Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK... last night I went to Weight Watchers... I lost .400 grms. Better than a gain.

BUT.. I had been brewing a headache all day and it got so bad by the time I went out that I threw up on the way home from Weight Watchers ! It was so bad I went straight to bed and slept till 6am this morning. I still have a headache now, but it's not as bad.

So that explains there being no "nite nite' on yesterday's post ...

YES... the dog door got installed! AND Teddy used it all by himself this morning... I have a clever wee dog ...

Today I'm going to do the grocery shopping, have a wander around the mall.... maybe even a tiny bit of retail therapy. We will see!
ONWARD... I have headache pills to take!

ABOVE: I changed the seahorse's head... more like the picture from Google now, but I like it.

After I got the groceries I went shopping and bought this lovely winter top, and a pair of black leggings. I feel much better now!

Still have the headache, but pills help... off to try and have a wee Nana Nap before I have to pick up the kids from school. Hoping it will help clear the head...

I managed to get a half hour of shut eye before the alarm went... so that was nice.

I was going to leave all the groceries down in the garage for Stew to bring up ... but then I thought.... NAH, the kids can do it! So I sat on me bum on the garage floor and handed them two items at a time to take up till it was all done!

Now I suppose I better put it all away eh? Doesn't look much eh? But it cost over $600 !

End of Day: well on a whole, a good day! ON track, headache is still lingering but not too bad... nite nite.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today I am going to work on making the pattern for my patchwork class project. It's going to be a seahorse. I love them. Did you know that the male seahorse has to 'carry' the babies until they are born? I LIKE THAT IDEA!

All going well, the dog door WILL get installed today.

If I can drag myself away from the patchwork, I want to get on the exercycle sometime today....

Weight Watchers tonight.... shit....

That's all for now...

HI! I've been quiet most of the day.... plodding away nutting out a seahorse that I like... the one above is just a picture I got off Google..not the one I'm using.

I've drawn several seahorses during the day, and I think I have now got it how I like... will show ya soon.

The Glass man is due soon, hope he really bangs on the door or I won't hear him AGAIN.

Taaa Daaa... my seahorse pattern. He's going to be in mottled greeny-pinky batik material on a sea of blue... these projects are done to end up looking like a Stained Glass Window... so you have to wait to see JUST how it's going to look!

The glass man isn't here yet.. and it's 3.45pm ... hmmmmm.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


All right Steve... cos I know you read this.... COME HOME!

All you readers out there... get behind me on this one!

Steve has POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).... and he's really not well right now. His Dad and I are trying to convince him to move up here with us..... and MUCH as I hate the idea of having a friggin extra bloke in da house.... we kinda love him... and want to help him get better sooner if possible.

So, leave a comment... tell the little shit to come home!

DO YOU HEAR ME STEVE??? COME HOME.... and AMANDA JANE get ya tongue back in your mouth and STOP drooling!
-It is back to Patchwork Class for me today.... NEAT.
-ALSO: The Dog Door is getting installed later today.... YAAA... then I can sit outside in the cold trying to get Teddy to use it! NEAT.
-AND apparently Lacy is visiting us this afternoon too...
Patchwork class was 'entertaining' if nothing else. I got no work done at all.. which was annoying. We had to wait our 'turn' to trace out the pattern of the project we are doing this term... and my turn did not come... so I will have to do it tonight. I am going to make my own pattern instead of using the class one... everyone is doing a Dragonfly over a green background. I am going to do a Seahorse over a blue background.
The rest of the day has been slow... so far. The glass man is due soon, Lacy is due in about an hour or so....
The glass man turned up, knocked on the door ... I didn't hear him so he went away again! He obviously didn't use the bloody door knocker... I WOULD have heard that! Pffffft... now he's coming back tomorrow. With a flea in his ear.
Lacy's visit went well, her and the boyfriend stayed for about 2 hours... for the first time EVER I forgot to take photos! I can hardly believe that! Me, forget to take photos! *shaking me head*
End of Day: I now have a tension headache... not much has gone right today... and the one thing I thought might turn to custard ... didn't! So weird. Am going to bed early ... I'm feeling ikkk. nite nite.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I got ANOTHER award! This time from Virginia. Thanks chick!

The rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Write 5 things you are passionate about apart from blogging.
3. Tag 5 people on your list and let them know you tagged them.


I'm passionate about...

1. Stew... always have been, always will be. He ROCKS.
2. My kids and grandkids..MOST OF THE TIME anyway!
3. Shopping, no secret there!
4. Crafts, being creative and productive.
5. Reading, boating, fishing, swimming.... ooops got carried away!

Now, who to tag....
1. Mrs C...
2. Nola (The Tart)
3. Sue
4. Anne (private blogger)
5. Jaxx

Why these girls? Cos they are probably the most CONSISTANT commentors... they are always 'there' to give their 2cents worth, and I like them! Of course there are lots more out there who I like too... but I was only supposed to list 5... so don't go hating me!

Isn't it a lovely day? Well it is!
The kids are off to school and I can do WHATEVER the hell I like for 6 whole hours! How DELICIOUS. I am off for a walk if it's fine enough... all that talk about walking to Manukau is on hold... after my much smaller walk yesterday I have realised that the distance is beyond me at the moment! I used to be able to walk that distance, but not now. *sob*

BUT... I will do it again one day. So, smaller steps to get back into it.

The day holds lots of promise.... of silence if nothing else!.....yeah... famous last words.

-I didn't get out for a walk.

-I DID do the darn washing.

-Teddy DID get into Brylee's room and eat her socks.

-I have spent the last hour or so trying to get my bloody computer to work.. it froze... I felt like throwing the bloody thing out the window. I HATE IT sometimes! Even now it's on a 'go slow'...

-I decided to cook some veges for lunch:

-Because I was so distracted by this bloody computer I burnt me onions... but they still got eaten. I don't particularly LIKE burnt onions, but I was so pissed off I ate them anyway. pfffffft.

- and to cap it off... I found out I DO have to pay those darn car fines. BYE BYE $400. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

YOU 'out there' who prays to forgive me cursing... you have a BIG JOB on your hands today! Now off ya go!

End of Day: well.. it didn't get any worse! In fact, quite a normal evening. Yaa for that. nite nite.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We really have no plans for today... it's wet and miserable.
I am looking forward to tomorrow! As soon as I get the kids to school I am going for a walk... rain or shine!

I have worked out how far it is from my house to Manukau Mall and I am going to walk there and back! Oh, it's 11.48km for your information...(there and back). And that is 7.13 miles for you who havn't converted to metric yet.

That's me for now.... hopefully SOMETHING interesting crops up today....

NOTHING... I mean happening around here! It is pissing down with rain... I have even done some ironing to pass the time! I could do some patchwork, but I want to save it to do in class!
One thing for sure ... if it's this wet tomorrow I won't be going walking afterall.. it's just too wet dammit.
End of Day: there was a break in the weather late this afternoon, so we grabbed the chance and went out for a walk around our 'block'... it's about 4km long... it was really lovely.. not too hot... Teddy loved it too and he made it around the whole walk too. nite nite.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last night Griffin was doing his normal shit... jumping all over the furniture, annoying the hell out of us... he simply CANNOT keep still EVER. So, I decided that instead of throttling him (it was tempting) I would put him on the exercycle ! (apparently Stew was thinking the EXACT same thing!)....

He thought it was neat.....

I made him pedal for 30 minutes non stop....

The sweat dripped off him like a tap.... then he was exhausted! YAAAA, mission accomplished. After that he sat still for a while, then off to bed he went.
I am going to use that tactic again... it rocked! And he enjoyed it...BONUS~!
Today is ANZAC Day here and Australia.. when we pause to commemorate those men and women lost in the wars while serving our country. Shops are shut till 1pm. So this morning we will just potter around the house.. wonderful! Just what I feel like, more housework.

This afternoon we will go to the mall, Griffin lost another tooth and he MUST spend his Tooth Fairy money....

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLEY*** hope you have a lovely day over there in Melbs.
The Mall was PACKED.... I had gone out specifically to get a 'Dog Door' for Teddy, so he can get in and out without me having to leave a door open all the time, which is not practicle in winter. Luckily we found one straight away.

Now all I have to do is get a glazier to come and install it. AND then teach Teddy how to use it. I hope he cotton's on quickly!
End of Day: I've been tempting Teddy with food to go through the door, while proping it up in the doorway.. cos it's not installed yet. He is already getting the right idea... yummy food sure helps! nite nite

Friday, April 24, 2009


Above is a short YouTube Video, I thought it was funny. I 'stole' it from another blogger.... but it is going around so I didn't feel bad! lol

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE*** ... 22 today, hope you have a really neat day. Dad and I really miss you... and your little brother too. It's about time you visited us again.. we miss having a BABYSITTER! ha ha ha, just joking. When you come up we will go shopping together and get you a pressy eh? I reckon you don't want one of me Lavender Bags eh? lol

Have I mentioned.. 3 more sleeps till the kids go back to school? NO! But rest assured, I am counting down! Much as I love the kids to bits.... I love them going to school too. *smiles*
I believe those two littlies are looking forward to school too... they miss their friends.

AND... did I tell ya that yesterday I got on the exercycle... and moved the pedals even! I was reading and pedaling away for a good 30 minutes. It felt great being proactive about getting some exercise again. So I am going to do that again today.

That's about it for now.... will be back...LATER.
The kids and I just went to the Mall.... I posted the small 'Chook' quilt to my Mum for her birthday coming up soon, and got about 2 inches cut off me hair... bye bye split ends! And I am proud to say ... even though I was sorely tempted, I DID NOT buy anything to eat. That felt good.

ABOVE: my present mood. Don't even know why! Just am. Thinking about pizza. Very hard. And maybe some Bacardi and Diet Coke. Hurry up and get home Stew. I'm over kids. I'm over housework. I'm over the dog chewing everything not nailed down.

End of Day: and it's been a rather 'flat' day, I think the kids have finally started to get to me... it's been a long two weeks with them at home 24/7. nite nite.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I got an award from COFFEE SLUT and THROUGH THICK AND THIN ...... thanks girls.

I am going to pass this award on to: HELLS BELLS...I started compiling a list (I really did!) of who I wanted to give it to.... but it got soooo long it was ridiculous! So, if you are on my blog list.. it's for YOU! BUT especially to all of you who comment FAITHFULLY, and offer support when needed. {{{hugs}}}

I am looking forward to having a cruisy type of day.... I might even take the kids out somewhere. No idea where... but it better be cheap! I am broke ... *sigh* and am too scared to spend anything in case I have to pay those bloody car fines! Grrrrrrr.

What else? Hmmmmm.... not a lot! LATER....

***PEPSI has been updated.***
PAMELA: Re your comment yesterday.... all I can say is "Jealousy will get you nowhere! Oh..... and:
Stupid comments like that just show there are a lot of mean, nasty minded people out there who are so unhappy in their own lives they want to try and bring others down with them... SORRY but it won't work with me. I am too happy.
FROGGY: thanks for the lovely comment... but I feel the need to say this... I do call a spade a spade .. this is true. I do not, however, disrespect other people's opinions. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION... and I hope I never ever forget that. Pamela's opinion of me was just that, her opinion... it was how she went about voicing it that I did not respect.
Now, what have I been doing? READING! I got engrossed in a book and I just can't put it down. The kids are very happily watching telly, playing Playstation... all is good! We have not gone out as planned... why rock the boat when all is good eh?
Teddy needs a brushing, so that's next on me list... well he got brushed and clipped a bit more. Sheesh that dog gets knots so quick!
Kids got noisy and annoying towards the end of the day, so they have both been dispatched to bed.
End of Day: well it's been 'interesting'.... and I'm glad I have so many friends out there who also think 'Palmela' is a git. nite nite.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


See... it's not RED... (whoops... I sooo should not flick you da finger eh?) lol

So, I'm rather happy with the colour, it's darker than I have been for EVER.... but at least now I don't have to worry about re-growth showing only 1 friggin week after I've been to the hairdresser. AND it only cost $30 for the dye instead of $130 at the hairdressers. SCORE.
TODAY: well as Kelly and Co. are leaving I shall no doubt do a serious house clean... I've done no washing all week, no floors have been washed etc... AND of course I need to catch up with what YOU all have been doing too!
1.25pm... visitors have left. I can now get on with tidying up! Not that there's that much to do really.
I am not going to WW's tonight! I have been far too evil over the holidays! Next week I will be better, back to 'normal' routine and all. I felt too self conscious to get on my exercycle while they were here, silly eh? lol
Hmmmm, having darker hair means you can see all the split ends! Eeek ... I am going to have to have a serious trim soon.
We are having left-overs for dinner.. meat loaf again... YUM. Kids will probably have baked beans and eggs on toast ... something easy ...NEAT.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Who is this pesky little person.....

Who thinks I'm the next best thing to sliced bread???

Who just won't......

Leave me.....
Alone!..... *sigh*

Hmmm.. smells OK.....

Ahhhh.... this is better! LOL

Teddy is getting run ragged by Rena... she loves him. It's so bloody cute to see them together. She treats him like a toy... and he let's her. What a fantastic wee dog.

TODAY: well.. we might go out to a mall.... Hopefully it's not too wet today. It was yesterday.

And if I can I will take a photo of my new hair colour to show ya ....

We have been out and about... checked out the Manukau Mall, then headed off to Pak N Save for some groceries, which is just around the corner from Manukau Mall... but SOMEHOW... the car drove ITSELF to Sylvia Park Mall! I don't know how that happened!
Anyway, while there we did get the groceries, had a quick look around then home so Rena could have a nap.

Kelly took a few photos of 'the hair' so I will post them tomorrow... there's enough photos on this update already! I pity anyone without Broadband who likes to read my blog... it must take FOREVER to download all the photos. *sigh*

Kelly and the kids leave tomorrow, so 'normal' blog reading/commenting will recommence then! lol (who misses me?).....

End of Day: been totally lazy for days... and starting to feel really sluggish too. ugh. nite nite.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Some photos from yesterday's visit to Khady's home (SIL).... it's in the bush a few minutes from Bethell's Beach...

ABOVE AND BELOW: see, it really is in the sticks! NO FLUSHING TOILETS here! You can't even see her house from the road... there is so much vegetation. BUT, she does have a little lawn!
ABOVE: the vege patch... she has a big plastic drum full of worms and compost... and there is a little tap at the bottom of the drum which lets her drain the 'worm piddle' out... she puts it on her garden. NICE ONE!
She does the same thing with seaweed, puts it in a drum with water and waits for it to rot....
ABOVE: Poor Stew having to move some concrete blocks for his sister... SEEEEEEE! I'm not the only one who makes him work!

ABOVE: one of Khady's two cats... I call this one her "rat-cat".... cos it's butt ugly and the size of a rat! It was up there yowling at us. It did not like the kids much. I don't blame it!
Stew has to go back to work today... so it's just me and the kids.... for a while anyway. I think Kelly and her two kids are coming up for a couple of days today... not sure!
So....'s raining! It's not cold though, which is just lovely. I can't believe how warm it is here still.... I am in a t-shirt and no skivvy or jumper ... I would be freezing down in Palmerston North.
'm sending off a letter today.. you know, one in an envelope even! It's to the City Council ... I'm hoping to get excused from paying my car fines! Well, I can only try eh? We HAD just taken it to the Vehicle Testing Station for it's WOF 2 days before I got the tickets... and we WERE in the process of getting it fixed after all! Fingers Crossed.
Kelly, Leigh and Rena have arrived, so it's been a quiet day just spending time with them.
I've just made a big meatloaf for dinner.. Kelly helped and even got the pleasure of doing the dishes! heee heee.
End of Day: having a nice visit with Kelly & Co. Kelly dyed my hair tonight, so it's now much darker! nite nite.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


ABOVE: photos from yesterday, as promised. Port Waikato was quite lovely! And the Houseboat at the top.... to die for!


POOR Poor Teddy! He is CRAWLING with fleas! I don't know where the hell they have come from! He has never had them before, we put Frontline on him every two months. I put MORE on him two days ago..... and he's still got them!

I am going NUTS. I HATE FLEAS. I am scratching myself silly.... and I am phobic about having fleas myself.

HELP!!!!! ...... WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???

We are heading off to Bethell's Beach today... to dig up some ferns for the garden. Will show you how it went .... LATER!

(if you didn't read it yesterday... there is an update on my private blog...
So far today...
- I have washed all Teddy's bedding
- I have sprayed insecticide all over other places where he lies
- I have bathed Teddy in Flea Shampoo, making sure to keep the lather on him for a good long time
- I have put MORE Frontline on him!
ABOVE: Less than impressed... in the shower getting all the shampoo thoroughly washed off. Poor boy, he was traumatised!
We have been out to the SIL's for some plants... only got three little ones ... will probably have to buy some bigger ones eventually. Bugger.
Had a lovely visit with her..... got eaten alive with mozzies...
Griffin stubbed his toe and screamed and cried for ages.... 1 drop of blood was SQUEEZED out of the toe. lol
Stew had put dinner in the Crock Pot before we left (Beef Stew), the smell is devine now! Mouth is watering.....
***I just put a little post on the PEPSI blog***
End of Day: another really neat day here in Auckland! When are they going to end??? nite nite. *smiles*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

THE ONION....AND THE LOUNGE. .... came back! There is an update. (Private Blog)

Let's start with the onion eh?
A couple of days ago my dear wee elderly neighbour, Myra, asked if I could give her an onion... as she had none for her stew. NOT A PROBLEM!

I gave her an onion... she told me she would return one in a few days.. of course I told her it was not necessary. Hell, it was only one onion!

Yesterday she snuck over and left a friggin onion hanging on our front door:

Hmmmmm.... I sooooo don't need it! So I decided ... for a bit of fun... to give it back to her, so I wrapped it up and put it at her front door:

Let's see what happens next! *smiles*

Now.. the lounge. I moved a couch... following are 'before' and 'after' photos from both ends of the room:

ABOVE: before..... and BELOW: after

The difference is more noticeable from this end of the lounge:

ABOVE: before and BELOW: after....

I am quite pleased with how much more 'roomy' it feels now. It's hard getting used to such a small room, that doubles as the dining room too. But we are getting there. What do ya think of the subtle change?
Today we were going to Stew's sister's property to dig ferns for our garden, but plans have changed... we can't go today.
BUGGER.... we told Griffin last night we were going out there, now we will have to tell him we are not! You have NO IDEA how much that kid can bitch! He is going to be so upset we are not going! So, we must get something else sorted out before telling him... or listen to him grizzling for hours! He should have been a girl.... girls grizzle!
NOLA: take your eyes OFF THE DOG! You are not having him... Griffin will shoot you first! ha ha ha!
Talking of Griffin... a miracle has happened! We told him our plans had changed and we were NOT going to visit his Aunty today... and he said "Fine". Just that! No screaming, no grizzling, no throwing something on the floor... NOTHING! I. AM. IN. SHOCK.
So.. we have a plan for the rest of today! Stew came up with it! SHOCK .. HORROR! This is the man that never has any idea what we can do, it's always up to me to make our plans for the day!
ANYWAY... I digress.... we are having lunch at home then going to Port Waikato! I havn't been there since I was 11 years old on a school trip... so can't remember a thing about the place... maybe there is bugger all there.... maybe it's nice? We will find out eh?
Port Waikato was way nicer than I thought it would be! The water had that wild, west coast look... but very lively to watch. I took lots of photos (like I wouldn't?).... but will put them on tomorrows blog post... there is QUITE ENOUGH on today's! *smiles*
We also stopped in at Pokeno and got an ice cream... AWESOME.
End of Day: tired, unwinding with a rum and Diet Coke... nite nite.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Here is a selection of photos from yesterday....

Trees changing colour, it's Autumn (Fall)....

ABOVE AND BELOW: chooks on the side of the road, we stopped and gave them bread. Griffin ate some bread too.

ABOVE AND BELOW: the southern end of Waipu Cove, a very beautiful beach in Bream Bay.

The following four are of Langs Beach, which is near Waipu Cove, I love this beach:

The following one I took at Ruakaka... it's really exposed to the open sea... huge long beach, goes for miles and at it's far north end is Marsden Point, which has an oil refinery there.

So, there ya go. Who's sick of seeing beaches ??? lol

I promise we ain't going to any today.

In fact, not sure what we are doing..... might just be a 'hang around the house' sort of day.
I'm moving stuff... I want to bring the exercycle up from the garage and have it in the family room... so.... moving stuff. AND I moved a couch in the lounge and it's made a huge difference to the room! Will show ya soon....
So, I'm sitting in the lounge, yakking with a girlfreind who's dropped in for a visit... Teddy is on me lap... and I see a BLOODY FLEA on him! Ewwewwwwww.... I nab it and drown it pronto! Frontline is crap obviously! It's only been 1 month since I put Frontline on him.. it's supposed to last 2 months... pffffft. So, I've put more on Teddy and put him outside till it's dry. Now... I am itchy! (mind over matter I know)...
End of Day: I'm still bloody itchy! Just thinking about fleas gives me the creeps. Evil little buggers they are. nite nite.