Friday, June 30, 2017


Today is Keera's first full day at school.
It is still just a 'visit'... but a full day!

So, trying out the new routine today.
Drop the big kids off at their school first, then backtrack and drop Keera off at her school.
Then home.

I don't have a walk booked in today.  I still need a 'rest day' here and there!
Last night I was terrified I was going to get shin splints... it felt like they were about to go.

Thankfully they didn't.   The last time I got shin splints I was off walking for a couple of years.

I wonder if the cold is causing them to niggle?  Anyone know if the cold can aggravate them?  (ya shins)

Once I'm home from the school drop offs, I'm sewing.  I've now got 8 mug rugs ready to sew up.   Then there's my Mum's tablecloth next.
Of course, I've got about a dozen other projects to finish after that too.

I'm really looking forward to getting some sewing done... it's been a while!


9.45 am: Not done much so far this morning, savouring the quiet. *smiles*
Off to do some sewing now.  It's another beautiful winter's day out there, the sun is finally peeping through the dullness.

Well it's been quiet around here today.
I ended up washing floors, and doing a bit of housework.
And some sewing, but not much.

Tonight is going to be an easy dinner... left overs!  Score.  I don't have to cook.

Keera had an excellent day, and seems to have enjoyed herself.  She's keen to go back, so that's good.

ABOVE: Oh sorry Darling, but I commandeered the little white shelving unit for this purpose.  Now shoes won't end up dumped all over the floor at the front door entrance.  TIDY... gotta be TIDY. *smiles*

I've spent the entire evening sewing.. it was wonderful.
Helps to have the TV in there too, so I didn't miss Coronation Street!  lol
Stew enjoyed getting the TV in the family room all to himself too I'm sure.

Time to sign off ... another walk looms tomorrow morning.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Keera got her new school uniform yesterday afternoon.
And of course, I had to take a photo :

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet... all ready for her first full day of school tomorrow. 
It's still only a 'visit', she has one more full day next Friday as well, then it's school holidays.

After the holidays, she will be starting 5 days a week at school.

It's very exciting for her!  Doesn't she look gorgeous in her uniform, sans shoes.
Must get them this afternoon.

Lacy is feeling left out, so here's the latest photos of her and her puppy (and the flatmate)...

 ABOVE: Little Whiskey is looking good... she is so TINY!

ABOVE:  More *sigh*.   I kept telling her to send another photo, and another photo ... cos the lighting was wrong, or the puppy was in the dark, or puppy wasn't looking.... lol.  Hence, lots of photos.

So... better go.  No plans for today except a walk tonight, when I get to use the new head lamp.


1.40 pm:  Well I really don't know what I've done to kill the entire morning!
I had brunch.
Did a bit of housework.
Picked Keera up from kindy and fed her lunch.
And that's about it!

Hours gone by and nothing to show for it really.

Plotted my next few walks.
I've now got 5 more planned, starting tonight.

And that's about all I have for now.  Fairly slow, boring day really.  But glorious sunshine!

9.30 pm:  Well... tonight's walk was another good one.  Pitch black night, so all you are doing is looking down in front of yourself as you walk, but that's OK.  Yakking to a fellow walker makes the time pass.
The new lamp was great... super bright.  I just slung it around my neck and it illuminated the footpath perfectly.

I cooled down within minutes of getting home, and am now cold.  Wrapped up in me blankie, about to watch Coronation Street.  Nice way to end the day.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I'm taking a rest from walking today.

I've now got 4 more walks lined up over the next 5 days!  Then I will only have ONE more to do to be right up to date with the rest of the walking group!
I'm feeling rather happy with myself.

ABOVE:  My new walking head lamp.  It's awesome... you can set it on as a red light, super bright light with wide focus, or a softer, narrower white light.  AND you can tilt it downwards so you are illuminating right in front of where you are walking.  PERFECT for night walking.  I can't wait to use it tomorrow night.

There's a heap of washing to hang out first thing this morning... and other friggin housework lined up to do.

Being a 'kept woman', 'lady of leisure' is a crock of shit.
There's always work to be done around the house.  One day ... in the far distance, there might just be way less!
Imagine only having to do the washing for TWO, cooking for TWO, cleaning up after TWO!

My mind boggles at the thought.  Really!

Keera has half a day at Kindy today, so I only have the morning to get stuff done before she's home and under foot.

In fact, we might just go for a little walk, just the two of us.  She will love that I'm sure.  We might go downtown and wander around our local shops.  
She can go into the $1 $2 $3 shop and spend some of her pocket money.
Yeah, good idea.  Girl bonding.  *smiles*

So... that's all for now.  I will take my camera with me when we go downtown, so I can show you a few of the local shops... not that we have that many!


2.24 pm:  the day has gone exactly as planned.
Keera and I just got home from town... where she had fun shopping.

ABOVE:  I don't know who was more excited about her shopping... Keera or Coco!

As promised, here's a few local photos:

 ABOVE: It took me months to realise this was not just a coffee shop, but a very 'exclusive' gift/clothing shop too.
Seriously though, you have to be rolling in the $$$'s to buy much in there!
Very nice, but way too pricey.

 ABOVE:  Seen this shop in Auckland, so nice to have one here, even if the linen is horribly expensive!  It's LOVELY stuff.

 ABOVE:  That is a dinky book exchange 'box'! A rather novel re-use of a telephone box I must say.

 ABOVE:  Outside one of the most popular coffee shops in town, a 'Play Me' piano and comfy seating.  Only, it's on the 'dark side' of the street... so actually not that inviting for sitting there in winter.  Nice in summer though.
As you can see, it wasn't busy in town today.

 ABOVE: Standing by the round-about in the heart of 'town'... and you can see the school Keera will be going to.  So very handy if I want to go shopping before I pick her up.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  There's a few very nice gift shops in town... this one had a particularly pretty window display.
Sandra C, I thought of you with all those Teddy Bears.

 ABOVE:  Our Town Hall.  It's a lovely building.

 ABOVE:  Outside the town hall, these Brass horses.  Cambridge is very much a rural town, and is the heart of 'HORSE COUNTRY'.  As in ... horse breeding/racing/stables etc. 

 ABOVE:  A sign outside a local pub/eatery.  It made me laugh.
Keera didn't 'get it'.   But then, she's only almost 5.

ABOVE:  I'm told by MANY that this is THE BEST PLACE to go for dinner in town.
Maybe one day we will check it out.

And that's it folks!  Our little wander around town took us an hour or so.

Now... chill out till it's time for me to go into Hamilton to weigh in at Weight Watches.

I'm on the ball today, I've even made dinner, all I have to do is warm it up in the oven, so it's ready when I get back.

Late afternoon... can't go to WW after all.  Had a bad attack of the 'gotta go bathroom!'... no idea why?
Must have eaten something that didn't agree.
*sigh*  Felt sick as a dog for a good couple of hours.
I might have to miss WW this week.

On the plus side, dinner was lovely.  I made little meat balls with herbs and put them in a tomato pasta dish with mozzarella cheese.  It went down a treat.  

Quiet time now, the smallest child is in bed, the big two are doing their own thing somewhere in the house... and Stew and I are enjoying watching Masterchef Australia.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I used 'Map My Run' to find out how far each of the Urban Challenge walks are.
Last night's was 5.24 kms.  Today's is only 3.38 kms, which is a good thing after doing last night's one.

And even better, I found out I can send the Route map to my phone! How cool is that?  I am loving modern technology/apps!  I'm no doubt deplorably behind the times on that score, but at least I caught up.  *smiles*

Today's walk is at 9.45 am, so just enough time to warm up, take a pill and be ready on time without feeling like utter shit.

I took every one's advice and got some of these last night while at the Doctors:

ABOVE: Pain killer/anti inflammatory.   I can only take them for a short period of time as they will cause my blood sugars to go 'haywire' apparently.
But the chemist said I should be OK in the short term.

Excellent, hope they work.

After my morning walk, I'm going to check out where to get Keera's school uniform.  We will go there after Kindy tomorrow and get it, so she can wear it for her first full day visit on Friday.
Exciting!  I need to get her school shoes too.  Sheesh it sure adds up.

She will get a new 'school bag' for her actual birthday.  Pink no doubt.  *smiles*




Nice way to start the day.

Oh man have I been busy today!

First  up, kids off to school etc.
Then some housework, before heading off for my walk.

It was an awesome walk!  Loved the group.
After our walk we went to a local coffee shop for a hot drink and a free muffin.
SCORE on the muffin.

Then I went into town and bought Keera's uniform.  Left it in the shop for naming... using some sort of hot press system?  Whatever, it was either than or I brought it home and had to do it myself, and I totally didn't feel like doing that.
Lazy tart.

Then I went to The Warehouse and bought more walking socks... ones that went up past the top of me sneakers.... I'm NOT getting blisters... end of story.

I also got a head lamp thingee for walking at night.  OMG it's so DARK out on the streets in the middle of winter.

Several ladies have them and they look awesome.  So now I have one too.

After that I came home and worked on mapping the walks for the group... yeah, got a job.  *smiles*

Section J (which I'm doing on Sunday) was 7.77 kms long!   I mentioned it to the organiser and she said "WHOOPS!  That's too long"... and she has amended it, so now it's 5.74 kms long.  Much better distance for everyone.

NOW?  Relaxing.  Totally should be hanging the washing outside, but I can't be arsed right now.  It can wait.

Oh dear, the washing is still waiting!  I kinda faded late afternoon, then had to get dinner done.
We had lamb spare ribs baked in the oven with a rosemary and mint marinade.
Rather yum.

Quiet evening ahead... I'm feeling rather tired.  Funny that, so much walking going on!

My step count has certainly gone UP!  

Monday, June 26, 2017


Well... it's going to be a fairly busy day today.
First up, I've got my patchwork group meeting.

It's been AGES since I went to a meeting... so it will be nice to catch up with everyone.

Once home, I shall do some housework, then pick up the kids from school/kindy.
Brylee then has to be taken to the Doctor with a sore big toe... ingrown toenail by the look of it.

After that, I have to prepare dinner, then go to Weight Watchers.

I will be leaving Weight Watchers early so I can join up with the Fat Bottomed Girls for the next walk.  

Tonight's walk is Section G, which is 5.24 kms long.  It is going to be easier tonight as it will be COLD.  Saturday's walk the sun came out and I roasted.

After the walk, I will be coming home and having my dinner, then relaxing for the night.

So, a full day!

Photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  Three little honey's playing together nicely.

 ABOVE:  HIS MOTHER told him to do that!

ABOVE:  At least he just smiled at me.

ABOVE:  Making slow progress on my giant knitting... but I want to enjoy doing it bit by bit, and not rush it.


Patchwork... OMG I had so much yakking to catch up on, I hardly got anything done!

But I did do this:

ABOVE:  The start of 4 Mug Rugs for my Mum, she wanted some to match her apron.  Won't take too long to get them on their way to her.

On my way home from Patchwork, I have to pass a little coffee shop on the main road.  It was fairly unpopular as it had hardly any food in it and it was dingy ... well it's changed hands so I decided to stop and check it out.

ABOVE:  It has a new name too.  SLOTH. You can only just see the outline of a sloth on the sign.  Anyway, it's so much nicer inside, and lovely and warm.
But still not a lot of food.  Hopefully if clientele  builds up they will expand their selection.
(dreadful photo taken with me phone)

ABOVE:  Right next to the coffee shop there was a bloke pruning these huge trees, it will make the shop brighter not having them towering overhead and casting huge shadows on the shop.
It was interesting watching him work.

So, I get home to find this little bugger OUTSIDE her area, just sitting by the front door:

ABOVE: You can't really TELL, but she is COVERED IN MUD...  she had dug her way out of the fenced dog area!
And I know Coco, now that she knows she can escape that way, she will do it again and again!

So, now I have to get my thinking cap on and work out how to keep her on the section.  She is an escape artist, so my work will be cut out for me.

Well... it just got too busy for me to get to Weight Watchers tonight! (I will go on Wednesday in Hamilton).

Once we got back from the Doctors, I had to immediately get dinner organised.

I made chicken and vegetable wraps for the family.... they looked darn good too.

Tonight's walk was awesome.  It was a nice distance.  And it was FREEZING COLD... but I was in a thin t-shirt and 2/3rd tights... and was perfectly comfortable.  Everyone else wore long pants, thermals, sweatshirts AND jackets, wool hats and scarves too.   I don't know how anyone can walk with so much on!
Don't they get hot?

Every time we stopped for a couple of ladies to catch up, my glasses fogged up!  I was hot!

But, once home, I cooled down fairly quickly and now... I'm wrapped up in me blankie!

Winding down... time to sign off ... catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I'm sleeping in.....  so come back later!

I'm not walking today... there's no way I can.  I have to take a break.
My next walk is tomorrow night, after Weight Watchers.

Here's a few photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  Steve being Steve, sculling Apple Sauce!  Piglet.

 ABOVE:  It's not often we all end up in the lounge... last night we were watching Stew play with the little kids.

ABOVE:  Apple Crumble wrapped in left over Filo Pastry.  It was rather yum.


So a bit of a sleep in.  Feel like I've been hit by a bus... ache all over.  I hope I've not bitten off more than I can chew with this Urban Challenge.

Steve and Bex have taken all the kids to some JUMP place in Hamilton.  

 ABOVE:  It looks like they went at a good time, it's not busy.

 ABOVE:  The little kids having morning tea.

ABOVE:  Sure looks like a place kids would have a blast!

It's so quiet at home.  The weather has totally packed it in, raining and freezing cold.  Not conducive of doing much but keeping warm.

 ABOVE:  More fun photos.

 ABOVE: Velcro suits... Steve got a rash and his balls squished!  lol

ABOVE:  Brylee and Griffin trying to knock each other over.  Passive aggression.  lol

8.00 pm:  visitors have just left... so it's quiet, chill out time.
Looking forward to the 2nd episode of 'Apple Tree Yard', then bed.

42.48 kms this week

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Sore hips or not, I'm heading off on my third section of the Fat Bottomed Girls - Urban Challenge this morning!

And it's quite a long walk today by the look of it...

ABOVE:  Section D encompasses all the streets above.  Doesn't look too bad, till you realise that you have to walk up and down BOTH sides of every street/crescent/place and shared driveways!  So, it adds up.

I will tell you how far it was once I get home.  I'm hoping it's not 7 kms!

The walk is at 9.30 am, so at least I don't have to rush.
It's supposed to be raining, so might have to wear a peak so I don't get too wet in the face.  I don't mind getting wet though, it will help keep me cool.

We are expecting Steve, Bex and the boys this afternoon.  Steve has been missing us, so that's why they are coming down. Awwww.
He can watch the friggin rugby with Stewy tonight... 'man bonding and all that'!  lol


3.20 pm:  Well I would have updated sooner, but after I got home from my walk, we had visitors arrive... so couldn't.

The walk.  Was 5.83 kms long... it nearly killed me!  I felt like I was going to die after only 10 minutes,  but pushed through the pain (fuck that sounds so derrrr), and got it done.
If I'd not been with other people I would have sat down and rang Stew to come and take me back to my car!

Seriously, my hips/calves and feet were so sore.

ANYWAY... I did it and am hoping my body is recovered by Monday night, when I do the next one.

Martyn, Jacqui and the kids arrived on their way up to Auckland.  So we spent a couple of lovely hours catching up with them.

 ABOVE:  Steve and Martyn chatting... Martyn is the person who got Steve started in the building industry.
Forever thankful he suggested it.

ABOVE:  Jacqui recently had a little operation on her thyroid.  She had a benign tumor removed.  Scary shit.  You could say she had her throat slit!  *smiles*

It was lovely to see them, they are such good friends. 

As I'm totally knackered, I might just have a nana nap... at least dinner is sorted.  I've got pork belly in the oven.  Should be lovely.

Well I didn't have a nap, I had a long, hot soak in the bath instead.  It was lovely.

Dinner was amazing... and Bex baked Apple Crumble for dessert.  I'm now watching TV in the sewing room as the guys are watching freakin' rugby in the Family room, and the boys are in bed in the lounge.

Time to sign off...

Friday, June 23, 2017


Today Keera's school visit is ALL MORNING.
And I get to drop her off and leave her there... I wonder how she will go?
Actually, I'm not going to worry, she is one tough little cookie... she adapts to new places really well.

It helps that there's at least 6 other kids in the class that she knows from her kindergarten.

So, while she's at school, I will come back home and do some boring old housework.  I might even get a row or two of my giant knitting done too.
I didn't get any done yesterday.

I had thought about joining another Urban Challenge walk this morning, but I'm still stiff from last night's effort.  My next walk is going to be tomorrow morning.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


8.52 am:  And the kid is at school. She wouldn't even look at the teacher, let alone speak to her!  Oh well... that's actually normal for Keera in the mornings.  *lol*
I'm sure she will have a lovely morning... once she gets over the fact that she can't go outside and play all morning!  THAT'S the biggest change from Kindy to School... school is structured and the kid can't just do what she wants all the time.

JOY.  Let's see how that works for our Miss Muppet... she's a strong willed little kid.  Could be a few teething issues.

MY HIPS ARE KILLING ME!  OMG so much I'm walking like I need two hip replacements.  Even turning over in bed last night hurt!
They better be much improved by tomorrow morning, or I might not be going on the next walk I've booked in for.  *sniff*

And I'm starving!  I don't usually feel hungry till at least midday.  So, I'm having some eggs on toast.

There's blokes out the front digging up our grass verge, looking for our water main.  The town is getting bloody water meters... just another way to make us pay more in our rates.
We paid for water in Auckland, so I suppose it had to happen here eventually.

One of the blokes just knocked on the door, asking if we knew where our water  main was?  Nah, have never had to turn off the water!  So, it will actually be good to know where it is, ONCE they find it!  I wonder how long it will take for them to find it?

I reckon they are gunna make a huge mess looking.  

ABOVE:  So disappointed.  The birthday present I posted over to our granddaughter Sienna in Australia has been returned.
It took SEVEN weeks to get there, be rejected, and then come back.
Seems it was a muck up with the post office? 

Oh well... Bodhi's birthday is coming up soon, so I shall just have to send it back with his present now.  *sigh*

Sad that Sienna has to wait so long for hers.

The council guys found our water main... I've not been out there yet to see what sort of mess they have made, it's pissing down and well... I'm cold and sore!  Blankie on, pain medication taken... chillin'.

ABOVE:  Well... we lost some agapanthas, don't care about that at all.  And now we can easily find our water main in the event we need to turn it off.  All good!

 ABOVE:  Parked outside the school at lunchtime.  Very cute old car... very old number plate too.

 ABOVE:  Keera going back to her classroom with her buddy after going to the bathroom.  No new kid is allowed to leave the classroom without a buddy.  Excellent idea eh?

 ABOVE:  That amazing tree now... standing on a carpet of gold.  Gorgeous.
Horrible dull day, but not too cold.

 ABOVE:  I ran into this bloke at the Council office, where I was exchanging our old recycling bin for a new one.
He was taking a video for our 'sister town' somewhere overseas.

Awesome camera, a bigger, more expensive Canon than mine, and that lens?
Cost him over $10,000 !  Holy shit.
My lens cost a little over $1,000.

I dream of having a couple more, versatile lenses, but NOTHING like that monster!

Settled down for a quiet afternoon now.  Keera is having a nap, so quiet and peaceful.  My hips are still sore, but not as painful as this morning.  Thank god.

Keera had a very enjoyable morning by the sound of it, even though they were not allowed outside to play (too wet).

FINALLY! I can move without pain!  Still sore, but not hobbling like I'm 93!  I'm making Filo parcels for dinner, filled with Chicken/Onion/Mushroom/Leek/Camembert Cheese and Basil Pesto.  Sound good?

OMG... dinner was amazing!  Best things I've cooked in ages.  Everyone loved them.  I forgot to put the Basil Pesto in, and I think that's lucky cos they didn't need it.
I did have some Caramelised Onion relish and Ploughman's relish on the side too.

Oh and I forgot to take a photo too.  How remiss of me.  Never mind, I'm going to make some more soon enough.

Time to sign off for the day... Coronation Street doesn't start till 10 pm tonight!  Makes for a late night.