Monday, November 30, 2015


Today marks the start of a week of waiting... and staying home.

Because Tallulah is so close to having her pups, I dare not go to far in case she goes into labour and needs a hand.  Plus I want to be with her when she has them... of course!

Technically she isn't due till about Friday... so a few more days for her to grow them a bit bigger.  She's waddling now!  Tomorrow she is 8 weeks along.  

I've got a few photos from last night's visit with Steve and Bex and kids:

 ABOVE:  Wee Archer loves standing on his feet.

ABOVE: Keera started a new game... standing on Granddad's legs/feet then plopping down fast. Poor Stew got a hammering from the two of them, while they had a blast!

Crikey Steve is a dick!

ABOVE: Our little crawler.  He's still very slow, going 'Commando Style' right now, but I bet by the end of the week he will be much faster and way more co-ordinated.

ABOVE:  He may have a broken ankle, but he can still play with the bubs.  

Keera now calls him 'Ankle Steve' instead of 'Uncle Steve'... it's hilarious.

OK...this morning I am going to have a go at finishing the little fabric box.   It only needs handstitching now, so I can do it in the lounge while Keera plays or watches the TV.


12.44 pm:  we have had a very quiet morning.  My back is giving me some grief today, worse than normal.  I was gunna go to the Dr, but I took some pain killers and they have helped.

The washing is out on the line, and I have moved some furniture.  WHOOPS, dumb me.

Keera has just gone to bed for her midday nap and I'm just sitting her trying to get the energy to go get my sewing.  But it means going up and down the stairs... *sigh*

Might leave it till later!  lol

Oh and the freakin whelping pen hasn't been put up yet either.  I might see if Brylee and Griffin can do it for me when they get home.

DONE.  Whelping pen is up and ready to be used.  Tallulah has checked it out and even slept in it for a little while too.
I swear she is getting bigger by the minute right now!   Her belly is stating to HANG it's that rotund.

Time for bed, I'm really done in tonight.  At least my back is feeling a bit better tonight.

End of day:  a nice day... lazy but necessary considering me damn backache.
nite nite

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Well... most of the day will go like 'normal' I'm sure.

We have house prep to do, Stew is hoping like mad that it's fine enough for him to do the lawns as they are really looking long.

Yesterday's rain might put paid to that idea though.

I've got all the usual stuff to do, on top of keeping Miss Keera happy and occupied.
I think Brylee will be helping in that department somehow.

After the Open home I shall be setting up the puppy whelping pen for Tallulah.
It's time she started getting aquainted with it!
She's gunna be spending a huge amount of time in it soon!  *squeals*  Only about 6 days to go till 'PUPPY TIME'.

Later on today, like late afternoon I am guessing, we are having a visit from our eldest Daughter Amanda and her husband and hopefully a couple of their kids.  edit:  they can't make it after all.

So... lots on today.  I better get a move on and get this house spotless and all ship shape.


Stew went out this morning to get a couple of things I needed to finish off the Christmas shopping for Amanda's kids.  I spent a good deal of time wrapping... getting them ready so Amanda could take them tonight.  Now they are not coming.  *sigh*

Oh well.. at least that's another families presents all ready!  2 down, 4 to go.

Once again we are so lucky with the weather.  It's fine and Stew is now mowing the lawns in readiness for this afternoon.

I'm on 'clean, clean, clean' duty.  Brylee is playing with Keera for me and Griffin has gone to his friend's house for the day.  

Tick, tock, tick, tock.... all is going well...

4.01 pm:  just two viewers through today.  Neither was 'The Lady In Red'.  
Paul (Real Estate guy) said it had been a very quiet day at all his homes today.  I don't mind, it only takes ONE to buy.

Stew had popped out to get some sauce for dinner, I'm doing a Sweet n Sour Chicken Stir Fry.

Steve and Bex are coming for dinner.

8.40 pm: Dinner was lovely, and the house felt like it was buzzing with kids playing and dogs running around.  We have had a really awesome evening.  Archer is crawling!  He's so cute.

End of Day: a hot, humid day again, made doing all the jobs that much harder.  Looking forward to getting to bed later that's for sure.
nite nite

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Today we are going to Hamilton.
Firstly for Lacy to visit with Keera, and secondly so I can attend my Fabric Basket workshop at Donna's Quilt Studio.

I've been looking forward to it for weeks.

We had planned on having a picnic down by the lake with Lacy, but that is looking VERY doubtful due to the weather.

The last few hot and humid days have finally broken and it's bucketing down!  Thank goodness, everyone was feeling the heat.  It's far too early in the season for it to be that hot!

Now a couple of you Chicks asked about Puppies sex/names.  Well If you want to start guessing:

- How many girls/boys?
- What sort of names have I chosen?  hee hee

Cos, I have got a 'theme' for their names, of course!  Good luck guessing.

I will give a little prize to whoever guesses the NAME theme.  Good luck guessing.  Family  who already know ... you can't guess!

Right, I better get a move on and get everything ready for our day trip.  
Have a lovely day everyone...


6.19 pm: and we are finally home.
It's been a lovely day, everything went to plan after a bit of jiggling things around.

My class was lovely... most of us ladies didn't actually finish our fabric boxes, but know how to do that in the next few days.

I will get mine finished on Monday.

A few photos:

ABOVE:  the 'class room'.  Some of the ladies had left by the time I thought to take a photo.  It was a full class.  Very hot and humid in there too I might add.  If I attend any more workshops there I will be taking my fan.

Everyone was melting.

ABOVE:  some of the fabric boxes ... some 80% finished, three finished.

ABOVE:  mine... 80% finished.  
I think I will be keeping it for myself, it's so pretty.

I really LOVE Donna's shop, her fabrics are so ME... lovely and bright on a whole.
Can't wait till it's my 'first stop' shop.

Gearing up for another Open Home tomorrow... there's always more to do than I think to get ready.  
The last one (probably) without puppies in the house!

End of Day:  Well it's been a nice day today, great to get out of the house and do a patchwork class again.
I hope I can do more next year... once we live in Hamilton.
nite nite

Friday, November 27, 2015



Today, 9.30 am to be precise, we will find out.

OMG so excited.  It's been an interesting journey so far... not sure she was pregnant at all to NOW... where we can see puppies moving inside her.  

I'm hoping the Vet can email me a copy of her X-ray so I can put it on here.

We will be able to see the puppies ourselves then.  

Stew is working in Greenlane (here in Auckland) today, so Keera and I will be joining him for lunch at the re-vamped McDonalds across the road from his office.

ABOVE: The 'new' McDonald's restaurant ... where you can create your own burger.  Should be interesting to see how it goes and if others change to this style of making burgers at McDonald's.

So, I will come back on here after we have been to the Vet's and let you all know how many puppies we are having!  Are you as excited to know as me???


I would like to address some issues raised in yesterday's comments.

1. Yes, Lacy has gotten herself into a bad situation, and not for the first time.  But she is TRYING to work it out so her and Keera get a new home and can be together again.

2. When Lacy does get Keera back, we will be making sure she has a firm support system in place so she can cope with being a full time MUM again.  

I hope that has resolved some people's issues.

Not that it's anyone's business but ours really!

COUNTDOWN to puppy number....

ABOVE:  6!  The Vet and I are both rather surprised at the number as Tallulah isn't that big!
But the heads don't lie, there's 6 in there.  Sheesh.

ANON and anyone else who thinks its their business...WINZ HAS been informed ALREADY and I have an appointment with them very soon.... and Lacy is doing the same... SO PULL YOUR F@#ing HEAD IN.

I  have had a lovely morning!  After the x-ray Keera and I went and picked up Dante and we all had lunch with Granddad at the 'new' McDonalds.
We didn't order a 'create your own' burger ... it was SOOOO busy there!  We just got regular McD's and the two littlies had a whale of a time in the playground.

Then we took Dante home and now... Keera is having a sleep and I've got me legs up.  It's so hot and humid again today.  It's trying to rain, so hopefully it does and cools things down a bit.

It hasn't rained.  So it's stinkin hot.  

My tummy has been churning for two days now, many, many trips to the loo later and I'm so over it!  Stress me thinks.  Nah, I knows it's that. 
All the negative comments on here do not help.
We know it's a crap situation but as I've said a million times... we will always put our kids/grandkids first.  If that means ENABLING Lacy to leave Keera here, then for the sake of Keera, that is what we will do.
We hope that eventually Lacy does pull herself together and get settled again.

End of Day: off to bed, got a fairly busy day tomorrow.
nite nite

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I mentioned last night that my day had not gone to plan yesterday.

Here is why:

ABOVE:  Little Miss Keera has come to live with us for the time being.
Various reasons, but the main one is Lacy has to find a new home for them, and Keera needs some STABILITY in her life until that happens.

So, living here with her brother, sister and her grandparents (that would be us) is the best thing for her right now.

Lacy will visit her as often as she can.

Hopefully she can find a new home sooner rather than later.  But however long it takes, Keera is looked after.

I am going out today to get her an approved car seat.  Bex is going to drop off Dante's car seat for me to use this morning.  Kelly lent us one of theirs so Stew could bring her here from Hamilton yesterday, but it's better to have our own.  
I might get a stroller too for when we are out and about.

All going well we will be getting all her clothes on Sunday night when Amanda drops them off.  So I won't need to go and buy any more... yaaa.  

So... out and about this morning.  Dogs will be firmly locked up... can't take any chances with Tallulah going missing so close to having puppies now, APPROX 8-9 days to go.  Tomorrow is her X-ray!
Any guesses on how many puppies?
I'm hoping for no more than 5.  I've got quite a bit on my plate now!


1.50 pm:  finally home.  
Keera and I bought a car seat and stroller, and a few more summer clothes at Baby Factory in Botany.
Then we went and visited Steve and Bex, and gave them back Dante's car seat before he needed it again.

I went to Sylvia Park and picked up a Britto ornament that we had ordered... it's going straight into storage of course.

Now home and little Miss Muppet is having her midday nap and I'm relaxing.  I'm knackered!  It's so hot and humid today, so draining.

 ABOVE:  Today we are JUST LIKE GRANDMA!  Pretty nails.  She is so happy with herself.... so bloody cute.

ABOVE:  And playing with her big brother.  She's taken a bit of time to warm up to her brother, but now she's much better with him.

9.21 pm:  Just home from my pottery class... where I put glazes on my 'test pot'... which is a little outhouse.
Fingers crossed next Thursday's reveal will be good!  Or it could be bloody horrible ... I won't know till then.  This tutor is using a totally different technique for glazing, so I have NO IDEA how it's going to turn out!

Just put Miss Muppet to bed.  She sleeps really well... all night and stays in bed when she wakes until she's allowed to get up.  Dream kid!

End of Day:  it's been a very busy day and I'm rather tired.  Looking forward to bedtime.
nite nite

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today is going to be an utterly boring, normal type of day.

I don't have any plans.

There could be some sewing happening.  I'm going to a one-off sewing class this coming Saturday, so I want to sort out the fabrics to take with me. 

It's a workshop on making fabric baskets.  I'm looking forward to it. HEAPS.

There is the chance of some ironing, which would make Stewy happy.  I've been saying all week I'd do his work shirts... then didn't. *sigh*

That's about all I have for now!  


Well... it's lunchtime and all I've managed to do is the regular housework.
The ironing is staring at me... and I'm staring right back.

Just wish I felt like doing it... but who the hell feels like doing the bloody ironing??? Seriously?

I will tackle it later....

In the meantime, I shall have a shake for me lunch... deal with niggling family issues... and keep me head down so I'm not caught in the cross fire like usual.

It has been an interesting few hours.  

I've still not done the bloody ironing!   Gavin... logical mate.

I have been a busy beaver this afternoon!  Some changes happening here... all good though.  We will work it out.  More later.

Dinner is in the oven, I haven't been totally lazy! Chicken/bacon casserole, served with noodles.

So .... got a lot on my mind right now... more on that tomorrow.  Let's just say my days will be much fuller!

End of Day: well today sure in hell hasn't gone to plan... not that I had any real plans! lol
nite nite

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Last night Tallulah curled up on my lounge chair with me.... and I got to feel a puppy moving!

ABOVE: Starting to look pretty 'swell'!  She is 7 weeks along today. I will take some more comparison photos later on today.

ABOVE:  There was a puppy wriggling under my index finger!  It felt so weird, yet exciting too.

Only about 10 days to go now.
I've changed her X-ray appointment to this Friday.  I couldn't wait till next week! 

So on Friday we will know how many puppies to expect.  WHOOP!!!

Today... *sigh*   I've got to do the grocery shopping.  We should have done it on the weekend, but somehow it didn't happen.
So now I get to do it on me own.  Oh joy.

Not to worry, I will leave all the heavy stuff for the kids to haul up the stairs when they get home from school.... excellent idea.


Well... it's mid afternoon!  I forgot to update when I got home from the shopping.

Oh well... here goes.

I went to Spotlight first, I've decided to put the Wall hanging away for now, it's taking too much concentration and I can't focus on it.  So I'm going to start on the nautical quilt, it's much simpler to do.

I also bought some rubber sheeting for the bottom of the whelping pen from Spotlight too... so we are set and ready to go.

After Spotlight I went over to Sylvia Park to do the grocery shopping.
What's the odds of me pulling into one of the MANY CARPARK BUILDINGS to find Steve and Bex pulling in at the exact same time!

Freaky!   They were also doing a bit of shopping, followed by grocery shopping, so we did it together.

We parted ways at the supermarket after our shopping.

On my way out of the supermarket who should I bump into but Lynda, another blogger friend!

Freaky again!

ABOVE:  She's getting there!  Griffin felt a puppy move this afternoon too.. his face lit up!  Rather cute.

End of Day:  a busy day.... don't want to do the grocery shopping on my own again in a hurry!  My back has been so sore lately, today didn't help that's for sure.
Time for bed... 
nite nite

Monday, November 23, 2015


FINALLY going to get the leaky tap in the laundry fixed.
Rather cross we ended up buying a new washing machine right now when we didn't have to.

We were going to get a new one in the next 6 months to a year, so I suppose it's not a total loss of money.

Hopefully I can get a plumber to come out soon to fix the tap.  For now, I've got a bowl under it. The leak isn't of a huge quantity each day, so not going to lose too much sleep over water loss.  Ya have to pay for water here.  
Do any other towns/cities in NZ have to pay for their water?  I've no idea!

Tallulah has about 12 days to go till she whelps, so I am going to be checking me list and making sure I have stuff we need, not that ya need much. One thing I have not got is a plastic sheet, so that will be found this week.
Apart from that I think I have what she will need, and the pups.

Getting really excited, and anxious too.  What if she decides to deliver on a Sunday!  Shit I'd really be in trouble then.  Heard of delivering in ya car?  Hee hee.... that could happen.  (Open Home... puppies coming) GAWD!

Ahhh well.... I knew it was a possibility.  It won't matter when the pups arrive really, it's going to be tricky working around Open Homes, but I can and will do it.

One week and one day till we find out HOW MANY pups there are!  Eeeek.  I'm guessing around 4-5.   Hopefully no more than that.

Gunna chop off me nails today, well cut them shorter that is.  You have NO IDEA how many mistakes I'm making trying to type ... I have to backtrack constantly to fix the typo's!  Grrrrr. Doing me head in.

ABOVE:  The one thing I refused to take down ... my fairy lights.  I told the Real Estate Agent yesterday they were staying, I refuse to take away ALL CHARACTER.  It's still my home.  And I love them!


11.14 am:   and the plumber has just been.  And he could  NOT find where the leak was coming from, even though it was obvious it was coming from the tap or hoses under the tub.
So, he tightened everything and left.  I told him I wasn't paying him until TOMORROW, cos I wanted to see if the leak happened again during the day or overnight.  He said 'Fair enough'.

*sigh*, I'm  now popping out for a few minutes to post parcels to Australia for Christmas.

3.58 pm:  I ended up at Sylvia Park today, spent about an hour in NZ Post sending parcels to Aussy.  Talk about frustrating having to fill out forms and sort out boxes/bags etc.

But it's done now so I can relax.

After that I had a browse around and ended up getting 4 plates and 4 side dishes for the table:

 ABOVE:  What do you think of them?  (Fish plate and starfish dish).  Personally I love them.. of course!  lol

I stopped in for a quick visit with the kids on my way home too... 
Dante was in bed but was allowed to get up and say "Hi" to me.... so I grabbed a lovely photo of him:

ABOVE:  *snigger*, that's him 'smiling' for me.  Funny boy.

End of Day: well today just flew by!  It's good to be so busy the day is gone before ya know it.
Tired, off to bed.
nite nite

Sunday, November 22, 2015


I had vowed NOT to buy any more Britto until we had moved to Hamilton, BUT while we were out yesterday we spied two pieces that we didn't have, and they were part of the 75th Anniversary pieces.

One was just GLORIOUS, so we got them both, and they are going into storage until we get to Hamilton.

ABOVE:  This is the only Britto piece I've ever seen which incorporates more than 2 characters.  It's stunning.

 ABOVE:  a close up of the three characters.  I don't know the names of the Hippo or little horse?  Anyone know?

 ABOVE:  I love her bum!

ABOVE:  This is the other little one we got.  He's rather cute too.

So, it's Open Home day again.  Our house can't be looking ANY better for viewing.  Fingers crossed for a RESULT in a few days!
Wouldn't that be awesome.  


1.00 pm:  almost ready for the Open Home.  Thankfully the dreadful weather we had overnight has stopped and the sun is shining.
I look around the house and know I cannot do a single thing to improve it's presentation.
So... my job is done.

With any luck we will get a few viewers today.

Steve and Bex had me really worried today.
I text both of them ... no reply.  So I rang both of them... still no reply.

So I start to imagine all sorts of DREADFUL scenario's .... cos shit has,  and does happen.  
When I couldn't get either of them after an hour or so I sent Stew over to their home to check on them... THANKFULLY they were OK.
They had their phones on MUTE!

WARNING!  Mum will imagine the worst if ya don't answer ya phone kids!

So panic over, with a promise from Steve that they will try to not do that again.

Right, better go and do the last minute run  around, turn lights on, put the dogs in their crates etc.

Open Home done for another weekend.  Only two again this weekend, and one of them was THE LADY IN RED AGAIN!!!!!!  Her 6th visit.  And seems she isn't interested in the other, cheaper house after all.  Our home is 'it' for her.  So I hope like hell she can get her property sold soon and BUY OUR HOUSE!

I've got a lovely pea 'n' bacon soup on in the crock pot... the house smells delicious.
I will be putting some aside for young Archer... he loves Grandma's soup.

End of Day:  dinner was perfect.  The day has been long and stressful, glad it's over.  Kinda happy The Lady In Red is still interested, even if she's still in no position to make an offer yet.
Off to bed.  See ya tomorrow.
nite nite

Saturday, November 21, 2015


When Stew got home from work last night he suggested we move the table and chairs into the end of the lounge, so we did that.  I'm happy with the result.

ABOVE: now we have a dedicated dining area (inside the house), a kitchen/family room, a lounge and an 'Archgola lounge room' too.
All clearly defined and looking nice ... with no clutter.

ABOVE:  The 'Family Room'.

NO CLUTTER.  OMG this place no longer looks like my house.  

When we move (eventually) I am going to have so much fun CLUTTERING up my HOME with all my stuff again.  It will be like Christmas unpacking all my boxes of 'stuff'!  *smiles*

I'm feeling a bit better today, thank god.  
Stew is taking me shopping for a nice basket to put the toys in ... they used to be in a cane basket, but I gave it to Bex I think.

We shall find something perfect for this gap:

ABOVE:  We shall be going out a bit later on to find the perfect toy basket for that empty corner.

Well... Stew found THE PERFECT basket for us in The Importer.... and a lovely tablecloth for our shrunk down dining table too!

Oh and we got another picture to replace the whitboard in the Family Room too... like we needed another picture! But, it is more in keeping with the others in the living rooms.

We are now having some lunch at Sylvia Park before heading home.  It's a bloody MAD HOUSE here... so many people!

3.15 pm:  Finally home... and so glad to be too.  Every man and his dog is out today!    Must be because it's a crappy wet day.
We passed two nose to tail crashes on the motorway on our way home... wet weather gets them everytime.

So... here's some photos:

ABOVE: The dining table with it's new tablecloth, and I've also 'dressed' it for the Open Home tomorrow with our dinnerware.

 ABOVE: the new picture in the family room.  I know it's 'PERSONAL' and not neutral, but I just can't have my house totally devoid of character!

ABOVE:   Ha ha!  What we actually went out for!  It's perfect.  Totally ♥LOVE♥ it.  And now we have somewhere to put the toys for when kids come to visit. 

So right now I'm home alone as Stew and the kids have gone down to the Manukau mall for something... don't know what.  
Bliss... might just put me feet up for a mo...

End of Day:   Yaaa, a nice day today. It's nice having Stew home on the weekend.  OH and Steve, Bex and the boys called in this morning too... so kisses and cuddles from them always cheer me up.
Time for bed.
nite nite