Tuesday, December 31, 2013


And we don't have any plans.

We never do really... old farts we are.

Perhaps we will go and watch the fireworks from the Skytower?  Maybe I can read up on night photography today so I can try and get some photos with me new camera?
Hmmm... that's not a bad idea.

The guys are hoping it's not wet today so they can have a go at assembling the garden shed.

ABOVE:  This is how it's going to look, all going well.  Only, without the pretty pink border... lol.

We bought the straight zincalume model, as to get one that was either green or cream was going to cost another $100!  Ahhh nope, it won't be any bigger in colour eh?  And as it's going around the back of the house no one is going to see it anyway.

I can't wait to get all the gardening things out of the dungeon (under the house storage room).  Then we can tidy up down there and it won't be so crammed up with surplus household stuff like beds, chairs, dog crates and the like.

So... that's the plans for the day.  Shed building for the guys, and reading up on camera operation for me.  The kids are being really good, enjoying their new skateboard and scooter outside with other kids in our immediate area.

Oh and other thing I have to do today, and probably every day over summer... drink salty water!  I am getting cramps in me bloody toes of all places!  And I woke with a cramp in my calf the other day too.  I suppose sweating so much in the heat is causing the loss of natural salts in the body?  Most likely.  
So.  Water (IKKK) and salt.  Anyone else have any other solution to cramps???

I was looking back over photos taken in the last few days and found this one:

ABOVE:  I don't know how I missed it!  It's rather cute, see the look on Dante's face... precious.  It's a bit like he's thinking "Hmm, who is this dude who looks a lot like my Daddy and Granddad?"  He's such a cheeky little imp.

I'm so happy he came to like Mike in the short time Mike & Joyce were visiting us.

I know everyone says it, but really!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  I hope like hell 2014 is kinder to us.  I really don't want another year like 2013, with so many up's and down's.

I couldn't decide which image
I liked the most, so ya get 4!  

I hope you all have a good New Year's Eve tonight and tick over into 2014 in good health and a positive frame of mind.  I know we are trying to.


Coco seems to be perfectly fine this morning... no shits thank goodness.

We got a parcel this morning...

ABOVE:  WOW!!!  My dear friend Anne and her daughter Toni-Maree sent this lot over for us!!!
I love the bracelets!  The clothes for our bubs are just gorgeous... the crackers?  Ha ha, a private joke between us. 

THANK YOU so much girls, you so didn't have to do that!!!  But... PARCELS are so much fun to open.
I am going to really enjoy switching bracelets from day to day... and giving some to our kids too. 

Griffin has already picked one, and I'd not even thought to give him one!  Oh well... he gets one then.  *smiles*

Visitors arrived, so I just put these bottom  two photos on without words... but I can now:

ABOVE:  the Harvey Guys building the shed.  Fun photo of all the 'Builder's Cracks'!
This is NOT the first time I've taken such a photo, but the first time with all 3 of them showing their butts.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Brylee, Griffin and Bex showing off their bracelets.  We ♥LOVE THEM♥ Anne, thank you so much again.

End of Day:  well it's been a rather nice day.  I got 5 mug rugs finished for Joyce and the guys got the shed partly assembled.  They have to clear the area we want it to be in, which means moving my rhubarb patch, but it shouldn't be too hard.
Time to relax, and maybe see in the New Year.
Or go to bed... either way... I'm happy this year is ending.
nite nite

Monday, December 30, 2013


I think I mentioned us getting a new fan the other day?
Anyway, I must show you how big it is! ... 

ABOVE: See?  It really is a monster.
It is perfect for in the garage... it will make being down there bearable in the heat of summer.
It has three speeds...

1) a very windy day
2) gale force winds
3) a jet plane taking off!   ha ha ha.

It really is amazing!  I am going to be able to get on the treadmill  now... as it will keep me cool.

I can't stand getting too hot now days... thanks to having Hot Flushes for about 8-9 years now.

I had planned on sewing last night, but ended up watching some TV instead.
I took my 'nite nite' pills a bit too early in the evening and really struggled to stay awake.
So, maybe I will get some done today.

What else can I blither on about?
Onward For Life?  I'm back on track at last.  I even threw out the last of the Christmas Cake last night, and fought off the craving for something to eat after dinner.

I know it's going to be hard (again), but determination is going to kick in again... I just know it.  

I have a 'number' in my head for the end of  January... and it's not only 2.5 kgs.  Wish me luck.


WELL.... this morning has not gone to 'plan' at all.
Two days ago Coco was sick, she didn't want any food all day and just lay down and slept.  She also had the shits.

Then yesterday she was back to her usual mad self, eating and racing around the house like a mad thing (that's where Polly gets it from!), so I thought she was over whatever was ailing her.

Until this morning... yep she was starving like usual, but OMG she has the shits again!  It was in the laundry and out on their grass area... heaps of it.

So, I cleaned her and the laundry up and starting thinking WHAT could be upsetting her tummy?

She has had no different food at all.

Then I looked outside at her 'environment' and wondered.... is she eating the tomatoes?  Or any of the other vegetables, like the lettuce, chives or spring onions?

So, as that is highly likely, I have moved all the pots over to where the tomatoes are, and have fences off that area completely.  It means they have a little less run around room... but she can't eat the tomatoes, chives or spring onions, they are toxic to dogs.

So now we wait, and see if she stops with the shits!  If she doesn't, she will have to go to the Vets.

It is now 10.21 and I'm off to finally have my shower and get out of my PJ's... YES... I was outside in me PJ's till now!
No one could see me anyway, so it didn't matter.

Hi!  I've been sewing.  It's great for stress... maybe not so good for me butt though! I think I was down in me room sewing for about 3 hours... time just flies doesn't it!

Anyway, I am working on some mug rugs for Mike and Joyce, and I've only got to bindings to go ...

 ABOVE:  doesn't look like I've done much for 3 hours work!  But... I worked non-stop, lots of applique' work with fiddly little pieces does take time.

Stew has lamb chops in the oven for dinner... so that's something to look forward to.  I can smell the mint sauce... *drool*...

End of Day:  dinner was lovely.  So was just relaxing in the evening watching some mindless TV.  Chill out time.  *smiles*
nite nite

Sunday, December 29, 2013


First up, some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Mike took his time letting Dante get to know him. Lots of smiling, playing with him, 'accidentally' touching him on the arm or face ... and within a day or so Dante was best friends with his Uncle Mike.  So lovely to see them together.

ABOVE:  Mike & Joyce.  They are a gorgeous couple.  She doesn't like having her photo taken, but by the time she left she was used to it!  lol

ABOVE:  They are both twits.  Loveable ... but twits.

 ABOVE:  it only took him 1.5 hours to pick some presents!  This really is a minor miracle, as he took 45 minutes the other day to choose a pair of sunglasses!  He nearly drove Steve & Bex demented waiting for him!  We have a nickname for him:  "The Procrastination King".

 ABOVE: the time came to say goodbye... we were sad to see them leave.  BUT... they are coming back in March for the National Netball Tournament, so we will see them again soon!

 ABOVE:  Another Harvey Men comparison photo.

As I was scrolling through all the photos I'd taken over the past couple of days, I came across this one:

ABOVE:  Now there is only one person in this house with a monster foot like that, it being a size 14.  STEVE.  Trust him to take a photo of his own foot!  WHAT A DICK.  It looks like a Yeti's foot.
He doesn't need flippers for swimming .... obviously.

Right... that's me for now.  I'm off to make a start on the day.


Well... since arising this morning, I've pottered around getting odd jobs done around the house, tidied up my sewing 'room'  yet again, and generally kept myself busy.
The family are all doing their own thing... kids are outside on their scooters/skateboards and Stew is parking in front of the telly watching sports.
I might drag him out soon ... to get paint for the house.  We need to paint the windowsills and fill a few little holes in the plaster where kids have been too exuberant.  

After that I might just do some more sewing.

TRACY:  I suppose you are right.  Mike takes forever to commit to a purchase, whereas I am very much an impulse buyer.  

EXCEPT when it comes to big ticket items like my camera.
I researched which one to buy for about a year before settling on the one I bought.

Same with the garden shed we just bought.  We looked at all that were available, and hummed and haaa'ed over them for MONTHS.... until we were sure which one to get.

ABOVE:  hard to believe a good sized shed can fit into such a small, thin box.  We have to get a rivet gun now to put it together.
I'll leave that job up to the guys me thinks.

End of Day:  not a bad day at all.  Very happy we finally have a garden shed, even though it's got to be assembled ... which should happen tomorrow all going well.
nite nite

Saturday, December 28, 2013


First up for today... something that we have all been waiting for.
Dante walking.
He actually walked for me yesterday morning, but I've not been able to catch him on camera until today.

He just needed more confidence, and to SLOW DOWN.  He tried going too fast, and that's why he kept falling down.

Now he knows he has to do it slowly:

ABOVE:  His nibs walking.  So thrilled to see him making huge leaps in his development.  

He is also saying 'Ta' and a word Mike has introduced him to:

It's 'BAKA', which is a Japanese word which means 'stupid, idiot or fool'.  Dante can say it, only his version sounds like 'buggar' !

Nice one Mike.  Teach the baby bad words.

Talking of Mike, he and Joyce are leaving today, probably late morning.  We are following them to Hamilton to do some Christmas shopping with them, then coming home again, while they continue on to Palmerston North.

It has been WONDERFUL having them here, I am going to miss them something rotten.  
This coming year I vow it will NOT be another whole year before we see them again.
I shall try and go down sometime mid-year for a visit, and also a catch up with my girlfriends down there.  

Miss my girlfriends so much too.  "Hi" Chris D, Sandra, Anne, Janene, Jenny, Janine, and whoever else I've forgotten!  Lois! *smiles*

I took a series of photos last time Mike was here, of him, Steve, Stew and Dante.  I've tried to replicate them as it's almost a year since the first ones were taken.

I got this one done last night:

 ABOVE:  the Harvey men.

ABOVE:  a few lovely ones of Steve, Bex and Dante.

Right, time to get a move on, help the kids get ready to leave.  Hopefully get some more photos of the 'Harvey Men' before Mike goes again.

I hate that they are leaving.  I wish they could stay here.  
Maybe one day I will get my way and get them to move up here?  I would love that.
*hint hint* when ya read this Mike and Joyce!


 Can you tell I'm having lots of fun with my new camera?  *smiles*

Hi there, thanks for pointing out I'd done the dates wrong on me photos.  I have been editing photos for too long... and started to get confused.

I did the same thing with the Christmas presents, and gave the wrong ones to a couple of people!  Sorry Kelly and Steve!

So, our trip down to Hamilton went well... Mike only took 1.5 hours to choose his presents!  And I say ONLY because he is a MASTER PROCRASTINATOR, and can take an hour to decide what to wear for the day, let alone actually leave the house.  *sigh*

Some things never change.  lol

I did take a 'few' photos, but editing them and getting them on the blog will have to wait.  I'm tired and need to just relax for a little while.

I managed to find out how to get the camera onto 'Scene Mode'... so now I can take photos of Sports, Macro, Portrait etc.  Yaaaa.  Hopefully no more blurry photos!

End of Day:  Mike and Joyce are safely back in Palmerston North, we have all had dinner and us adults have had a coffee made by Steve. Mine was a half strength coffee/caramel mix.  Quite nice.

I'm going to try and get an early night tonight... and get back into my sewing and 'normal' activities tomorrow.
More photos of today will be one the blog tomorrow... as per usual.  *smiles*
nite nite 

Friday, December 27, 2013


Before I got my new camera's battery charged, I got this cute video of Mike playing with Dante:

Dante was having a wonderful time!

Now, some photos from the new Canon:

ABOVE:  first photos, not too good...

... getting better.

ABOVE:  not bad...

HOW'S THAT!   Pretty awesome photos of Brylee!  Mind you, she is highly photogenic.

I took some videos too, but yikes, not good at all.  To be expected, I need to practice like mad to get the hang of it.

Today, Steve, Bex, Mike, Joyce and Dante are off to Onehunga to Dress Mart.  They love going there for some good bargins, things Mike and Joyce can't get in Palmerston North.

Stew and I are probably going to stay home and have a break from everyone.  Brylee & Griffin can entertain themselves for a while.

I'm gunna just sit and read camera stuff.


Well, it's been a very slow start for the day here, people are still taking showers and it's almost 11 am.  
Stew offered me Christmas Cake FOR BREAKFAST... but I said no.  Today I get back on track... I will get to my goal by end of 2014, I just have to remember that:

 It is so true too!
I have indulged in everything going these past few days, and I can honestly say that while it was all yummy, none of it made me feel HAPPIER.

Only getting more weight off will do that, weight and exercise!  I am going to make a concentrated effort and go back to my monthly weigh ins.  

Being accountable to myself ... cos it's only ME who I'm battling with after all.

ABOVE: Stephanie from Hamilton sent me this photo of Puppy A (Jasper) ... he went to the Vet's today for his 2nd immunisation, and he is just fine.  The family have named him TUMA... which is pretty funky and different.  
They are simply thrilled with him, he hasn't been crying overnight and is perfectly happy.  So good to know.  He looks like a toy on their sofa!

Right now I'm home alone!  Everyone is out, and I'm plodding along with some housework... vacuming, washing floors, hanging out washing.  We all know HOUSEWORK NEVER SLEEPS. 

Floors washed.  Washing out.  Lunch in. Sewing... getting some done.  I'm hoping to get a couple of mug rugs done for Mike and Joyce before they leave tomorrow.

Talking of Mike and Joyce, they bought me a gorgeous earring and necklace set today... late Christmas Present:

photo to come.... 

ABOVE:  bugger, ya can't see the earrings.  They are the same as the coloured Koru.  I love it!
Thanks kids.

I heard from Tracy, Molly & Ruby's Mum.  She's been a bit busy, but we did have a nice chat on the phone today.  Ruby is having fun, getting very boisterous, totally different from Miss Molly when she was a baby.  *smiles*  It looks like it won't be long until she's sleeping on their bed with them and Molly by the sound of it.  

End of Day: I have enjoyed today!  I got lots of housework done, which I like cos it means the house is TIDY!  Enjoyed doing some sewing... bugger!  I didn't get back to it either, ended up have a chat to our son Russell instead.
Oh well.. sewing can always wait I suppose.
Off to bed shortly.
nite nite

Thursday, December 26, 2013


BOXING DAY SALES... and finding the best place to buy my camera!

OMGosh, I'm rather excited to know I shall be getting it today!!!

I just hope it's not an anti-climax once I've got it!  Something tells me I shall just be drooling over it for a few hours.  *smiles*

The kids have Christmas money to spend, so I think we will be going to the mall, along with THOUSANDS of other people.  Oh well... it's to be expected.

ABOVE:  Dante has already warmed up to his Uncle Mike.  I knew he would.  

Right ... I'm off to do the ring around to get firm prices for the camera, len's, Memory cards etc!
Wish me luck, 'COS I DO have a budget.


ABOVE:  Miss Paisley and her 'dog' family.  She is happy as a pig in mud!  Her Mum Denise and family are thrilled to bits with her and love her to pieces.  

We have been out for hours and hours!  We ended up going to Camera & Camera in Queen Street for my camera and all the bits 'n' bobs I wanted ... the only other place that I had seriously considered going to was J B HiFi, but they didn't have any left, except for the display model, AND it was $500 more expensive!  I couldn't get over that... after the guy in the shop telling me they would "match and better" any competitor's price a few weeks ago.

I'm so glad I did do my homework.
After getting the camera, we met up with Steve, Bex, Mike, Joyce and Dante at Sylvia Park.

It was PACKED... cars were parked all over the place, including ON the middle of round-abouts, on the footpaths, on double yellow lines... it was MADNESS.

After struggling in the mall to even MOVE, we gave up and came home.

Now I have to sit down and read up on all the gizmo's and gadgets.  It could take me WEEKS to figure it all out.  


-  Carmen text'd me yesterday, she got Puppy E (Jet) for her little boy.  They were really struggling to find a name for him, so Carmen told her little boy that we had called him 'Jet'.... so the little boy decided he wanted to call him Jet too... only with a different spelling!

So JET has become JHETT.  How cool is that!  I am really chuffed.  And the little boy LOVES his puppy.

-  Puppy A (Jasper) had a whale of a time yesterday 'helping' his family open presents.  They are already in love with him.

- Paisley is doing well.... the whole family love her to bits.  She has turned into a little whirlwind like Polly, and is forcing Denise to take an afternoon 'Nana Nap' just to keep up with her!  Too funny. 

- Polly's MUM text'd me yesterday asking if there was 'A Money Back Guarantee?'  It would appear Polly is running them ragged.  

She nipped Robyn on the boob to wake her up, and she ripped some chest hair off her hubby Guy!!!

Nice.  I told her she was stuck with her, cos she got her knowing Polly was an absolute nutter!  lol...  They adore her, and have enjoyed taking her to the local pup to show her off!  Polly likes beer and wine, having dunked her face in both!

- Ruby... I havn't heard from her family for a couple of days, but I know she is just fine.  She has quite a few doting humans and her full sister Molly to play with.  And a cat.  Let's not forget the cat!  ha ha ha.

So...everything is honky dory everywhere!

TEDDY: Oh My God!  I took his bark collar off last night, I felt sorry for him.

I DON'T ANY MORE.  When we got home from town today we could hear him from the street... he was barking uncontrollably!
And he didn't stop when we got inside the house either, so that bloody bark collar is on again, and I vow to never take it off again!

There is NO WAY he can do that, he would end up getting complaints against him with 'Noise Control' and we would get in trouble. 

Killing time... waiting for the camera's battery to charge.... dumm dee dooo....

CHRISMAS WEIGH IN:  I Lost 2.45 kgs!  THAT is actually a miracle as I've been utterly evil.
But... IT'S A  LOSS and for that I am happy.
The closest guess was from Debbie M... so Debbie, get in touch with me via email (stewandchris@hotmail.com) and I will post you a little prize.

End of Day: Well... a good day, a thrilling day really.  Love my new camera, wish I could operate it with confidence!  That will come I'm sure.
nite nite

Wednesday, December 25, 2013




ABOVE:  I think there's going to be a lot of wrapping paper and boxes littering my lounge this morning!

And a few very happy kids too.

Me?  I'm going to enjoy watching them opening all those presents.  Mine is being bought tomorrow!  The Canon Camera I have wanted for YEARS.  

I just want to wait till the Boxing Day sales to get it for the best price possible.

I hope all our darling little puppies have a lovely day with their families too.

Teddy & Coco will no doubt get a treat or two today, maybe some Turkey?  Certainly NOT chocolates.

I'm having Ambrosia for BREAKFAST!



 ABOVE:  Meeting Uncle Mike, would not look at him!  He pretended he wasn't there even.

 ABOVE:  Ahh, NO,  still not sure about you Uncle Mike!

 ABOVE:  Christmas morning, 8 am.  
Everyone opening presents.

 ABOVE:  'Santa' spoilt Lacy with purple stuff.
A purple camera AND a purple electric jug.
'SANTA' did well.  *smiles*
You can call me Santa!

 ABOVE:  still more presents ..

 ABOVE:  Dante loved this little car from his Mummy & Daddy.  He didn't want to get out of it.

 ABOVE:  'Santa' got Steve & Bex a coffee machine.

 ABOVE:  yet MORE present openings.

 ABOVE:  Joyce sneaking a kiss on Dante.

 ABOVE:  Whoops!  Fell through the car!
It didn't stop him wanted to stay in it all morning!


ABOVE:  Mike with his coffee.
Isn't my 'baby' gorgeous!

Right, time to do some tidying up, getting food prepared, and HELL....

I really should get dressed!

Happy to report I've got clothes on now.  And just had a lovely conversation  with me Mum too.  
Stew is on kitchen duty, making salads and the like.  I'm eating Christmas cake... for breakfast.
ha ha ha.

ABOVE:  I am evil, I cannot lie.  I saw this picture and thought IMMEDIATELY of Lacy.  So Lacy, this is for YOU.  ♥LOVE FROM YA MUM♥

 ABOVE:  my darling girls.

 ABOVE:  Lacy and her kids.  I will try to get a better one of the kids later.  Not Lacy, nothing can fix that face.   *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Our gorgeous Rena with her rad helmet.

ABOVE:  some fun photos of my girls.

ABOVE:  Gordon, Kelly & Rena.

ABOVE:  Whoops!  Drink Driving.  So Bad.
No baby was given alcohol in the making of these photos!
The bottle was empty (of course)
But it was funny.

Stew and I had a nap.  We needed it.  I got several texts from our Puppies families... which was wonderful.

And phone calls too.   More on the puppies tomorrow, it's blog fodder after all!

End of Day: utterly exhausted.  And going to bed a little early for a change.  Need all my energy for tomorrow, when we go SHOPPING in the Boxing Day Sales.
nite nite