Sunday, May 31, 2015


I don't know why, but lately we have been inundated with sparrows!  

ABOVE:  that is just a few of the dozens on our lawn yesterday!   I don't know what they are feeding on either, it's not grass seed season is it?  Maybe bugs?  Who knows, but it is nice to see so many sparrows.

BROKEN PROMISES:  The last time I asked the guys to move the big double fridge/freezer down to the garage, I promised them it would be the last time I got them to move it.

ABOVE: this was the guys lugging it back UP the stairs and putting it in the dining room.
I did have the grace to apologise and assure them I was not making any more promises!  *smiles*

I'm like that ya see.

Today... Steve, Bex and their boys are off for a photo sitting they won in a competition months ago.
And Stew, the kids and I might go out and about to a mall or something... we can't stay home all weekend!

So... until later...


Another quiet day in blogland I see.  
I have been told a few readers are having real trouble leaving a comment, so I'll try to not take it personally when I get none ... *smiles*

Though I do think my blog is probably slowly going to wind down eventually.
I just don't have that much to blabber on about any more.
And being 'censored' by others kinda puts the crapper on blogging for me now.

But anyway... today we went to Sylvia Park looking for a smaller, lighter weight roasting dish for me.  The big cast iron one is becoming just too heavy for me to use with confidence.

We went to several shops in the mall, then Briscoes in Manukau and couldn't find anything.

So tomorrow we are going to St Lukes to look in Farmers and Living and Giving.

I did get a couple more bunches of artificial 'flowers' at Sylvia Park:

ABOVE:  I shall add them to an arrangement I've already got here.  Dante thought the blue ones were grapes and tried to pull one off and eat it.  Luckily I caught him in time, I'm sure it wouldn't have tasted nice at all.

Before we went out I was in the process of moving the sewing area around a bit, to make better use of my big craft table.  I shall go back to that now.

DONE.  It didn't take that much time to get it all sorted down there again.  And being so cold down there, I didn't want to linger too long.  I didn't have my slippers on, so now my feet are freezing.  Time to wrap up in me electric throw and get warm in front of the telly for the evening.

End of Day:  a nice day, got a few things done around the house, and hopefully the kids get a good photo from the sitting. They will get to view them next weekend.
nite nite

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today Gayle and Shane are coming for lunch, and of course, bringing Teddy too.
I can't wait to see them and Ted... it's been quite a while since we had them to visit.

I always love to see how he's doing, and having him visit his sister Coco.  Tallulah will be kept in the laundry I think, she's rather frisky and I don't think Teddy will enjoy seeing her somehow.

Apart from that, not much else is on the agenda today, except I will try and cajole the guys into moving the fridge/freezer for me.

And I plan on doing a little bit of sewing later on this afternoon.

Until later... have a nice day!


DOGSTARS:  He had to GET here first!

So... Teddy and his family arrived at lunchtime and we had just the most lovely visit with them all.
Gayle, Shane and Jenna arrived with Teddy and Peppa.  Peppa is one of Coco's daughters.

Gayle brought a really delicious sushi dish, just like sushi but not rolled in seaweed.  It was so nice I've asked her to email me the recipe.  We all loved it.

Now, on to photos:

ABOVE:  Jenna holding Peppa, with Teddy (L) and Coco.

 ABOVE: Gayle with Teddy and Coco.

 ABOVE:  Coco was delighted to see Teddy and Peppa, and wanted to play SO MUCH!  But Peppa wasn't having a bar of it.  She didn't like her mother much at all.
Peppa only really likes her humans, lol.

ABOVE:  Tallulah was let in after a while and she drove Peppa nuts trying to play.  Peppa decided the top of the chair was the safest place away from her.

 ABOVE:  The 'dining room' got plenty of use.  And Dante got to play trains with Shane.  I'm sure Shane really LOVED THAT!  *SMILES*

 ABOVE:  Tallulah trying to get at Peppa...

ABOVE:  ALMOST got her!!!  Wow, Tallulah can jump high!

ABOVE:  Stew with three dogs, Coco and Tallulah, and Teddy in the prime position.  He loved coming to visit!

When they were leaving I put Coco and Tallulah in bed... and just to see what would happen, I pointed at the hallway door and told Teddy to 'Go to Bed'... and his tail dropped and he took off for bed!

It was so cute, and amazing that he remembered where 'bed' was... and was gunna go there!

I felt awful cos he really did want to go home with his family.  When I called him back he was all happy and excited to be leaving again.  Which was nice too.  I know just how happy he is with Shane and Gayle.

Gayle lives in fear we will want him back, but I keep assuring her that's he's with them for life now, with us just wanting some contact from time to time.  

Now they have left, and the guys have moved the big double fridge/freezer for me.  So, it's quiet time here for a while.

End of Day:  got caught up watching some disaster movie on TV tonight... Poseidon ... and I'm not liking it at all.  Lots of under water scary bits and I can't hold my breath long enough!  Anyone else do that?
Anyway, hopefully it's nearly finished, then I shall go to bed.
nite nite

Friday, May 29, 2015


This morning Stew, Griffin and I are off to college for Griffin's Parent teacher interview.
I'm sure that will go just fine.  I want to address the bullying ... maybe that won't go so 'fine'?  

After that I'm going to Patchwork class out at Ardmore.  I'm going to be a bit late for it, but I really want to go.  I've missed patchwork class twice already this past week.  I don't want to miss another one.

Coming up to a long weekend here... and would you believe our school kids get TODAY off, AND Monday (Queen's Birthday)  and then they also get off TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!   We can't believe they get such a long break mid-term!  Tuesday and Wednesday are 'Teacher Only' Days apparently. 

Because they are getting that much time off, Stew's taken Tuesday and Wednesday off too... so hopefully we can do a few fun things over the break.

Now, as I mentioned last night... I took some cool photos of the littlies in the bath last night, it was the first time they shared a bath.  It was rather cute.

 ABOVE: Archer is starting to fill out, he's got little chops now.

ABOVE:  His Daddy said 'Smile'.... so that's what he did.  Gorgeous wee man is our Dante.

RIGHT, I better go and get ready to go out.

Catch ya later.


The interview went OK.  We told the school back in November, before Griffin started there, that he has specific learning difficulties.

We asked if they wanted us to get him re-tested by an Educational Psychologist to clarify (for them) what his difficulties were.  They said "No", they would do testing with him at the beginning of the school year themselves.

So.  We left it up to them to do that and get him whatever help they deemed necessary.

DUMB MOVE.  They did NOTHING  ...  until LAST WEEK, when they finally tested him and decided he needed a 'Reader/Writer and his own computer for his exclusive use... not a shared classroom one.

Now one is left thinking... did you ONLY test him LAST WEEK, because you knew it was coming up to Parent Teacher interviews, and we were bound to ask about it? 

I let the interviewing teacher know how frustrated we are with this whole situation.

And we also expressed our concerns re: bullying towards Griffin.

Fingers crossed both issues will now be dealt with swiftly. YEAH RIGHT.  

I am such a skeptic.  But history makes me one.

Patchwork class was delightful.  Lovely and warm classroom, lovely ladies, and I got bugger all done!

ABOVE:  I couldn't finish this one because I didn't have the instruction book to tell me which number stitch was the applique stitch... bugger!  
So I cut out another block:

ABOVE:  This one is going to be gorgeous!  I'm no fan of yellow, but it works well with the other two fabrics don't cha think?

I can't wait to sew it up.

But, right now... I have a job to do in the garage... involving sorting out freezers.

So, I got me freezer contents sorted out, now I just have to get the guys to move the double fridge/freezer up into the dining room again!
I bet they hate me... I'm sure I promised I wouldn't make them move it AGAIN last time!  whoops.

Had a lovely quiet afternoon/evening.  Watched my favourite TV programme (Coro Street) and doing a jig saw or 3 on me laptop.

End of Day:  a really nice, mild, sunny winter's day here.
Hopeing for nice weather tomorrow.
nite nite

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I felt so good, if hot and sweaty, after my walk on the treadmill yesterday.  So I've decided to have another walk today, and see if it helps my back.
I'm starting to think my taking it easy for over a week and sitting too much has actually made my back worse!

I was remembering how bad my back felt if I sat and sewed for too long periods, and hell, I've been nursing my sore back by SITTING for long periods of time!  Derrr.

So... off me bum and doing more walking, gentle exercises and trying not to sit for too long.

Let's see if that helps.

Not sure if we shall be having Keera this coming weekend now.  So, maybe we will just have to wait and go visit them soon.

It's coming up to a long weekend here (Queen's Birthday), but we don't have any plans yet.
I am reluctant to go anywhere on the open road on a long weekend, with all the other thousands of people who want to get out of the city for a few days.  

It's bedlam out there usually.  And lately there have been so many accidents too.  It's scary!

Steve has been away since Tuesday, so I'm sure Dante will be ever so happy to see his Daddy tonight.  As will Bex I'm sure.  I hope he has a safe trip home, luckily BEFORE the mad weekend traffic starts.

Right, that's me for now... I will come back later with some up to date photos of our newest baby grandson... he's changing and growing so fast.  Bex is doing a really amazing job with feeding him... he put on almost half a kilo this week!


Well, I've done a bit more moving around today, tidied up the sewing room, got washing on, had lunch and now thinking about having a walk.  But will need to wait a while so lunch has a chance to settle.

My back was feeling so much better this morning, but now?  Sore as.  Grrrrr.

Apparently Steve is on his way home, which means he might be home early for a change.
Unless he has a job to do here in Auckland before coming home.  I know Bex is looking forward to him being home again.  

So Steve got home nice and early and spent some quality time with Dante, Bex and Archer before dinner.

We had chinese takeaways for dinner and now I feel stuffed.  Healthier than pizza or burgers I suppose.

End of day:  just took masses of photos of the two little boys in the bath... will sort through them and show you a few tomorrow.  For now... it's off to bed.
nite nite

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


And OMG don't they come around fast!
I'm off to WW's this morning, and as I said last night, I don't expect a loss.
Too much sitting around doing nothing in the past week due to the back ache.  And a few slip ups with the food too.

Pain does that to ya.  Makes you crabbier than 'normal', and self medicating with food is my thing.

Dammit.  BUT!...  I am going.  No point putting my head in the sand eh?

Wish me luck that I haven't gained too much.   *sigh*

While I am over in Papakura I shall visit the local fabric shop, and the Hospice shop in Takanini on my way home.  Ya never know what you might find ... and knowing me I'll find something.

ABOVE: for the umpteenth time, my computer is back in THAT corner of the lounge.  Why oh why can't I just leave it there?  Maybe NOW I will.
I've got a mirror set up on top of the printer so no one can sneak up on me from behind, (STEVE), and scare the shit outta me!

Right, that's all for now... I hope to come home with something cheerful, either a pretty piece of fabric or some treasure.  And I think I'll do some blog reading later too, catch up on who's doing what.


AND.... the verdict for this week is:


I'll take that!

It's getting really cold in the meeting room too, so it was an effort to actually stay at the meeting for the entire hour, but I did.  I am really enjoying the meeting, the ladies are nice and I'm starting to remember some of their names even.  *smiles*

I've come home feeling really motivated to do better this week and not let so many meals be 'bad' ones.  If I want to lose weight I have to really knuckle down!

Bex and the boys are out at the mall, so for just a little while I'm here on my own.  Strange feeling!

I forgot to mention, I didn't go to the fabric shop, I only stopped at the Takanini Hospice shop.... where I got 4 little succulent plants for the garden.
Then straight home, away from temptations like KFC and the Cheesecake shop!

This afternoon I decided, bugger my back, I'm going to get on the treadmill and walk.  So I did.  And I feel so much better for it.  I shall do it again tomorrow.
And hopefully my back will thank me for it?
I'm sure sitting on me butt because my back is sore is NOT helping it!

I cooked a lovely chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner, and it was delish.
Sorry Steve, you missed out.  I hope he's eating properly up in Whangarei.
Pies?  Pies?  I wonder!  *smiles*

End of Day: I think it's been a good day.  And with that being said...
nite nite

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I don't have any plans for today at all!
So I'm at a loss for what to blog about today.

Weird but true, and luckily it doesn't happen too often.

Griffin and the boys involved in Friday's incident had a meeting with the Principal yesterday... and according to Griffin it's "all sorted out" and there should be no more trouble.
Whatever!  We are going to enrol him in some sort of Self Defense classes, just as soon as I can figure out what one to go for.  There's several different options out there.  SHARON... any ideas?  Can you ask Samuel what he thinks would be best?  Please and Thank You... *smiles*

We are looking forward to this coming weekend for 3 reasons:
1. We shall be looking after Miss Muppet (Keera) for 3 days.
2. Teddy and his family are coming for Saturday lunch.
3. It's a long weekend, and Stew is taking Tuesday and Wednesday off as well.

So, that should be just a lovely weekend.

Steve goes to Whangarei today, and will be away working until Thursday, so three nights away from home.   I bet Dante will miss his Daddy.  

Right, that's me for now.


Bex just hung out a mass of washing... hoping it stays fine for her!  The weather has been abysmal for days now with torrential rain and freezing temperatures.
The country got it's first snow the other day too, so winter sure is here.

My back is still sore, but thankfully not as bad as it was.  I might even go out and about, visit the local Hospice shop and then the mall for a few things I need.

Well, I had fun!   I went to Farmers for my lippy as it's always slightly cheaper there.  And it was on sale, down from $33 to $23, so I bought one.  Then the salesman told me I'd earnt a $20 reward for past purchases reaching a certain amount, so I bought another lippy for $3!  So I got 2 for $26 instead of $66.  What a score!

I went to the local hospice shop and found some treasure there too:

ABOVE:  A gorgeous bowl for someone's Christmas present, awesome cake slice and knife for me, a cute little dragon, fish and beads.  

A successful outing.  *smiles*

Off to have lunch now, then sort out what's for dinner.

no comments today?  omg THAT has never happened before.  Maybe I'm losing my touch... or just plain boring today.... Yep I know.  This blog is getting old, just like me.  *sigh*
Days like this I think I shouldn't be blogging cos no one likes me!  *sniff*  And that is a shameless cry for comments!  lol

I just did a minor move in the lounge, I didn't like where my computer desk was, so switched it with the chair in the corner.  It's better now, though I really shouldn't have done it as my back is only just starting to come right.  I still can't bend over without pain, but I can breathe without winching! 

End of Day:  I'm off to WW's tomorrow ... not expecting a loss as I've done nothing right this week at all.  And no exercise at all, just sat on my rapidly expanding butt due to the blasted back ache.
But, it's another day tomorrow, and another chance to get it right.
nite nite

Monday, May 25, 2015


Normally I love Mondays.
It's the day I spend getting the house all tidy after the weekend, but as my back is still being a right shit, I'm not going to be doing much.

It's a right pain being so restricted in what I can do I tell ya!
I love moving stuff, fluffing around in the house.

Grrrrr.   Hopefully my back sorts itself out soon.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena meeting Archer.  He was a good wee baby and even kept his eyes open for the camera.
He will get used to the camera!  His Grandma is a Paparazzi after all!

ABOVE:  A 'SELFIE' lol.  Taken the other day after Brylee curled my hair.  AND I'm smiling for a change.

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and see what I can get done ... without bending over at all!


I decided to 'tart up' this little wall hanging that Russell gave me:

 ABOVE:  Before I got my hands on it....

 ABOVE:  And after.  I think it looks way nicer now.

ABOVE: luckily I have containers full of bits 'n' bobs for just this sort of thing.

Off now to have lunch... 

LIBRA: I use a Jose Eber curling rod, size 25 cm.  I got it from one of those pop up shops in a mall here in Auckland. 

My good deed of the month is done.  I just cut Steve's hair, Griffin's hair, Brylee's hair and trimmed the sides and bottom of Stew's too.
A Hairdresser I AM NOT, but I've done the family's hair for years and don't seem to do to bad a job.

End of Day:  a long, cold, slow day.  Didn't go to patchwork class as my back is still being a right shit.  
nite nite

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I had been thinking of moving stuff around in the lounge for ages, and yesterday was such a shitty day with no likelihood of doing anything outside thanks to the weather, it was perfect for re-arranging the lounge.

Sadly for the guys, it meant they had to do all the 'work' cos my back is shot.

They did it very good naturedly too... I've got such nice men in my life eh?



ABOVE:  being able to move the TV from it's old position to in front of the window was the first step.  If the cables hadn't reached it was not going to work.  But it did.  Yaaaa.

 ABOVE: The reason for moving the TV was so I could get more seating down the 'fire' end of the lounge, where it's warm and cosy.

I also wanted to get my desktop computer back in the lounge, as where it was in the Family room, it was in a draft and I got really COLD there.  

ABOVE:  Now I can work on my compter and glance to my right at the TV too.  I'm really happy with the shuffle around.

It's been FOUR days since I had a photo of our grandsons on here!  Bloody hell, can't have that!...

ABOVE:  Archer is getting a bit chubby in his face now, he's gorgeous!  Our little Dante is taking up a storm, there is no shutting him up!  He's saying 'Granddad' non stop now too... he's adorable.

Today we are expecting Kelly and Rena for a visit.  They will get to meet Archer for the first time.  

Stew and I need to do a grocery shop sometime today too.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Kelly and Rena arrived mid morning and gave me some late Mother's Day gifts. I got spoilt.  
Everyone has had lunch and now Stew and I are going to do the grocery shopping.
Fingers crossed it's not too busy in the supermarket.

I turned the fire on today ... it's so warm and cosy in my lounge, it looks so nice with a fire on.

Stew and I got the grocery shopping done this afternoon, then everyone helped put it away.
I made a Ham/Tomato/Cheese bake thing for dinner.

Kelly and Rena left late afternoon, and I expect them back next Sunday for another visit.

End of Day:  a nice day, even if the weather was a shocker.  Talk about wet!
nite nite

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sorry but it is going to be a normal saturday here.

Griffin is off to a friend's place for the afternoon, they are going to Waiwera Hot Pools as a Birthday treat for his friend Joshua.  I hope he has a lovely time.

As for the rest of us it's housework, grocery shopping and so on.

I'm not sure if Steve is working today.  Either way,  Bex and the boys will probably be staying home.  As it's winter now it's probably prudent she keeps wee Archer home and away from other people's germs until he's vaccinated.

I will be getting Stew to hang that wool rug outside today.  I pulled the plug on the bath last night so hopefully it's drained off heaps of the water by now.  It weighs a tonne wet!

Right, that's all for now.  Catch ya later.


Out to lunch... just the two of us. How nice.

Stew and I had lunch at St Lukes, then he bought 3 new pair of jockey's for ... get this... $80!  WTHell?  That's more than girl ones!


I get mine for $3 each from Kmart.

On our way home we got some more smoke detectors from Bunnings... the one's in our house are rigged up to the electrics and I don't trust them.

It is a shitty, wet, cold day.

ABOVE: the view on the motorway coming home.  Nice.  

Off to think about moving some stuff around in the lounge... cos I'm bored.

AND... several hours later it's done.  Stew and Steve got roped in to do all the heavy moving and lifting, thanks guys.
I'm really happy with how the lounge looks now.  Slightly different layout, but I feel a good improvement.

Steve and Bex decided to move things around in the family room too... so it's different in there too.

I will show you tomorrow.

Stew has cooked roast pork and veges for dinner, so I'm off to have dinner then enjoy what's on the telly tonight.  Coronation Street... yaaaaa.

End of Day:  had a lovely evening in front of the telly, and then Brylee played with my hair, which is BLISSFUL.  *smiles*
nite nite

Friday, May 22, 2015


Today I have decided to stay home.  Lugging my sewing machine and paraphernalia in and out of me car/patchwork class just ain't gunna happen.  My back is still sore, and gets worse as the day progresses.  So, better to just stay home and try not to overdo it.

Plus I'm really tired.  Probably from being in pain?  And sitting on me bum too long!  That is hard on me back too weirdly enough.

So I'm not too sure what I shall do with myself today.
Maybe just sew at home for a little while ... or do a few odd jobs... maybe wash that rug in hot water.  

Ha ha!  Forgot the 'ONWARD'!

But anyway... I've been slowly mucking around all morning, doing a little bit of housework, and just now I got that rug in the tub:

ABOVE:  This rug is about 8 years old and I've never washed it before.  It's bloody FILTHY!  Are you even supposed to wash rugs?  Whatever, It's in a hot bath with various cleaners added (Napisan, Laundry power and Fabric Softener).  Let's see how it comes out.

I doubt I will be strong enough to haul it out of there actually, it's really heavy on it's own, without being sopping wet.

I think the guys will have to do it when they get home.

It's now lunchtime, so I'm going to stir that rug a bit more, then have some lunch.

Lunch done.  Stirred the rug some more,then decided to drain the dirty water and re-fill and rinse the rug.

ABOVE:  the water coming from the rug.  GROSS!  Makes me want to NEVER lie on a fluffy wool rug again!
Wonder how many rinses it will take before the water runs clear?

Grrrr. Phone call from the kid's school Deputy Principal. There was an 'incident' of bullying at school today... and my immediate thought was that it was Brylee again. BUT NO!

It involved Griffin.

He was bullied twice today. Once in PE where he was pushed over and got grazes on his arm and knee, then again at lunchtime where he was grabbed around the neck!

Upshot is the boy involved and his parents will be meeting with the school on Monday to discuss the incident and any repercussions.

There were a couple of other boys indirectly involved too... so I am sure I've not heard the last of this.

No point thinking it's just the school he's at that is the problem. No matter where you go you are going to encounter bullies. Hell... we have one in our own house! lol

Though, SHE has behaved all year so far. Fingers crossed she has changed for the better and stays a nice girl.

PETA: don't worry about my back Chick. I have no intention of trying to pick that rug up myself. Stew can do it once it's drained of as much water as I can get out of it.

End of Day:  well a quiet evening.  Stew downstairs watching sport.  Me in the lounge watching Coro Street etc.  Other family in the Family room playing XBox etc.  All good then!
nite nite