Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Guess what happens when I sit and sew for a few hours in the heat?

ABOVE:  Me damn legs puff up and I end up with no shins or ankles.  Grrrrr.
I'd managed to avoid this problem so far this summer, but yesterday/last night?  Yeah.  All puffed up.

My toes felt all tight and horrible too... even though they don't look too bad.

ABOVE: See?  When I press down on me shin I end up with dents.  Horrible.

So today I'm going to make sure I don't sit for any longer than an hour at a time, and take a good walk around to get the fluid moving again.

I am going out first thing this morning to post off a Zippered Coin Purse to a friend in Wellington.  She saw it on Facebook last night and bought it.  

Then I will come home and make some more.
They are lots of fun to make, nice and quick, and it's neat choosing the fabrics, what goes with what and so on.

I think they will be a great project to use fabric scraps on too... I'm always wanting ideas on how to use up me scraps.  I don't throw away ANYTHING, cos it might come in handy at some point.

Hence my scrap bins are kinda full!

I don't think I have anything else 'on' today except the usual.  Watering the various areas around the yard, and the LAWN... cos it really is almost a lawn!

I'm not gunna bore you with any more progress photos of grass.  I'm gunna now wait till it's fully grown before I show you again.

Oh and yeah,  *sigh*... gotta do some washing. Friggin boring as shit like that just makes me go MEH... don't wanna do it, but I have to.

Back later.


Who else gets to the middle of the afternoon and then thinks "Oh hell, what shall I do for dinner?".

Yeah, that would be me for the past few months.
And it's so annoying.

So, Stew suggested I go back to planning out the week's dinners.

ABOVE:  So, I did.  And what a difference it makes.  No more desperately defrosting something at 4 pm, or going nah, can't be arsed and getting a takeaway.

It's so easy to just look at the planner and go grab the meat out of the freezer.  

I've already got tonight's dinner cooking.  Pork in the crock pot.

I had a bright idea when I went into the Studio this morning!  Yeah, it does happen sometimes.

I've had a pile of blocks sitting waiting to be used for 'something' for quite a few years now.  And I decided they would be perfect for 'Zippered Project Bags' ... or just larger 'Coin Purses'...

  ABOVE:  I have 16 of them.

ABOVE:  And there ya go, the first one is done.
So gorgeous!!!

ABOVE:  And as predicted, it lasted all of 3 minutes!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I got a couple of emails last night asking for our Baked Carrot Dish recipe, so here ya go:

ABOVE:  You can add other stuff to it too... any other veges, meat, garlic etc.  Totally up to you.

NOT SHITTING YOU...  just after I typed that about adding some meat to it... I looked at Stew and said:

"Adding some cubed bits of ham would be nice in it".... 

And bugger me... he said he was literally thinking the EXACT same thing and was about to say it to me!   

Not just ham, he was thinking 'CUBED BITS OF HAM'.

We think alike so often... at. the. same. time.
It's a bit freaky. 

Love my man so much.  We are very different when it comes to temperament, but still on the same wavelength.

Today... first up... water the 'lawn'.  It's coming along nicely.
Still have some patches that are just dirt...but I'm sure they are gunna sprout any day now.

At some point I will go into the sewing room and do some prep work for my little 'zipper' projects.
I might have another cot quilt order to work on too!

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


I just remembered it's Card Night in Cambridge tonight, so I better think of something to take.  We all take a small plate of nibbles for supper.

ABOVE:  Lacy came over and was very surprised at my lawn's growth.  There I am pointing out areas that have come up overnight.

When we go on holiday next month it will be her job to keep it ALIVE!  

So... I was looking at some You Tube videos... and decided to do some 'zip' sewing without a zipper foot.  Plenty of people do it would appear, so I could too.

I made two of my 'zip projects'... here they are:

ABOVE:  I wanted to make some coin purses for market.  This is my first attempt.  A bit big, and also I felt it needed a tag thingee.

 ABOVE:  My 2nd one... which I'm much happier with.  Still not perfect though, I forgot to top stitch along the zipper edge. *sigh*

I'm sure the third one will be just right.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Is it too soon to have a favourite?  Cos I really love this one!
And I remembered all the steps.  AND did I mention you can fit ya mobile phone in these coin purses too?  
So handy if you just want to go out with some change and ya phone.

I have probably got just enough time to make one more before I have to prepare and cook dinner... then go out to Card Night.

ABOVE:  And there ya go, the last one for the day.  I'm now out of the Studio, and into the kitchen.

OH YAaaaa.  NOT.

Card Night got cancelled due to there only being two of us going. Which is sad, but it means I get to make a couple more little purses after dinner.  *smiles*  There's always a positive right?

Stew will be home shortly from Rotorua, dinner is simmering away in the pot and I have some lovely Turkish Bread defrosting in the microwave.  

I put photos of my little coin purses on Facebook... visable to my friends only.  And just like that, the first one I made is sold, and I have an order for a nautical one.  LOL
And someone suggested I make PURPLE ones for the FBG's.  We will see on that one.  Not everyone is gunna want one!

Dinner was delicious... followed by a Movenpik ice cream, cos we had to go into town to turn on the security alarm at Stew's offices.  So much for once a month! 

Oh well... I'll just have to be extra careful for the next few days.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, February 17, 2020



If it wasn't for THE OLD MOO and my friends, who love reading about our daily life, I would fucking delete this blog right now, then 'they' wouldn't be able to even see/read about us... like they care anyway? 

What am I getting up to today?

Well... we went to Spotlight yesterday afternoon and got these:

ABOVE:  Yeah, I'm gunna take a break from my Aussy order for a day or two and try making something different.

I will show you WHAT once I've made a couple.

And that is all I have for now.  Now off ya go and have a good day, cos I sure will.
So happy all the HARD WORK is done and behind us now.

ABOVE:  more grass!  It's growing really good in some places, and not so good in others.  But I feel sure it will all be sprouting soon. 
This is a 'Panoramic' photo, so it shows our entire back lawn.  Not too big right?  *smiles* 

I say 'back lawn' but in reality, it is the side yard!  Our back yard consists of the sheds, a path and a grapevine.

ABOVE:  See?  Not much area out the 'back' at all, and certainly no grass.


I rang Spotlight (Hamilton branch) and asked if they had a zipper foot for my machine.  They said YES, so drove down there.
And ... NO, in fact they don't have a zipper foot for my machine.  WTF?  

I drove over to Sewing Machine World at 5 Cross Roads, they didn't have one either, but I could order one in.  So I did that.

ABOVE: Oh yeah, I might have bought these while there too.  lol
I think I already have the two on the left, but who's counting?  

LOL.. another edit out!  
It's just one of those days.

So.  It's been quite an informative day.  I've found out a few things.  Not news really, just drummed it in as fact. 

Sibling rivalry is alive and well, and the root cause of so much angst.  
To be hated for helping a kid of ours?  Sad.
I will never turn my back on any of my kids.  
Not if they need help.

I will however, turn my back on being verbally abused and accused of god knows what, and people who hold GRUDGES and believe their own bullshit.

Some of my kids hate my blog!  Hate me blogging.  Well too bad.  It's my blog, my daily 'diary' of our life.  Before I blogged I kept a written diary, every day for 20 years.  This is so much better!  If it offends you, or you simply hate being mentioned on here, don't worry.  You never will again after today.

But I MIGHT just say how horrible 'some' of you are, and call you on your behaviour (no names were mentioned by the way).  Cos I can.  Don't ya just hate that?  Yeah, I know ya do.

Now ****, go relay all that to him who "doesn't even read this", OK?  


It's nearly 2 pm and I've literally done NOTHING today.  To'ing backwards and forwards between texts, PM's, Phone calls and emails!  

Think I will now just focus on my day and what I want to accomplish.  Which is more than just sitting here being a 'keyboard warrior'. *snort*

ABOVE: Some pretty big clouds overhead.  But they are just joking.  I will have to water the 'lawn' later.  We've not had rain in so long!  It's 30 degrees outside right now... more inside.
If it does rain, it will be a miracle.  I'll let ya know... *smiles*

I'm preparing dinner.  We are having chicken drumsticks baked in the oven, our baked carrot dish and salad.

Dinner was lovely, as I thought it would be.  Not had the carrot dish in a very long time, it was worth doing for sure.

Time to head off to bed now, it's just on midnight.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


*yawn*... morning!

Let's just go straight to last night's concert:

 ABOVE:  Steve, Stew and I had never been to SPARK ARENA before.  We were really impressed, it's a lovely venue.

 ABOVE:  We arrived there just before they opened the doors... so did 12,000 other people!   But we got in very quickly and found our seats without any problems at all.

We had awesome seats!  Virtually no one was right in front of us at all.  We  had a clear view the entire time.  

ABOVE:  Too funny!  We were spotted in the crowd by a girlfriend from Tauranga!  She sent me this photo of us over Facebook, before the show started, saying 'Hi'!  
There was an FBG girlfriend there too.

 ABOVE:  Pentatonix... they were awesome.
The lighting was fantastic, it was a well put together show.

ABOVE:  I got some 'merch'.... lol.  Just a t-shirt to remember the evening by.

ABOVE:  The opening set.  Even 'just' the intro was fantastic.

ABOVE:  Their final song.  My favourite.  It was certainly a way, way better concert than Kenny Rogers 37 years ago! No comparison really.

So... after having a nice sleep in, it's time to get up and do a few jobs around the house.  Washing. Dusting. Watering the grass and gardens, cos they didn't get done last night, that's for sure.

I wasn't going to get out there at 1 in the morning for anything, not even new grass. lol

ONWARD...  3 pm:  Well after doing all me first thing in the morning jobs, I decided to make us Brunch.
I've not done a cook up in the morning in FOREVER!

ABOVE: That was Stew's plateful... he ate it all!
I on the other hand, could not.  So the dogs got lucky with lots of sausage.  The bread went down the sink.

After that feast, we both felt a bit sleepy! Funny that.
I kinda cat napped on my chair for an hour or so, and Stew did a little work outside.

Then around 2 pm we decided to pop out as I wanted a couple of things from Spotlight.  Not much, I will show you what tomorrow.

Then we went into town and had a Movenpik ice cream.... it's going to be a once a month treat.
We know total denial of treats just leads to HUGE BLOWOUTS.  We ain't gunna do that. *smiles*

I went into the studio this afternoon, spent about an hour looking for one of my sewing machine feet.  Not luck at all, so first thing tomorrow I need to go to friggin Spotlight AGAIN to buy a zipper foot.  Grrrr.

Stew cooked dinner tonight,  we had pork spare ribs, but they were more like steaks, and salad.

Time to head off to bed, I'm freakin' tired.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


As of yesterday, we have been in our new home for 10 weeks!
I can't believe it's been that long already... it still feels like only a few weeks.
That's probably because we have been so busy?


Sometimes I look around and think "Where the hell am I?".   Yes, the house feels like home most of the time now, but sometimes I have to stop and think about where I am, or where I'm going.

I've not accidentally driven back to Cambridge ... YET!  It's bound to happen.

I think it's just going to take more time ... until it truly feels like HOME.

Very exciting day today.  We are heading off up to Auckland, to the PENTATONIX concert!
I've been looking forward to it for so long.  So have Steve, Bex and Stew.  

Well not so sure about Stew!  He's not listened to much Pentatonix.   I hope he enjoys the concert.

We are taking Lacy with us, as she's babysitting the boys for us. 

We are not staying up in Auckland tonight ... much prefer our own bed really.  And it's not far to come back home afterwards.  

But for now... we have a couple of new shrubs to plant in the garden, and a few plants to move to different places.  The gardens are constantly evolving, which is fun.

AND.... after only 5 days:

ABOVE:  Yep, last night while watering the dirt patch... I saw GRASS!   How amazing is that.  Very exciting.

Oh yeah... while I think about it... I bought this weeks ago:

ABOVE:  See this?  It's an ultrasonic anti bark thingee.  I tried it.  The dogs literally LAUGHED at me.  It didn't work AT ALL.  They kept on barking, I might as well have used it to hit them over the head for all the good it did.
Don't buy one, or at least not this one.

And for the few ANON commentors who tried to blast me about the bark collars... I didn't even read them.  I hit DELETE the second I realised it was a negative comment.   Gotta love DELETE.


11.40 am:  And Stew and I have been busy this morning, just getting stuff done around the yard.  Sorting out keys/deadbolts and so on, so when we go out of town the house is locked up nice and tight.

Now it's time to get ready to head off to Auckland.  *Squeals*
So looking forward to the concert!!!

...4 pm. Safely in Auckland. Very noisy... Steve and the boys *sigh*

ABOVE: His singlet gave up the ghost... it was full of smaller holes. Then he pulled it.  Yeah. He's a dick. 

ABOVE: We are here... and we have amazing seats!
Just waiting for the opening act to come on stage in 20 minutes.

12.48 am:  We are safely home from Auckland.
We had a fantastic time at the concert, my ears are still ringing!
The band was awesome, sung lots of songs I didn't know, and a few I did, they kept the best one till last.  Hallelujha, in my opinion one of their very best covers.

It's too late to upload photos/videos so hang in there till tomorrow... well later on today. *smiles*

Friday, February 14, 2020


So, who celebrates Valentines Day?

Or are ya like me and think it's just an excuse for retailers to try and squeeze a buck outta ya?

We don't usually bother doing/giving anything for Valentines Day.

But... I saw something recently that I thought would be a lovely little gift for Stewie, so I got it.

It's NOT necessarily a VD gift, but I will be giving it to him today.  Cos I can.  *smiles*

When ya read this Stew, you DON'T have to get me a thing OK?  I have everything I ever wanted already.

Today I will be starting on another project ... for my Australian Order.  Once this one is done, I will have finished it!

I won't be showing these projects on the blog until they have been received by the lady who commissioned them ... which won't be till mid March.

ABOVE:  I will never tire of this view, and it can only get better with grass.

Here's a question for you:

ABOVE:  WHY does this make me smile???

And on that note... I'm off to start me day.


ABOVE:  so this is what I gave Stew this morning.  It's just a little dream catcher.  I've already hung it in the sunroom.  

And now... back to me sewing.

I got the 3rd of 4 projects finished this morning, of my Australian Order.  I've decided to take a break for a day or two from the sewing studio now.

I like to tidy up my studio between projects, so I got the vacum out and cleaned it up.

Which lead to a couple of hours housework!  As happens.  Snowball effect eh?

LOL... the thread spool?  When I ran out of thread while living in Cambridge, it would take an hour long round trip to come into Hamilton to get more.

NOW it only takes me 16 minutes!   THAT is what makes me smile.
Yeah, I know about the 'secret' compartment at the end of the spool.  *smiles*

I went to WW at midday.  Gained 1 kilo, which is not at all surprising considering how much I've been eating!  But, it's not a huge gain, and with any luck (and resisting temptations), I can lose some this coming week.

BEX... NO MORE CHOCOLATE!   Don't bring it into the house, then it can't call me from the bloody fridge.  It's LOUD.

ABOVE:  There's a sneak peek at project number 3.  

Dinner tonight was a sausage and potato bake.  Very nice too.
It's been a quiet evening, spent just watching the TV and not much else.  Note:  Not seen or heard from Griffin today.  Funny, I thought he  had moved home?  He's spent one night here in almost 2 weeks.

Time to sign off for the day.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Hard to believe, but after months and months of hard work getting here to Hamilton, and settling into this new home... it's all done!


From now on it's just day to day stuff like normal.  Housework.  Yard work.  And sewing.

And that's what I am doing today.  Just sewing.

How amazing it that.
Today I am going to continue working on my order from Australia.  It's coming along nicely.

I also plan on popping down to Animates to get a new battery for one of the BARK COLLARS.

I know it's deemed 'cruel' to use them, but you don't have a Marley.
She is DREADFUL at the moment, barking and yapping constantly at ANYTHING that moves... day AND night.

She caused two little children to start screaming and crying a couple of nights ago, and they were just walking past the fence!

They couldn't even see her, but OMG, she made such a racket, she frightened the life out of them.

So... neither bark collar is working, so I shall get a new battery for one of them, and see if it works.  If not, I might just have to bite the bullet and buy a new collar.

Bear in mind, once the dog realises the collar works, they STOP BARKING!  So they only get one or two ZAPS before they stop.  It's not like they are electrocuted all day long!

So.. if you are inclined to have a go at me about it, go for it.  I won't be publishing any comments in that vein.  DELETE DELETE DELETE!

ABOVE:  This kid!  So like his father.  Two teeth down, so many to go.

And that's about it for now.  I'll pop back in later on.


11.40 am:  And OMG!  I got the new batteries, shaved the girls necks so they would WORK... and put the collars back on.

Bearing in mind they  have been wearing the collars on and off for months, but they didn't work.  And the dogs knew it.

I get home, and pretty quickly there's a knock on the door.  

Normally this would set them off immediately... but for some reason?  NOT A PEEP OUT OF THEM.

So, I open the door and it's a neighbour inviting me to a Neighbourhood Watch Meeting.
And Marley sees her at the door and starts to bark.  I hear the warning BEEP go off, so I look at Marley... and she get ZAPPED.

Her head goes down straight away, and she grumbles at a low level... knowing full well if she barks again she's gunna get zapped again at a higher level.

IT WORKS!   I really thought our bark collars were no longer working, even with new batteries.

But no, they work.  And my world is SILENT.  I even got to invite my neighbour inside without the girls going mental and barking constantly at her.

BLISS.  So happy.

Lacy is here visiting.  Not many leftovers today, how sad for her. lol

7.10 pm:  And I worked in the Sewing Studio all day, with a little break for a swim when I got too hot.
I'm very pleased with how much I got done today.
I might even finish this current project by tonight.

Griffin came home... and left again.  Brylee is at work this evening, so Stew and I went and tried out a local Idian Takeaway/Sit In place on Sandwich Road.

It was a solid 8/10, so not too bad.  Can't beat the Cambridge Hello India though.

We will try Little India in town next, we used to go there 20 years ago and liked it.  Might have changed in the past 20 years though.

I'm completely knackered ... worked all day, nice dinner... sleepy now.

I'm going to take a break, then water the 'lawn'.... no sign of grass yet.  It's too soon I presume.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


On Saturday I got an email from Internal Affairs, informing me that Stew's new passport was on it's way and would be delivered to our home within the next 1-3 working days.

Cool.  I figured it would be here Mon/Tue or Wed.
So, Brylee and I played tag team, making sure someone was at home at all times on Monday.
No delivery.

Then I got an email saying it would be delivered on Tuesday by courier... so again, Brylee and I made sure one of us was home all day yesterday.

Because the passport had to be signed for upon delivery.

I tracked that parcel all day...

ABOVE:  When I saw that it was 'With courier for delivery' at 12.36 pm, I figured it would arrive in the afternoon.

NOPE.  So I rang the courier company just before 5 pm last night, to be told it would definitely be delivered that day.

Then I checked the Tracking information, only to see our parcel was back at the depot, waiting for the courier again!

WTF?   I'm livid, and will be ringing them bang on 8 am this morning to see what the hell is going on.

Obviously, I now have to stay home ALL DAY AGAIN, so if/when it is delivered I can sign for it.

New Zealand Post, Courier ... YOU DAMN WELL SUCK.

I should have chosen to pick it up myself, to save all this aggravation.  

So obviously, I will be home today.   I will do some housework, before heading into the Sewing Studio to do some sewing.


Well... there's no grass growing yet.  How long does it take?
It's hot.  It's got water twice a day.  ???

Rang New Zealand Post... our parcel is still sitting there at the depot.  Waiting for delivery.  Useless, they won't even let me go and pick it up!  Why?  Because it's been scanned as waiting for the courier, so can't be physically picked up by me!  OMG so frustrating.

So.  The latest update on the Passport delivery:

I rang New Zealand Post, and according to them the passport never left their Depot yesterday.
But when I rang them yesterday they said it was with the Courier on it's way to our house, and it would be delivered yesterday.

Brylee saw the courier van arrive outside our house yesterday afternoon, but the guy never got out of his vehicle, he just sat there, then took off again!

So I'm thinking that he didn't have it... whether he lost it or left it at the depot, I'll never know.


ABOVE:  It's now .. 'with courier for delivery' ... AGAIN.  So, let's see if it arrives this afternoon eh?   

I've been sewing steadily all morning, and ...

ABOVE:  I'm on the home straight for this project.
Then it will be on with more projects in the line up.

ABOVE:   Finally!   I got a phone call from NZ Post around 2 pm, informing me that it would be delivered between 4 and 4.30 pm TODAY.  And it was!
Thank god, I was sure they had lost it.

In other news, Griffin came home.  For a shower before heading off to another dental appointment.  Now I have to wonder ... will he be home for dinner?  Or even to sleep, cos since he moved home, he's spent one night here.  The rest of the time he's been?  Out.  

Got my answer to the above... he's 'out' again.  Home tomorrow.  Aaa Haaaa. 

Dinner tonight is a bit of a laugh.  I meant to get Saveloys out to go with potato salad and coleslaw.  Opened the bag and dropped them in a pot of water... only to see Cheerios!
So we are having kid/party sausages for dinner tonight!

I suppose they are just like saveloys, only smaller right?  *ha ha ha*!

While it's been an up 'n' down sorta day... with some aggravation thrown in, at the end of the day all is good.
Lovely yakking to THE OLD MOO and Steve today, and visits from Lacy and Kelly.

Time to sign off for the day.