Sunday, June 16, 2019


This could become a 'thing'... guessing how many bums I am confronted with each day!
Yesterday it was only two.  I am doing a double shift today (like yesterday) so... let's see who guesses correctly by the end of the day.

I am guessing 4.

I'm actually looking forward to my shifts today, now that I know how to keep my back pain under control.  I will talk to my Doctor next time I have a reason to visit him, and make sure I am doing the right thing taking Tramadol for the pain.

Just for the record, I took Panadol yesterday morning and it didn't help at all.

Clothes Dryer:  is coming in the next couple of days, the store is going to deliver it to their shop here in Cambridge, and we can pick it up from there.  So in the meantime, we have racks of clothes drying in the lounge, cos there is just nothing dying outside at all.   It's just too damp.

ABOVE: Stew put the treadmill in the family room yesterday, so now I can walk and watch TV ... I will probably get some walking done tomorrow. 

I'm thinking of putting the brown couch in the garage, and putting a cover over it to protect it. Then we will have more room in the dining area.  Right now it's pretty cramped, and the dining table is at it's shortest length.

At some point we will have room for it in a bedroom, but that's not possible right now. 

Lacy is going to come out to visit me tomorrow, I'm looking forward to being pampered.  She's going to do my hair for me.  BLISS.  And by 'do my hair' I just mean dry it, and maybe straighten it.  Just having someone else do your hair is a real treat right?  *smiles*

OK, enough blithering ... I better get up and do a couple of jobs around here before I head off to work.


1.45 pm:  Home for lunch... and so far, NO BUMS!  lol
Stew has made me a lovely lunch, I can smell it cooking.  


5.55 pm:  HOME, a bit tired.  And, it was a:

Yaaa.... no bare bums today.
OLD MOO:  I've seen bare bums just walking down the corridor, parked on their beds, sitting on the loo, in the shower... you name it, I've seen it!

I'm having a lot of trouble with my right butt cheek.  The pain is quite bad by the end of the day, but thankfully not as bad as when it stopped me walking completely.  I don't know if it's my sciatic nerve, or a muscle problem?  I just hope it stops being a pain IN THE BUTT soon. 

It has been a long week, lots of time on my feet, with double shifts all over the place.

This coming week is not looking that much better either I must say.  But tomorrow I have 'off'.  

I'm going to bugger off now, Stew has cooked something for dinner.... I won't need any till much later on tonight.  Having 'lunch' at 2 pm kinda buggers up dinner time.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


*sad face*.... I have to go to work ALL DAY today (except a break at lunchtime), and Stew gets to go SHOPPING!

That really sucks.  I love shopping.  Ya all know that eh?

So... I've been contemplating the pro's and con's of these two clothes dryers:

ABOVE:  Both are similar in price and specifications, so I asked for opinions on Facebook.  It looked like Fisher & Paykel was coming out ahead, but then Steve (our son) rang me and said "Get the Samsung".

He said their after sales care was far, far superior to F&P.  So that's the way we are going.  Plus the F&P one was a few hundred dollars more.  That made it an easier decision too.

So, all going well we will have a new clothes dryer by the end of the day.

As I already mentioned, I've got a double shift at the rest home today.

Think of me on my feet for almost 7 hours, scrubbing and cleaning, folding washing, bla bla bla.  I'm going to be knackered come dinner time!  The only GOOD thing is that I love the oldies, they are (on a whole),  so lovely.

Thankfully, Stew is cooking dinner tonight and tomorrow, one less job for me.

Now... I am off to get the day started.  Catch ya later.


1.55 pm:  Home for lunch.  And a rest.  My lower back is KILLING ME... and I've resorted to taking a Tramadol.
Yes, I had a reaction to it a while ago, but that's because I took it on an empty stomach and also had Panadol at the same time... too much!

Here's hoping Tramadol on it's own kills the back ache.

 So far today, it's been a 'NO BUM DAY'!

And by that I mean, I ain't walked into a room or down a corridor and seen a naked bum!
Yesterday was a '5 BUM DAY'.  Seriously.  5 of them. All ya can do is laugh, cos they do.  *smiles*

This afternoon is laundry duties, so slightly LESS chance of running into a naked bum.  But only slightly.

5.50 pm:  And I'm home from work.... and, well... it was too good to last...

  ABOVE:  It turned out to be a 2 bum day! lol

So glad I thought to take that Tramadol!  It worked, I was not in pain at all while working this afternoon.  I even enjoyed myself, instead of feeling awful.

Stew is cooking Lasagne... cos I had quite a bit of fresh lasagne sheets left in the fridge.  It smells so good.  My mouth is watering.

Our 'spare' teenager goes home later on tonight... I hope her Mum has had a successful 4 days at Field Days.  I'm hoping she can pop in here for dinner before taking her girl home.  She will be exhausted.

Friday, June 14, 2019


I went to bed early (for me) last night.
And OMG I slept like a log... comatose almost.

I was so tired after yesterday's double jobs.

Today won't be anywhere near as busy, thank god.

The teenage girls and I are heading into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.

We do need quite a bit of food etc, so it will be lovely to have the girls helping me with it all.

I have a short shift at the rest home at 3 pm, and it does not involve much cleaning/scrubbing/mopping thankfully.
It's in the laundry, folding washing, putting it away in resident's rooms/drawers etc.  So not a hard job today.  I like 'laundry' duty!

My hands were so itchy last night!  I wear gloves at the rest home when doing cleaning, but at my private job I didn't bother.  Mistake right there!  My hands were not happy with me after all that cleaning.  Hindsight... wear gloves!

And now... I might just roll over and get a few more Zzzzz's... I have no intention of getting on the road with all the other crazy people at this time of the day!

We have Field Days on right now and the roads around here are super busy.  To date, I have NEVER been to a Field Days event.  I would like to one day... but doubt it will be this year.

So anyway... I will just stay in bed till the roads are likely to be less busy.


Sore hips today! First thing I've done since getting outta bed? Take 2 Panadol.  Now to rouse the kids... though as it's only 8.30 am might wait half an hour *smiles*.

Omg just got home from grocery shopping with  enough time to get changed and get to work.

I'll  be back later.  Gotta rush...

7.07 pm:   Finally home, fed the family and now?  RELAXING.

The girls and I got into Hamilton around 10 am, and I dropped them off at the mall... they didn't want to go grocery shopping. *sigh*

I then went looking for a new clothes dryer first, cos I looked at the local Laundromat's prices and decided $12 a load to dry our clothes was too much!

So, I looked at a few at Harvey Norman's, then I went over to Noel Leemings, whose prices were better.

I had a conversation with the salesman, it went like this:

Salesman:  "Can I help you with anything?"

ME:  "Yes, I need a new clothes dryer, mine just died and I'm really cross about that!"

Salesman:  "Oh I'm sorry to hear that, was it very old?"

ME:  "It was only 34 years old."

Salesman:  (Face looked incredulous!) "Oh WOW, I'm not even 34 years old, that's amazing."

ME:  "Yes it is!  But now I have to get a new one, so ya better show me what ya got."

And he did.  And Stew is going into town tomorrow to buy the one I've chosen.
It was an easy pick, I just tried to get the best one for the best price.  NOT super cheap, NOT super expensive.  Middle of the road every time.

After that I did the grocery shopping, picked up the girls and got home JUST IN TIME for me to head off to work.

So that was me day.  

And clearly it was QUIET on here... not feeling the love peeps.  But I know you are all super busy with ya lives too.  *smiles*

Catch ya tomorrow, when I will be out working all day, so another quiet day no doubt.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Righty ho... gotta get up soon and take the spare teenager and our resident teen to school.

Then home, have something to eat and go to work at the rest home till 1.30.

Then it's straight on to my 2nd job of the day!

Cleaning a private house which is changing hands today.  The owner is having trouble getting everything clean in time to hand over the keys at 5 pm, so I'm going to get stuck in and give her a hand.

I better pack some food too... cos there is literally no break between the two jobs, so I will be eating on the job.

 ABOVE: I saw this one years ago ... saved it till now.  It made me laugh.

And that's all I have for now... better get up and start the day.

Oh and by the way, I'm not doing that well with the ON SUGAR ... scones, cream and jam last night and today!  WHOOPS.

Why, when you are trying to have NO SUGAR, it's all you think about???


6.25 pm:  I got home at 5.50 pm... a bit later than expected I must say.

I did a 4 hour shift at the rest home, all cleaning, so on me feet the entire time.
Then I went to my friend 'S's,  and did 4 hours house cleaning there too.

So as you can imagine, I'm utterly KNACKERED!  My back is BURNING and so sore.

I'm now sitting in me lounge chair, blankie on and I'M NOT MOVING FOR NO ONE.

Stew is on his way home from Rotorua, and he's picking up Pizza on his way.  No bloody way am I cooking.

I could have put something in the crock pot this morning, but I had nothing in the freezer suitable to slow cook.

The teenage girls and I are going grocery shopping on Friday morning, we are out of just about everything.  

I don't think I've felt this tired in a long time... doing two 4 hour hour jobs back to back probably won't be happening again!   It's not the hours involved that's so tiring, it's the nature of the work.

Vacuming, washing floors, bathrooms, toilets etc.  All involve bending over repeatedly.  I can cope with JUST 4 hours, not 8.

Now... I'm looking forward to a nice dinner, then just relaxing in me chair!

So Stew got home with the pizza... which was lovely. It took me almost two hours to 'remember' that I can take a panadol for the back ache!  I just had two.
I hope they kick in quick, cos I'm really sore.

Signing off now... cos I'm done for the day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


No jobs today!

But I don't get to sleep in.

We are looking after a friend's daughter while her Mum is working at Feildays.  So we have an extra teenager for 4 days, and I have to take her to and from school.

Just like old times, doing the 'school run'.

She's a really good kid though, gives us no trouble at all, and she seems to love being here.  She gets on really well with Brylee and Griffin which is neat.

So once she's at school... I have a few hours to do whatever I want.  Not sure what that will be yet.

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought "Perfect"... I just changed some of the words to suit:

ABOVE:  So Mum... see if you can find one!  *smiles*  

And with that little funny... I'm outta here, will be back later.


OK so basically I've done nothing so far this morning.  Just sitting watching some You Tube videos and checking out Facebook.
Then I saw a video and just have to share it, I nearly vomitted from laughing so much:

It just reiterates why I'm NEVER doing that!

"Knock Knock"... hmmm who would be knocking on my front door?
I jump up and Awwww, it's two ladies from the FBG group!  They were out doing a dummy run of a walk they are leading next week, and decided to pop in to say 'Hi' to me.
That was so nice.  I wish I could join them on their walk next week, but I'm working.  

Now that I'm getting into the groove of working, I do hope to get on a few walks soon.  

Can you believe I've still not done much around here?  Just fluffing around, tidying a bit here and there. I turned on the dryer now it's in the middle of the garage.  It started to get 'that' smell, so yeah, I turned it off.

I'm getting hungry, so might get an early lunch.  

I just had a brilliant idea!  If I need to get washing dry and it's raining for days on end, I can just take all me washing to a laundromat until I can get a new dryer!  I've never used a laundromat either, so that would be a novel experience eh?  *smiles*

edited: I'm a dick!  I'm NOT doing a rush job today as I thought, it's tomorrow!  Requires a bit of rushing around as I am working tomorrow morning, but still doable.
So, two jobs tomorrow.  Yaaa, more money for the bloody teeth!

Tonight's dinner was:

ABOVE:  Slow baked chicken pieces with Teriyaki Sauce on top, with hash browns/chips/potato balls.  Everyone loved it.

Now... I'm going to nag ask the guys to bring the treadmill into the family room, and put the exercycle in the garage.  I'm much more keen on using the treadmill while watching TV than the exercycle.

And that's it for the day... Coronation Street is on tonight so I won't be coming back on here!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Today I have just one house to clean.
And it's a nice job with a fellow FBG'er, so we are actually friends.

That will take me up till lunchtime, then I will be home.

And as our dryer is dead, I will have to put all the washing on racks in front of the heat pump to get things dry from now on.

I looked at the prices of dryers last night and was a bit shocked at how expensive most of them are now!

'Back in the day'... OMG I'M OLD!,  I bought our last one for about $400.

Now you can spend THOUSANDS on a dryer!  Not that I'm going to.
It's not even in the budget right now... hence putting the washing in front of the heat pump.

There ARE some cheapish ones, but I'm not sure how good they are?  

I will eventually have to get a new one of course, just not right now.  Anyone got any suggestions on what brand/size etc?

I'm not sure what I will get up to this afternoon... there's quite a bit of housework needing doing around here... so maybe it will be that.

Oh I just remembered, I'm hosting Card Night here tonight, so I might just need to clean the floors/bathroom for sure.
And MAYBE I'll bake something for supper!
Some lovely fresh cheese scones might be nice eh?
I've been dreaming about scones, and if you are like me, ya just have to have whatever you are dreaming about.  lol


Well another good job done.  Had a big, sad cat crying at me the whole time too!  He wanted to be inside, but as the owner is away right now... he had to stay outside.  So he cried, pitifully, for two long hours!
I did try having him inside with me while I worked, but he kept winding around my legs and tripping me up!  So sad.

I've just had my lunch, and am watching Home and Away.  Once that is done, it will be time to do my own housework.  *sigh*

ABOVE: ♪ hello my old friend ♪ ... let's get reacquainted.  *smiles*   I do hope to get some FBG walks in soon though ... probably only half walks for now though, and only if they fit in around my jobs.

9.07 pm:  Well...only three of us tonight for cards.  So we didn't play cards, we just sat and yakked!  It was really nice and relaxing.

We had pea and bacon soup for dinner with cheese scones.  Then scones/jam and cream too!  Super nice dinner.  

Now, visitors are gone and it's quiet time till bed.

Monday, June 10, 2019


We have lived here in Cambridge for THREE YEARS TODAY.
It has flown by, and it's been a wonderful three years.  We LOVE Cambridge, and I love all the friends I've made here.
I hope we don't have to move for at least 20 more years.


First and foremost, I'm gunna SLEEP IN.

Once I've had enough of being a lazy tart, I am going to get up, fluff around the house getting some jobs done and then...

I'm going into Hamilton to buy some more winter length tights.  I only have two pair that are wearable now... all the rest are too worn, or have paint splatter on them!

Talking of paint.  I've decided NOT to do any more painting.  It's just too expensive and you waste so much paint ... it's just not in the budget.  While I LOVED doing those few canvas's, I just don't have the money or time to keep doing them.  

So onward... I shall just stick to my sewing.

Amanda, Lacy and Kelly... I will be at The Base lunchtime-ish if you want to meet up with ya Mum?  

I was a bit gutted not making any money yesterday at market... but as someone said, the PLUS side is I have plenty of stock!
The only things I really need to make more of is a few large size Tree and Wonky House table runners.  

I have TWO MONTHS to get that done, as I'm not doing the July market.  I am working that day and I don't want to set up and leave Stew to run it in the freezing cold.  He will have to do it in August and September though, cos again it clashes with my job!

Poor man.

The teenager went to his 2nd school ball on Saturday night, and with his permission, here's a few photos (not taken by me) :

 ABOVE:  Griffin and his very best friend 'A'.  They have been friends ever since we moved here.

 ABOVE:  Note his 'shoes'.  *smiles*  He's too cool to wear conventional, 'appropriate' shoes! 
I liked his choice though, totally HIM.

ABOVE: He thought this car was awesome, and him and three friends went to the ball in it.  Then they had to wait for buses to get back into Cambridge once the ball was over .  He got home at 2 am! 
But, he assures us he had a wonderful time, so that's lovely.

Now... I'm gunna roll over and get a few more Zzzzzz's, fingers crossed!


MORNING!  I finally got outta bed around 9.  Put some washing in the dryer to air, then hopped in the shower.
Then... back to the garage to put a load of washing on... opened the door and ...

SHIIIIIITTT!!!!  There's this thick, white, acrid smelling smoke filling the room!

OMG.  It's from the dryer, so that bugger gets turned off quick smart!  I will unplug it from the wall and get Stew to look at it when he gets home.

Though.. as it's AT LEAST 25 - 30 years old... I think it's probably dying! 

Now, I'm going to get myself ready and go out.  Having lunch with two of our girls today too.  *smiles*

Mission accomplished... I bought some really warm sweatpants for winter..

 ABOVE: shock horror! Red pants no less! 

ABOVE: I also had lunch 
with these two  girls. Was nice to catch up with them. I'm now killing time to give Brylee  and Jordan some 'alone time'....

Yeah.. I'm damn NICE like that eh.

Well I got home a bit 'early', so snuck into my lounge and had a nana nap!  It was lovely, for a change I didn't wake up feeling worse than before I fell asleep.

The kids?  Don't even know if they knew I was home.. and in fact they are still holed up in Brylee's bedroom, PROBABLY watching Netflix as per usual.

***  I am thrilled to bits with my new winter pants btw ***

Now... gotta sort out dinner.

ABOVE:  I made a bacon/onion/cheese/tomato Lasagna for dinner.  It was OK.  Not impressed with the sauce I used.  Next time I'll make my own.

And's watch TV, relax time.  Then bed.
So... catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 09, 2019


Yesterday afternoon I decided to make a few more Soup Bowl Cosys for market today.

My goal was 4-5.  But I managed to make NINE!  Super happy about that.  (bet I don't sell any today now lol)

ABOVE:  My latest cosy's.  I really enjoy making them.

Also yesterday, I asked Stew to do a little job for me.
We have a long, thin window by the front door.  When we are sitting in our chairs in the family room, if someone comes to the front door, they can see directly into the family room and see us.
I don't like that at all.

So I asked Stew to get something to cover/tint the window so it would obscure us, but still let in the light.

He did it!

ABOVE: He got frosted contact and put it on... BOOM!  Problem solved.  Such a simple fix too.
Now I want it on a window in our bedroom too... one that faces our immediate neighbour's driveways. 

Once that's done I can get dressed even if the curtain is open.  Right now I leave the curtain closed all the time cos there is no privacy in our bedroom if it's open.

It has been so nice having a few days off work  I must say!  I get why people don't like Mondays now... though I'm lucky, cos I STILL get Mondays off.
Clever planning that was eh?   I also get Wednesday off this week too.  (Week 2 of my roster)

Right, it's Market day here... and we are heading off in half an hour.  Wish me luck... I'm going to need it!
It's friggin cold, and I doubt that many people will be out and about today.


 ABOVE: Wow! So lucky with the weather!   Yes.. we woke to a frost... but while its FREEZING out here, it's not raining or blowing a gale! 

No punters yet...

ABOVE: I'm ready for them though.

ABOVE: Pretty Rolls Royce for company today.

It's not looking to be a profitable day sadly. I might even go home in the red once I pay for my stall!

And also the first time I have NOT MADE A SALE at a market!  Not one thing.
And it was FREEZING... utterly freezing.  I had three layers on, UGG boots, gloves, scarf, hat, two hot water bottles and a blanket, and I was still cold.

Next month I am working on that sunday, so am not going to be doing it.  I had thought of setting up and leaving Stew to run it, but no.  We shall miss it next month for sure.

So now.. of course I am wrapped up in my electric throw trying to warm up again.  My legs are tingling... slowly thawing out!  *smiles*

Waiting for some lunch... hint hint Stew!
Stew just asked me what I wanted, and I said 'Something HOT'... AND HE SAID ... ME!!

Yeah nah... want FOOD not hanky panky.

ANON: He got it from Mitre 10, and the rolls were $20 for the narrower one, and $33 for the wider one. You can buy ones that had patterns/flowers etc on them for slightly more, but we just wanted a plain frosted look.

Well it's 10.43 pm and it's been a fantastic afternoon and evening.  Did NOTHING.  Relaxed.  Stew cooked Shephard's pie for dinner.  It was delicious.

Now... bedtime.  And I get to sleep in tomorrow!  Yusssss!

Saturday, June 08, 2019


Every day when I get home from work, this is how I'm greeted:

ABOVE:  Marley does her little 'dance'...  she is just so gorgeous!

And let's not forget the 'SNIFFS':

 ABOVE:  EVERY DAY, without fail, when I get home I get sniffed and sniffed.  So funny.  There is no point me moving till they've finished either, cos they just follow me and trip me up!

It was our 32nd Wedding Anniversary a couple of days ago... thank you for all the Congratulations ♥.   My sister-in-law posted this photo of Stew and I on our Wedding Day, on Facebook. 

ABOVE:  Seriously, what was Stew thinking pulling that face!  *smiles*  As I'd just given birth to Steve 6 weeks earlier (and he was 10 pound 12 ounces), I didn't wear a 'wedding dress', cos I felt TOO FAT!   OMG if only I weighed that much now!

Funny how you can look back on old photos and know that you thought you were fat then, but now realise that you weren't at all.  Sad really.

I feel like I've spent 80% of my life feeling/thinking I was FAT... when in reality it's only been 50%!  lol

Oh well... when I'm really old I will have plenty to 'fall back on' eh?

The NO SUGAR thing is going well.. I hope everyone else who's doing it is doing well too?
Leave me a comment, let me know how you are going!

Today I have nothing on!  So I'm going to try and do some sewing!  Yep... sewing.  Got the Cambridge Market tomorrow and I could do with a few more Soup Bowl Cosy's.  
Fingers crossed I can get a few done today.


CAT658: Awwwww!!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, that made my day.

My iron is stuffed... if you iron over batting it melts onto your iron, and fucked if you can get that shit off!  
I have scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail... 

ABOVE: That shit just won't come off.   So I decided to go down to the local Briscoes and get a new iron, one that I will be MORE CAREFUL with.

 ABOVE:  my new iron... and guess what?  It was 50% OFF!  SCORE!!!

ABOVE:  And and and......I got this amazing ironing board too... again... 50% off!!!!

And then... my friend Sue T arrived for a natter, so we nattered for about an hour.  lol
Now it's time to get on with lunch then sewing.

HI!  It's been an awesome afternoon!  I got to sew, and I enjoyed it so much.  I've not sewn for about 3 weeks!
I got NINE soup bowl cosy's made!  That's a few more than I thought I'd get done.

I will show them to you tomorrow...gotta have a photo for tomorrow eh? *smiles*

For now, just had dinner, sausages and a lovely vege mix.  Going to now relax in front of the tv before heading off to bed a bit earlier than 'normal', as we have to get up and down to the market by 7 am in the morning.

It's looking like it will be damn cold and wet, probably windy as hell too.  *sigh*