Sunday, August 18, 2019



Today we are taking the furniture truck full of our 'de-cluttered stuff' to the Storage facility.

I'm so relieved that it will be out of here, I can crack on with getting the house ready for sale.

I reckon we will have this house ready to 'market' in a month.

So ... in a month we will be seriously looking for a new home!  AS in, finding and buying, conditional on this house selling.

We cannot go and buy right now, or bid at an auction, as we have to be ready to put this house on the market the minute we do actually find a new home and make an offer on it.  And we ain't ready yet.

I am going to another Auction on Wednesday, again just sitting in to see how they are selling.  That house we liked and saw yesterday goes to Auction on Wednesday.   I kinda hope it doesn't sell.

But that's wishful thinking really.  There will be the 'right' house out there when we are ready to buy, I just know it.

And we don't have to hurry and buy in haste this time.  NOT that this home was a mistake at all... we have loved living in this home.

But circumstances change, and we are grabbing the opportunity to get mortgage free, or close to it.

We are expecting visitors around lunch time too... so I hope we get everything done by then.


Saturday, August 17, 2019


ABOVE:  "Quack quack!"   Ducks in a row... slowly but surely.

After saying I wasn't packing any more boxes after dinner last night... ha ha... I did two more in the sewing room.  Got it sorted...

ABOVE:  It's not totally done yet, but the wardrobe is very neat and tidy, and what's left in here I am still using.  The padded boards will come off that far wall on Sunday (all going well), and all the pictures on the walls will come down too.  

Then it can just stay as the sewing room, I'm not going to put a bed in there and 'stage' it as a bedroom, anyone looking in the room can see it's actually a bedroom, surely?

Now, this morning Stew has to pop into town to pick up his prescription, then we are going to do a few odd jobs around here.

At lunchtime we are going into Hamilton to look at three houses.  We are not in a position to buy yet, but there is no harm in looking at what's out there... and IT'S FUN.

Well, I don't know about fun ... but whatever... we're gunna do it.  *smiles*


So often when you buy a house, the curtains suck!
So when we moved into this home the curtains in the lounge were HIDEOUS.  Well, I thought so.

So I bought new ones.  Netural ones.  But now that we are leaving, I am going to re-hang the old ones and see how it looks, maybe I can take my fairly new ones with me.  Might save us some money if the new home needs new curtians?

ABOVE: These are the old curtains.  They are in good condition, I just didn't like the colour.  I will press them and re-hang them this afternoon, fingers crossed they don't look too bad and they can stay up.

Been fluffing around the house doing odd jobs this morning.  Soon we will be heading into Hamilton to look at those houses.  Wanna see them?

Sorry... it's late and I've been really, really busy!

We ended up only seeing two houses, as one was cancelled but not advertised as cancelled, so we wasted time sitting outside it for a while. Grrr.

I am going to get photos up soon... but right now I'm exhausted and have a friend coming over in a mo ... so it will have to be later.

 ABOVE:  The first house we wanted to look at.  Wasn't open, so will try again next weekend.  Trick photography... the driveway was VERY short and steep!  Above is THEIR PHOTO...

ABOVE: And this is the photo I took. As you can see, a very steep, short driveway!

 ABOVE:  Second house we looked at.  It's dated, but we really liked it.  It had a huge garage which would be awesome for our gym equipment and one car.  It goes to auction on Wednesday, so we will most likely miss out on this one.

ABOVE: The third one for today. OH MY GOD, the photos made it look quite nice.  But :
1.  It was in the most GROTTY street ever!
2. Two doors down there was an old fulla who was obviously a HOARDER!  His property was disgusting.
3. Lovely lake aspect, but only if you like quacking DUCKS, morning, noon and night.
4. Mosquitoes.  Yeah, nah.
5. The house itself was far, far too small.
6. It wasn't made with good materials, and it was tired.

So, an interesting afternoon.

On our way home we picked up the moving truck from the Storage facility.

And we packed it to the gunnels!

ABOVE: That took us a couple of hours.  We shall take it to the Storage facility tomorrow morning.

And that is me for the day.  Gotta think about dinner now.
And then time to just watch some TV and relax.

Friday, August 16, 2019


I know I didn't 'work' for long, but man am I happy to be finishing it all today.

That cleaning gig was a good earner of course, but just too hard on my back.  

So, by 1 pm today I will be packing my car up and coming home from my last job.

Then I can concentrate all my time and energy on preparing this house for sale, and finding a new home. 

That's a bit exciting, a bit scary, and it's going to be exhausting!  In fact, I'm already tired, so I'm pacing myself.  Not trying to do as much in a day as I would like, just plodding along.

There's a good chance I can move on to cleaning/painting teenager's room soon, I will be finished in Brylee's room in the next few days.  So, his is the next room to tackle.

That's gunna be fun.... NOT.

Right... not much else to yabber on about right now, so I will go.  Catch ya later.


9.30 am:  So far this morning I've packed two more boxes from the sewing room and tidied up/rearranged a few things out the front of the house.

ABOVE:  less cluttered.  We need to waterblast the  area in front of the door ... it's looking disgusting again.
Overall, I'm happy with how it will present to prospective buyers when the time comes.  I will put some pretty flowers in the pots along the very front of the house too.

Now... I am going to sit and relax for 20 minutes before heading off to do that last house clean.

It's 1.09 pm and I'm home from my final job.
I got there and the owner of the home was still there, and she was saying how sad she was that I was leaving, bla bla bla.

I felt really guilty for leaving!  Anyway, I get started on the clean... bearing in mind it's a solid 3 hours cleaning in this home.

And I start thinking... I COULD keep this one job, she's not replaced me yet.  But I hold my tongue... cos well... I wasn't sure if I did want to keep it on.

After 3 hours of cleaning... NAH!   I walked away knowing I'd done an excellent job, and I didn't want to ever do it again.  *smiles*

IF I ever start saying I want to go back to cleaning... someone REMIND me that it's damn back breaking work would ya please???

Now, I'm going down town to post a table runner to a long time blog friend in America.
I think I'll get something nice for me lunch too.  Back soon.

Well... it's like a couple of hours later!  I ended up meeting up with a couple of girlfriends and having lunch with them at a coffee shop.   It was nice to spend time with friends.

And... it's been a quiet afternoon.  I cooked chicken hamburgers for dinner, they were great.

Now... a quiet evening in front of the TV.  I could pack a few more boxes, but really, I think there will be too many for the storage room I've hired if I do many more!

We won't know till we start putting stuff in it on Sunday I suppose.  

Time to go... catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


This morning I have my 2nd to last private house clean to do.

I'm sure going to enjoy getting them done and dusted!

Once I've done today's house, I will be coming home to do some paint prep.  There's several places in the hallway that I need to sand, then I can wizz around and do all the touch ups that are necessary.

I am really happy with how the house is coming along... it's been a lot of work though.

My plan is to get everything out of the house that we don't need right now, then paint where needed, then CLEAN.

Walls, skirting boards, doors etc.  There's so many grubby marks!  And once it's warmed up a bit, I am going to hire a 'Rug Doctor' and clean the carpet.

Only then will I be going out to find 'the new house' for real, then putting this one on the market.

DUCKS IN A ROW.... I keep saying that eh?  lol

Right, I'm off to get me porridge. I'm thoroughly enjoying me porridge every morning!  Never thought I would ever enjoy eating breakfast that's for sure.


Why today of all days does the dog at the house I clean decide to run away???

I let her out to go pee when I arrive and she always comes back inside pretty quick.

But not today. I get a knock on the door from a neighbor, telling me she saw the dog up the road!

FUCK...I jump in my car and go hunting for her....and thank god... there she is sniffing rubbish bags... I  get outta the car and call her and she came to me right away.  Get her in me car and back to the house we go!  Can you imagine how I would have felt if she got lost or run over on my last day?   Yeah... not a nice thought at all.

So ... that job is done. Finished there.

Lunch. Washing away,
 Odd jobs now. 

And the power is off for the next 2-3 hours... so I can't  even put washing on or vacuum... so maybe I'll pack a couple more boxes. *smiles*

Soooo... I ended up going to Hamilton for the groceries.  Yeah  *sigh*, I decided it could be done now rather than take up precious weekend time.

And now I can't be arsed cooking much... but I do have some marinated lamb out, so will cook that up with some veges soon I suppose.

***  SIGH ***  I put the lamb in the fridge as there was only Stew and I for dinner.  We had some sausages and stir fry veges.

And now I'm watching MasterChef and Stew's in the lounge watching rugby.  

It's the end of a long day, so catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I'm going nuts!

Everywhere I turn I run into boxes and clutter.

And I hate a mess... so this is very hard to live with.  It really isn't that long ago that we did all this when we moved from Auckland!


I hope this process does not take as long as that did!  Nah, surely not?  We should have absolutely no trouble selling this house. 

 ABOVE: This is what the house looks like.  Yep... everywhere.
It's doing my head in, so the sooner I can get a storage unit the better.

I think I mentioned yesterday that I've found somewhere very reasonably priced eh?
So, hopefully I will get that sorted out soon.

ABOVE:  Yeah, I changed my mind about the blue vase in the middle of the table and went with my candle holder instead.  So pretty.


I've got an FBG walk on first thing.  Then I'm going into Hamilton to attend a couple of auctions.

NOT BUYING YET.... just checking out the prices, what the atmosphere is like.  I want to see if it's still crazy or has settled down a bit.

Three years ago the prices were just ridiculous, and at auction you really didn't stand a chance of winning against the big property developers and really rich Aucklanders (we weren't !).

So, it should be interesting to see if anything has changed.

And on that note, I'm off to get me porridge and then start my day.


2 pm:  Well an interesting day so far I must say.
The house auctions I sat in on were SLOW... to the point where 2 of the 4 listed got passed in, and one went to negotiations. Only ONE sold at Auction!

So that's good to know... it's NOT crazy out there.

Next I went to the storage facility I am going to use and paid for our first month, which starts on Sunday.  AND he has given us the use of a small furniture truck on Saturday and Sunday for FREE!


And it means I will have room to move in the house again come Monday/Tuesday next week.  So cool.

ABOVE:  while I was in Hamilton, Lacy came out and chopped up more wood ... and took it back to her's to burn.  Thanks Lacy.  *smiles*

And now?  Gunna get some meat out for dinner then have a break.

ABOVE:  Thanks ma.  ha ha ha!

Right, it's 9.20 pm and I'm ready for bed! So tired.  Dinner tonight was lamb neck chops and veges.  Very yum.
Been watching TV, checking out stuff on the computer bla bla bla.  
Time to sign off for the day.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

28 DOWN...

Who thought I wouldn't use THAT MANY BOXES?

Cos so far, I've packed 20 big ones, and Brylee has packed about 6 smaller ones.

Today after my FBG walk, I will be going into Hamilton to get more!  

I also have to do the grocery shopping and buy a few light bulbs.  The ones that are super white and bright... they make such a difference to how the rooms look.  Getting those ducks in a row. 

Still so much to do, but doing something every day will get us there.  Still not 100% sure of the timing of buying / listing / selling.... before or after Christmas?

Just have to wait and see.

ABOVE:  All my table runners got damp on Sunday, so they have been in the family room since then.  Later on today I should be able to iron them and put them all away again.

I didn't think I had that many to be honest, but there's about 5 that are Christmas ones.  So I do still want to get a few more Wonky House/Tree and Holiday Time ones made.
Just finding time to do them is the problem now.

Right, enough waffling, off to make me porridge and start the day.


First up, I had a good walk with me FBG friends:

ABOVE:  So thankful I thought to take my umbrella as it started to rain only minutes after we started walking.  A nice and easy 3.5 kms today.

After the walk I got home to find Lacy there ready to do some more work, so I dragged her into Hamilton with me to do the grocery shopping.

Which I didn't end up doing as by the time I bought some plates, had lunch, got more boxes etc I was knackered!

So we came home.  Lacy went back to her home (in Hamilton) and I did this:

ABOVE:  What do you think of my table setting?
We got the plain white dinner plates from Farmers, 50% off!  Man I am uncanny with finding the sales!! 

When it comes time to have Open Homes, I will put some low set, fresh flowers in the vase in the middle of the table. 

Right, now I'm gunna have a bloody nap.  I have been waking every hour ... ALL. NIGHT. LONG with hot flushes again.  It means I am constantly tired.

NO... NAP.  Fluffed around the house, rang around a few storage companies.

Found one between here and Hamilton for THE BEST PRICE ever... heaps cheaper than everywhere else.  And it's a company we have used before, hence the lower price.

So, before I get snowed under with boxes all over the place, I think I will be checking out the facility then going for it.  Even if I have to pay for 4 months storage, it's better than what the house is starting to look like!

I can hardly move in some places for boxes.  I'll show ya tomorrow.

Now though, I need to sort out dinner.

MEH... no kids home at dinner time, so we decided to pamper ourselves...

ABOVE: We went to Hello India and had Butter Chicken (Me) and Hyderabadi (Stew).  His was supposed to be HOT, but it wasn't that hot according to him.  Me... can't stand anything hot.

After dinner we dropped by the supermarket to get Brylee some Spaghetti... cos we won't be doing the grocery shop not till Saturday.

It was on special, only $1 a tin, so...

ABOVE: We got enough to last her a while.  *smiles*

And now, I'm gunna bugger off and chill out for the rest of the evening.

Monday, August 12, 2019


Our power company gives us 'free power days' about twice a year.   You get to chose your days, so I chose today.

This means I will be staying home all day and washing heaps, and putting it through the dryer.  Why not?  

I might get a crock pot on with a nice beef stew too.  

The other thing I plan on doing today is getting into this:

ABOVE:  The sewing room has become the 'dumping ground' again.  Grrrr.

I'm going to tidy it all up, and pack up anything I won't be using over the next few months.  When Steve comes down next, he's going to take the padded boards off that far wall  (sorry, just realised ya can't actually see them) ... then I can get the walls all clear and tidy. 

I really don't think this room will take too much to get 'sale ready'. 

So... I'm gunna be good and busy again today!
And there's an FBG walk on tonight at the Avantidome too.  Yaaa.


Well... I don't know how it happened, but we ended up in the kitchen instead of the sewing room this morning.

So, decluttering and packing and cleaning are happening.

Kinda a funny story.... I was cleaning and so on Friday night and at some point in time I lost my drink bottle.

We hunted for it all over the house to no avail.  So I started using a new bottle.

Today?  FOUND IT! ...

ABOVE:  Damned if I know how it ended up in the cupboard under the kitchen sink!!!
Though I do remember going into that cupboard to get a certain cleaner on Friday night... so I must have put it there?  Weird.  Clearly my mind is fucked cluttered.

So, we are making headway in the kitchen... not much left to take out and pack up today.

ABOVE:  Some really clean and tidy cupboards and drawers now!  I've just kept out what we use all the time.

Another little story:

I've NEVER heard from one person over Personal Messenger or Text or anything, then suddenly when that person found out we were moving... I start getting PM's ?  EDIT:  I'm wrong, I have heard from this person a few times, I just double checked.  But not as often as NOW.  And now they are totally random messages, like 'touching base'.

And why NOW?  Cos certain person is a Real Estate Agent.  Yeah.  That added up real fast.

So ... I'm like.. yeah NAH.  We will be getting three appraisals and quotes from three of the large firms here in Cambridge and going with who offers us the best deal.  Certainly not a small time/part time estate agent who thinks they can trade in on a casual friendship.  *shaking me head*

Rather presumptuous if ya ask me.

Right, it's after 1 pm and I'm hungry.  Time to take a break, feed the face then crack on.

6.25 pm:  OH SHIT!!!

I asked Lacy to pack up all the surplus dinnerware in the cupboard... all that was on the BOTTOM shelf.  She packed more than that.

I just went to get our dinner plates out to put dinner on... and... NO plates!  No big dinner plates at all.  Then LUCKILY I found three dirty ones... saved from Lacy the very thorough packer!

So now I'm gunna have to either unpack that box to find our plates, or go buy a few really cheap ones.

I was going to buy some plain white ones for staging, so looks like I will be doing that tomorrow... or else:

ABOVE:  We be eating off plastic plates! lol

ABOVE:  Another walk done at the Avantidome tonight.  Just as well because it's a really stormy night, thunder/lightening and rain, rain, rain.

Got quite warm in there though.  I wonder if it's unbearably hot in there in summer?  I might wait and see.  *smiles*

Dinner tonight was a chook done in the crock pot, it was really nice.

Now... chill out time I think.  

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Today my market stall is going to be totally different from 'normal'.

I will be selling (or trying to), lots of stuff that I've decided to get rid of.  So far it's mostly ornaments, kitchen stuff and a few odds 'n' sods.

I'm sure there will be more once I get into the garage.  We have heaps of stuff up in the attic that can go, and also in the garden/yard.

But for today... we have plenty to put on the tables.

I will also have my big screen with table runners on, and if it's not raining, we can also have the laundry rack with runners on too.

It will all depend on the weather.  It's supposed to be utter crap... stormy in fact.  And COLD.

Crickey, I'm NOT looking forward to that at all.

And getting up really early... *sigh*, I hate that.  But, it is what it is.  

So... let the day begin.

OH... would ya like to see the new bed?  

Yeah, I thought you would:

ABOVE:  I made him 'pose' in front of his good work.  And notice the 'photo bomber' in the background?  So bloody cute.  Marley was hoping we'd let her in through the window, but she was filthy, so that wasn't gunna happen. *smiles*

Stew did so well building this bed, it came in lots of pieces (flat pack), I'm rather proud of him.  Thank You Darling for doing such a good job.  It looks GORGEOUS.

There is a blind on that window in the spare bedroom.  I'm thinking of making a smaller fabric garland, using the same fabrics as the larger one, and just stringing it along the bottom of the blind to tie it in with everything else in the room.  Yes?  No?  Or wait and see how it looks.  Yeah, lets go with the latter. 

Now though, I better get up and get MOVING!


OMG!  I finish setting up my stall and start to feel a bit cold on my legs... and realise I've only got me thermal tights on!!!  No proper tights/trou on top of them!  WHOOPS. I've got NO PANTS ON.

Luckily no one will notice.. the thermals look like tights really. 


This is going well! I've sold lots of my stuff... so much less is going home again. *smiles*

ABOVE: UGGGG. So wet and miserable. But the punters are out and about anyway.

3.55 pm:  Well... I didn't make millions of $'s today, but I certainly made more than I would have if I'd been working ALL DAY at the rest home!

I got rid of heaps of my stuff, so very happy with the market today.

Once we got home, we unloaded the cars and headed straight into Hamilton to look at a couple of houses.

NOT buying yet, just getting an idea of prices vs. what you can get now.

I will be going to an Auction on Wednesday to see how prices are in that respect too.

The houses we looked at today, well one was nice, but maybe a bit too small.  The other one was too small and needed HEAPS of work doing to it, new bathrooms and a total redecorate.  It was obviously an ex-rental and hadn't been looked after at all.

Home now (obviously, lol), and I'm going to relax for a couple of hours before doing a few jobs.

10 pm:  we had pizza for dinner, we were both tired and couldn't be arsed cooking.
Then I packed up two boxes in the sewing room before calling it a day.

Heading off to bed shortly...

Saturday, August 10, 2019


Today is my last day at the rest home.

I will be doing a double shift... so I won't be updating again till at least 2 pm.

Catch ya later.


1.29 pm:  I got home a bit early from my first shift... finished with plenty of time to twiddle me thumbs and chat with the residents for a little while, which was nice.

Now I'm home and about to have my lunch, then turn around and go back for my FINAL shift.  LAUNDRY RUN... which is a nice shift to end on.

 ABOVE:  Photo of me in the last ever rest home bathroom I am ever going to clean!  If I get another job once we are in Hamilton, it won't be CLEANING.  Far too hard on my back and arms.

 ABOVE:  Stew picked up the new bed this morning... it's going to be put together over the weekend all going well.

ABOVE:  Brylee has been busy decluttering her wall unit too... everything she wants to keep using until we move is in small boxes under her bed.

It's slowly, slowly getting done.  I have quite a few walls that need touch ups or total painting.  So I will have heaps to keep me busy over the next few weeks, along with doing some more walks.

VICKIE:  nice idea, and I had already given that some thought.  BUT, I know that if I was 'on call' as a reliever I'd end up having to do the shitty shifts on weekends and Friday nights.  And well... I'm kinda over CLEANING BATHROOMS!  

The only thing I'm gunna miss about that job is the people.  I loved them so much. OK... maybe not 'R', the super cranky, cantankerous old man who always gave me a hard time.  He gives EVERYONE a hard time in fact, even his family.

It's almost 7 pm and it's so nice to have today over with.  I feel like a huge load is off my shoulders.  Now I just have to get the two private jobs finished this coming week and I'm back to being a kept woman!

Poor Stew, I think he was enjoying the little bit of extra income coming in.  That's why I will seriously look into getting another job once we are settled in Hamilton next year.

And now... it's time to chill out and just enjoy the evening ahead.  Blankie on, feet up... BLISS.