Saturday, December 31, 2011


And true to the norm, it's raining!
Most years it rains over Christmas and/or New Year!

That is so sad for everyone who goes away at this time of year, especially those camping.  
I can't remember the last time we holiday'd over Christmas/New Year!
This year, when Stew gets a two week period off we are hoping to go down to Palmerston North to see our youngest son, Mike.
We miss that little bugger so much.
I've tried convincing him to move up here, but it isn't going to happen by the look of it.  
So, we just continue to miss him I suppose.

Not long now before Stew and I will start Weight Watchers together.  I have been a MONUMENTAL pig over the holidays, probably thinking ... enjoy it before you have to diet !
Bad thinking I DO BELIEVE.  But there ya have it.

Today we are heading out to get Stew some new exercise singlets...  can't think what else right now....

The bloke who bought my old phones finally turned up this morning... so at least that is done and dusted.
My god it's so wet today!  And sticky.  My arms are sticking to the leather on me lounge chair.  Wonder if it's worth making some arm cover thingees?  

ABOVE:  yaaa, got Stew his new exercise singlets (half price)... ones that I like!  *smiles*.   We got them at St Lukes Mall, then we went to Manukau Mall and we got a new frying pan (half price) and two Pyrex dishes for the microwave (30% off).  It sure is the best time to be shopping!

After shopping we went down to Mission Bay for lunch at our favourite Indian restaurant, Masala.    It was very quiet down by the waterfront, the weather is keeping everyone at home or in the Malls!

End of Day:  we had surprise visitors this afternoon, my friend Jacqui, her hubby Martin and their two kids Joel (7) and Sofia (9 weeks).... it was lovely to see them.
After dinner they left and now it's just us and the two kids.  I doubt we will stay up to 'see in' the New Year.  Just not bothered nowdays.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and gets home safely if out and about.
nite nite

Friday, December 30, 2011


I had enough sitting on me butt yesterday.
Today I want to go out and about.
So we will.

I'm thinking of buying on of these:

ABOVE:  a steam mop!  Anyone got one... how good are they?  I think it could be really good for me laminate flooring.  

Apart from that.... I want to find something for Stew's birthday on the 8th of January.  
I'm thinking of some exercise singlets.  The ones he has right now are so old they are falling to bits!  AND some of them were my Dad's.... so they are at least 11 years old!  

Right... that's a start to the day...


So we went out shopping.... priced the steam mops, and then went on to try some out.  After trying the Bissell steam mop out I decided it was not as WONDERFUL as I thought.... it left far too much water on the floor (which in NOT good for laminate wood flooring) so we did not buy one after all!

Instead, I found the Food Processor I wanted, it was on sale at The Good Guys, and was 20% off on top of the sale price... so I kinda got one!   I have to wait for it to arrive as they are sold out ... but that's OK.  I am thrillled to bits.  I spent $200 less than the original price!  SCORE!!!

Home now... waiting for a man to turn up and pick up my old phones.  I sold them on TradeMe for a decent price.  I love TradeMe!  

End of Day: disappointed.  The man who won my  phones on TradeMe did not turn up, and we stayed home all afternoon waiting for him.  I have sent him another e-mail, so hopefully I hear from him again or I will have to re-list... which is a right fag.
Tired tonight, shopping is tiring!
Off to bed early-ish.
nite nite

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I don't plan on doing anything today except read blogs and comment as much as I can!

Google Reader has about 600 updates on it!

Eeeee gads... I have a lot of catching up to do.

So, until I have something interesting to say or show... you know where I will be.  Sitting on me butt catching up with everyone!
Watch out for me...


I'm slowly getting through me blog list, as there were so many I'm only stopping to visit your LATEST update.  There's just too many otherwise!
Stew has gone into work to sort out a customer's needs.  His work never really stops.  People still die, need money, want this or that,  bla bla bla... all the time.  *sigh*

I was going to buy my Food Processor today.  Until I realised I am broke until TOMORROW... and the sale finishes TODAY.

So I'm a bit cross about that.  I could have got $180 off the price if I had the money today.  That sucks.
But obviously it was not meant to be afterall.  It is a shame the sale is NOW... when we are totally tapped out of cash.

I will get over it... and as Stew said, they will probably have NEW YEAR Sales and I can get it then!

It's really nice here right now, the kids went with Stew into work, and it's nice a quiet.  Even the dogs are dozing quietly.  Long may it last.

End of Day:  well a totally lazy, sit on me bum sorta day.  Did catch up with all the blogs I wanted to read though, so that's good.
We didn't feel like left-over Christmas food again, so we went out to Carl's Junior for a burger... they do the BEST BURGERS in Auckland I reckon!
Time to wrap up today and just watch some mindless TV.
nite nite

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


NO... not that sort of pot!
My sort of pot garden:

ABOVE:  yesterday afternoon I went out and bought some pots... I already had a few, but I wanted more so I could have a 'pot' garden.  Now I have.
This side of the house gets sun until mid afternoon, so it's going to be great for the few vege plants I want to grow.  Mostly herbs and lettuces for now.

TODAY:  I'm heading out at 7am (omg!) so I can be at Lacy's 3 month scan.  Fingers crossed it all goes well.

After that it will back home to see what we can get up to for the rest of the day...
The scan went well... 

ABOVE: Lacy having her scan...

ABOVE:  12 weeks and 3 days... all bits present and accounted for...

ABOVE:  we have a brain.... 

ABOVE:  as requested, I got a wave from No# 9 Grandchild.

I'm happy to say everything went well.  Now all Lacy has to do is get a new midwife/doctor and have her blood tests.  As she is needle phobic I wish them luck with that one!

Seems we are expecting a visit today from my girlfriend Sandra this morning!  Cool!  I haven't seen her in months.  (she lives in Palmerston North after all)

ABOVE:  Neil and Sandra, and in the background their wee dog Honey.  Honey didn't like Teddy and Coco much, so my dogs stayed in the laundry while they visited.   Honey didn't mind that.

ABOVE:  illustrating just how short Sandra is!  Griffin is way taller than her, and he's 10.  Mind you, Sandra is only 5 foot AND three quarters of an inch.  She heavily stresses that 3/4" !  lol

Expecting a quiet afternoon here.  Actually, must have lunch!  

ANON: that will be totally up to Lacy.  We will NOT be raising any more grandchildren... she knows that.

End of Day:  glad today went well... had a quiet evening... watched 'Muriel's Wedding'... LOVED it!  I had seen it before, but it was years ago.
Time for bed...
nite nite.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


First on me list today:
Take down the Christmas stuff!

It will be good to have the house back to 'normal' again.

After that... if it remains fine Stew is going to do the lawns and I want to get some pots to grow some lettuces in.
I don't want a 'proper' vege garden again.  Just a few pots with lettuces, parsley, silver beet and the like in.  

And having them in pots means easy care, and I can place them where it's sunny most of the day.  Our last vege garden didn't get much sun, so our veges were a bit dismal.

Apart from that, not much else on the horizon today.
There's still masses of sales around, so might be tempted to check some out.  I still want a Food Processor... but have talked myself out of the mega expensive model. 

I'm still going to get a Kenwood, just a smaller, less expensive machine.  I was talking to a saleslady in Harvey Norman's about the one I was thinking of buying and she said it was a model predominantly sold to restaurants as it was a commercial model.

That explains it's price!  So, I'm downsizing my wants to a much smaller model.  Being sensible an all that.

ABOVE:  Emily in her Christmas dress made by me.  Isn't she so cute.

Wow, taking down the tree and decorations took only a few minutes... and now me lounge is back to normal.  
Stew just said we really should do a grocery shop today.  Wonderful.  Just what I feel like.  Bloody grocery shopping.  *sigh*

Oh well... maybe the mall won't be quite so crowded today?

Ya, the shopping is done, and the mall/supermarket were not crowded at all!  It was a simple in and out exercise... no crowds anywhere.

I think we are going out after lunch as I want to buy some plastic pots to grow veges in.

Monday, December 26, 2011


ABOVE:  I can think of nothing worse than braving the crowds today to scoop some bargins in the Boxing Day Sales.  
BUT, the kids were given a very generous cash gift from my Mother!  So I am going to do some delegating.... and Stew can take them shopping.

I will stay home and have a nap... do lots of housework while they are out!

Well... that's how I'm feeling RIGHT NOW.  It could change.  Passing up on some shopping is not really ME.  So, we will see a bit later on this morning how I feel.
Right now... I'm still tired.  Didn't want to get outta bed this morning, that's for sure.

For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere... MERRY CHRISTMAS!  lol
You're all a bit behind us Kiwis... *smiles*


ABOVE:  bathed for fleas.  Only ONE grown up flea was found, and a few teeny tiny ones.  They sure annoyed the dogs though.
Both dogs are getting groomed on Friday, so I am not putting the topical flea treatment (Advantage) on them till after that.

Obviously, both dogs HATE being bathed!  Such ugly little buggers when wet.  Can you tell them apart?  

Stew and the kids have gone shopping.  I did indeed stay home after all.  I just couldn't face the crowds.  And I didn't want to get charged with 'assault with a handbag' either!  lol
My temper is severely frayed after being in the mall so often lately.


Stew and the kids arrived home after about 2 hours.  Stew said it was the worst traffic and crowds he had ever seen, cars parked ON the roundabouts, down every side road, on the footpaths etc!  I'm so glad I didn't go! 
I did some housework and vacumed the house instead.  Ya me!

I had a really good text conversation with Lacy today too, which made me feel good.  So much less stress now.

End of Day:  another nice day... got a good bit done around the house.  Looking forward to tomorrow... going to take down the Christmas stuff and get me lounge back to 'normal'.
nite nite

Sunday, December 25, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone in my family, and everyone in my 'blog family' too.  I hope you   all have a wonderful day with those you love.

ABOVE:  this is the first Christmas for our two youngest granddaughters, Sienna (above with her sister Haylea), and Emily.  I am sure they will both be surrounded by love today.

With any luck Brylee and Griffin have managed to sleep in for a little while!  
I will be back later on with a few photos before we head off to Christmas lunch at Stew's sisters home.

ABOVE:  the morning so far.
Just Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I.
None of our 6 kids, they all have others to be with.
How times change.  I suppose this is what happens as your family grow up and get their own little families eh.


 ABOVE:  my Ambrosia dessert.  
Was lovely.

 ABOVE: Stew's sister Khady dishing out presents before lunch.

 ABOVE:  Christmas lunch ... Kiwi style.  Laid back, no fuss.  

ABOVE:  Griffin... only had chicken!  Lots of chicken.  And followed with a small helping of dessert.  The person in the orange top in this photo is a long time family friend of Khady's and us.  She did not want to be on 'the internet'.  

We are now just relaxing and trying not to fall asleep!

End of Day:  a long, tiring, but lovely day.  Leftovers for dinner.  And now it's late and we are all heading off to bed ... exhausted.
nite nite.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


We are expecting Lacy this morning to visit the kids.  That's all I'll say on that subject.

After she leaves we are heading out to deliver a few Christmas Presents, then plan on having a quiet day/evening.

NO MORE shopping though.  I think I have 20 cents left!  lol
Even though I've been buying presents all year, there is always a drain on the finances at this time of the year.   I'm sure everyone is in the same boat... well... except REALLY rich buggers!

I want to say 'SO SORRY' to everyone who has blogged on the last week or so.... I've simply been too busy to read blogs and comment.  I will  eventually get a chance to sit still long enough to do some reading after Christmas, I promise.  Until then... blog on! 

OH, and I'm sure me dogs have fleas.  Just sayin....


ABOVE: Lacy visited the kids.  It went well.  We managed to iron out our differences and come to an agreement on things.  So very relieved that my stress levels can come down again.

ABOVE: After Lacy left we drove to Hamilton, we had lunch at Chartwell Square, met up with Steve there too ... then we went down to the lake and feed the ducks, pukekos, pidgeons and a few other weird water birds.

ABOVE: this is one of those weird birds.... I thought their 'feet' were really amazing!  

ABOVE: after feeding the birds we visited Amanda and Andrew at their workplaces, which are right next door to each other!  He's the Manager of the Flight Centre and she's the Manager of Factorie (clothing shop) ....

ABOVE:  yakking to A & A before heading over to their home to drop of Christmas presents and see the kids.

ABOVE: here we go with Emily photos!  Who needs fancy, expensive toys when ya just love pegs!  

ABOVE:  want one? I will share...

ABOVE:  so many pegs, so little time.

ABOVE:  I'm rather cute eh?

ABOVE:  sharing a drink with me other Grandma, who is looking after me while my Mum and Dad work.

ABOVE:  don't mind if I do help myself to your ice Grandma!

ABOVE:  yum.... it's so hot today!

ABOVE: I'm being cute again...

ABOVE:  more pegs...

ABOVE:   My Grandma H put a peg on me hat... silly woman!  I am trying to get it off...

ABOVE:  after spending an hour at Emily's, we visited Kelly and her family... here is Rena in her new bedroom.  They just moved house again.

ABOVE: my Mum said smile like this, so I did.  At least me Grandma is not looking silly!

ABOVE:  almost home... and it's looking stormy out there!  I hope we get thunder and lightening, I love thunder storms!

END OF DAY:  we are having ham sandwiches for dinner tonight!  Then early to bed I hope, as you can bet your bottom dollar a couple of kids are going to wake us up early tomorrow.  *sigh*
Par for the course ... of course! lol
nite nite.