Saturday, March 24, 2007


Thank You Kate, you are totally right, last night's dinner at the restaurant was all about the company, and really nothing about the food.... so weird... I did enjoy the dinner, but I LOVED the company. Seeing all my big kids was the highlight of my evening. I think we all just enjoyed being together....

Today.... busy day planned, may be meeting a fellow blogger for morning tea, not sure yet as she may have had to leave town due to a family member's death.. looking at wedding and bridesmaids dresses for next year's wedding (Amanda and Andrew's, eldest daughter) and catching up with some other friends. And of course, back up to the hospital to visit with Freida again.

Arn't I lucky Amanda has a computer? Really, I'd be totally lost without one! later...

So far today.. I have seen a few old friends, and met a new one.... Mandy (Chubby Mum), we got on like a house on fire, seriously, we could have stayed talking for ages, but managed to contain ourselves with only an hour and a half! I really really loved meeting her, such a lovely, beautiful woman. And her husband and sons were rather nice too!
I just hope she didn't leave thinking "shit that woman can talk" lol ! I can talk believe me !!!

Hell, I crack myself up sometimes.....

Still having a wonderful time... getting butterflies thinking about tomorrow.....

My girlfriend Frieda is doing really well, she has been up outta bed 3 times today... she had knee replacement surgery..... quite an impressive wound I must say. Those staples look gruesome! later....

Having dinner with friends, then back to Amanda's for an early night, ready to take off nice and early in the morning.... want to get some photos of my trip home.... feet and all. nite nite


  1. Omg...busy busy busy... You must be loving the time away...
    And I must say you have the most adorable looking grandbabies there!!!
    You sounds like you are so back on track.
    glad the speech went well. We need someone like you to come along and inspire our little group. They are terrible for motivation!
    They feed off me but I can only give them so much input and then it is up to them to process it and put it to use. Oh well enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoying time with your kids. It is the best therapy isn' it? Thinking of you driving around Lake Taupo. I was there 15 months ago. sigh, it is such beautiful country. One day I just might come and visit you...

  3. Hi Chris,

    Yes I definately remember you. we chatted I think just before you were having surgery?? maybe?

    Anyway I've been a silent lurker on your site for quite a while ... lol ... sorry. But I'm getting back into blog world again.

    Thanks for the comment on my site :)

  4. Mandy is really lovely, I understand why you two hit it off, I only met her for half an hour and we had a great time. You have a safe trip home and enjoy the rest of your time with your kids.

  5. Hey hun... I had a fabulous time today! I am so so so glad we met. The time went so fast I just couldn't believe it! We should do it again sometime. Bloggers table at Lee-Anne's wedding I reckon is going to be a wild time.

    You are adorable and I have sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much... and No I don't think you talk too much. I would rather that then having silent moments.... too scary for me... talking is great.

    Love ya Chubbymum

  6. know how to fill a weekend up!!!

    enjoy the rest of the day, glad you're having a ball!!

  7. I want to see your feet in water!! Love road trips especially when you get to see all your kiddies at the end!!


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