Saturday, March 10, 2007


Now, I could go to weight watchers today, and then come back and report a gain of 2 kgs, or I could just do a no-weigh and tell ya all... I have a gain of 2kgs ! So, there you go, I'm not weighing in, there is no point... 2kgs on since last week.... FUCK ! It's no surprise though, I havn't been good food wise and the fluid is hanging around again.

So, I'm off to WW for a nice social catch up with me mates, don't know what else the day holds yet.. have no plans.

Been there, done that.... I am not gutted about the gain, cos I know that most of it will be fluid retention, it always gets worse before TOM arrives. There is no way my slip ups this week will be responsible because I know how much I can eat and work off with exercise... and ya know I'm doing the exercise eh? lol

I know I am being useless at weight loss at the moment, so no one use me as inspiration ... cos I'm just not "there" at the moment. I am holding my own (just), and if that's all I can do for now, then I accept that. I think if I stress out about "not losing" all the time I will just say "Fuck it" and really lose the plot. I hope I am not disappointing too many people by not losing steadily like I should be, but I know it will happen again..... just not sure when!
If you want to be reading about weight loss, go to another blog! This one is about "The Days of MY Life"... *Big laugh*. later...

We took the kids into town to get Griffin new sneakers for school... anticipated a harrowing hour or so cos he's so bloody fussy! He saw this pair in about 5 minutes, loved em, bought them ! God that was wonderful ! And they are a size 3 , shit this kid is going to be big ! He's only 5.

And... he took this lovely photo of his Mum ! Not bad... now he thinks he's the worlds best photographer and wants his own camera.... yeah in your dreams Dude.

Thanks to Briony I am cleaning my garage, have been cleaning my garage for the past 2 hours and will still be cleaning my garage in another hour..... she mentioned doing her's this weekend and it set me off... so there has been no quiet sit down after dinner tonight.

It is a job that has been screaming out to be done for months, so I supposed I should thank you Bri ! What else would I have been doing? I hope Briony has done her's now! So anyway, that's me for the evening, nite nite.


  1. BUGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get on track when you get home and get rid of the excess. Love the carrot photo. I love carrots and now have them most days as my DD insists on them in her lunch everyday. Have a good day Chris.

  2. Oh sorry Chris - 2kg? Hey, we've all been there the difference now is that you know to carry on and that next week will be better.

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    i think i am going to be putting on at least 5 this week what a shocking week!!

    fuild is so hard sometimes i had a fuild problem last week and i gained 2!! bloody kidneys!!

    have a good one!!

  4. Sorry to hear of your gain but just keep going and you'll see a loss next week, you can do it!! I'm not doing that great lately either, the exercise is good but sometimes my food choices are bad. I don't want my blog to be the wt gain blog, arrgghggh. I'll get it together here soon and you will too!
    I hope you have a good week.

  5. I certainly wouldn't be stressing about the 2kg. I put that on in 24hours back in January. Don't quite no how, but we went out for dinner for my sisters birthday on the 4th Jan, and the next morning I was 2.2kg up on the previous morning. I mentioned it to Warren and he can't believe how its possible, but considering he has been 78 - 80kg his entire adult life I don't expect him to really understand.
    Gosh I was surprised with Griffin's feet. Evianah has just gone into a sz 3 about 6 weeks ago. (aged 9) and she is certainly no waif. Looks like Griffin is certainly going to be lovely and stocky. (pity being 'stocky' for women isn't the in thing) :-)

  6. Come on chicky - you can do this!!!Bugger about this weeks weight gain (?) but you can get it gone for next weigh in!!
    Love the pic by the way - think hes pretty good myself!

  7. Last week is history!!!
    This week isn't going to be a mystery!!
    You can do this and you know you can. Let's both of us track and get ourselves out of this shit week aye!
    You can do it!
    It isn't about the weight loss that makes us all come back. It is because you are YOU and you inspire us to keep on because this journey is a hard one! and NO ONE ever does it perfect and we all learn from our mistakes..
    You inspire!!! You inspire ME! Don't ever forget that.

  8. Buggar! Tomorrow is a new week, try not to stress over the gain.

    You may feel crappy over your food choices,but your exercise is fantastic so give yourself some credit, where credit is due.

  9. ooo i do that too!! i gain 2 - 3 kgs once a month, bloody sucks but at least we know what our body is doing....and it makes for a huge loss the following week!!

    My programme says when that week rolls around, drink DOUBLE the amount of water and it will eventually flush it all out for the next weighin.


    love the photos!!!!

    you're a strong determined woman!!


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