Monday, August 31, 2009


I was directed to another giveaway! This time I (or you) can win a cute handmade purse! Go here.. for your chance to win one of Lena's purses!
ABOVE: the purses that are being given away!

I'm off to my new Patchwork Class in Papakura today... it's held in a room off the 'Fabricland' Shop... so if ya need anything it's right there on hand! Awesome. I hope the new ladies are nice... I'm joining mid-term... so might feel a bit akward! Or not! Who knows! I have such a mouth on me I am bound to make an impression if nothing else! *smiles*

I'm feeling good about my 'friggin diet resolve'.... even though I try not to think of it as a DIET... just a positive lifestyle change for the better! And YES I know I have been there, done that a million times already.. and failed over and over again in the last 2-3 years to get my act together! But I keep trying....cos I am a GODDESS UNDER DE FAT!


The new Patchwork Class is.... NEAT! The ladies are lovely and the tutor is awesome... she flits from person to person making sure you are OK and if you need help she's there! And I was accepted into the group just fine... and felt at ease there. I loved it! AND some of the ladies were my age.. which made it nice too.

Since I got home I've had my lunch (an omelette with ham and cheese) which was yum... and now I have to organise dinner for the kids and babysitters, cos Stew and I are going out to a 'work dinner' tonight. Hope there is something 'healthy' on the menu!
I just picked up this grubby little shit from school! They were doing paper mache'..... He has glue EVERYWHERE! Including all down his trousers, and up his bare arms, and like....... how did he get it on his back???

Lee-Anne just said "Poor Griffin"!... yeah well I did kinda growl him! He does have a worried look on his face eh? ha ha ha!

End of Day: we had a fan-tas-tic dinner! Awesome presentation. ... and the food was just delicious. The Beach House in Buckland's Beach.. highly recommend it... just make sure you have a LOT of money in ya wallet... cos it was freaking expensive! Almost got wiped out on a round-about on the way home too... could have been interesting blog-fodder that! Luckily the other car managed to stop in time. Time for bed... nite nite.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


NEW START No # 5,369.....
Today I will try to start a 'healthy, sustainable' eating plan.

It will consist of:
- a smaller lunch
- no carbs at dinner
- alternate Diet Coke with Water (shock / horror!)
- no snacking (well actually I've got that one down pat already!)
- no potaote/pasta/rice/crackers/cakes/biscuits
- no sweets/ice cream
- more fresh veges and fruit (I hardly ever eat fruit!)

NOT being accountable to anyone... this just puts pressure on me.
Weigh at home once a week.
Exercise 5/7 days.

Try to avoid comfort/emotional eating... think of other ways to de-stress... like sew/pot/paint...

PLAN PLAN PLAN every meal in advance... to avoid the 'oh stuff it, let's get takeaways' scenario.

So, that's where I am today.. trying to be positive and make yet another fresh start.
I know no one gives a shit if I'm overweight... but I do... and that's why I keep trying... and as long as I keep trying the FAT has not won.

MISS ME? hee hee.... been off da computer ALL DAY! I dragged my butt outta bed at about 10.30 this morning... had me shower/hair washed etc and finally in the land of the living at 11.30 am! ...Then we went out for lunch and did the grocery shopping...

ABOVE: the heavens opened as we were leaving the Mall... it totally pissed down! Been expecting bad weather all day... it was AWESOME... hope we get more.
I'm knackered from all the walking around we did... so going to now go and chill out for a while...
End of Day: it's blowing and raining! Hopefully we get thunder and lighteing too! nite nite.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


It is weigh in at the Doctor's this morning.. and it's the end of his 'study' so it's the final weigh in. AND I know I am probably 1-2 kilos HEAVIER than when I started!

I don't want to go.
I don't want him to be disappointed in me... I am disappointed enough for both of us.
Stew has done well though...
So maybe I'll put my head in the sand and not go.

And wonder what I will do next? I am MAINTAINING my current weight, that is not a problem... but I am still way over my goal weight, and it gets me so down. I think about it EVERY SINGLE DAY CONSTANTLY... and hate myself. SO MUCH.

I try keeping myself busy.... you KNOW I DO! But I have to sit down eventually... and I have to eat EVENTUALLY... otherwise I'd kinda die eh? But I eat too much, the STOP button seems to have been misplaced. Why is my life so bloody up and down? Why can't I stop using food as a way to cope with shit? My Doctor hasn't been able to address that one... and he thought he could. Pfffffft.
I have to work it out for myself I know.

Sorry for such a depressing post.... but sometimes I just feel... DEPRESSED! LOL

Maybe the day will get better?
I could go shopping!
I could sew!
I could do anything I want really.

I didn't go. Stew did. When he got home we decided to have a day trip on the trains...
So we caught a train into the heart of the city.. and had lunch in Queen Street, then caught another train out WEST... and had afternoon tea at LynMall... then caught the train back into the city...

Waiting for our train at Britomart....
Heading home..... it was a lovely day. I didn't spend a cent! SHEESH, I must be down.

ABOVE: I saw this gorgeous dress at Smith & Caughey... but of course it would never fit me right now... and it no doubt cost an arm and a leg and half me left tit too! *sigh*... I left it there.
Home now and dinner is in the roasting dish, lamb chops and veges in a mint sauce... nice one.
End of Day: in all a decent day... and dinner was lovely. Ya can't go wrong with lamb chops and mint sauce! nite nite.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Today I'm going shopping... for little safety pins! NO MORE BLOOD! If I stick myself with another damn pin I will SCREAM!.... ummmmm, I'm sure I've said this before! Trouble is the last lot of safety pins I bought were crap... total waste of money. Pfffft.
Pity I wasn't a diabetic needing to test me blood... cos I could have done a few last night I tell ya. *sniff*

I was working on the Indonesian Wall hanging ... just stitching it down to the batting.... I won't be doing much more than that to it as it's quite beautiful in it's own right. I have 'double' batted the woman's figure to highlight it a bit more... but that's it.

Now, what else is on me agenda today? A workout! And some housework. And sorting out what I will do at my TWO Patchwork classes next week. And at Pottery class too!

ABOVE: Griffin made his bed today (after a little prompting).. I'm giving him a B+ for his effort! EVERYTHING is ON the bed afterall! LOL

ABOVE: just to torment ya.... Roast Pork done in me new, hugely expensive roasting dish the other night. HATE ME NOW. *smiles*

Eeeee Gads! It took me all morning to find curved quilting safety pins.. I had to go to 3 different places before I found any...

And... ummm... I saw this material and couldn't RESISIT... it was produced to raise money for breast cancer .... and it's so pretty! (And see the pins! I did get some too.)

So, it's lunchtime and once again I'm starving... must find food...

End of Day: and I can feel myself winding up .. stress levels rising.... cos next Tuesday is another horrible day for us. I get a sick feeling in my tummy everytime I think about it... so I don't think about it! I eat instead. I am SUCH an emotional eater. And on that note.. nite nite. I suck.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today I will be going to the Pottery Studio and turning me pots bottoms! That's when you flip the pot over and shape the bottom and put your 'potter's mark' on it.... mine is an intertwined CJH.. my initials. Every potter should have their own 'mark' .. for posterity! *smiles*. I've had mine for years... everything I make has my mark on it. (even me quilts!)

After that I'm catching a train into Newmarket to pick up my Diamond Ring ... which has been fixed... neat! I have missed it.

THEN I am going to come home and have a workout! It's going to be a busy day.. and I love that! No time to be bored, no time to raid the pantry... whoop whoop!

ABOVE AND BELOW: Before and after turning, and putting me 'mark' on them.
ABOVE AND BELOW: before and after.

AND the best thing? I can go into the Pottery Rooms and use them for FREE! Another place I looked at going to was charging $20 a DAY! My Pottery Group costs me $30 a YEAR!

AWESOME... AWESOME... FREAKING AWESOME! Gunna go to town now... get back me sparklies!
I took the train to town... picked up me ring.. then back on the train to Greenlane, where I met 'the man' and we went to lunch together. That was really nice.
Then back on the train to home. Picked up the kids and now? Gunna have a rest!
End of Day: I'm feeling decidedly jaded... and am going to go to bed early! nite nite.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am joining a POTTERY GROUP!

I am super excited too! I knew that there was a Pottery Club in the same building as my Tuesday Patchwork Class... and yesterday I decided to make enquiries about joining ... and I'm going TODAY at 10 am!

In case ya didn't know... I used to be a mad keen potter... I made it, I sold it, I taught pottery to Adults at Night School.... I had my own studio, wheel, kiln... THE WORKS. Then when we moved to Palmerston North with four kids (two who were babies at the time) I stopped potting... I sold all my equipment. I didn't miss it either, it was so time consuming. But now.. I want to do a LITTLE bit of pottery. I miss the wheel. I miss the glazing... WOOO HOOO!

So, that's what I will be doing today. POTTING. Meeting new people! HAVING FUN. SMILING.

ABOVE: The Pottery Group...lots of new names to learn.

ABOVE: me throwing a pot.. I was so nervous! It's the first time I've done it in years.... and the ladies tried not to watch me, so I wouldn't feel under pressure to do it 'right' ... lol.

ABOVE AND BELOW: I made 5 pots today, these 4 I like. The other one... not so much.

I had a ball... and I'm so glad I went... I almost chickened out... cos I don't like the mess it makes.. but it was AWESOME. I have to go back tomorrow morning to turn the pots 'bottoms'... fun!

It's now well after 1pm and I'm starving! Off to feed the face....

End of Day: it's been a really neat day. Did I mention how much I liked the Pottery Ladies? They were lovely. nite nite.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Which of course means company! And getting out of the house.
And doing something I love.
It's all good.

Sew Prim Khris is having a Giveaway.. you could win one of her gorgeous Dolls (above)... so pop on over and enter! But not too many of you, cos i want to win! LOL

I am planning on doing a Giveaway in October to mark my 3rd Year as a Blogger... so keep that in mind. I can't beleive it's been almost 3 years since I started this blog! Time flies... and so much has happened in those 3 years. Phew.....Anywaaaaaaaay... time to go get ready for the day....

ONWARD... Oh and I don't know what the hell I did yesterday, but this morning I am in PAIN! I ache in places I didn't know I even had. *sob* Must have been a GOOD workout!

I just went over to Papakura to get some spray on glue for patchwork and I joined another Class! Monday mornings... at Papakura! And I bought a pattern for my bright quilt.. and met the lady who 'invented' it.. and who can help me make it too! AWESOME!

Back from class, and I thought I'd show ya a couple of quilts other girls are working on:

ABOVE: 'L's quilt, which is quite funky! It's a 'Wedding Ring' pattern, with an entirely different colour scheme from the 'norm'. I think it's awesome.

ABOVE: 'J's Fairy Quilt, done using pre-printed panels... it's very pretty too.

I did a little bit of work on my 'Indonesian' Wallhanging, before my back decided to give me lots of pain! I really shouldn't vacum the entire house AND wash all the floors in one go... my back gives me hell afterwards.

End of Day: I'm doing something tomorrow that I havn't done in years! And I'm really excited! nite nite.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Kids back at school, Stew back at work.. and I'm left home with a new mop and bucket just dying to be used!

Yep, it's Monday... the day I do the 'serious' after-weekend housework.

AND today I'm going to do my gym workout at home... so what with all the housework and the workout... I expect to be knackered by lunchtime! lol

That's all I have to say right now... LATERS....

ABOVE: our new home weight bench and exercise area. Looking good!
It's 11.30 am and I am finally ready to wash the floors! Saying "I'm just gunna wash the floors" means:
- Clean both bathrooms
- Clean the laundry (oh and do 3 loads of washing)
- Wash the windowsills and skirting boards
- Clean the Stove top
- Tidy the front door area
- Tidy the garage
- Vacum the entire house
AND THEN wash the bloody floors! So, I'm JUST gunna do the floors now, OK? lol
All done! Time to go get the kids from school... and then relax.
I'm tired.. and I ate too much at lunchtime, which is making me mad with myself. I have NO self control some days. Then I regret it and feel ill. Grrrrr. I know why I overeat... it's when I'm stressed out, or crabby, or bored. I'm doomed. Today I was all three... Steve is stressing me out, which makes me crabby... and being home alone all day is boring. I am a people person... and I spend too much time on my own.
There are over a million people in Auckland... and I'm lonely! Go figure.
OK, rant and whinge over..... going to sit down and relax for a while, before I have to make dinner.
End of Day: everything aches! I'm ready for bed and it's only 8.30pm! Not like me at all, 11 pm is the normal 'bedtime' for me! nite nite.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last night I got bored.. the kids were watching a Harry Potter movie, Stew was watching the Rugby (and swearing every now and then).. and I thought.. hmmmm... I might just go and cut out another soft toy. So I did... and at 12.30 am I realised that I really should be getting to bed! So..... She hasn't got any legs yet! But they are coming..... lol.

Today there is nothing pressing we have to do! Stew has done the lawns, I still need to do a load or two of washing, but really the day is ours.

Kelly and Co. are coming for lunch I think... that's about it!

ONWARD.... Girlfriend has legs. The washing is out on the line.. and it rained. Kelly, Gordon and Rena visited.. and have gone again.... I tried out a new patchwork pattern... it sucks... so I ain't doing it. Anyone know of a really neat, not too hard pattern that uses lots and lots of bright fat quarters?

We are going out for a drive. The house is a tip. I will worry about it tomorrow. Today is a family day, not for friggin housework. OH and I'm eating buns with icing on the top... shoot me now.

We drove to Pokeno, had an ice cream... and bought these:

Now all I need is more walls! Why, oh why do I keep buying wall hangings??? But they are pretty.... *sigh*.
End of Day: felt like crap this evening.. ate too much. When will I ever learn ? nite nite.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is the THIRD time I have lost this diamond....AND FOUND IT AGAIN ! So... today we are off into town to Partridge Jewellers to get it fixed again... *sigh*. I spent over an hour yesterday searching in the garage for that diamond... but I found it... sheer bloody minded determination wins out! (and luck!)

We will also be popping into the Husqvarna Shop in New Lynn to pick up THE MACHINE.. hopefully it's decided to never go to HELL again! *smiles*

After that? Well probably come home and do some housework, hopefully Stew can mow the lawns cos they be getting pretty long! And yeah.. just chill at home.

Our day has gone very well so far! Got Dude a haircut, picked up my sewing machine and had a 5 minute 'lesson' on how to avoid any more problems.... saw and bought this fat quarter:

AND this old stool, which I will recover as I can't live with it ORANGE!

Then we went over to Newmarket and took my ring in for repairs, which will be FREE cos it's a recurring problem.

And now we are home again, and Stew is about to assemble the Weight Bench, and I'm going to do some sewing.... ONWARD.
End of Day: I made a bigger Chip (above)... and he's so cute. The machine jammed up twice! I took photos. I will wait and see if it happens again. Grrrrrr. No plans for the evening.. we never do! Stew will watch the rugby later on... and I will do ???! nite nite.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got a phone call from the sewing machine lady.. they FOUND THE PROBLEM! It wasn't me! It was the machine..... LIKE I KNEW THAT!
So, it's fixed. I can either wait till next tuesday for them to take it back to Howick for me to pick up, or I can go over and get it...I'M GOING OVER TOMORROW. She wants to show me a couple of things to avoid this ever happening again. COOL....I can sew again! Thrilled about that.

I'm going back to Sylvia Park today to buy an EARLY Father's Day Present for Stewy..... ( Mike you will know what it is! )... Mike wanted one too.... but I can't afford to buy two. Sorry.

Once it's home and set up I will show ya! Probably late tonight.

Right now... got to feed the kids, make lunches, bla bla bla... and go to the gym.

Whoops! I didn't go to the gym... I went out and bought that little something:

Here it is: Above... set up like that ... and below: like this:

It's a neat unit... and I'm sure both Stew and I will get lots of use out of it. We already have all the weights to put on it, so hopefully it will arrive in a few days. AND BONUS: it was a THIRD of the price of the unit I was looking at yesterday! I also bought myself some smaller dumb bells to use at home:

So now we are kinda set up at home... maybe I will stop going to the gym (saves money) and just workout at home! I now have the motivation to DO IT... so I will~! LOL
Didn't do anything much this afternoon... spent an hour or so on me knees.. more about that tomorrow.. and entertained my Aunt and her grandson for afternoon tea.
Dinner is already done.. leftovers.. so expect a quiet evening.
End of Day: another nice day here in Auckland, where it's very WARM for this time of year! I'm in a t-shirt for goodness sake! In Palmy I would be in several layers and still be cold. I love it here! *smiles* nite nite.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It would appear that 'Anonymous' is gunna get a table made for me front door area!

So 'Anonymous'.... tell your Fiance' Tim that I am thrilled to bits that he's going to make me a table! Oh and Lacy...look after that guy cos he's amazing... I take my hat off to any guy who can stand you, let alone want to marry you! (said with EVER SO MUCH LOVE)! *smiles*

Dimensions: 40 inches long, 14 inches wide, height ? As for where it is to go... and what I kinda like....
It would go on the left-hand side of the door where the umbrellas are... and ideally would be rectangular in shape, with a solid metal top so it didn't rot in the rain! And it might be nice if it had something at the end to hold the umbrellas?
As to my tastes! Well nothing too fussy, these two are nice... (above and below)...But you can do whatever you want! A bottom shelf would be nice too... for 'stuff'... ya know!

Now that's done.... today:
- kids to school
- Wait for repairman to come and fix the gas cooktop
- Teddy to Groomers
- bloody housework.
ABOVE: I got another Blog Award! Thank you Trish, much appreciated.

OH Yaaaaa.. me stove works again... and it only took him 20 minutes to fix it... needed a new regulator... shit wonder how much that will cost???? Nevermind, me stove works!

I took Teddy to the groomers... he pissed on their floor the minute he got there.. me thinks he does not like being there! And now...
He's not talking to me ... they shaved him like a sheep! Poor boy.
While Teddy was being butchered, I met Stew for lunch at Sylvia Park... where these guys parked next to my GORGEOUS ROXY:
They may think they are HOT...but they are NOT. ... Pffffft. Where can I get me a real "Diet Coke" sign??? I will show them HOT. LOL!
While at Sylvia Park we looked at a little something we might buy... maybe tomorrow.... hee hee he.
And Lacy, don't get ya tits in a knot! Can I help it if Tim is only the 2nd guy you have ever bought home that I LIKE??? ... IN LIKE 10 years! Pfffft....
End of Day: it's been a lovely day I reckon. A nice evening too... watched the finale of Survivor... so glad JT won. He's so cute. nite nite.