Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's not working any more.... so I have decided, after three and a half years, to leave Weight Watchers ...... I am not enjoying the meetings anymore, I have heard all the speil over and over again, I think I do know what I have to do by now without going to another meeting! I am over worrying about weigh in every week, and stressing out about it... then going and not weighing. I am not going to put myself under that stress anymore, and who knows, it may actually help me get back on track again, knowing I don't have that pressure?

I will definitly miss all the friends I have made there, though I am sure I will not actually "lose" them ... we can get together in other places instead.

So, what am I going to do instead? Still thinking about that one...

What else? I am SICK TO BLOODY DEATH of drinking orange flavoured water.... I HATE IT.... so I have been drinking some diet coke again... up to about 2 glasses a day... I do not want to get back to 3 litres a day though! I hate tea, coffee... any suggestions???
TODAY: I'm staying home and doing some badly needed housework.... should be just as good as a workout!

Decaff Diet Coke... has been suggested... any ideas/comments on this as a possible alternative ? Or is it still EVIL ..

Vacuming - done
Floors washed and polished - done
Read all available magazines - done

Waiting to hear back from the Gasfitters ... need my stove fixed... shame I can still cook using the microwaves, frying pan, BBQ etc... no excuses ... bugger.

I suppose switching to Diet Pepsi wouldn't be any better eh? lol
Not much else is happening here, did not hear from the Gasfitters, the shits.. am signing off for the day. nite nite.


  1. I do agree that you have to do what ever works for you. I'm still trying to get something in my head that is going to help me with this last bit.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I'm doing the same thing - bought myself some cool digi scales, and will weigh in each week on my own. I know how it all works, so no worries.

    i might start doing the online ww tracking thing though - but need to get a code from my leader. grr.

    I guess you aren't up for some herbal tea instead of diet coke? what about caffeine free diet coke??

  3. I drink the caffiene free coke if possible as normal coke keeps me awake. I don't think a couple of glasses a day is a problem. About the WW meetings - I totally agree. I couldn't keep going for as long as you! You know what you need to do.

  4. I didn't go to meetings at all to start with, because I did the At Home programme. I went to about five last year, but didn't really get anything from them - so it can definitely be done without them! Especially because you can get such great support from blogland...

  5. Girl you have to do what you think is right for you. Maybe there are others that are tired of WW and you want to meet once a week and weigh for free together and support each other? Just a suggestion.

    OK I have a problem with V's so I understand the diet coke thing. I feel that you should do it in moderation as it is a lifestyle change and sometimes you just need to do what makes you happy and if you are still losing or staying the same then that is good.

    Anyway my two cents worth.

    Love ya

  6. As far as I know decaf diet coke is ok ... hmmm ... im not a scientist or anything tho.

    Be very careful bout not going to ww. That's fine with leaving but make sure you do something else to be accountable. That was my first wrong move was to stop going to ww. There was no reason to hop on the scales if I'd had a bad week and bit by bit the weight crept on. I'm not saying this will necesarily happen to you, I guess I'm just saying make sure you replace it with something, even if it's meeting together with 3 people (I found 2 is too easy to get out of) periodically to weigh?

    That's my 2 cents worth anyway

  7. I do weightwatchers online and get the best support from blogland. We all know what we should be eating and doing. When you we go to a meeting most of us are too scared to have a drink or eat anything in case of a gain and if you get to pee just before weigh in great cause you might lose a 100 gms. Don't stress out. Maybe Kate's right. Intuitive Eating.

  8. Long time reader - first time I've left a comment. Comming out of from under my rock now.

    Why not try tracking via calorie king. Its now free and it gives a different perspective to WW.

    It has a wide food data base, and you can input kj and stuff on foods not listed. Like yourself I am over the whole WW thing, have been to meetings for about the same time as yourself and I'm finding using this tool really helpful. Oh and it tells you how many calories your exercise burns!!!!

  9. Hey Chris - I know it's a bit boring but how about Sparkling Mineral water with a fresh lemon slice. It will still give u the bubbles? Not much help I know.

  10. I used to hate water, but I love it now.. it's pretty much all I drink except for an occasional coffee or tea.

    Have you tried putting some lemon or cucumber in your water? I really like lemon, in really cold cold water.. even if it has ice in it.

    Or you can buy mint flavoured stuff at health food stores, or even those little packs of Crystal Lite and stuff?

  11. I know what you mean with WW - same shit over and over again, that's why I stopped going and have now decided never to rejoin again (in my life). Like I think you mentioned in a previous post, it's not rocket science - less in, more out.For me the problem has always been whats going around in the head, so I'm working on that more now. I stick to 1500 cals a day, but need to do more on the "out" side of things. As for the drinks, 2 glasses of Diet Coke is OK,but now I mainly drink more water, hated it at first but have gotten used to it as I am more concerned with the artifical sweetener aspect

  12. Chiris hunny life is short, if you want diet coke then bloody drink it!

    Of corse this theory doesnt work for mars bars *dammit*

    I find when i restrict everything to much it results in a binge session, not good, so i try to have a little of everything in moderation.

    My hubbys a coke zero fan, im sure if you cut him he'd bleed coke zero lol.

    As for WW ive ditched it too, im finding it all to consuming, the stressing, the "bad" foods, the guilt, F*** it! im calorie counting to some degree just to keep it all in check a little, but overall i know whats gonna work and whats not.

  13. The artificial sweetener is the major prob in all the diet cordials...
    Just look that stuff up on the net... check out what is used in your diet coke and see what the feedback is...
    I know from some views it is terrible stuff...
    i went to soda water for a while.. just coz i miss the bubbles..

  14. Hey Chris,
    Fuck you are popular woman!! 13 comments, WOW.
    I drink diet cordial too, I just love cordial.
    Could you change the flavours? There has to be more than just orange!!

  15. I have attended WW off and on for years, my longest stint was 9 months straight. The accountability is good but it's just too much focus on the scale for me.

    I am a member of, it's pretty good but there is a monthly fee.

    As far as Diet Coke, I love Diet Coke, love it! I have cut back to one a day though, it's been hard!

  16. Stressing about weighing in is alot of pressure. Not to mention the fee. I'm sure you have the WW routine down by heart. Going on your own is worth a try. You can always go back if and when you want.

    As a rule I have banned the soft drink, because they bring out the eating beast in me. Can not explain that one, it just does. I drink Perrier (fizzy water)when I want the soda taste. I will add a squeeze/slice or lemon or lime to jazz it up a bit.

    You can do it. Remember you are never alone. Take care.

  17. I too am a WW dropout. I stressed about it, and was to the point of starving myself the evening prior to my weigh in! It got a little ridiculous for me! As for the Diet Coke... well, I allow myself one can per day. Other than that, have you tried a little Crystal Light? I'm addicted! (I'm new to your blog, so I apologize if you've mentioned it before and I missed it!) In any case, I find blogging keeps me accountable and offers more support than WW.

  18. Fellow WW dropout here!! Sometimes facing the scale IS too stressful. I find I get all of the accountability and support I need from blogland! As for the Diet Coke, well, I'm with you.... but I've cut it down to 1 can per day. I drink a lot of water - but somtimes I sprinkle some Crystal Light in there for flavor. Helps.

  19. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Oh yeah - Chris, I think Crystal light is an American thing.

    I remember the "on the go" sachets from when I was there - it's like raro, or refresh - you know the powder stuff (similar, but is diet version methinks)

  20. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Crystal Light

  21. I thought "Diet Coke Rocks"????


  22. You know what bothers me about WW - when people move on they call themselves "dropouts". WW has the mentality that you must succeed to their expectations, and they don't take into consideration how you have learned and grown from the experience and might have actually outgrown THEM. :)

    One upon a time, I did WW as well. About 12 years ago. I learned a lot, figured a few things out, and then went nuts stressing over filling in the little boxes representing carrots. It's a life journey and you have to learn about the nutritional aspect and then find a way to make it work for you. You will find your way, but do it without the guilt of "breaking up with WW."

    Besides, look how amazing things have been for you already. You have accomplished so much. That is success in and of itself!

  23. I thought I posted but maybe I didn't. I'm off the ww wagon too. The program does work but as I said, I've heard all the speeches too and know what to do. I will miss some of the support and the leader and the accountability but i will try the intuitive eating. What is hard is the emotional aspect of why I eat the wrong things or when I'm no longer hungry. Still working on that!


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