Wednesday, October 16, 2019


As soon as Tracy suggested it, I was in the car and down the road to the Op Shop yesterday afternoon!

I got in just before they closed, so that was handy.

And I got us some new and stunning plates to eat dinner off!

ABOVE:  Aren't they just gorgeous!  And only $1 each.
Now we are 'set' .. unless we have visitors.

And if we do have visitors, we shall just say it's a BYOP   =  Bring Ya Own Plate!

Today is a biggie... Crown Relocations will be doing the video live chat with me, so I can show them exactly what we need moved.

I think I'm ready for that process.  Everything left in this house they will be moving, plus everything outside.   

It's still a lot of 'stuff', and will no doubt cost a bit ... but at least I've saved about a day's worth of them packing, not to mention a full truck too.

Apart from the video call, I have NOTHING on today.
And I'm going to make the most of it and be an utterly lazy tart.
I'm bone tired to be honest.
A lazy day will be most welcome.

***  Do ya reckon I can do nothing all day?  ***

 ABOVE:  More naked walls!  It looks so weird.

 ABOVE:  Stew up in the attic, handing down stuff to me.  It took us an hour to get everything down.  So not too bad.

ABOVE:  My garage now.  You can hardly swing a cat in there.  


Right.  It's 11 am and I just got out of the shower!  Can you believe it?  I lay in bed and watched the birds, the clouds, and 
the friggin munted hedge that I won't have to look at ever again in 7 weeks!

SEVEN WEEKS TODAY.... and the final hoop we had to pass, to go UNCONDITIONAL tomorrow,  has been approved.  

Jumping for joy... well actually I can't jump.  I'm too fat.

I got on the scales today for the first time in WEEKS.  Fully expected to have gained 15-20 kilos, cos OMG I feel and look so fat.

I have gained 11 kilos.  That's A LOT, but I am actually relieved.  It could have been so much worse.

So.  I have 7 weeks to lose some of that weight, and get a bit fitter.  Cos I have so much shit to do once we get to our new home!

Let's aim for 7 kilos.  I can do that.  

I am already feeling so much lighter... mentally.  This selling and buying process is so bloody stressful.

Now though, I'm gunna do me hair, put on some face and potter around the house.  I want to write a list of what walls need 'just a wipe over' and what ones need a paint.

That won't take long.

Lacy has arrived to return some tools we lent her.  She's trying to 'tag' me on Facebook ... ha ha ha!  That dumb tart de-friended me over a week ago and I ain't her 'friend' anymore.

I might stay that way for a while longer too.  She's got to learn a lesson.  Don't ever de-friend your MOTHER you twat.

It's now 3 pm and I've spent the last hour on the phone to the moving company doing a video chat.  Now I have to wait for their quote.
That should happen by tomorrow!
That's super fast.

I'm now going to do a mini grocery shop in Hamilton... and grab some lunch.

5.50 pm:  Home from Hamilton.  Got a nice small amount of groceries, enough to last 4 days in the dinner department.
I love this way of shopping!
I know I've said it before, get used to it.  *smiles*

Traffic was a right bitch on the way home ... got caught in the end of day traffic, and the road works at Tamahere just made it ten times worse.
I bet Stew's not going to miss that once we move.  Though, I'm told traffic in and around Hamilton is pretty shit in the morning and afternoon 'rush' hour.  

Oh well... at least he won't be travelling as far.  And me?  Well I'm going to be a 5-8 minute drive from The Base, Chartwell Square and Spotlight! I will be in seventh heaven.

Dinner tonight was crumbed lamb chops.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I thought I'd save these little videos till today.  They are just of Steve and his boys at the park on Sunday afternoon.

ABOVE:  of all three boys, Archer LOVED the hamster wheel the most.  He just can't get enough of it.

Luckily, Steve didn't hurt himself trying to do the full spin.

Today I will be doing more packing, after I do some 'normal' housework... yeah it still has to be done.  *sigh*

Lacy is coming out again to help me with the 'last big surge' of packing.  By the end of the day we should have all the china and 'what nots' packed!

Then I can move on to something else... like friggin painting.

We shall probably go into Hamilton too... I'm going to get some plastic 'picnic' type plates to use for the next few weeks, then I can pack all our dinner ware too.
I will also check out a new single, full length fridge.  We are going to need one for the new kitchen.

ABOVE:  Just found this photo of my girlfriend Susan... she always has the site next to me at the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market.  She was just being a bit silly last Sunday.  *smiles*


11.06 am:  And after three solid hours of packing yet more china... we are ready to take another load to the Storage unit.  
Thank god for Lacy's help!
We have certainly broken the back of the packing I wanted to get done myself.

After dropping off this load at the storage unit, we are going into Hamilton.  

Catch ya later.

2.49 pm:  And I'm literally done in.  So tired and just over it.

Lacy and I managed to get ALL the ornaments, china and kitchen ware packed and into the storage unit.

 ABOVE:  It is virtually full to the gunnels.  I think I can fit some bags of soft stuff like linen in the gaps ... but that's about it.
So happy it's all fitted in there.
We are saving thousands of dollars having done this.

 ABOVE:  I went into Hamilton to find some picnic plates to use now that I've packed all the dinner ware.
Do you think I could find anything I liked?  Nope.
So guess what Stew?  We are using what you can see above till I find something!

ABOVE:  80 % of the kitchen cupboards are EMPTY!  And clean.  So there isn't going to be much to do on the final few days here.  Awesome.
Everything we need is now on top of the bench, except for the pantry and under the sink.

ABOVE:  My lounge is now looking so sad and forlorn.  I said last night, and Stew agreed, the house doesn't feel like home now, it's characterless and all echo-ee.

It just goes to show what a difference paintings and ornaments make to a place.

And now... I'm taking a break and probably a friggin nap.  I spent two wasted hours going from shop to shop looking for damn plastic plates!  What a waste of time that was.
Hopefully I can find something soon... with new season stock coming into the shops soon?

*SIGH*... off for that nap.

OLD MOO:  I'm rather impressed you know that it will be STEW doing the washing and drying of the plastic plates!  ha ha ha!
Just a bit funny Mum.

8.43 pm:  And Stew and I have just spent a good hour getting everything down from the attic.
Tired now... signing off for the day.  It's been a really BUSY day.  Got HEAPS AND HEAPS done.

Monday, October 14, 2019


I slept in today.  It was wonderful.

Lacy is coming out this morning to give me a hand with the packing.
I plan on taking some stuff to the Storage Facility, there's still a little bit of room in there for more stuff.

What I can't fit in there, I will take to my girlfriend's in November. 

After I've finished with packing the china and pictures etc, I will move on to the walls. There is a good week or two's worth of work to get the walls (that I've not already painted), all good again.  I'm not looking forward to that, I'm so over painting! 

But oh well... it will be worth it at the end of the day right?  The house will be looking lovely for the new owners come December.

Sadly, our new home is going to need re-decorating too.  There's a hideous wallpaper in the living rooms/hallways and the master bedroom... all will have to be stripped and painted over time.

But, one thing at a time.  This house first.

We found out something awesome (sort of!) from the owner of our new home yesterday.  If our dogs bark in the back yard, we don't have to worry about the neighbour over the back fence!
Seems she's profoundly deaf and won't hear them.  *smiles*  And yes, our dogs do bark sometimes, mostly when they see someone on the driveway, or walking past on the footpath.  

In this new house, they won't be able to see anyone on the driveway or path from their area outside.  That's going to be awesome.

ANOTHER bit of good news... I got my refund from Vistaprint yesterday.  Very happy, I can now go and get my car's door fixed.  And I shall never, ever put a magnet on my car again.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


I apologise if I offended any deaf person with my post!  I did not intend to.  It wasn't a 'joke' ... it was just me saying it was 'good' that our dogs would not annoy that neighbour by barking.

It is now 3.20 pm and Lacy has just left for the day.  Between us we took three full loads, in Stew's larger car, to the Storage unit at Tamahere.

I am thrilled with how much we got done today!
All but two of our paintings, and about 12 boxes of china, and various small items that we shoved in spaces.

There's probably room for another 12 boxes in the unit too.

ABOVE:  From memory this space was 3 m X 4 m X about 3 m high, and I've filled up 95% of it!
The X's show where I still have some space to put more boxes.  

I will probably fill them tomorrow.

But right now.. I'm going to have a nap!  I'm just a bit tired. 
We have pulled pork cooking in the crock pot... it is smelling divine! 

Dinner... was delicious!  And I'm still tired, so am going to bed super early tonight.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


OK.. while I'm incredibly busy packing up the house... I decided to take the day 'off' and still do the Cambridge Market.
It will be a welcome break from this:

 ABOVE:  The lounge is the packing 'zone' right now... where I will be storing all the boxes and paintings that we will be moving out at the end of November.
This is going to save us THOUSANDS of dollars in moving and/or storage fees.  That is why I'm doing it, for those who have wondered why.

 ABOVE: Coco posing in the naked hallway!  OMG it looks and feels so COLD and ECHO'ee.  lol... probably no such word but who cares.

ABOVE:  And here is Goofy, our latest piece of Britto.  Isn't he just gorgeous.  We really love our Britto, it's bright, colourful and cheerful.

OH! ... later on, after Market,  we are visiting our new home again.  We are doing the building inspection.

Now as I already mentioned, I'm off to Market this morning.  So we are up bright and early (*sigh*)... wish me luck.
And catch ya later.  Much later.


1.20 pm:  home from market.  Financially it was a bust.  But socially?  Lovely.
Saw heaps of friends, had lots of lovely chats with people and just chilled out.

It WAS cold to start off with, but it got better as the morning wore on.

We are now going to relax for an hour, before heading into Hamilton to do the building inspection.

I plan on taking HEAPS of photos... some I might be able to share?  None that identify where the house is obviously.

6.28 pm:  Been home for a while.  Editing photos.
Now, please be aware I can't show any photos of the house that will identify WHERE it is.  
Once the photos are no longer on Real Estate sites (end of this coming week), I can show you more.

For now... you get these:

 ABOVE:  We will have a lovely BIG pantry again.

 ABOVE:  There is a really good mobility access shower... which will be excellent for cleaning!

ABOVE:  This is the smallest bedroom... only suitable for a single bed.  We will be putting our single bed (with trundler bed under), in here.

 ABOVE:  Because there is another space for the gym equipment, we will be able to fit my car in the garage, but not Stew's.  This is the laundry area, which will also be the dog's 'bedroom', once we section it off.

I love that the garage has a really big window at the back there, it makes it light and bright.

There will be heaps of storage room in the other half of the garage, so we won't need to put an attic ladder up into the roof space, which will save us money.

ABOVE:  I've never had a ceramic cook top before.  I will have to read up on how it works.
Any tips ??

 ABOVE: This is at the back of the house... it's been fenced off cos they have dogs too.  I'm hoping we don't need to do much to make it escape proof.

ABOVE:  For sure Coco won't get through this gate!

 ABOVE:  And all this garden will go!  We are going to clear it all and put a pool here.  Just the same pool we have here in Cambridge.
It might not be ready till NEXT summer though, cos there's quite a bit to get done before the pool.

 ABOVE: There is ALREADY a grapevine here!  Thank god.  The last two homes we've had, I've planted grapevines, only to move just after they finally started having fruit. 

 ABOVE:  Down this south side of the house is where the dog's run will be... and there's lots of gardens that need attention.
This will all take time.  

ABOVE:  I shall leave you with these lovely photos of the boys enjoying the hamster wheel at a playground we found a week or so ago.

And that's a wrap of today.  I'm tired and ready for bed... it's been a long day.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


Today Stew and I are going to tackle the china and ornaments.

I'm hoping that by the end of the day we will have packed up all of the Britto, and maybe most of the other ornaments and china in the house as well.

We will be keeping it all here until the last two weeks of November, when I will move it to my girlfriend's house till mid December.

Stew is hoping it's not a wet day because he wants to get out in the garden and mow the lawns this afternoon too.

I shall also be sorting out my market stuff... cos tomorrow is the Cambridge Market.  I've not done it for a few months!  I'm looking forward to it... as long as it's not raining.

ABOVE:  Crickey!  What was I thinking?  This is going to take FOREVER.  I doubt I will get it finished before we move.  But, I can try.
It's very REFRESHING doing something totally different from my 'norm' I must say.
I wonder if I'll feel the same in a few weeks?  lol

Now though ... Stew is heading down to the supermarket to get some onions, so I can put on a nice beef stew for dinner... then it's PACKING CHINA TIME.

The best thing about this weekend?  

NO OPEN HOMES.   I can't believe we only had to endure them for 4 weekends.  We have been so, so lucky.


Say "Hello" to my resident arsehole.  And he know's it.
He's being a right pain in the butt today.  Smart mouthed git.

I've packed all the BRITTO!  And am now working on all other ornaments in the house.

Next?  Take down all the wall paintings and stack them up somewhere!

Then next week I can fill little holes and imperfections and FRIGGIN WELL PAINT some more.

We just went down to Bunnings and got more wall paint to do that.  There should be plenty left for the new owners to use as they need it too.

But for now.. it's 12 noon and I need lunch and a break.

Lunch:  we went to the Hillcrest Haven (a pub) in Hamilton.  They make very good pizzas and so on.

ABOVE:  We all had a pizza, though we bought half of Brylee's and half of mine home in a 'doggie bag'.

Then we went into town and got a new piece of Britto... it's a special occassion right?  Not every day you buy a new home.

KIWIONHOLIDAYS:  Britto is this stuff:

ABOVE:  Sorry it's a shit photo taken ages ago.
Today we bought a Goofy, we've not got Goofy.

 ABOVE:  Our lounge is just a tip... full of boxes.

ABOVE:  But... I am making steady progress.

I can't believe how much I still have to do.
And as I take down the pictures and paintings I realise there is even more filling and painting to do of the walls.  *sigh*

Dinner tonight was a beef and vege stew I've had cooking all day in the crock pot.  It was delicious.

Now?  Watching TV.  Relaxing.  Trying not to think of everything that we have to do between now and December.  *sigh*

Friday, October 11, 2019


Stew is off to New Plymouth today.  It's going to be an extra long day for him.
Sadly he's attending a work colleague's funeral.  A sudden and most unexpected death.

Because he's out of town, leaving very early, I have to go into Hamilton to return our bank documentation.

So, yet another trip into Hamilton for me.

I will probably do a drive by of our new home while I'm in there.  I just can't resist!  The next 7 weeks are going to drag for sure.
At least we will be able to visit it again on the weekend with Steve.  

And while there, I will be taking some photos of my own, because you only get to see what they put on the Estate Listing.  And I've looked at them over and over again already.

I want more to drool over!  lol  AND it will help me sort out where to put everything.

When I get home I will continue packing ornaments and bits 'n' bobs.


I decided this morning to put a shout out 'there' to see if anyone has a spare bedroom or half a garage space we can use to store all my boxes of ornaments and all our paintings/pictures off the walls.
I really don't want to get another unit at the Storage Facility.  
So... fingers crossed someone can help!

Thankfully, I slept like a log last night.  I needed to. I was so overtired and upset last night, I felt sick and woozy.   I've still got the headache, so am off now to take some pills to get through the day. 

11.21 am:
BOOM!  The day is going SO WELL .... I've been into Hamilton in the pouring rain.  
I was unsure of where the bank was, Stew tried to tell me but seriously, in one ear and out the other!

ABOVE:  Like seriously?  It sticks out like a sore thumb... AND Stew?  All you had to say was it was the building you used to work in.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Walking up the main street of Hamilton.  SO DEPRESSING.  Leaking down pipes all over the footpaths, empty shops, just a general feeling of neglect and grubbiness.
And that is why so many people now go to The Base and Chartwell Square.  Like me. 

ABOVE:  DON'T LAUGH!  I bought this jigsaw yesterday.  For when I have some time on my hands and don't feel like sewing or cleaning or packing.  You know.  Down time. 

Yeah, even I'm kinda laughing.

ABOVE:  I've taken the single bed out of here this morning, now I have a workable sewing room again.  I anticipate making more for the November and December local market, then packing it all up.

I spoke to Crown Relocation's this morning.  They will be doing a video chat with me next Wednesday, then sending me a quote to pack/store then deliver our stuff in early December.
It's probably the biggest duck I have to get in line now.
But hopefully it should all come together.

It's now time to make a serious effort to get all the china and ornaments packed up.

OH!  I have an FBG girlfriend who is lending me some space in her house for all my china and paintings/pictures, smaller items,  so I don't have to rent another storage unit.  How cool is that?

2.04 pm:  and I've finally managed to grab some lunch!  
Now I have to try and convince myself I should get packing.

11.10 pm:   Well I've been the Queen of Procrastination today!  I didn't start packing up the china.  I was a lazy tart.
We had home made Butter Chicken for dinner.
Then we just chilled out and watched TV till bedtime.

And that's about now.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


ABOVE:  A HUGE thank you to Tony Mills from Lugtons, Cambridge.  He did an amazing job in marketing and selling our home.
He gave us excellent advice all the way though the process, and never put us wrong.

Thanks to his advice, we went with an Auction, even though I was strongly against one!

4 Weeks of intensive marketing and Open Homes, and his powerful sales technique with our potential purchasers ... saw us sell on the day.


Now, guess what?

NO MORE OPEN HOMES!!!!!    I could literally dance for joy on that one.

This has been such a different experience to our last selling experience up in Auckland.
And now... we just have to get through the buying stage now.

Fingers crossed....  though this is not quite as stressful as the selling bit I can tell you.


Now, before I forget, even though we are not in contact much at all... I want to wish my sister Lorraine a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.
I hope you have an awesome day with your family in Australia.

TODAY:  well I expect to be in Hamilton literally all day!
First up, I'm going into the Real Estate Agency and picking up the documents to sign... to buy our new home!

Stew has to sign them, so I've got to take them to him at his office... he's got interviews all day so can't come out to do it.

THEN I take them back to the Agent, and it's DONE!

We will have officially made an offer on our new house, which has already been accepted.  Then it will take 5 working days to become unconditional.  OMG so exciting.

ABOVE:  All going to plan, this could be our new front garden.

Just to let you all know... I will not be publishing identifying photos of our new home until it is no longer on internet sites.  We have to be careful in this day and age not to give out our address on a public forum.

There will be thousands of photos once we have moved!  Count on it.


So... everything is ticking along... all will be finalised by the end of the day.

I visited with Kelly and the girls for morning tea.  Kelly baked scones, and we had them with jam and cream.  So nice ... she did a good job too.

ABOVE:  OMG Keera looks like a gimp!  That child needs to learn she doesn't have to show ALL HER TEETH in a photo!  lol

It's now 1.45 pm and I'm about to start bubble wrapping my Britto china, then get on with some sewing all going well.  We have at least 7 weeks till we move, so plenty of time to pack all the stuff we will move ourselves.

I must ring around moving companies now I suppose!  *sigh*

2.15 pm:  IT'S DONE.  All the paperwork has been signed, sealed, dated and sent off to the solicitors.  HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF.

No one can gizump us either... it's OURS.  Unconditional day will be next Friday... a mere formality as we fully expect all our conditions to be met.

Our son Steve is coming down on Sunday to do a building inspection (a very informal one at that)... we just want to be sure there's no HUGE issues with the house.  We don't expect there will be though.


OMG we ain't doing that mistake ever again.

We were really spoilt for choice in finding our new home!  We had 4 lined up as potentials... that's pretty impressive.  And we got one that we are really happy with.  

I might have to get out the paint brush, well nah.  I will be getting out the paint brush *smiles*.... but it will be OK.  I'm good at painting.

I've been busy on the phone too.  There is a moving company coming out this afternoon to do an appraisal/costing for the move.
It's all GO.

O M Lord... I wish just for once I didn't have a headache!  All the stress involved with the selling and buying, on TOP of friggin family issues... I've literally had a headache for weeks!

Ya know what?  I think it's lunch-o'clock!  It's only 4 pm already.  *sigh*

And scrap that idea.  The moving company guy arrived, and an hour later... it's just a bit late for lunch.
Now ... what's for dinner?

It's one of those days where you'd like to re-wind some parts.
I'm totally over today.

***  Signing off early.  I need panadol.  ***