Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hell's Bells, we have slept in ... and because it's now Daylight Saving Time the clock says 9.30 am! While I could have slept on I kinda thought I better check in here so you silly tarts don't go thinking something is wrong with me!

Looks like it's a lovely day out there, don't have any plans but hopefully the day will be lovely. later, I'm staying in bed for now....

Saturday, September 29, 2007


And that is all I am going to say on that subject.....*BIG SMILES*

TODAY: Girlfriends here for morning tea meeting... wonder who will have lost some weight this week? It won't be me.... but I am going to have a loss next week! I am determined and motivated at long last!

I am going to be doing all my exercise at home till the end of October, as I suspended my gym membership till then... so I have a month to get back some degree of fitness before I show my face back there....

Friday, September 28, 2007


What a lovely night's sleep! So nice to be home... now all we have to do is finish the unpacking, get all our washing done and go grocery shopping today.

All very ho hum.... I am starting my 'new' diet today.... good old tracking, points, low carbs, lots of fruit and veges... you know the drill.... and I am going to start exercising again.... treadmill/exercycle and some light weights... all done here at home for now. It really is time to pull finger... I am not liking my face now, it's getting FAT too!

And at some time today i am going to get 'around' all of my regular blogs and check out what I've been missing!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Time to go home, have had a neat time away but I'm ready for my own bed, my own shower, etc..... and I really want to make sure my dog is ok too... Mike assures me he's been looking after her ....

Might get time this morning to catch up with Mandy again, not sure yet. Anyway, better get going.... later.... didn't catch up with Mandy afterall.... left Hamilton at 9.30 and got home at 3.30...

HOME... and the house is still standing, the dog is alive and seems well and Mike and his girlfriend are curled up on the couch all innocent like...... I'm sure!

Had an uneventful trip home, the Mountain was quiet, too cloudy for a photo.... did not see any signs of the little eruption or lahars this time. Had a phone call from Sister-in-Law when we were half way home, Stew's Dad is being taken to public hospital today as he has puemonia (sp?).... not good, but to be expected as he has had a chest infection for a few days and older folks tend to get very sick with it. Fingers crossed he comes right.

Right, on with the unpacking, it is lovely to be home!....

ABOVE: Just for you Janene....... from Mandy.

End of day, it has been a lovely day all up... Stew's Dad is "comfortable" in hospital.... on antibiotics and a nebuliser to help his breathing... so getting all the help he needs.

Watching "Criminal Minds" .... love it! Time to sign off for the day...

NSV: food has been EVIL, but will be "on track" tomorrow I promise. nite nite.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Went to sleep last night not knowing if we would be getting home so easily in a day or so, as Mount Ruapehu has erupted .... one person has been seriously injured too.... not good! The desert road was closed last time we heard so that means we may be taking a longer route home... will have to wait and see I suppose.

Today: shopping and visiting friends, quite chilly here this morning too.

ABOVE: the painting our friend Ally Eagle was commissioned to paint for the Henderson City Council (in Auckland) of the Henderson Valley's history..... it took her a whole year and every person depicted is/was a real person who had some impact on Henderson's history...

A close up of part of the painting where Ally actually put herself in there doing the painting !!!! It is an amazing painting!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*90* TODAY !!!

Stew's Dad is 90 !!! What an amazing age to attain.... ok, he's fairly frail and unwell... but still !! I am in awe.

He doesn't want any fuss, so today we are taking in a 'picnic' lunch for him and we are all going to just spend lunch together. He is getting a chest infection now, so isn't up to much.

After that we will go to St Lukes again.... then we are heading off to Hamilton to spend a couple of days there. All going well I shall be updating again this afternoon before we head off.....later....

Monday, September 24, 2007


The sanitation system is still 'down', so we are pissing in a bucket still... boys outside in the bush!!!!!! AND there is no cellphone coverage out there either.. we really are staying in the WOP WOPS!!!! But, it is lovely out there, bush and birds, beach is gorgeous too!!!

WE are now in town, using SIL's computer again before heading off to visit Stew's Dad and then go to St Lukes Square Shopping Center... oooo shopping centre!!! If I can connect to a Telecom hotspot I will put some photos up.....

And by the way, you are all cheeky buggers!!!! Carmen, yep you are lucky mate, and Ness.... what is wrong with buckets anyway????? HUH HUH??? (secretly, I hate having to pee in one !).... at least we CAN use the loo for NO# 2"s !!!! Right, better go for now....

I'M IN HEAVEN.... I found a HOTSPOT in St Lukes Shopping Mall..... and I can use my own computer!!!! I love it!!!!! Anyway, I digress.... above, a pic of me Sister in law and one of her incredibly UGLY cats... She has another one whick is black that decided to sleep with me last night! Stooooopid animal!

Above, the house in the sticks... and below a picture of the stream and wee waterfall that runs through the property... it really is a beautiful place.... just wish the sanitation system was not so ...... basic!

We have been and visited Stew's Dad this morning, he had another fall in the night and so is being moved from the Rest Home section to the High Dependency Unit soon..... poor old bugger. Right, time to go have some lunch.....

Have had a lovely day, Father-in-law isn't too bad... should have a nice lunch with him tomorrow for his *90th* birthday!!!! Went SHOPPING in St Lukes ... got a *few* things..... ha ha ha. Had a ticky tour around and we are now heading back out to the "sticks and buckets".... oh don't ya just envy me!!!! Won't be able to update again today, seeing as we are heading into the DARK AGES.... so nite nite.!'

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Went to bed last night totally knackered, didn't realise how absolutely unfit I am now!!! It sucks big time and when I get home I am going back to the gym! Small steps, but positive ones.

I also plan on being excellent with my food while away, all very well to say I know, but I am going to do my bloody best!

All going well we will be stopping in Hamilton for lunch (5 hours away) and hopefully saying "Hi" to Mandy as well there. Then on to Auckland (2 hours further on)... while in Auckland I hope to connect to a "hotspot" to update before we "hit the sticks" of Bethells Beach on the west coast...... it's about 40 minutes from Henderson (in Auckland). So keep your fingers crossed that I can do it, cos by this afternoon I hope to have a few photos of this and that to show ya! Right, time to get everyone sorted and bugger off.....
Well we are safely in Auckland, stopped in Taupo, NO TELECOM HOTSPOTS....stopped in Hamilton, NO TELECOM HOTSPOT.... stopped in Henderson, NO TELECOM HOTSPOT.... can you imagine my temper?????? So, we are at my sister-in-laws shop and I'm using her computer... thank god!!!! I realise now, I am addicted to the internet!!!!!
So, this is it for the day, no photos either.... bummer.
Till tomorrow .... nite nite.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


But .... not yet! Got the 'girls' coming for our get together this morning, then maybe I'll get stuck into packing ready to go North tomorrow!

Got the same old worry about going away... hoping the big boys will remember to feed Izzy and take her for walks... it's really a problem! I get so frustrated knowing I have to worry about her being neglected! Friggin boys!!! Anyway, onward.... sure today will be nice.

Hey, just realised there is white... wonder if it will show u?

Friday, September 21, 2007


Steve and I are going into town today, he's going to show me how to tap into Hotspots with my laptop... not done that before! I want to take my computer up to Auckland with me and use it... but I need to know how to use dem Hotspots!

Apart from that, it should be a normal sorta day: Kids to school, walk Izzy, do some housework. It's the last day of school today, then they have two weeks off, I'm not too fazed by the thought of that ... Stew is taking the first week off and we are off to Auckland for a few days. Don't have any other plans, will just take is as it comes.

I think I desperately need to get back on track with the dieting, I am too scared to get on the scales to see what all my pigging out and lack of exercise has done, but it doesn't feel good! I can tell ... me bra is digging in .... and so are me knickers! Bugger it! Back to the grindstone me thinks, summer is coming!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


My grumpiness is over, today I go to work at the Hospice Shop... yipee!!! And apparently Steve is coming back to finish off the windows and roof too... we will see.....

Brylee is going on a class trip out to a Dairy Farm.... I would have liked to have gone too but work is hope she has a neat day trudging around cows! I like cows! Weird eh? Not much else to yak about right now.... waiting for me latte in bed....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well I bloody hope so! I think I'm starting to suffer from extreme boredom, being stuck at home, not allowed to go to the gym, bla bla bla. anyway, I apologise for being a grumpy bitch@!

This morning, after the kids are at school, Mike and I are going to get going on cleaning windows, I don't expect to get them all done today, but it would be nice to get all the upstairs one done. Seems Mike's girlfriend is popping in this morning too..... she's NOT supposed to cos she's been 'grounded' for a month (she wagged school for a day).... but both her parents work and won't know where she is anyway.... and I'm not gunna tell on her! I mean, by grounding her, they effectively stop Mike from seeing her at all too... and that ain't fair eh?

Oh yeah, for the first time in weeks I finally got a good night's sleep too, so that should help one's mood too. And it looks like we are going to visit Stew's Dad for his 90th Birthday next week, so a trip up to Auckland on sunday is on the cards, will be staying with his sister at Bethells Beach, west coast outta Auckland....looking forward to that. Last time we stayed with her the sanitation system was 'down' and we had to pee in a bucket... gawd I hope it's fixed!!! She has a 'composting' toilet in her house, cos they are not on any town system out there... joy! And she does not get cell phone coverage... it's almost like being in the dark ages..Ok, maybe not, but it is different.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This morning really early, someone left a wee package on our front doorstep... it is a Harvey's Real Estate Book, a covering letter from the Agent and a cute wee box of chocolates! Talk about pro-active!!! This was from one of the Real Estate Agents we met on the weekend, and she is most likely the one we will list our home with if we are moving! I liked her very much on Sunday, and for her to promote herself like this has just reinforced my decision.

What a nice start to the day.... Today: walk kids to school, then Janet is coming around so we can get some exercise up in my rumpus room.... neither of us feel like going for a walk outside (both got TOM) so that will be nice. Then I'm off into town to get a few bits and bobs...

Monday, September 17, 2007


You get no prizes for guessing why! It's the last week of school before the holidays... booo hoooo! Though, I think we are going up North for the first week, Stew's Dad will be *90* on the 25th so might go to visit him, it will depend on how he is.

Last night, Steve and Lisa were here for hours, and they played 'Hide and Seek' with Brylee and Griffin.... lots of fun..... and I found THE BEST place to hide Bryleee:

Inside the washing machine! Griffin could not find her for sure!

TODAY: Kids to school, potter around at home tidying up various areas.... try not to pig out!

In the last 6 weeks, what with one thing and another... I have only had 4 days of NO BLEEDING.... and now... I've woken up with TOM !!! And I feel like crap, sore back, sore tummy, headache... I am so OVER being a girl!!!! I swear to god, if I could rip out my uterus with me bare hands I would. So there! And for the few blokes who read my blog, thank your lucky stars you don't have to put up with this crap...

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ok, I'm a slack tart, just outta bed (8.30am)... IT IS SUNDAY EH? Stew is still in bed, so I have to feed the kids, then I'll come back with something riveting to say..... maybe!...

"Someone" mentioned I posted a day without a photo.... oh dear! Let me rectify that!

THE GOOD: my computer desk.

THE BAD: our 'beer fridge'.... coke, wine, beer and tomatoe sauce!

THE UGLY: my worn out sneakers, cost $250, lasted 6 months!

THE GOOD: where I love to go on Thursdays.

THE BAD: bloody teenager still in bed at 1.30 pm.

THE UGLY: Griffin's room, a constant mess.

THE GOOD: our home gym room, AND it gets used!

THE BAD: I hate hate hate this machine.

THE UGLY: never ending washing.....

THE GOOD: the Manawatu Gorge, it is very pretty.

THE BAD: Izzy and her holes, grrrrrrrr!

THE UGLY: Brylee's smile at the moment, we are going through our "ugly duckling" stage.

*BIG SIGH* do we feel better now????

Today: we are going to a few Open Homes, not to look at the houses .... we are checking out the Real Estate Agents! JUST in case we need to put our house on the market.... I want to see how well the agents present the property they are selling, how friendly, informative, etc they are. So, that's the plan for this afternoon.... right now, I've got a few jobs around the house to do....

Just spent 3 hours looking at houses, found one or two agents we liked, so it was worth it.... kids were bored shitless by the time we got home..... and I'm knackered!

Am not going to have another Nana Nap though, or I'm sure I won't be able to get to sleep tonight. Anyway.... laters...End of day, just taken Izzy for a walk in the dark with Stew, lovely. Nachos for dinner, made me feel ill....

NSV TODAY: met some nice real estate people, walked Izzy on a lovely evening.... nite nite.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


It's 6.45 and Stew is sitting up in bed all ready to watch England Vs. South Africa in the World Cup.... I am so EXCITED!!! He just read what I typed and is laughing his head off.... what a man.

Brylee has scribbled all over a book of Griffin's , so he's squaking in his room .... what a start to the day!

Who should I kill first??? I did get a good night's sleep, so I've got the energy to do it..... bloody man is still laughing at me.... might be him!

The girls are here for our morning get together... so at some stage I suppose I better get outta bed...

Friday, September 14, 2007


Insomnia and me..... I am still having trouble getting to sleep, no idea why! So, at 1 am this morning I decide, oh fuck it... might as well shave me legs! So I did.... didn't help me get to sleep but they felt better.

Looking forward to today: kids to school, then I'm going to the BARBER to have a few inches cut off me hair, and this time I will only be paying $9, no more huge hairdressers bills for this girl ! Stuff paying $126 for a crap dye job and a light trim, I am doing the dye job myself ($25) and the barber can trim the ends for me. I don't mind paying if I'm happy with the result and don't feel ripped off, but lately that's how I have felt. NO MORE.

After that I'm meeting a couple of friends for morning tea...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ahhh, had a much better night's sleep, thank goodness! I have work today..... needed to be bright and fresh.

I am going to concentrate on eating well today, my mood yesterday was suckful cos I knew I had eaten too much crap.... happens everytime I overeat...I get shitty with myself and feel awful. You'd think I would have learnt that lesson by now eh? Dumb tart.

So. ... today will be better. Today: kids to school, walk Izzy quickly then off to work.... and will try not to buy anything! Yeah right! But ya just never know !

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hmmmm, you would think after all I did yesterday I would sleep like a log eh? Not so, last night was bloody awful, went to bed nice and early (10 pm) and could not sleep, tossed and turned all darn night, think I finally got to sleep around 3 pm.

So, Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, then maybe have a nana nap! After that, I'm going to repair a wee hole in the rumpus room wall, and fluff around in there some more. Plus, the spare bedroom upstairs needs to be rewallpapered, so might go look for some paper for it. Ahhh, never ending.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Cos I'm still not up to doing the normal 6 km walk, my walking buddy is coming around here this morning, and while she's on the treadmill I will get on the exercycle, that way we still get our exercise together! How cool is that? The best part is... if I get tired she can continue and I can sit on me bum and still yak. Bliss.

Today: kids to school, exercise with Janet, followed by sauna, then some retail thereapy me thinks!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I slept in!! Stew actually did get up this morning early and go do his exercise, so I didn't wake up till 7.15 ! So, I'm taking a bit to wake up properly.... don't feel very enthusiastic about today...

Today: kids to school, walk the dog, do some housework.... dream about moving! Applications for the job in Auckland close today.... so will be on tenderhooks for the next few days to see if Stew is asked to come for an interview.... fingers crossed people! I really want to move, but am not looking forward to all the hassle involved if we do!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I can hardly believe this.... I stayed up and watched the All Blacks first World Cup game....they won against Italy 79 to 14, so we didn't get to bed till well after 1 pm. Not normal for me!

Today: we are off to Wellington to visit two friends, Karen - who's just had her boob lopped off and a new one made for her (She had breast cancer) and Helena - who has had a Full Body Lift after losing an amazing 70 kilos!!!! They are both awwsome women who I admire tremendously.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Another lovely day, girlfriends coming for morning tea, totally expect Janene to have had another great loss... she is doing so well! How I wish I could get my act together and start losing these friggin extra kilos..... but lack of exercise is not helping, and boredom is the pitts.

This is how I feel right now, I can't do anything without feeling puffed and weak, how long is this going to last?????

Abba: HA HA, you are funny mate... morning tea is just a drink of something and a snack at around 10 does not mean having a drink of 'tea' necessarily. And it's not a ritual type thing, it's just a break between breakfast and lunch..... some call it 'smoko' too....

Morning tea is over, had another lovely meeing... Janene was the only one to lose weight this week... she is doing well! The rest of us are just in 'holding' mode I reckon, waiting for summer to spur us on! Bring it on, summer and sunshine....

Above, a cute photo I took last night of the guys and Izzy watching rugby.. Stew is in 7th heaven, the World Cup has finally started!
2.30 pm... I had a nanna nap! Stew is outside waterblasting the paths, windows etc.... it doesn't take long for them to look yukky over winter. It is almost "Spring Cleaning" time, and I am seriously considering getting a cleaning company in to do the big stuff not up to it, and even though Mike is a fine, healthy teenager, he is bloody useless when it comes to helping around the house !!! Another pig in the making.... *SIGH*.

End of a quiet day.... I have been very good, no rushing around... just taking it easy. It is hard, but I'm coping! Lovely casseroled Lamb Chops for dinner.... NSV Today: None really! nite nite.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Looks like things have settled down there, so stop worrying... you should be worried about me hubby, cos I am ready to kill him!!!!

That bugger set his alarm for 6 again, I got woken up at 6, he did not get up till 6.20 am then he had the audacity to actually go pee and get back into bed!!!! So, I sit up in bed with me lap top and he packs a shit at me! "He" might as well get up then, cos I am keeping him awake ! Fuck, what an arsehole... I explain about it being his fault I am wide awake and how if he's going to set the alarm he really should go do his exercise.. and he bleats about being tired..... and how he wont set his alarm again then.... I give up trying to reason with him... and then the prick goes and gets up .....after throwing his nightwear on the bed and stomping off. MEN !

Am I being unreasonable to expect him to actually get up if he's set the bloody alarm? At least if he does I can go back to sleep till 7... cos I'm being kept awake by the alarm going off every bloody 9 minutes when he doesn't eh? Grrrrrr, nice way to start the day...THANKS STEW!

Today: kids to school, take scooter for it's maintenance check up, walk around in town for an hour or so, pick up scooter, home to do some housework I suppose!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


So, me brain in just mush this morning, and I'm thinking of throttling Stew... friggin man set his alarm for 6 so he could do some exercise before work, but did he get up? No, the pain let his alarm go off every 9 minutes till 6.45... THEN he got up! So, I was awake at 6.... the shit.

I am going to 'work' today at the Hospice Shop, have missed it very much.... feel bad about not going last week and leaving them in the lurch... but it could not be helped.

Today: kids to school, quick walk with Izzy then off to work. Let me reiterate... The move to Auckland is only a "maybe" at the moment, it depends on if Stew gets offered the job, and if we decide to accept it.... it needs to be offering a bit more $$$$'s for us to consider it, as housing is so much more expensive up there! I have been looking on the net and to get a semi decent house, we will need to spend in the vicinity of $650,000 !!! So, it's a bit scary!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Yep, 6 more inches, that's all it will take for Izzy to GET TO CHINA!!! I swear, my poor dog is so bored she had dug her way to China... so today I am going to take her for her walk....maybe not as far as we usually go, but I really have to get her out. Yesterday the bloody tart decided to 'help' me get the washing off the line too.... I was not impressed.

So, that's the plan so far, walk the kids to school, then rain/hail or shine I'm walking the dog. This will of course make the hair frizz so then I will have to straighten it... oh the joys of being a girl eh?

Stew is applying for another job (within his Company) in Auckland again... so on tenderhooks soon to see how it goes! Gawd I'm so nervous, we want to move so much, but I don't want to leave all my lovely friends here and in Wellington! I have NEVER felt so much love and support from 'girlfriends' before and it is so bloody nice! Wonder if the bloggers up in Auckland would welcome me?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


How come, when I have nothing of any interest to say, my blog was gawked at OVER 500 times yesterday???? That just blows me away!

So, today I am going to be much much happier, so there! I have woken up much more clear headed, and I am feeling way better.. I even went upstairs first thing today to make the wirless router work again... we have lots of problems with that.

The kids have a short school day today as it is Parent/Teacher Interviews.... so here's hoping I remember the little buggers and don't get rung from school to come and get them like last time, ha ha ha.

I plan on going into town today, pay a bill or two and get another hair dye.... I don't suit yellow me thinks! I am seriously thinking of going much darker.... oooooooo decisions! later .....

Monday, September 03, 2007



As I walked down the busy sidewalk, knowing I was late for an important meeting, my eye fell upon one of those unfortunate, homeless vagabonds that are found in every city these days....

Wearing what can only be described as rags, carrying every worldly possession in two plastic bags, this person's condition touched my heart.

Some people turned to stare. Others quickly looked away as if the sight would somehow contaminate them. Recalling some long-ago Parochial School admonition to "care for the sick, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked", I was moved by some powerful inner urge to reach out to this unfortunate person.

Yes, where some people saw only rags, I saw a hidden beauty. A small voice inside my head called out, "Reach out! Reach Out!"

And so I did. I will not be in church this week.

Monday: it's going to be a good day.... Kids to school, might take Izzy for a little walk.... not much else planned right now. I am really looking forward to walking the kids to school today actually, it will be my first wee walk since last week's incident... wonder how I will go? If it's not that good I'm going to the Doctor for something to help boost me along ...... I'm sick of feeling so weak and foggy in the head!
HI! The walk to school was Ok, felt tired and breathless and a bit sore 'down there', but ok. I talked to my Doctor, and he reckons I should be ok, but probably should have a blood test to check my levels and if they are low to take some iron supplements and Vitamin B injections....LIKE HELL am I having any friggin injections!

I told him if I'm not feeling better in a few more days I MIGHT consider it!

So, I have done nothing all morning, I am so boring I'm boring myself!

Stop reading me.... I'm fucken boring.

I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself... and meanwhile a good friend, Helena, is on the operating table having the same operation I had 2 years ago! A full body lift with butt inplants .... I am fine compared to how she is going to be feeling later on today when she comes to! I feel happy that she is getting her body 'sorted' after losing an amazing 70 kilos.... but I don't envy her the next few weeks! *SHUDDER*...

Stew has been home for lunch... nothing happening with him... another quiet couple of hours ahead of me, then I will walk to school to get the kids. I so want to DO SOMETHING... I'm not used to doing nothing, it's so hard!!!

The HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY: Griffin got an award in his class today, and they gave him a sticker on his hand... when we were walking home from school he stopped and put it on my hand... and when I asked him why he said "Cos I love you Mummy".... awwwwww....

I wonder how long I can keep it on?
SARA mate: ever had an iron injection?? They hurt like 50,000 bastards!!! And I am needle phobic... so I am a wuss, through and through. So if I have to have iron added to me.. it will be via a pill mate!

End of the day, all is good.... NSV today: I did exactly as I was told and did virtually nothing, and I ate 'normal' food but not too much... this is good! Am feeling happier now. nite nite

Sunday, September 02, 2007

VIDEO.... testing....

Righty ho, if I have done this right, all you have to do is click on the link and you will see the video..... ummmm you have to click on the big Arrow on the video screen too me thinks! Hope it works!
I have been dicking around with this all darn afternoon..... please tell me if it worked!

In case you don't know what the kid is saying's "Bob Sagert".... he was the Dad in Full House, and Mike has been telling him to say it all the time! He is a pain in the butt that kid! lol.
Stew cooked lovely Spagetti Bologniese for dinner, then I had a sauna... now ready for bed....
NSV TODAY: Finally found a way to post a video.... and I am getting better every day. nite nite.


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I am getting up..... to get my Darling Man a cuppa in bed... it's the least I can do eh? Maybe I won't do the big cooked breakfast, or the nookie (sad).... but I will make sure he knows I love him anyway!

I am one of the luckiest girls I know, cos I know Stew loves me totally and wholeheartedly, as I do him. We are lucky.

Ok, mushy stuff over.... Today: will be quiet ... for my own good. Maybe we will go for a nice "Sunday Drive".... dunno yet.

I'm happy! I found yesterday's comments in my e-mail box and just re-posted them ... OK, it looks like I did them all myself, but ya know I didn't eh! *BIG GRINS*
When I said it was going to be a quiet day... I wasn't kidding! I'm bored shitless.... we were going for a drive, but the weather is crap and there is nowhere to go that we havn't been already around here.... Stew and the kids are at the supermarket.... and I'm here getting all pissed off cos I can't get stoooopid Blogger to accept my videos. Damn it.

FINALLY... SUCCESS!!! I got a video to load... via You Tube not Blogger.... blogger sucks big time. But this means.... I can 'talk' to you!!! woooo hooo..... look out for more!

ON a final note for this blog entry.... my thoughts are with Sarah (private blog) who lost her darling Dad last Tuesday... I and many others are thinking of you sweetie. Hang in there, things will get better ... and good luck with the impending arrival of your wee man in two weeks. *BIG HUGS*

More of today will follow in the video post....

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's 5 am and I'm wide awake....
Just look what happens when you lose 2 litres of blood, get 4 litres pumped back in then sit on ya bum all day ! MASSIVE FLUID RETENTION...I AM NOT IMPRESSED! I got on the scales this morning to find a beautiful GAIN of 2.5 kilos in 2 days!!!
So, I am officially not weighing myself ever again! OK, maybe not forever, but certainly not until I am back to NORMAL.... and getting my exercise again... this sucks.
On a happier note, I am being picked up by the lovely Janene this morning to go to Anne's for our "Keeping it Real" coffee morning.... can't wait to just sit and yak. later....
8.03 am: Ahhhh , breakfast in bed....delivered by the ever loving Man... a piece of toast, a latte and a bowl of pills! Only three pills though... So, all is good.
Then he came down with .... a bloody live mouse in his hand! seems he caught it with his bare hands as it scurried across the lounge! Ewwwww, So, that makes *7* mice so far...
I have just had a lovely morning, Janene picked me up and we met the others for a lovely morning tea etc. Then Stew too me to lunch, I had a beef/chicken kebab... so nice. I am not worrying about weight at the moment, my health is more important - so I am going to eat well to boost my heamaglobin levels so I am all better asap. That does not mean I shall pig out, you understand, but I will have everything I need.
Right, I'm off now to have a nap... I am tired - AGAIN ... *sigh*.

Right, I tried to fix the date on this post, and LOST THE have redone it... WHERE WAS I?
I had a lovely long 3 hour nap.... then Janene turned up with a cooked chicken and pikelets !!! THANK YOU SWEETIE! So nice.
It's the end of the day, the teenagers are all in the lounge watching movies, Stew is upstairs watching rugby, and I'm here sorting out this stoooopid blog!
NSV TODAY: I had a neat time seeing me girlfriends, and I'm feeling much better. nite nite *****Oh yeah, I lost all my comments from today tooo, so don't go thinking I didnt' publish yours, I DID, just lost them now.. boooo hoooo.