munch on. sorry !
Nice movie, felt like it could have gone on longer.... kinda like.. where is the rest of the movie? But nice anyway! Had popcorn, a frozen coke, an ice cream and a few (yeah right) lollies. No chocolate though, I get points for that eh? nite nite

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My dear friend Chris D gets home from England today sometime, and what does she keep asking me? What's the weather like? Hmmm, me thinks she has been freezing her butt off over there! ha ha

Well she will be pleased to see that in her absence summer has finally arrived.... I'm off to the gym and to go walkies with my gym buddy this morning, I think we are going to cook out there.... it is sooo hot even at 9am. I am going to try and get her to go up "the hill" today too, wonder if I succeed? ...

That was great! It is so much harder walking the streets! I did not, however, get Janet to walk up the hill.. maybe on thursday I will succeed. Don't know if I would have managed it either tho !

Nothing else much planned for today, just the usual housework, might even get to lie in the sun for a while to get me tan up... Oh CKK: the reason I am lying in the sun is because I went on a sun bed three times last week and nothing happened! And I don't think a spray on tan looks that good either! I know, I know, I will pay one day with the wrinkles etc from the sun, but I don't think I'm gunna give a shit when I'm old and grey! my grandmother lived and worked in the sun all day long, and she died looking amazing for 85! My thinking is I'm like her.... another thing, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Both my brothers died young in accidents, I think that makes me live for today a bit more.

It is very hot though, so have only been out there for an hour. Ok? heee hee. ...

Got a call this afternoon, our new fridge/freezer is coming tomorrow! Man that's quick, but great. Luckily Stew took the doorframe to bits last night then, cos the fridge/freezer is so wide it won't fit in the kitchen otherwise!

I found there is a down side to having a blog.... my friends and family have stopped phoning, texting or e-mailing me cos they know whats up with me and the family by reading my blog.... boo hoo, now I never hear from anyone! So family and friends, I miss hearing from you! I don't know whats up with you, get a blog! lol ...

Watching Ugly Betty, such a nice show, funny and not too is Boston Legal, one of our favourites. Darn and I wanted to get to bed early tonight, have pulled a muscle in my back and feel awful. nite nite

Monday, February 12, 2007


This is gunna be quick, we slept in !!! and the kids have just got up, are having their breakfast now.
Todays plan: kids to school, shoot into town to sort out passport problem with kids, then off to gym, etc etc...

Great morning! buzzed into town and got stuff sorted, then off to the gym, some days are soooo hard! Today was one of them, I was clock watching the whole time, wishing it would go faster... it can be so boring sometimes just trudging along on the treadmill and exercycle and today was one of those days.
Just had lunch, a Weight Watcher meal, so yum. Also had a few Sakata crackers and tomatoe relish, am trying to keep from feeling hungry all day, so I don't do anything I SHOULDN'T tonight. Went to bed so early last night (9.30) and slept all night, so good! Had weird dreams though!

This is where the old fridge was, now it has a cabinet with "stuff" on it... I'm really happy with how it looks too, though every time we walk past it it looks like the fridge door is open and that's confusing!

Lisa's freind Aimee came around with her dog "Xinara" to have a playdate with Izzy, it was soooo cute, they played with each other till they were exhausted! Picture on right is of the two girls sharing a drink, the one on the left is of 4 Tarts. hee hee he.

Well, another day bites the dust, have not been very good food-wise, probably because I have been thinking about it all day, trying not to eat any crap. Going to check out some others' blogs then go to bed. nite nite

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Wow, another gorgeous day here! Todays plan: rearrange the kitchen in readiness for new fridge/freezer.... I am so excited! I havn't had a new fridge for 16 years! The last one I bought using the money I earnt from caring for a friend's wee baby, he was the same age as our Michael when I took him on all day (12 months). So I had 2 babies, 1 toddler and 4 primary aged kids for about 2 years. That was fun.

And, I am determined that this week is going to be better than the last, I'm going to up the exercise (hmmm), and try mixing my meals around, taking more care with portions, and drink more, much more!

What else today? Grocery shopping, oh joy. And, we saw in a "Cars for sale" magazine an advert for a little boat, kinda like a jetski, so cute! So, maybe we will go and take a look at one, they are in Foxton. That's where my title comes from "Dreaming today", as there is no way we can afford one at the moment, but we can dream eh? ... gotta have dreams.

Oh Sue! What a scream, how tall is your son? I don't think mine would fit in the fridge, even though they are not heavy guys, they are tall ! What brand is your fridge/freezer? Mine is a Westinghouse.... we already have a large Westinghouse upright freezer in the laundry, but it's just not big enough for everything, and once this new one arrives we will have 3 fridges and 2 freezers... hmmmm, will have to put one out in the shed for a teenager to have (if they ever leave home!). MORE dreaming...

Ok, we havn't had a chance to get out to Foxton to dream about the wee boat... that will have to be another day.

FOOD: I have been good so far today... had a bigger breakfast, and have made sure that I don't get hungry at all by having little bits and pieces during the day... small meals often is the plan today. And remember to use a much smaller dinner plate! Can't fit so much on a tiny plate eh? We are waiting for the boys to get back from golf so we can go grocery shopping....

This is the Zego I'm dreaming about, soooo cute! Like a jetski but you can sit or fish from the front, it can have 3 people on it... I'm dreaming for now...

I seem to be developing a new problem.... boredom in the evenings = eating. So I'm going to have to think of ways to counteract this tendency, but until I do, I'm buggering off to bed, it's the furtherest part of the house from the kitchen ! Might read in bed for an hour or so. nite nite

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Some twit woke me at 5.58am this morning, going up or down the stairs... so I'm not feeling very happy! And I'm not going to weight watchers either! I don't want to show a huge gain.... like about 4kgs!!! My face is all puffy, so are my fingers and legs... my pills did nothing yesterday at all, I just kept all that water on board.
I'm not on The Biggest Loser, where some of them water load to get an advantage for the next week, I have to deal with water retention every friggin day.

I am going to try and change "something" this week to get off this darn plateau I'm on, obviously all the exercise I do makes no difference. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

Today's plan... look at fridge/freezers, housework (DOH), move my butt some more! , refrain from eating any crap at all ! And hopefully someone out there has an idea for me to try....

Thanks for that suggestion Ash, can't imagine eating meat and veges for breakfast, but I will give it a try, anything is worth a go at the moment, I am so sick of not going anywhere with this weight loss kick, I'm sure my body is in a rut with all that I've done to it over the past 3 years ! And my mind too... I think maybe the mind is the worst problem !...

Just bought a gorgeous new side by side Fridge/Freezer unit for the kitchen... will now have to rearrange the whole kitchen to fit it in !
And... Stew and I looked at that huge pile of washing on the laundry floor for the past 2 ? days and today we caved in and did it !! Useless parents we are, not teaching those teenagers anything... I KNOW , I KNOW !!! But really, we got sick of climbing over it to get out the back door, and it was annoying the hell outta us. Maybe I shall charge them for the pleasure of doing their washing ? YEAH, that's a good idea eh?
... 22 towels, that's how many I've just hung out and got back in again from their pile of washing....

Lynise, I totally agree with you, but if I hadn't done it my darling Husband was going to do it.. and why should he work hard all week then come home and do a huge pile of washing? I fully intend to make them pay me for doing it, far out, I know I'm not their personal maid.... and you can say whatever you like to me, I will not take offense! I can take it just as I can dish it mate. I am living for the day they leave home and come a gutser when they run outta clothes, food, loo paper etc.

You'll be proud to know I did not clean their bathroom, it was stinking to high heaven and they simply had to clean it the other day, they couldn't stand the smell ! Luckily for us downstairs we couldn't smell it , phew ! SMALL STEPS...

Nice evening,watched some telly, and now the kids and I are going to play "Buzz" on the playstation... nite nite.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I had a comment yesterday that said I looked too young to be the mother of so many kids..... let me assure you, I am old! I had my first baby aged 20, and the last (N0#6) when I was 30. Having 2 grandchildren "dropped off" in my 40's has I believe, kept me young ! Gotta be positive eh? I am 48, and believe me, some days I feel it. So, thanks for the compliment, nice way to start the day.

I think I'm in for a huge gain this week, my legs are puffy from all this heat, and yesterday I didn't drink anywhere near enough water, was too busy. I can tell when I'm holding water, the bane of my life....

Usual day planned, kids to school, walk the dog, gym,housework... don't ya just envy me? lol ...

Griffin did not cry this morning, so I left feeling really good. I think it had something to do with the fact that they get to swim again today, Griffin just loves the water.... he tickled the teacher's fancy yesterday by saying "this is so refreshing !" all the time.... bloody cute kid !!! He does come out with some neat words often, his fav at the moment is "actually", he uses it heaps. Brylee is going swimming today as well, and is looking forward to it too. Don't ya just love school?

Dog walk, gym... been there, done that. Now for lunch, then I'm going into town to investigate one of those really big Fridge-Freezer side to side combo's.... don't know where it would fit in me kitchen, but who knows? Where there is a will there's a way...


I was reading a girl's blog a mo ago and she was talking about how she felt now vs. how she felt ages ago when she was fat, and it made me think of a few things worth yakking about...

How come when you are morbidly obese, you want people to see you as more than your weight, and when you are smaller you want people to see you for more than the weight you have lost?

There is more to me than the size of my pants - PAST and PRESENT !

I am sick to death of people commenting on my size, how much weight I have lost, etc etc. I am a whole person, with a brain, feelings, capabilities, talents even! I am not just a number of kilos lost !!!

I know this may sound strange, but imagine constantly being reminded about your weight ..... this happened when I was huge, and it happens now that I'm not. I AM OVER IT.

Why am I over it? Because I am ashamed of myself, for allowing myself to get so bloody obese, and I am embarrassed when people "congratulate" me on my weight loss, cos I don't feel like I deserve it..... all I did was correct my own mistake. Hmmm, rant over...

I wonder how many kids are asleep right now, exhausted from their first week back at school? This wee one is for sure!

Just sabotaged myself, had too much dinner, too much after dinner, feel awful, and am going to bed. When will I get off this yo-yo go around??? DOH
nite nite.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Haa haa haa, like hell am I doing all that washing! Lisa tidied up their room and bathroom last night, and this is what greeted me this morning as I strolled down the hallway! I think it is about time those little shits learnt how to do the washing, cos I AM NOT DOING THEIRS ANYMORE! I reckon they havn't sent any washing down for about a month, and why the hell should I spend the next 3 hours doing it??? Now that is off me chest...

Today, kids to school then I am off to the Hair Salon for a touch up on me blonde bits....I havn't been to a hair salon in .. oh about 4 years! I have been going to friend's home where she has been doing it, but I'm ready to be pampered in a salon again.... I am really looking forward to it! So, maybe I get to the gym later on today, or maybe not, will have to wait and see how I feel later...

Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday, I'm not fussed if Griffin cries again today, I know that the best thing to do is just walk (or run!) away... he will eventually get over this behaviour.

Three and a half hours later... my hair is done, and I've had a lovely restful girlie morning! Walked home from the salon to find my vehicle gone??? Friggin teenagers have taken it, and I wanted to go into town to do a couple of jobs, and I don't want to go on me scooter and mess up me hair... lol !

Oh well, may have to go in tomorrow then. Now I'm having my lunch, then will hang out MY washing, do some vacuming and sort out dinner for the family. later...

Here's the "new" do, it's just like the last one, ha ha... just not much regrowth showing. Oh and they straightened it, so it's looking kinda ok at the moment. Wait till it gets wet, then it will curl and go crazy. Going to get the kids from school now, and my god it's hot out there! ...

Today's paper.... Our Griffin is the third from the front, leaning forward loving every minute of school. Humph ! And you can be sure I was NOT one of the "Teary Mums" waving goodbye to my new entrant !! Far from it, after getting 8 to school, there was not a tear in sight. lol...

YES ! I'm not the only twit in this family who goes swimming with electronic things in their pocket... Steve and Lisa went out to Foxton Beach for a romantic evening together, Steve went into the water and yikes !... he had the car keys and electronic alarm thingee in his pocket... result? Can't make the car go.... so Stew had to drive out there with the spare keys so they could get home again... DOH . hee hee
Having the usual evening, watched the latest version of The Biggest Loser, and am now watching Grey's Anatomy... am getting on the exercycle shortly too.
That's it for today, nite nite.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Well, maybe you can't, but imagine the huge smile on me dial.... in 1 hour and 50 minutes I shall be walking away from school, having left B & G there for the whole day... BLISS.
I am starting my new routine today, kids to school, walk the dog, ride scooter to the gym, do my thing, go home and do the housework etc etc.

So, fingers crossed Griffin doesn't throw a huge hissy fit and scream and cry when I try to leave him....later...

BLOODY HELL.. he's sitting at the table crying already....won't eat his breakfast either... bugger bugger bugger...

Ok, got to school, Brylee settled into her new class no problem, but Griffin... well that's another story. He was like a limpet, clung to me and squarked like a banshee, so I did what I have had to do for months and left him with the teacher holding him tightly, and I RAN OUTTA THERE !!

I mean, I literally ran... picture a mad mother running away from her screaming kid... that was me!

And guess what Briony? 5 year olds don't give a shit what their mates think of them when they don't want to be at school! Griffin vomitted for 6 weeks every day in front of his mates when he started Kindergarten, he didn't give a shit. The teachers did though, so hopefully he didn't do that this morning... I wasn't staying long enough to find out... hee he.

I took the dog for a walk (in the rain) then went off to the gym, I am loving it.... the only thing I have to remember is I DON'T HAVE TO HURRY anymore, I have all day till 3 pm .... YES YES YES. Shame it's a short week and saturday and sunday will be here before I can really settle into my new routine. later...

Well, no one's rung me to come and get Griffin, so he must have been alright! I have to go and get them in a minute, today has been so lovely! Thanks for the suggestions Jules, I don't know that he's needing calming down tho, he is just a funny wee boy, likes his routines to be "just so" and does not take well to them being changed. We have had to drug him in the past just to make him sleep as he didn't sleep overnight till he was 2.5 years old! He hates the dark so sleeps with a bright light on all night, hates doors closed, is hyper active, and is a very bright boy. We love him to bits!
Well enough for now, better wander up to the school to get them... later..

The little shit! Seems he stopped crying within about 1 minute, here I was worried about him all day and he was having a ball.... I asked him what he thought of his new class and teacher and he said "Awesome" ! GRRRRR Brylee was less enthusiastic, but still had a good day overall.
So, god help him if he cries tomorrow is all I can say.

Dinner is done, and now I'm eating this delicious ice cream (100gms = 1 point) called Sheer Delight, with apple and rhubarb, so YUMMMM. I want to lick me plate! You can't see eh? heee heee
I shall leave you all tonight with this picture of our "Dude" asleep with his two teddies, aptly named "Ted" and ..... "Ted", ha ha ... he never goes to sleep without them. So cute.
Nite nite, and sorry today's entry is so bloody long!