Saturday, February 16, 2019


Today we are heading into Hamilton to do a little grocery shopping.   We don't need to do a full shop thank god, just topping up on a few things.
And getting a few things for Griffin, as he's off on school camp tomorrow and he needs a few odds 'n'n ends.  Snacks mostly!

With his appetite, can't have him starving on camp.

His camp runs from Sunday afternoon till Wednesday afternoon in Rotorua.  The kids are camping!  That will be a totally new experience for Griffin.  As it's full on summer, at least I don't have to worry about him getting cold in his tent.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  !!!!!!!!  ... I had to take a photo!  He's sorting washing out!   He started gathering all he needs for camp last night... I'm in shock!

He must be eager to go, doing is own packing and all.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start the day.  Catch ya later.


I've been really looking forward to eating our own grapes all summer long.  Watching them grow and get fatter... then I go out there and find this:

 ABOVE: The dirty, rotten, bastard birds have eaten them all!  I'm so cross.

 ABOVE:  I went out and watered all the gardens last night.  I don't know if I will be able to save all the gorgeous plants under the blossom tree though.
Which is sad cos I love all the blue flower spikes that they sprout mid year.

 ABOVE:  I'm not so worried about the huge areas of dead lawn though, that always seems to grow back!

ABOVE:  Brylee's elbow is looking pretty good... the bruising isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
And she's got good movement in it now too... thank goodness.  Her teeth are not too sore either, only hurts when she eats.

LUNCH - Done

Another stinking hot day!  There is hope of some rain in a few days.  I hope it pisses down! PLEASE!

Mum has gone out for the evening with my niece and her family... so we decided to have left overs for dinner.

Stew made this:

ABOVE:  A delicious shephard's pie!  So yum!
Made the room hotter having the damn oven on though.
I'm going to try and cook in the slow cooker as much as possible, just to keep the heat down in our kitchen/dining/family room till it cools down a bit!

Even my Mum, who's used to 40 degree weather in summer is finding our heat a bit much!  It's a bit different from Australian heat apparently.

So while it's only 7 pm, I am signing off for the day.  I'm done, time to just relax and try and keep cool in front of the fan.  I can't even be arsed getting in the pool right now!

Friday, February 15, 2019


After yesterday's mishap, we are off to Cambridge Radiology at 9 am this morning.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed Brylee's elbow is just badly bruised, not broken.

Our little grandson Liam broke HIS ELBOW last week!  We don't need two of them!

After the xray we have to go back to the Doctor to have the results reviewed.

Of course, we are hoping her elbow is not broken, and just badly bruised.

After Brylee's appointment we shall come home.  And THEN I might just do some sewing.
Me Mum is happy to just relax here today I think.

After lunch Brylee has a job interview... so fingers crossed that goes well.  It will be even better if her arm isn't in a cast!

And that's all for now... will report back in later.


ABOVE:  Little Liam getting his 2nd cast on.  He looks rather happy with it!

Worth noting... Rena fell and hurt her foot a few days ago TOO! She has a Greenstick fracture, but is not in a cast, just a protective shoe thingee.

So that's three injuries in a row... we are done now.  *smiles*

9.25 am:  We got to Radiology bang on 9 and were out of there within 10 minutes.

ABOVE:  Her elbow looks OK to me!  I can't see a fracture anywhere... but we will have to go see the Dr to confirm my 'expert' conclusion.  lol

And now... back to normal day.  Get some housework done then perhaps some sewing.

Awesome news, there is no fracture of Brylee's elbow.  So just rest it a bit and then move on.

Not getting any sewing done, would rather spend time with Mum while she's here really.

5.50 pm:  And yes, Brylee's interview went well.  She has a 'call back' and semi trial on Monday!  So fingers crossed she does all they expect and want and she gets the job.

We have literally sat in the family room all day long... cos it's just too hot to do anything else.  I will probably jump in the pool after dinner, cos that's literally the hottest, stillest time of the day.

So... no pool tonight after all.  I watered the gardens instead.  Everything is so very dry!  Our lawns are totally dead in places too.

I think I'll be watering things for a while!

Coronation Street is on now, so time to sign off for the day.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Well... the day has finally come.

Brylee goes into Hamilton today to get her braces on.
She's nervous I'm sure.
I'm nervous for her, but only because last time she was there she vomited all over the place!

And it will probably hurt her teeth/gums for a while.

When we were at our friend's in Tokoroa yesterday, I grabbed Alec's straw hat... cos it appealed to me.

And everyone said how much it suited me, what do you think? ...

ABOVE: Do ya think I look like a cowgirl?  ha ha ha!  It was a very comfortable hat I must say.
Gawd, no makeup either! What was I thinking?

So... I better stop blithering on about nothing, and get ready to leave with Brylee and me Mum.

Catch ya later... I WILL update sooner today than yesterday. *smiles* 


To anyone who has 'bookmarked' my blog on their phone and find they cannot leave a comment.... (this happened to me Mum)...  tap the Google Search bar, type in Diet Coke Rocks, and access my blog that way and you will find the comment 'box' will appear!
A Bookmarked blog will not show the comment box and ya won't be able to leave a comment.

HELEN from France:  this could be your problem.  *smiles*

Almost ready to head into Hamilton, just rattling the dags of the old and young tarts, I on the other hand am totally ready.  lol

1 pm:  home and can sit down and update.

Brylee's braces went on without a hitch, except the orthodontist couldn't use cotton buds or the tongue 'holder downer thingee'... cos Brylee would gag!
So he had to adapt his methods to make sure she didn't throw up on him like last time!  lol

ABOVE:  In the chair... photo was taken by my Mum and I had to copy it... hence shocking quality!

 ABOVE:  Trying to eat for the first time with braces... it wasn't easy apparently.

ABOVE:  DAY ONE.  With her braces.  24 months to go.

The orthodontist said she will be sore tomorrow for sure.  Panadol... better make sure we have some.

It is another really hot day today, so I might just be getting in the pool shortly.
Dinner is going to be spag bol, something easy for Brylee to eat.

ABOVE:  While talking about teeth... Dante just lost his FIRST TOOTH, and is pretty proud of himself.  And he's really happy with the Tooth Fairy too.    Angle the camera from slightly above nostril level next time Steve!  He's a damn cute kid... but man he's got BIG nostrils from that angle

4.45 PM... sitting at the doctor's with Brylee.  She had a nasty fall on the bathroom floor... sopping went just outta the pool. And landed heavily on her elbow. So... getting it checked out cos it immediately blew up!

ABOVE:  5.45 pm:  Home again.  Suspected fracture.  Had the option of going into Hamilton and waiting at A & E for an xray (would take HOURS and HOURS), or go to our local Radiology Clinic first thing tomorrow morning.

We opted for the latter, so will be there at 9 am bright and early to get an xray, then back to the Doctor's for review.

It's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! (laughing a bit) 

Now relaxing for the rest of the evening.  Coronation Street is on later and I doubt I will be watching it, I'm so tired.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Today I'm taking me Mum down to Tokoroa to visit some long time friends of the family.

We haven't seen them since me Mum's 80th birthday party back in 2017, so it will be nice to catch up with them again.

Not too sure what else we will get up to yet.

We can't be too late home though as we have a few of the Hamilton kids coming out for dinner.

Feeling great this morning!  I didn't over eat last night at dinner... and it was a healthy dinner.  Lesson learnt (again)... you will always start the day feeling AWESOME if ya haven't been a pig the night before. lol

Now, I mentioned my Teriyaki Chicken last night... virtually everyone who's ever had it at my home has raved about it, so I'm sharing the recipe... cos it is divine.

 ABOVE:  There ya go.  It's a shit photo of the bottle of Kikkoman's Teriyaki sauce/marinade, but it gives you an idea of what ya looking for if you decide to give it a go.

I always make DOUBLE the amount of marinade, cos it's so bloody YUM.  *smiles*

It's lovely over rice, or with garlic bread to dunk in the sauce.  But well... that's a bit evil.

And now... I'm gunna bugger off and start the day.  


4 pm: !   Yep, didn't update at all during our trip to Tokoroa.
It was just too hot to be bothered.

We got to Tokoroa around 11.30 and visited with Mum's friends for three hours.  At least it was a bit cooler in their house than outside!

OMG it's a stinking hot day today.

On our way home we stopped at Litchfield at the Wool Shop and Mum kindly bought me some warm sheepskin boots to wear over winter.  They will hopefully keep me feet warm on freezing cold market days!

Now I have to find the energy to get dinner sorted.  It's just sausages and salad, some wedges and so on. 

ALMOST 5 HOURS LATER:   and dinner was a lovely meal.  Russell, Kelly and Rena came for dinner.  Amanda and her children couldn't make it as Emily has a tummy bug. 

I think everyone is tired, this endless heat is so draining.  I won't be long out of bed tonight, we have an early start tomorrow.

More on that............ tomorrow.  *SMILES*

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Marley is getting her stitches out this morning... she's healed up really well from her Spey.

When my Mum arrived in the house yesterday, Marley was very standoffish, and barked at her.
And wouldn't go near her for quite some time.

Then Mum started throwing her favourite toy for her to fetch....

ABOVE:  And then they were best friends.  *smiles*

After the vet visit, I think we are going into Hamilton... but don't quote me on that!

I've got my friend Sue T and her husband coming over for dinner tonight, so shall have to sort out what we are having before we go out and about.

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later on.


OMG last night's dinner was a massive mistake.  It was fish n chips, with some scallops/pineapple fritters and so on.
I ate FAR TOO MUCH, and felt as sick as a dog when I went to bed.  Thought I was going to throw up for hours ... but didn't.

And the worst thing?  I've woken up feeling exactly the same!  It's the pits.   Never again.

I'm back on my diet as of today.  This morning just reminded me how I used to feel every single morning before I started being careful with the carbs and sugars.  Sick.  Tired. Headaches.  

Not worth it.

We might actually get some rain today... it would be wonderful if we did.  Everything is dying in the garden...  I should show you!

ABOVE: Ok I exaggerated... but this garden is definitely the worst of the lot!  All the ground cover plants are dead or dying.

 ABOVE:  I have just turned on the sprinkler system... hopefully it perks them up?

ABOVE:  I have been watering the lemon tree for a week or more as it was starting to curl up it's leaves and drop them!  As it's got a bumper crop of lemons starting to grow I don't want to lose it.  I think it's saved.

Griffin just left for school, Stew's at work, everyone else is still in bed.  Nice and quiet.
Might just get dressed and start the day properly.

Nearly midday... and me Mum is STILL in her nightie... cos we be YAKKING, andYAKKING!!!
I think we are going into Hamilton at some point today!

ABOVE:  See... still yakking in her nightie!   lol

6.09 pm:  Well we ended up in Hamilton, at Spotlight!  Yep, Mum got me some fabric and batting.  And I am pretty chuffed *smiles*

Dinner is nearly finished cooking.  Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Wedges and a lovely lettuce salad.  NO DESSERT.  Cos I'm fat.  And I ain't gunna get fatter.

10.30 pm:  and our visitors have left after spending a really lovely evening here with us.  So nice to have friends over... and Mum here too of course.

Dinner was delicious!  My Teriyaki chicken always goes down well... Sue now wants the recipe, which I'm happy to share.  

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2019


My Mum and her partner Ron have been over here from Australia for a few days, attending a family reunion (on his side).
Ron is going back to Australia today as he needs to keep an eye on their property due to the high fire danger.

Mum is staying on for a little longer. No itinerary as such, just winging it I think.
So, I'm picking her up this morning and bringing her back here.

After that I don't know what her plans are!  But we will work around her and what she wants to do.

If there are any 'plans' made that involve anyone else, I will let ya know.  What Mum does is entirely up to her.

My other plans are to get on with that new cot quilt, then Tree Runners.
OH and the Commissioned House Runner of course!  But I need to wait on specifics for that before starting it.  There is a Company Logo to be added etc.  I'm really excited about it! *smiles*

Steve did a bit of 'building' this weekend for his kids:

 ABOVE:  He made them a 'Pallet Playground'!  It's super neat... I am sure the kids will get heaps of enjoyment out of it.  Because Steve can source the pallets for FREE, it didn't cost a bomb either, which is great.

Finally for now, I must ring the Vet's and make an appointment for Marley to have her stitches removed.  Probably get that done tomorrow, today is kinda full already.


Safely in Auckland.  Picked up the old biddy. Lol.

ABOVE: Mum, Ron and Lacy.

5.35 pm: And we are safely home from Auckland.  Stinking hot as hell today, feeling all hot and bothered.


And now in no particular order, a few photos from today:

 ABOVE: Ron's three daughters... I grew up with them in Tokoroa.  (L to R):  Janet, Diane and Lesley.  
Diane lives in Coffs Harbour, not far from Mum and Ron.  The other two are here in New Zealand. 

It was lovely to see all three of them.

 ABOVE:  Me and the 'olds'.  

 ABOVE:  We met Bex and Archer for lunch, and then Mum insisted on taking Archer grocery shopping.

He was really unsure about that!  BUT... he came right and had some fun adding things to the trolley.  In fact, he was pretty chuffed with his 'purchases' and was gobsmacked at how much he got to buy!  

It was pretty cute.

 ABOVE: Mum unpacked her suitcase.  HALF of it was fabric for me!  And some cute wall hanging thingees for a couple of her grand daughters.

ABOVE:  She did some 'shopping' here too!  She wanted the little pink cot quilt for one of Ron's great grand daughters!  And a table runner.
Awesome, more $'s towards Christmas.  *smiles*

And that's all for now... time to relax.  Gawd it's so hot at this time of the day!  Kinda sick of it now.  

*sigh* and YES, I know I will be bitching about the cold once winter is here, so just shish!

Time to sign off for the day, I'm tired and ready for bed!  

Sunday, February 10, 2019


This one came around damn fast I must say!
Or it could just be that I had the Church Market not long ago??

Oh well.. this is the local Cambridge one, and from experience it will suck.  Why I keep doing this particular market is beyond me.
But, I do like having my own site, I like having regular customers, I enjoy seeing locals and getting to know them, and have them know me... and so that's probably why I still do this bloody market! 

So, I've got everything in the car ready to go... just have to get dressed, grab me drink/phone/float etc and go.  Stew always comes with me, he drops everything on the pavement, helps set up the tables .... and then  buggers off!

He comes back again around 10 am to give me a chance to go for a piddle if necessary, *smiles*.

I will be home again by 2 pm.  Probably crabby. Definitely hot.

The pool will probably be my next destination.  So don't expect an update straight away, unless I've done one during the Market.  

Ya never know, it might be so slow I can do an update.  Yeah, probably will get to do an update.

I found out something, (thanks Facebook), the other day that I never knew:

ABOVE: Have ya ever noticed that little arrow beside the fuel sign on ya car's dashboard?   I NEVER KNEW it indicated what side of the car to fill your car up on!  Yep, 60 years old and never knew that.  
Did YOU?

And after that little nugget of information, I'm outta here.  Catch.  Ya.  Later.


9.30 and ... its DEAD. There's virtually no one buying a thing. I could take a nap and no one would notice. Friggin well knew this would happen. Grrrrr. 

I just got my first ever 'Custom Order' from a Resl Estate firm! They want a House Runner for their reception wall.  That's  exciting. AND they pre-paid too. score!

And another good sale... one of my House Runners. WHOOP!  So today isn't a total bust after all.

1.45 pm:  Home, and tired.  But reasonably happy.
It wasn't a total bust, as it picked up between 10 and midday, which does happen sometimes.

After getting the Custom Order I felt quite chuffed... then to sell a House Runner capped off the day.
There were a few other smaller sales too, so an average day.

 ABOVE:  Top right is the runner I sold to a lady here on holiday from the Netherlands!  She told me she LOVED it!  It's so lovely when you get such flattering feedback.  *smiles*

ABOVE: This cute little car was parked right in front of me, and I had a nice yak with the lady owner.  She said she wanted a Suzuki Swift in this colour, but it wasn't a colour option. 

So she bought it and had it custom painted.  Cost her $3,200 for the paint job, then she got the number plate too...   and she's so happy with it.  

Sooooo, it was a nice market today and I'm happy.
Will be in that pool soon too... cos it's bloody hot.

OH WOW!  Our neighbour (the one with the barking dog) is at our front door.  Talking with Stew about the dog.  This is the neighbour that hasn't spoken to us EVER, even though we tried to become friends when we first moved here.
But they never even acknowledge a wave as we pass on the street.

So... the upshot is they are trying to 'fix' the dog.  HA HA HA!   Ain't gunna happen, it's an ingrained habit.

More to come on that I suspect.  Like in two weeks when it keeps barking and I make another complaint to council.  

And that's a wrap for the day.  Dinner was a really tasty mince stew and veges.
I've got the air con on as it's so damn hot inside.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep... with the fan on full blast to keep it cool enough to actually sleep!

Saturday, February 09, 2019


Well... because I went to bed so early last night, I'm pretty sure there is no chance I will get this cot quilt finished in time for tomorrow's market.

This is just a rough lay out for now:

ABOVE:  There is so much stitching to do!  Every single alien and spaceship has to be stitched and have it's details added.

ABOVE: The arrows point to the one's I've copied.

I know it's not a 'traditional' baby quilt, but I'm sure it will appeal to someone!  Might take a while to sell... but oh well... it will look lovely on the stall! *smiles*

We are doing the grocery shopping this morning.  Kill me now.
But it has to be done sadly.

After that, I will be sewing of course!  And catching a swim too hopefully.


4.25 pm:  lol.. another day where I've been too busy to get on the computer and do an update!

So... first up.  We went into Hamilton and I got a few things from Spotlight (cotton thread and elastic), then we went to The Base for some more bulldog clips for market.

On to Pak 'n' Save for the groceries.

Home.  Unpacked all the groceries, picked up Griffin and then we went out to the lake for lunch at the Podium Cafe.

ONLY.... because there was an 'Event' out at the lake we couldn't park and eat at the Cafe without paying the 'Event Entrance Fee' of $15 a head!

AND LIKE HELL were we paying $60 just to park in the carpark for our lunch!!!!

So we turned around and came back into Cambridge and had a lovely lunch at The Coffee Club instead.

Took a little walk along the top edge of the little lake in town while waiting for our food:

 ABOVE:  As I  have mentioned before, as out little lake has very little water flowing through it, it's a bit stagnant.  Kinda ikky.

ABOVE:  Happy snaps.  Stew was back at the cafe waiting on our food.   

FELICITY:  I forgot to show you what Potato Gems were!

ABOVE:  Ya bake them in the oven and they come out crispy and YUM.

Well I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out things for tomorrow's market.
Stew cooked sausages and veges for dinner.
I pinned up parts of that new cot quilt.
And now I'm ready to stop for the day.

Friday, February 08, 2019


Well... it's going to be a 'bit of this' and a 'bit of that' sorta day.

First up, I'm going on an FBG walk at 8.30, so not too early a start.  I hate early starts!
Like .. who does not know that about me by now eh?  lol

After the walk, I'm going to do a bit more sewing on my latest project... 

ABOVE:  I didn't get as much done last night as I'd have liked.  Coronation Street was on, and it was a double episode... so I was like... stuck in front of the telly for TWO LONG HOURS!  *snigger*

But, that's the latest project.  A really colourful cot quilt I think.  I MIGHT make it a bit bigger, so it can go on a single bed?  Not sure yet.

After lunch Brylee has a job interview in Hamilton, so I'm going to take her in to it.  While she's there, I will do the grocery shopping, cos seriously?  We are super low on just about EVERYTHING!   I don't think we have been this low on groceries in a very long time!

So, that's me day planned out till at least mid afternoon!


Well... it was a close call to me not doing the walk this morning.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and I though it would be too hot for me... but I went anyway.

And while it WAS bloody hot, I didn't overheat till right at the end, when it was 9.30 am and certainly getting hotter.

 ABOVE:  Today's walk incorporated the wetlands out at St Kilda, so a very picturesque walk. 

 ABOVE:  It was a really good turn out for such a hot morning!  16 walkers and 5 dogs.
Some faces I'd not seen in a couple of months, so nice to catch up with them all.

 ABOVE:  Getting a history lesson from one of our members who's involved in the local Council.  My ears turned off cos I'm not really into history that much.  *smiles*

Now that I'm home my head is pounding a bit, so I'm gunna just chill for a little while before heading into the sewing room.

3.15 pm:  Well, I got some more work done on the latest quilt... then took Brylee to her interview.

The interview didn't take long... so not holding out hope on that one.

I decided not to do the groceries as it was just too hot.  We can do it tomorrow, when Stew can help me.

I'm now home and soon I'll be going into the sewing room again.

Dinner will be a 'silly bugger' affair... sausages, chicken kebabs, potato gems and so on.  Should be nice.

8.45 pm:  I desperately want to stay up and do more sewing... watch Coronation Street etc, but I simply can't keep me eyes open!  So, I'm off to bed super early.
Catch ya tomorrow.