Thursday, April 09, 2020


Ok... first up for today, I have my knitting efforts from yesterday:

ABOVE: Any idea what they are?  I know, I'm a bit mean.
I will show you later, once they are on the tree.  *smiles*

Once that is done, I  have another job to do.
Brylee and I are going to move all of Lacy's 'stuff' out of my studio.

ABOVE: All her stuff is piled in my studio.  I simply can't work in there while it's like this, it's doing my head in.
So, it's all going in the garage until she comes back from Whangarei, and then MOVES OUT.  lol

She can use the garage as her 'room' till she finds somewhere else to live.

Doing this means that if Griffin wants to move home after the lock down, we will have the room for him too.

Once I've got my Studio all tidied up I'm going to work on some of my UFO's.  I don't have that many, but it will give me something to do while we are still stuck at home constantly.


11.15 am:  Bit of a slow start this morning, but once I got started...

ABOVE:  This got done.

Now I just have to tidy up my Studio and the spare bedroom.

Oh and YES VICKIE!  Bunting it is.  *smiles*  I will have to wait for Stew to take his lunch break so he can help me put it up on the tree.

MEL:  That's a gorgeous idea, but obviously we can't do that in this Covid-19 lockdown.  Shame though.

2.25 pm:  And the tree additions are up...

 ABOVE: Two additions today, the little blue/white strip, and THE BUNTING!

ABOVE:  Stew's included cos he hung them up for me.  He's enjoying the tree too I might add.  *smiles*

It's super blustery today, and we've had the odd shower too.  Much, much cooler today I must say.  Not sure I like it!

Yep, there I go, bitching about the cold.  LOL

This afternoon Stew needed to go into work for important documents, so I went along for the drive.
We drove directly into his building's underground carpark, went up the lift to his office and then home again.
It was neat to get out of the house, even just for a little while.
I was surprised how many cars were on the roads today.  It was quite busy!
Our infection numbers are coming down dramatically, but if the traffic out there this afternoon is anything to go by... it might not last.

I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and crocheting, making a couple more additions for the tree. 

Stew got us dinner tonight.  Home made hot dogs and wedges.  

We are not eating that well right now I must say.  Eating too much and too often.

Boredom obviously... and being cooped up inside to much.  
I just don't feel like doing much *sigh*.

Time to sign off for the day.  

Stew is off 'work' for the next 4 days, EASTER of course.  Another 'Staycation' for everyone.

The police are setting up road blocks to catch people who are trying to sneak off to their beach homes for the holiday. 
I hope not too many do try it, it's not worth it really.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020


First up for the day is for us to hang a new addition on the tree.
I was told my tree was on a local Facebook page last night, so I popped over to take a look.
Yep, there was my tree:

 ABOVE:  I checked out the comments last night, and said thanks to everyone for their lovely words.

We certainly chose a really lovely neighbourhood to move into!  When we decided to move from Cambridge to Hamilton, the one area we wanted to be in THE MOST was North Hamilton.  And...We are exactly where we wanted to be.

 ABOVE:  The pom poms for today.  I have to stand up on the freakin' ladder again!   Stew has NO BLOODY IDEA how to sew the piece on the tree!  
I asked him to help tie a knot around a pom pom last night... OMG it was like watching a two year old try to tie it's own shoelaces.  Hopeless.

Lucky for me he is very handy at other things. *smiles*   Love you Darling.

ABOVE:  I captured this sunset a couple of nights ago and forgot to share it.  Isn't it just gorgeous!  The only blight on my view is the tv aerials *sigh*.  Ya can't have everything though ... on a whole we are loving our new home.

It is supposed to rain this afternoon... fingers crossed it actually DOES!  I will hold off watering everything... in case the forecast is actually correct.

Right, I better get outta bed and hang those pom poms, so those who walk/cycle/drive by today get to see a new addition.


ABOVE: Up bright and early to get that new addition on.  LOTS of walker and runners first thing in the morning!

 VELCRO:  Well I did think that was an excellent idea, but most of the time I knit/crochet the additions on guesswork, not precise lengths.  So velcro might not work in that case scenario.

I felt quite 'safe' up on the ladder today as Stew was holding on to it, and me bum when NECESSARY.  Somehow I don't think it was necessary at all... but oh well.  He's a bloke.

I finished all the painting this morning too... just in time really, as it is looking like rain might be coming later on?

Now what to do?  Lunch, followed by some crochet I think.

Stew is super busy at work... he's on the phone constantly today!  I'm so glad he went back to work instead of continuing our 'holiday'.  

SO looking forward to having that holiday... even though it probably won't be for months now.

8.15 pm:  I have been knitting all afternoon!  And watching Netflix on me computer.  Murder Mystery movies.  Love it.

I used left over chicken and bacon from last night and made a potato top pie for our dinner.
It was really YUM.

Now... It's wind down time... we had have constant drizzle and rain since mid morning, it's been wonderful.  
I hope it lasts till tomorrow as predicted.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Guess what?
I had this bright idea while I was out the front painting the Studio wall a couple of days ago.

ABOVE:  So, what is Stewie doing?

You will have to wait until I'm outta bed ... and can take a photo in decent light.

Until then... I need to get on with some housework ... washing on, bed made bla bla bla.

I will be doing the 2nd coat of paint on the long, front studio wall today too.  I'll be glad when it's finished.  I'm over it already!  But it does look wonderful, so well worth the hard work.

I don't have an addition for the tree today... so I better work on something today, to add tomorrow.

Steve DID go out for a little walk with Bex and the kids yesterday!  He said it felt wonderful... he is feeling so much better.  Such a relief.
It's fantastic he keeps in touch. We have heard from Lacy a few times too, she's OK up in Whangarei.  

And that's all I have for now.

Catch ya later.


1 pm:  And I've been outside painting for about 4 hours!
I baked another Lumberjack cake before that too.

Now, as for the front fence... well, this is what we did:

 ABOVE:  We did indeed drill holes in the fence!

And I painted the insides of them to match the studio walls.   There is another step to go... but I've not done it yet. So no photo of the street side yet...

ABOVE:  Except that one.

ABOVE:  The other painting I've done today is all the edges and fiddly bits on the studio walls not done yesterday, and the gate.

I've now stopped painting for the day, and have come inside for lunch. 

ABOVE:  so the wooden rounds from the fence got the blue bubble effect... and then I screwed them onto the fence.
I think they look like kinda cute there.
Stew will have to help me attach them properly, most of them are not screwed in tightly enough.
Not sure what I've done wrong... hopefully he can fix it.

And fix it he did!  He just found the correct head for the drill... which was NOT in the drill kit (of course).  I was using one that was just a bit too small.
So my bubbles are all drilled in properly now, and I'm thrilled to bits with the fence.

I'm now done for the day, off to get dinner finished and on the plate.
We are having a chicken/bacon bake, with mashed potatoes and veges.

Monday, April 06, 2020


Today I am going to roll the paint on the front wall of the studio.

It will probably take me a couple of hours.

Once that is done, I will take a break from painting for a few days.  My arms and back need a break.


I might look a bit like that... later.  Probably have knickers on though.  *snort*

Stew is back to work (in the lounge) today, just another day at the office for him.
I will have lunch with him at 1 pm.

Last night I sat up until after midnight making things for the next tree addition, I had certainly never made them before!
And I had to use a kitchen fork.  
And ideas?


ABOVE:  I made flowers!  Using a fork.  It was very interesting.  And easy. But not that fast.
They are cute though, and add yet another dimension to the tree.

This addition will go on in a couple of hours, once I'm outta bed, dressed and have some face on.

I've been neglecting the face.  Not pretty.  Must do better.  *smiles*

STEVE update:  so far so good.  His pain is diminishing slowly, and he will be on a much lower dose of steroids by the middle of the week.  

Then he will not be classed as 'immunosuppressed' anymore, and that means he will be able to go off his property for a walk with the kids.  He's so looking forward to that.
He's been totally housebound or in hospital for quite some time now.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that Stew did an amazing job of getting a mass of windows washed, inside and out!  There's still more to do, but OMG he's made a huge dent in the number.  So relieved cos they were really awful.
They look WONDERFUL now.


ABOVE:  Flower addition is on, me face is on, earrings on too.  Feel like I should be going out somewhere....  but no.

Off to change into painting shirt and get on with the job at hand.

Oh and... I got messaged this morning by a Whatsapp chat from a neighbour down the road, telling me there was a weird cloud above my house!  Why thanks Richard, I needed to know that!  lol  It was a jetstream.

ABOVE:  Couldn't be bothered with photos this time.
And where is everyone?  Not at work... well not 90% of ya anyway. It's been very quiet on here today.  

I'm taking a break... probably won't be doing much this afternoon.

And as predicted ... I did do bugger all this afternoon.  I had a nap.  I 'helped' Stew with a project when he finished work.
I cooked dinner and now... watching TV till bedtime.
So lazy!

Sunday, April 05, 2020


Today I am going to continue doing this:

ABOVE:  I don't feel like I got much done yesterday... but that lot took me close on 2 hours.
So, I shall continue doing all the edges and fiddly bits, and hopefully sometime today I will get to do some with the roller.

THAT is going to be the easy part for sure.

Last night I made some tassels for the first time in forever.  I don't remember ever making any before, but hell, I'm 61.  I'm bound to have, but have just forgotten.

ABOVE:  I went out last night (in the dark) to see where this addition would fit on the tree.
Stew had to come with me cos I was in me nightie... butt naked under it!  lol

ABOVE:  Another one worth remembering... 
and on with our day.


11 am:  (feels like 12 !).  Daylight saving ended last night, so all the clocks got turned back an hour.  And my stomach is telling me about it already.

Right.  I have sewn my latest addition on the tree:

ABOVE:  It looks so cute!  While out there I finally got to meet the neighbour on our right...  we had a lovely chat.  She's got two kids, a teenage boy and a 21 year old daughter.  The daughter had moved out and gone flatting just 10 days before 'lockdown'... but she's doing OK apparently.

ABOVE:  Mary and Dave stopped to take a new photo for her Facebook group to see.  I'm NOT going to add any more to the bottom... that little dog had a piddle on me tree!

ABOVE:  The clean up tub is working PERFECTLY.  

ABOVE:  I have finished putting the FIRST coat on these two walls.

 ABOVE:  After lunch I shall make a start on doing the edges on the final, longer wall.

ABOVE:  Then I MIGHT paint that shitty looking gate.

But for now... it's almost lunchtime, and I'm ready for a break.

5 pm:  And I've just finished painting all the edges and fiddly bits on the front wall of the studio.  OMG I'm utterly exhausted now.  

I never in a million years thought that by yarn bombing my front tree I'd end up meeting so many people/neighbours!!!

Today, because we were out the front quite a bit, we kept having people stop and chat with us!  All were so positive and lovely.  

One grandmother with her three grandchildren said she SIMPLY HAD to walk past every day as the children wanted to see what was new on 'THE TREE'.  Then as we were talking to someone else, one of our neighbour's rode by on his bike and yelled out "THE TREE HAS A FOLLOWING"!

So funny.

Because literally EVERYONE is in lockdown, they go walking and cycling in the neighbourhood heaps more, and that is why we are seeing and chatting to so many people.

I've had a brilliant idea for our front boundary fence too.  But I'll save that tidbit for another day, when I have nothing else to blither on about!  lol

MEL:  OMG no!  I hear TV adds 10 pounds to how ya look!!!  I'm already big enough thanks.  *smiles*  Plus I'm sure a yarn bombed tree is not exactly news worthy.

12.09 am:  And it's been a long day.  I've been making things for the next tree addition.  It involved a kitchen fork.
I'll leave you to ponder what the hell I needed a fork for.  lol

Saturday, April 04, 2020



Saving for my memories. ❣️
Bit of history for later. . .
Covid 19 started in Wuhan, China at a seafood market. Hundreds of thousands affected, dead, dying, critically ill although many have recovered. Most deaths are in the over 70 group or those with underlying health issue.
As of today, Saturday 4th April 2020, New Zealand has been in stage 4 lockdown for 10 days.
Government closes the border to every one but returning New Zealand nationals/residents and makes it mandatory to self isolate for 14 days for anyone entering the country. Those without an isolation plan are put into lockdown in hotels.
Panic buying set in during stage 2, 3 and at the start of stage 4 we had no toilet paper, no disinfecting supplies, no paper towels, no laundry soap, no hand sanitizer, no flour or yeast.
Self-distancing measures mean we must each stay in our "bubbles" consisting of households/people living together at 23.59 pm on Wednesday 26th March.  We were given 48 hrs notice.

Over 70's and those with underlying health issues or weakened immune systems told to self isolate for the duration of the lockdown where possible.

Tape on the floors at food supermarkets to help distance shoppers 2m (6ft) from each other.
Limited number of people inside stores, therefore lineups outside the store doors.
Non-essential stores and businesses, trades closed.
Supermarkets, pharmacies, dairies only shops allowed to open
Drs and Vets open but must phone ahead, many consultations via phone/skype etc.

Those who are lucky enough to have a job that is able to be done from home without the need to have physical contact are able to continue to work.
Children's playgrounds, bush trails, water activities, visits to the beach, swimming pools, gyms are off limits.
Entire sports seasons cancelled.
Concerts, tours, festivals, entertainment events - cancelled.
Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings - cancelled.
Funerals limited to only those within the deceased's bubble.
No religious services, churches, mosques, temples are closed.
Schools/daycare/uni's are all closed.
No gatherings permitted.
Not allowed to physically socialize with anyone outside of your bubble.

When we are at supermarkets, we are to maintain a distance from each other minimum of 2 m. (impossible to police)

Allowed outside for walks/cycling but must stay within their neighborhood and observe the 2 m rule.

Shortage of masks, gowns, gloves for our front-line workers.
Around the World there is a shortage of respirators, hospitals, nursing staff and Dr's.

Wuhan, Italy, Spain, Iran, UK and USA are the worst hit so far with 1,014,673 infected Worldwide, 52,983 deaths with the youngest victim 6 weeks old.  210,335 recovered. The figures from around the World show a @10% mortality rate. China claimed only 3% mortality rate which is suspected to be incorrect possibly because many died before anyone knew what it was.

In NZ 868 infected and 1 death, 103 recovered ... so far.

Bubbles nominate someone as their designated shopper.
Supermarkets limit purchase of certain items to 2 per customer.
Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses around the World switching their lines to help make visors, masks, hand sanitizer and PPE.
Phone and email addresses are set up for the public to report anyone breaking isolation rules, not paying workers their government subsidized wage or for those price-gauging others.

Press conferences daily from the Prime Minister.
Barely anyone in the street or on the roads.
People wearing masks and gloves outside.
Essential service workers are terrified to go to work.
Medical workers are afraid to go home to their families.

Those unable to work have $580.80 for fulltime/over 20hrs and $350 for those under 20 paid to businesses by the government, with employers paying workers 80% of their wage.

This is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, which was declared March 11th, 2020.

We have so much!
Be thankful. Be grateful.

Be kind to each other - love one another - support everyone. ❤️

Well, wasn't that a long read?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  10 outta 10 to this bloke!  Snorkel, mask and a rag over the top of the snorkel too!  Can you imagine the looks you would get???  Hysterical.

Today we will be washing down the Studio external walls.  Stew will use the cleaning brush set and I will do some with a broom.

After it's dry we can paint the edges... which will be fun I'm sure.  NOT.
But, it is going to look amazing once it's done I'm sure.

I've got a bit of washing to get done too, and the odd job around the house.

I will leave you with another laugh or two:


yeah... hands up that's me.


12 midday:  and we have had a very slow start to the day.  But now... we've got a few jobs done.

ABOVE:  Stew drilled out the rivets on two window security stays, so we can open the windows wider.  It gets so hot in the lounge, kitchen/dining/family rooms in the afternoon, so anything to get more air flow is good.

I then gave Stew a quick lesson on how to stitch knitted bits together, so he could add the next addition to the tree:

ABOVE:  And that was a FAIL.
I don't know how he did it, but he stuffed it up, so I ended up having to climb that bloody ladder and do it myself.

 ABOVE:  I ended up kneeling on the very top of the ladder with one leg and clinging for life from that branch!  But I'm proud to say I got that addition stitched on, even if I did feel a bit sick up there.

ABOVE:  So, while he failed to get the job done, he's very handy at other things! lol
I think I'll keep him.

He's now doing something with this thing:

ABOVE:  Any ideas people, what's he doing with it?

Lovely story from just now.
Stew was out the front, just about to come in the front door when a lady called out to him from the street.

She wanted to know if it was 'us' doing the tree decoration?
He said yes, it was his wife.

She said she goes by every day and snapchats a photo of it to share with her friends.  They all look forward to seeing what is new each day!

She said it was wonderful what I was doing.  Awwww.  

She asked if there was a new addition today and Stew said yes, and was going to show her, but NO!  She said she had to find it on her own.  *smiles*

Now, back to what Stew just did with that compass:

ABOVE:  He got our weather vane up!  And it looks awesome there.


4.34 pm:  After lunch I went out the back and started painting the edges and fiddly bits of the Studio walls.  I didn't get too far before stopping for the day.  I'm knackered.

And I have a pounding headache.  It's too damn hot for my liking.  

Stew made a start on the window cleaning, I think he got the gym and sunroom windows done.  He will probably do some more tomorrow.

9 pm:  Watching some weird movie, ready for bed more than anything else.  I made some tassels tonight, not sure if I've made them before.
Might be on the tree tomorrow.