Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Darn, I've got a headache, havn't had one for months and I don't like it! Actually, I've had it for a few days now, wonder why?

Onward, this morning I'm meeting with the Personal Trainer to go over my "speech" and what aspects she wants me to cover, so that's great, at least I'll have an idea of what she wants me to yabber on about. I have my photos and clothes to show her too, wonder what she will think? Sometimes I feel so ashamed of my fat clothes and photos.... then I remember that I HAVE TURNED my life around and I should be proud of that I suppose.

After yakking to her I've got RPM, spin cycle class....

Well it's been quite a morning so far...
- went and had the meeting re: speech , that went excellently
- did spin cycle class - excellent!
- Darling niece rang with bad news, tried to help?
- Daughter No#3 text'd a few times re: family issues
- Son No#3 finally decided he would leave school today
- It's the 8th Anniversary today of the death of my darling brother Vern, Ican't believe it is 8 years, it feels like yesterday sometimes. I loved him soooo much, I felt like crying and did.

Yikes, lost some of my post... amazing how one little touch of a button can do that eh?

Oh well, thank you so much for the caring comments .... I needed that! Sometimes one's own family is too close to the issues one faces to realise that one is sad and upset, and maybe needs a hug?
Michelle... thanks for the lovely "card", it made me smile. I could almost feel the love coming at me, *BIG SMILE*.

I've had a wee sit down, watched some silly midday telly, that's enough to make ya realise your life ain't that bad! Stupid soaps!!
I've decided to take a trip up to Hamilton to visit my dearest friend Frieda, who is having an operation on her knee tomorrow, I shall probably catch up with the 3 big kids who live there too. I am going on my own, it is too far to take the littlies for just two days.... 4 hours there and 4 back. Luckily the mountain has just had it's Lahar (mud flow) so the roads are all open again. **

** Mt Ruapehu has a crater lake, it overflowed and burst it's banks a couple of days ago, poured down the mountain and out to sea, no casualties this time, last time it happened dozens of people died.

Picking up the kids shortly, then it's on to sorting out dinner etc...

OK people, I'm outta my funk, so happy about that! I don't usually feel shitty for long, at the most a day....
The family are having lamb chops cooked in Thick Mint Sauce tonight, my mouth is drooling just thinking about it.... so I'm going to the gym as soon as I've dished it up cos I really don't need any more food today, thank you very much! I have been making excellent food choices today, but I have been rather generous with my portions......derrrrrrr. Comfort eating , what an excuse.....

Above, Mike doing a good impression of a boy who went to school without any lunch..... eating left over roast pork... cold.

And Steve, trying not to smile, showing off his GINGA beardy thing..... red like his Dad....

Ok, went to the gym and did half of the Body Attack class, then did my weights routine, and upped the amounts on some of them... had wobbly legs again. heee heee

Am now winding down for the day, been yakking with two darling nieces today, and me Mum, so that was nice. nite nite.


  1. You are such an inspiration!

  2. I have also had a headache for a week so sympathise. You have every reason to be proud of how you have turned your life around. You will inspire so many people with your speech. Go for it and stand tall.

  3. You "suppose" you should be proud of that?? What would you say to someone else if they said that?

  4. Can't wait to hear what the lady thinks of your photo's and clothes. I remember when I first seen your 'success file' on Jo's website, I was just blown away and how much you had achieved!

    Bye the way, I wasn't able to comment yesterday (silly computer) but I just love your pottery, aren't you a clever dick?

    Hope the headache is getting better, extra strength panadol is my best friend at times like these.

  5. OH - never be ashamed! You have so much to be proud of - look at what you've accomplished. It's just incredible!

    I hope your headache goes away soon. I get them every once and awhile, and they are soooo annoying (and painful!).

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    any chance you could get a sports massage? That might actually help with your headache.

    you kicked my bum, and I have posted another update on my blog.

    thanks for the arse-kicking!

  7. hey Chris, i just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful advice you put on my blog, i really value everything you say!

    Also, i wanted to add that you definitely should be proud of the way you've turned your life around. You are a women to be reckoned with and an absolute inspiration :) Love the pottery loo too ;)

  8. Sorry you are not feeling well - headaches are the pits. Have you had your blodd pressure taken recently as this may be the problem taking into account your fluid retention. I used to get dreadful headaches, suffered for years until one bright doctor put me on blood pressure tablets and presto! no more daily headaches.

    Also, look at your old pictures and larger clothes as your "badge of honour" for all the hard work you put into grtting where you are now. Take care of yourself. Big Hugs.

  9. Hey - can I come and listen or is only gym members. Be proud of what you have achieved, you are a huge inspiration to many.

  10. Hi Chris - I am serious, but damn it all, we are away at the beach this weekend:( Wish you all the luck in the world with it - I'm sure you will do well!

  11. ditto to what everyone else has rock chick!! be your thang!!! *waves her hands in the air and clicks*

    hope you're ache in the head is gone now...take care

  12. Sorry your day has been a rotter. Hope the turn around comes real soon.

    Your little road trip sounds like just the ticket. Look after yourself.

  13. I love reading your blog at the end of the day because you get all sorts of moods in one post.

    Maybe the headache was related to Vern's anniversary? I know my B-i-law that I adored died 4 years ago and I still think about him everyday also. You just never forget do you?

    Hope tomorrow is a goody x

  14. You are an inspiration, do not doubt that!

    Good luck with the speech. So sorry about your brother. Feel better soon.

    Have a safe trip.


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