Saturday, April 20, 2019


So yesterday I said you would show you what we did with the 'rampy' thing eh?

Well... Stew worked for a few hours till late yesterday ... doing what I suggested.

It was something I'd thought of ages ago!

And here it is:

 ABOVE:  in progress...

 ABOVE:  And there it is!  A dog ramp, so the girls can sit and visit with me when I'm in the sewing room!  

They used it yesterday NO PROBLEM AT ALL!

And we have storage under it too.

 ABOVE:  Girls visiting me!  It's so cute.

Before you ask, the dogs are not allowed down into the 'bedroom end' of the house because Coco shreds the bedding, and some little girls like socks, undies, shoes and so on!

So, now they can be with me when I'm down there, but not actually be in the room.

Now ... something else 'interesting':

ABOVE:  Lacy and Amanda having a girly, fun time.  

And back to 'present time'... we are heading off to Auckland to pick up Griffin from Steve and Bex's.
We will make it an all day trip... cos why not?

It should be a nice day trip.

Catch ya sometime during the day... if I decide to update.


Well it's  nearly 11 am and we are just leaving home! Stew literally  snored till 9.30 this morning!

KIWIKID: Sorry babe... I managed to delete your comment by mistake. Blame me fat fingers on a teeny phone keyboard. 

When I get home I'll  copy and paste it.

Traveling now....

ABOVE: It's a stunning day. Just stopped at the supermarket in Huntly for some food.

Well... we got here safely. Traffic wasn't too heavy going in our direction. 
We had lunch at Manukau Mall then continued on to the kids.

A lovely relaxed afternoon ensued.

I was looking on Pay It Forward just now and saw a simple shelving unit offered... so managed to get it for free! Will be using it to store canvas's on while they dry. Its going to save me lots of time not having to build one. Yaaaa.

I will need to get some plastic to drape over it... to keep dust and  insects off wet paint 'n' polish though.

We are staying here for dinner... sausages 'n' chips. Nice.

Friday, April 19, 2019


Enjoy being with Family and Friends
Drive Safely
Be Kind and Considerate on our roads

Stew has the next 10 days off.  We have no plans to go away (cos I'm a working girl now!), plus well... going away ain't in the budget.

Particularly when I keep buying craft shit!  Whoops.  But seriously, I need to be doing something 'ARTY FARTY/CRAFTY' all the time!

I get bored doing the same stuff ALL.  THE.  TIME.  So doing some painting in between my sewing is going to be fun.

I'm hoping Stew will assemble that little craft trolley for me today.  I think he wants to get the lawns mown today too, as the weather is looking a bit iffy by Sunday.

Tomorrow we might be going to Auckland to pick up Griffin, so the lawns can't be put off.

I'm going to do some housework first thing this morning, before sorting out WHERE I'm going to be doing my painting.   I suppose the garage is gunna have to be the place?

I also need to make a frame and cover it with plastic, to put over paintings as they dry.  I don't want to have insects or dust land on wet paint.... these paintings can take DAYS to dry properly!

So, there's actually quite a bit of prep' work ahead before I actually even open a pot of paint!

ABOVE:  Archer, Dante and Keera at the Botanic Gardens the other day.  I miss walking around the Gardens!  It's such a pretty park.  And watching the eels in the little lakes was always fun.  I wonder if the kids saw any while feeding the ducks?  The eels always used to come up and chase away the ducks and eat the bread too!

Right, I better go...lots to be doing, getting on with.  Catch you later.

If you are travelling ... PLEASE be careful!  There's been far too many road deaths on our roads lately.


So Stew said " Let's go cruise the industrial area, see if we can find a pallet to put all the stuff we want to take to the dump on."


We have now embarked on a big clean up of the garage/sheds/attic space.  Over time we will gather up all the stuff we don't use and either sell it, gift it or take it to the dump.

So off we went in his car.

 ABOVE:  And OMG!  We found a huge pile of pallets and wood and stuff!  So Stewy had to go home and get the trailer, while I sat on our find and guarded it so others wouldn't take it!

ABOVE:  There was this really long 'ramp' type thing too... made of wood.  I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT too!

I have something very specific in mind for it.  More on that once it's 'in place'.

 ABOVE:  I've just grabbed some food, and now... back to the garage.  This is the cupboard I want to empty and fill with my painting stuff.

ABOVE:  I kinda dropped this pile of logs on me toe!  Said a few very bad words, then took some painkillers.  I could have chosen any toe that would NOT have hurt as much as this one!

It's the one I had surgery on years ago cos it was a 'Hammer Locked toe'.  It now does not bend at all... so to drop a pile of logs on it???  PAINFUL as f#*k.

 ABOVE: This is the long rampy thing... I can't wait to show you what we are doing with it!  You will NEVER guess!  ha ha ha!

ABOVE: And that job is done, and the garage has had a good tidy up in the process.
Plenty more to do... but as Stew is home for over a week, not going to bust a gut getting it all done today.

Might put me sore toe up for a little while?

Got a visit from my dear friend Sue T this afternoon... she went on a walk I was supposed to do.  Another one I had to cancel.  Grrrr.

The toe isn't feeling too bad now... quite a bit of bruising coming out though.

Should be fine in a day or two.

Silly bugger dinner tonight. Then TV.  Watched more You Tube videos, think I'm starting to get over them!  Too many ideas!

Time to sign off for the day.  I'm off to bed.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


It's off to work I go... again.

A different house today, one that is not too onerous.

Lots less scrubbing, and virtually no spiders!  Thank god.

I got a really lovely text message from 'MH' yesterday, her's is the home I did last Friday.  The HUGE home.
She just wanted me to know she was very happy with how well I did her home!  Awww, nice to know.

After I've done today's house, I will come home, clean myself up and then go into Hamilton for some paint and stuff.

I hope to get at least one or two canvas's done over the long weekend.

I did get a few odds 'n' ends yesterday here in Cambridge from the 1 2 3 $ shop.  Plastic cups.  Wooden stirring sticks. A couple of cheap canvas's... I don't want to use expensive ones while I'm learning how to do this new technique.

I can't stop watching You Tube videos!  There are so many different ways to do paint 'pouring'! You are never too old to try something new.

Well... if you are arty farty that is!  Clearly, I'm arty farty.  *sigh*

ABOVE: Last night's dinner.  OMLord, their Butter Chicken is to die for!  I swear, I've never tasted a better dish!  I don't have rice with it, just some Garlic Naan Bread.  And a large glass of wine.  It's probably the only time I have any alcohol now days.  Stew had a hot Chicken dish of some sort.  He liked it too.

EASTER coming up, and Stew has next week off work.  That's going to be lovely.


3.00 pm:  Well this morning went well.  I got my job done bang on time, then came home, got changed and went into Hamilton as planned.

Don't ya just love it when everything goes to plan?

My first stop was Spotlight, where I got some paint supplies, then Bunnings, then Rebel Sport.
Yep, the only place I could find that sells Liquid Silicone was at Rebel Sport.  It's for Treadmills of all things!

Then I went to Burger Fuel and had an amazing burger for a very late lunch (2 pm!), and then I came home.

ABOVE:  Took a few photos of the trip home from Hamilton.  I was stuck behind a concrete mixer truck, along with about a dozen other motorists.  He was going damn slow.

 ABOVE:  Hee hee... I bought some shit.  
Always make me smile when I go shopping.

ABOVE:  I just love the view I get when I pull into our driveway.  So pretty.  Give it a couple of months, all the leaves will be gone.  *sad*

 ABOVE: So, ummmm yeah.   Sorry Darling, ya got a little job to do when ya get home.  Thanks so much *smiles*.

 ABOVE:  And there ya have it.  I think I've got everything I need to make a start on Acrylic Paint Pouring!

Bring on tomorrow.  (or Saturday)

Well... it's the end of the day, and I'm ready for bed.  Been watching more You Tube videos of painting techniques.  Starting to get very befuddled!  Time to stop and just think for a while.

I might not even try to paint anything tomorrow... might just do some relaxing sewing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I have work again this morning... and that involves spiders.  Lots of spiders.
But I am winning the war!

ABOVE:  Griffin and Jordan last night, both sporting the same 'hairstyle'... BOTH looked like twits!

Nice they got on though.

 ABOVE:  A cute photo of B & J... not taken by me.

After work today, I really am going to knuckle down and do some sewing.

Later on (this afternoon),  I am taking Griffin to the Doctor for some more medication to keep his acne under control, but NOT the medication he's been on for the past 6 months.  I have changed our family Doctor, hoping this new one listens to me.

Then I am putting Griffin on a bus for Auckland.  He's going to spend a few days with Steve, Bex and the kids (it's school holidays).

I've got an FBG walk tonight too... so it's going to be a busy day! 


KIWIONHOLIDAYS:  Sue W's blog:   and Sue PC's blog:

Neither has blogged so much lately.

9.20 am:  Killing time till I leave for work.

Kelly sent me the latest update on her eyebrows:

ABOVE:  The hair grew back (so lucky), and now she's just had them shaped.  I hope she never ever does the threading/dyeing shit again!

A friend of mine,(Sue W),  gave me the name of an artist here in New Zealand who does Acrylic Paint Pourings, and I contacted her last night. Claudia Riley Art ... we have had a lovely conversation and I've been given a few tips for my first efforts.  I'm really excited to give it a go.  Maybe tomorrow I will get time to go into Hamilton for some supplies?

But for today... I'm too busy!

12.30 pm:  Home from work.

MRS SWAN:  OMG!  Your comment made me laugh because, originally when I typed that up I DID use the word 'TWATS'... then thought better of it!  I've been told I'm far too potty mouthed, so sometimes I try and 'sanitise' my posts!

I'm now taking a break, having my lunch then doing a couple of hours sewing before I take Griffin out.

6 pm:  Well I'm very happy with how the visit to the Doctor went for Griffin.  The new doctor listened, and prescribed a much milder acne medication. One that won't have such horrible side effects for Griffin.

Then I got Griffin on the bus for Auckland, which was running 15 minutes late, and came  home.

I've run out of time to go on the FBG walk now ... so am going to suggest Stew and I go to the Indian Place for dinner.   Brylee is at work, so let's call it  A DATE!  LOL

Awww our 'date' was lovely.  Too cute, he was thinking of us going out to dinner too!  We OFTEN think of the same things at the same time!  We just do a 'high five' to one another when that happens.

Home now, and while I really WANT to do some sewing, I just can't be arsed!  I'm tired.  And I had a glass of wine with dinner and am now just too chilled out.  Might just spend the next few hours being a lazy tart.  *smiles*

***  I am so glad I didn't go walking, I feel so dozy!  And OMG,  why does even ONE glass of wine affect me so much? ***

Can hardly keep me eyes open, so am off to bed early for a change.   Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


I stumbled onto something on You Tube the other night... and I've now got a burning desire to try this:


ABOVE: It's Liquid Paint Pouring!  Messy.  Sort of similar to the Alcohol Ink Painting I did a year or so ago, but using paints instead of ink.
OMG I love it!
And like I NEED to add another 'hobby' to my already full days?

But, I am going to give it a try ... and SOON.

But certainly not today.  Today I have my cleaning job to do at 'P's.  Then I will be coming home to sew.

I got a commission for a large Wonky House Runner last night.  The lady saw my Runners at the Market on Sunday, and text me last night with the dimensions/colours etc that she wants.  She's already paid a deposit too!
Cool eh. 

It's so LOVELY when people really appreciate and love my work!   I am still waiting to hear from the Real Estate Agent who commissioned a House Runner two months ago too!  I might just give her a phone call soon... see what the hold up is.

But for now... I better get up and get the day started.  


12.45 pm:  And there I am, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, cleaning... killing a million spiders and YOU?
Nothing.  Not a word from anyone!
Are ya all so busy ya can't be bothered stopping and saying SOMETHING? Pffffft.

This blog has been looked at/read 300+ times already TODAY... !  Not good enough.  Maybe I will go on strike?  

Yeah.  Might take a break for HOURS.

Have some lunch.  Watch some TV.  Do some sewing.  

You all have a nice day. *sniff*

*** ***  I'm thinking of going into Hamilton for some paint and shit ! *** *** 

I didn't go into Hamilton after all.  Decided I've got too much on my plate right now... but I will be trying it sooner rather than later.

ABOVE:  Me Mum decided to send me a photo of a runner I made, on her dining room table... cos she loves it.  Thanks Mum.
And I'm not BLITHERING!  I was having a bitch! lol

3.35 pm:   And I forgot something quite 'important' to tell you about today!!!

Brylee met a young man at her work, and they have been dating for a few weeks now.  And today, he came home with her for dinner.

Yep... we finally get to meet Jordan.

And so far, I'm quite impressed!

 ABOVE:  Meet Jordan.  He's rather cute.  
And he baked cookies!!!!   YEP, he baked.

 ABOVE:  Double chocolate no less!  Bloody YUM!
Not bad Jordan, you can stay for dinner.

ABOVE:  I watched him arrive in his car... it's a bloody PURPLE SHAGGIN' WAGON!!!   When I said that to him, he had NO IDEA what I was talking about.
This indicates he's a good boy.  *smiles*

Brylee... keep going out with him, but don't get in the back of that wagon!

DOGSTARS:  Yes, he gave me his permission. *smiles*

9.35 pm:  Home from Card Night with the girls, another very enjoyable evening had by all.
I didn't win, or lose tonight.  But it's not about winning or losing really, it's about having fun.

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.

OH and THANK  YOU for all the lovely comments!  {{{HUGS}}}

Monday, April 15, 2019


Well.... good morning!
Lovely Monday rolls around again.

Stew and Brylee will be off to work soon, Griffin (when he gets outta bed) will be out with his mates.  

So, it's a housework and sewing type of day for me.

Remember me mentioning I bought something totally unnecessary at Market yesterday?
Well... this is it:

ABOVE:  It's a perspex pyramid!  I saw it, decided it was super funky, and I really, really wanted it.
So I made Stew come back down to the market to look at it.  If he'd said "What the hell do you want that for?", I would have left it there.

BUT... he didn't.  So I got it.  *smiles* (it wasn't expensive at all)

For now... I think it's going to sit on the kitchen bench and have food put under it... or a plant?  Or whatever the hell I can think of.  It might not stay on the bench... we will see.

Isn't it funky???   It's got copper corners, and the top part is copper too.

And that's about all I have for now... I'm off to get ready for me day. 



***  4.25 pm:  ***

Oops, I have been fluffing around all day, doing a bit of this 'n' that!
Kinda forgot to blog.   Actually, there's not a lot to blog about.

I did some housework.  I went to the supermarket.  I yakked with my son till he buggered off to meet up with his mates.
I had lunch.
I wrote a list of stuff I needed to get done between now and the next Market.

Then I sat down and tried out a few different sizes of Soup Bowl Holders.  Cos some people have asked me if I had bigger ones?

ABOVE:  I made them 2 inches wider all around, and then mucked around with the inner measurements.  I tell ya, half an inch can make such a difference!   (DON'T be dirty!)

By adding half an inch to one measurement, the bowl holder came out too wide and shallow (the left one), and by making both measurements half an inch more, it came out too deep (the right one).

So I tinkered till I got it just right:

 ABOVE: This one is perfect!  It's the exact right dimensions in height and circumference for a bigger bowl.  And such pretty fabric!  Sadly, I don't have much of that fabric, so whoever gets the three bowls in that fabric will be lucky.

And now it's 4.30 pm and I have to stop and think about cooking some dinner.  I've got chicken drumsticks out, so some sort of casserole maybe?  Let's wait and see.

Stew broke the tip off one of our vegetable knives the other day.  He was good enough to own up to it immediately.


ABOVE: Whoops!  I just took the tip off our 'best' carving knife.  Oh well.... shit happens.  Should NOT try to prise the lid off a jar with one's best knife eh?

Well... the Pyramid has moved.  To the outside BBQ table... cos I needed to cut fabric on the kitchen bench.
And really, it was too big for the bench, and I couldn't find anywhere else inside the house for it!
So, it might just end up with plants in it?  
Time will tell.

Watching TV, You Tube videos on another 'craft' I wanna try... and generally being a bit lazy.

Sunday, April 14, 2019



But at least I'm ready:

ABOVE:  I've got all the layers laid out ready to jump into!  Thermals and Ugg boots, I sure hope that keeps me warm!
Otherwise, Stew will be heading down to the Warehouse for hot water bottles!

All I have to do after getting dressed is put me face on... and that only takes 10 minutes *smiles*.

So, here's hoping it warms up quickly and the peeps come out and buy shit!  I never know how this market is going to pan out.  Last time was quite good!
Fingers crossed this one is too.

I might amuse myself today by taking photos of other stalls?  Or peeps...

Catch ya later, wish me luck.


ABOVE: All set up. Really happy with it. 

ABOVE: This is one of my favourite stalls..  she always has lovely stuff.

ABOVE: This lady is new... and looks as cold as me! 

And WHOOPS! I just bought something totally unnecessary... before even making a cent. Oh well.... too bad. Will show you when I get home later.

OH WOW!!!  I just had a chick come up and say hi to me... I had no idea who she was. But she knew me.. like REALLY WELL... cos she's read my blog for years!!!   TOo funny... and so lovely to meet you ROZ! 

ABOVE: Roz's hubby took our picture... don't I look warm! Lol

2 pm:   happily home again.  Market wrap up:  It was deadly quiet till 11 am, I thought it was going to be a total bust!
But at 11 am I made a few sales, and even made a sale when we were packing up!

So, I'm up a couple of hundred bucks, so I'm happy.  *smiles*  

Now... I'm having me lunch, and taking a break.  
Next on the sewing list of 'To Do's' is more smaller Tree Runners, cos I sold all three that I had today.  And Wonky House Runners.  And Soup Bowl Cosy's.

And... after typing that... I promptly fell asleep!  And snored a bit.  And Stew saw a mouse.  And now I'm awake!

Plotting mouse killing.  I will need to buy some mousetraps.  F*#k... weevils and now a mouse!
Dirty rotten little bastard.

I said earlier I bought 'something' at the market eh?  Well... I have to clean it, so I will show you it tomorrow.  Gotta save something for tomorrow!  

Proud of Brylee today. She worked a full shift, then went on an FBG walk!

ABOVE:  It was a lovely afternoon for a walk too.
My next one is probably Wednesday night.

And that's a wrap for the day folks.  I'm tired and ready for bed... but knowing me that won't happen till at least midnight.  

Saturday, April 13, 2019


So... all the things I wanted to get done in the past week, to get ready for Market tomorrow will have to get done today.

Painting the board and stand must get done today.
And I really want to make a white fabric cover for the screen too.
I doubt I will get a chance to do any more Wonky House Runner sewing though!

Last night Stew put up my new paper towel holder :

ABOVE: I had to move the 'EQUIVALENT' wall hanging.  I think it looks great there though.  

Lower back ache ... Oh My Lord it's been a bit horrible lately.  I really think I need to get me a decent pillow to use overnight!
I'm thinking about a pregnancy pillow!  They look perfect for the purpose.

I had a look on Trade Me, there's quite a few different sorts, and prices.  

Anyone used one?  Opinions? Thoughts?

So... I'll leave that in your court ... I'm off to paint that stand and board.  Catch ya later.


2.33 pm:  And it's been all go here.  

ABOVE:  Bit of role reversal going on here... The man of the house is baking, and I'm spray painting!

After I did the painting I did another trial 'set up' for the market.  I want to use the screen better, so I've made a white sheet covering for it.
That meant setting the trestle tables up differently, and we found the small, rectangular table didn't fit the space, it was too long with the two other, bigger trestles.

So we went on the hunt, ended up in Hamilton, and finally found the perfect trestle table.  A small square one, fits the allocated space perfectly:

ABOVE: The new table is under the striped table cloth.  I'm really happy with how the white stand came up on top of it too.  Looks way better white.

ABOVE: Stew tidying up the end of that white stand.  After that, he go to do his baking!  lol

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist pinning some of the Wonky House Runners on to see how they would look. 
Awesome, of course! *smiles*

And now... I'm taking a break.  Then I might get another Small Runner sewn, if I'm lucky.

And Nah, I decided not to sew... I doubt I will sell out of anything tomorrow!  It's going to be 3 degrees overnight, so tomorrow morning is going to be bloody COLD.
I am going to sort out my clothes for the morning, making sure I've got thermals on and me new UGG Boots and warm socks!

Bet I'm going to be bitching like ... a bitch tomorrow! lol

Time to sign off... and just relax for a few hours.