Saturday, June 30, 2018


Seems amazing.  Just a couple of weeks ago I said to Stew I wanted to trade my car in on a smaller car.

Petrol is getting so expensive, and to run my big car around was getting to be a ridiculous cost each week.  And 80% of the time, I was the only person in the car!  It's a big 7 seater, so really under used now.

So.. here we are!  We decided to trade in both our vehicles for later model cars, a smaller one for me and a slightly bigger one for Stew.

We still needed a car capable of transporting all my market stuff and for family trips, so chose a Station Wagon for Stew.

And TODAY... we are heading into Hamilton to do the switch!  OMG I am so excited!

I am going to be taking lots of photos today...  So come back later!  There's going to be heaps more to come.




How did I make my decision on what car to get for me ? 

I wanted a smaller car.
A car that would be economical to run, compared to my Highlander.

I had heard that the Suzuki Swift was one of the cheapest to run... so I had a good look at a few of those.

And pretty much made up my mind that I would get one of those.  

But one thing kept bothering me about the Swift.  I HATED IT!

It just wasn't 'me'.  It made me feel like I was driving my Grandmother's car.  It was gutless, and just a bit too small.

So there was another car on the lot where Stew's new car was that caught my eye, and so I took it for a test drive.  And fell in love!  It looked so cute and nifty.  It had a slighter bigger engine, so not so gutless.  And it was just that little bit bigger in every way.

It was $3,000 more than the Swift, but well... Stew told me I had to be happy with my car so... I decided the Swift was history!

I was getting a NISSAN JUKE!

Then I had another decision to make.  They had THREE of them on the lot!  Black one with orange exterior highlights, with a cool red and black interior, a White one with standard features, and a BLUE one with the cool red and black interior.

I took a while to come to my decision.  After discounting the black one as they get too hot over summer... it was down to the White and the Blue.  Their specs were very similar, so then it pretty much came down to COLOUR!


Here's a couple of comparison photos of a Suzuki Swift and a Nissan Juke:





So, there ya go.... the reason behind me getting a Nissan Juke!  I am so very happy with my new car.
And of course, Stew is VERY HAPPY with his new car too!  
His car has heaps of extra features as it's the 'Facelift' model.  
IN fact, it has everything he wanted in his Holden Viva but never got.  Lucky man.

My little car has a few less features, but I still love it!

NOW:  it's 11.45 am and we have been home a little while.  I've been busy taking a few photos, so here goes:

 ABOVE:  Our old cars this morning, sitting outside in the freezing frost and fog.

 ABOVE: The new cars, still sitting outside in the freezing fog!  At least the frost has gone.

I can't get over how BIG the Nissan Juke looks compared to Stew's Toyota Avensis!
His car is GORGEOUS INSIDE THOUGH, so flash!  Leather seats, all the whistles and bells.

NOW... I have another little thing coming up to show you... it's a video story of my conversation with the Insurance Company  yesterday.  It made my kids and Stew smile.... so once it's uploaded you will get to watch it.  *smiles*

So... I'm not that good at doing videos... but I'm rather happy I didn't say 'Ummm' a million times! lol

ABOVE:  Stolen off Google Images, this is what the inside of my Nissan Juke looks like!  Swish! 

So I've spent most of the afternoon inside trying to keep warm.  It's an utterly freezing day.  Stew got the lawns mown and is now trimming the plum trees, at least he's keeping warm doing it.

I'm giving them left over beef stew for dinner, will make it into little pies.  Griffin is having a sleep over at a friends, so won't see him till tomorrow night.  

I discovered a couple more things inside my car, like how to get a CD in the player, and how to work the side mirrors, and the lights.  I can alter the height of the beam of the lights with a switch!  I am going to download the Owner's manual for both cars so we can figure out how to use bluetooth etc.  We haven't even worked out how to change the clocks!  Derrrr.  It's fun.

9.42 pm:  Well I hope you have enjoyed today's blog!  I've really enjoyed the day *smiles*.
Now I am just looking forward to seeing how the new cars run and their running costs.  That was what the change was all about at the end of the day!

Friday, June 29, 2018


My Highlander has Thule Roof Racks on it.

We are wanting to keep them, and the car yard where we are trading it in on another vehicle said they are happy for us to take them off and keep them.

So, that's awesome right?

ONLY... we can't find the bloody keys to get it off the damn roof!

We had a pretty good look for them last night, but to no avail.

So today I am going to spend a while checking out everywhere we didn't look last night... more obscure places I might have put them to keep them 'safe'.  *sigh*

If I can't find them, I will ring around and see if anyone has a 'Master Key' for Thule roof racks!  Probably dreaming.

I will be really pissed off if we have to part with the Highlander and the roof racks go with it. 

The other thing I have to do today is take all our stuff out of my car.  And give it a rudimentary clean.  I know I don't have to do a massive clean because they get their cars professionally groomed for re-sale.  I ain't no professional!

So, that is my day planned so far.  If I can find someone with a Master Key for the roof racks, I will be heading into Hamilton I suppose.


2 AND A HALF HOURS LATER.... I am home from Hamilton.
I tracked down a key for the roof racks at a place out Te Rapa straight. Then I went and got a key ring and got it engraved so I never lose the bloody key again.

Get home... and it goes like this:

 ABOVE: This is the Thule key to our roof BOX,  so we were looking for the same kind of key for the Thule roof racks, right?  Couldn't find them.
Tipped the house and car upside down trying to find them.

 ABOVE:  So this is the NEW key and key ring, cost me $44 and two and a half hours in Hamilton.

I get home... thinking, the number on the new key rings a *BELL*...

So I go over to the only keys we did find last night....

ABOVE: The spare car keys and a 'mystery' bunch....

ABOVE:  And DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!  There's the missing roof rack keys!  Right on the bloody bench all night.  OMG I'm now just a little pissed off.
Stew.... ???? Didn't try those ones did ya?

*sigh*.... THINK I NEED A COFFEE.  Only I don't drink coffee.  

So now I shall go and clean out my car.  And put the roof racks in the garage.

2.21 pm:  And everything is out of my car, and it's ready to be vacuumed. Brylee is going to do that for me so I don't get a back ache.
I've done some washing.  Had me lunch.  Watched Home and Away.  Put dinner on, which is a beef stew in the crock pot.  And that's about all.

Kinda lazy afternoon really.

Next... ring the Insurance Company to advise them of our changing vehicles. 

And yes!  The Insurance is all sorted, our vehicles are insured till we exchange them, then the 'new to us' ones will be insured when we drive them off the lot.  SORTED.  Big tick.

Just had a yak with me Mum in Aussy, she's off OP Shopping with a neighbour. She sounded very happy to be fit and well enough to go shopping again!  Thank goodness for medical marvels like non invasive nerve surgery!

Dinner smells good.  I'm not hungry though, I had my main meal at lunchtime, that's when I seem to need my biggest meal of the day. Works for me.

Right... time to sign off, Coronation Street is on.
We are getting our new cars.   I say 'NEW', but they are used cars... but NEW TO US.  Much newer than our current cars, and with lower mileage obviously.   So, come back tomorrow!
I've got heaps to show you!  Lots to yak about!


Thursday, June 28, 2018


I made a very big decision yesterday afternoon.

I booked Denim into the Vets to be neutered.
That will happen next week.

Three reasons. 

1.  She's partly deaf, and it would be irresponsible to breed with a dog that has an obvious physical defect that COULD be passed on to puppies.

2.  She has a crazy personality!  Seriously, I reckon she's got a screw loose half the time!

3.  IF I decide to breed, I don't think I could manage two breeding dogs.

I say IF, because right now I'm still undecided about breeding with Marley or not.

Some days I think yep, I will.  Then on a 'down' type of day,  I think no way do I want to put myself through all that stress again!

So for now, Denim is getting fixed.

Talking of Denim, the poor girl has a sore tail.  I noticed yesterday she was licking and nibbling it, and then whimpering, so I looked at it and it's looking sore.
I don't know what's she done to it?  But clearly she has to stop worrying it, so ...

 ABOVE:  I went straight down to the Vet's and bought her an Elizabethan collar.  She HATES it of course.
She crawled on top of Griffin and was all stressed, panting and trying to lie down on him.
I'm pretty sure she wanted him to 'save' her! lol

ABOVE:  Poor girl... she skulked around the house all evening, scared to say boo to a goose!  Stew had to hand feed her dinner too, as the collar made it difficult for her to eat.

Hopefully her tail will heal quickly so she can get that nasty collar off, and get back to being the crazy, ghost chasing nutter she is!

Now... today.  I'm going to finish off that new Tree Table Runner.  Sort out dinner.  Look at more cars online.  Do some housework.  Wash me hair.  Watch Home and Away while having lunch. Go for another FBG walk tonight.  



Well... Denim is really bothering me now.
Of course, she's all quiet and unhappy having the cone on her head.  But, there's something else worrying me now.

Her nipple are enlarged and hard.  WTF?  That's a sign of pregnancy!!!
Or 'False pregnancy'.

I'm hoping it's a FALSE pregnancy, cos if it's not, we are in for 'Shih Tzu Surprise'.  Gawd I hope not!

How can she be pregnant?  She hasn't had a season!  Well I thought she MIGHT have started a while ago, but there just wasn't enough discharge or swelling to be a definite season.  Shit, what if I was wrong and she was in season, and some damn boy got to her?

It's all up in the air till she goes to the vet next week I suppose.  *SIGH*

The day is dragging... and it's not even 11 am yet.  I might have an early lunch then get on with my sewing.  

AND... just like that things can change, and I ended up going into Hamilton for another car related trip.  I took another car for a test drive, and finally, we think we have all our ducks in a row.
All going to plan (and it should be fine), we will be picking up new cars either this SATURDAY, or next Friday.  We are both rather excited!

I am going to give you a sneek peek:

ABOVE: It was a tough choice between two little cars.  I hope I made the right choice!

 ABOVE:  And this one is for Stewy.  He loves it, and he hasn't even laid his EYEBALLS ON IT yet!  But come Saturday he will be taking it for a drive.  


7.35 pm:  Just got home from an FBG walk... started in the pitch blackness, ended in THICK fog!  I wore long tights, a thin, long sleeved hoodie and a very warm hat with scarf incorporated.  I did get a bit warm, but it was better than getting home chilled to the bone!

Apart from a couple of the very early walks which I missed, I'm not right up to date with the Urban Challenge for this year.

Now it's time to forget all the car stuff and wheeling and dealing, and watch Master Chef!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Well... I don't have much on today at all.
Staying in bed and keeping warm sounds like a good idea for the morning!
It is utterly freezing today!

I have NOT stepped out of bed yet to look out the window, but we are supposed to have a massive frost.  Maybe I will grab the camera and take a photo if it's a goodie?

Brrrrrr... have to get up to pee so suppose I will have a look-see.

The poor kids having to get themselves to school in the freezing cold!  I actually feel sorry for them.  I can still remember having to trudge down the road in white out conditions to catch the school bus ... then having to sit on a freezing, old, rickety, drafty bus for 45 minutes to get to school.  And some days it almost snowed, it got that bloody cold in Upper Atiamuri. 

Around here is not much better in the depths of winter.

But, I'm not going to complain too much, cos I prefer this to stinking hot summer any day!

I must keep telling myself that when I'm standing on cold tiles in the bathroom!  And just so ya know, I'm too stingy to turn on the under floor heating!  I don't see the point in warming up the bathroom floor when one is only in there for a short time each day!

So, if I ever get outta bed, I might just get on with my sewing.  I've not done any for a couple of days!  Car shopping has taken precedence over other stuff for the past few days now.

Hopefully we will have that sorted out in the next week... and be happy with our choices.

ABOVE:  Me and Sue T with our trophy's last night.  I had to show ya, cos I hardly ever get the WINNERS trophy!  I had the Loser's trophy for the past week, so it was nice to switch it for the other one.  *smiles*

Sue T has become such a lovely friend ... I just LOVE my Cambridge friends.    I call Sue T my Tart.  She calls me 'Babe'.  lol
Last night we were all calling each other Tart, Babe and Trollops.  Such fun.  

Tonight I have ANOTHER FBG walk scheduled... let's hope it's THIRD TIME LUCKY, and it doesn't get cancelled!

Righty ho... I better go pee... and check out that frost.


*meh* ... the frost wasn't photo worthy.  Not that heavy at all.  AND most of my succulents are still alive!  I think there's only one that has gone black and died.  Pretty amazing really.

Once I've warmed up a bit I shall be doing some sewing.  I've decided to make a couple of smaller Tree Table Runners.  Not everyone wants a big one I'm sure.

ABOVE:  Once that last bit of frost goes, it's going to be a gorgeous day!  

ABOVE:  Cute dogs enjoying the warmth in here.

 ABOVE:  Spot Denim?

 ABOVE:  She's found a quiet, warm spot away from Coco and Marley.

ABOVE: This is the latest lay out.  It may look the same size as the others, but it's a bit smaller I assure you.  Almost all Christmas fabrics too.

Well FINALLY... I got a walk with the FBG's!  No rain today.  Just freezing cold frost followed by a fine, frigid day!  It was utterly freezing on the walk, but I kept warm walking, even in my t-shirt and shorts!

But now?  Bloody freezing.  Wrapped up in me blankie watching Doctor Doctor on the telly.

And I doubt I'll be moving any time soon.

So, signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


After listening to all the advice yesterday, today I am going into Hamilton to look at another car.

This time it's one of these:

ABOVE:  This is a Toyota Avensis.  I am going to go look at one, taking me trusty tape measure with me to make sure it will fit a trestle in the back!

Though, we can always get a roof rack I suppose.

Once I've done that, it will back home in time for yet another FBG walk.  Maybe this one won't get cancelled!

I haven't talked much about the 'diet' in a few days have I?  Well ... that's because it's going just fine!  No new changes or struggles.  It's become very easy to just 'do it', and it's become normal to eat no carbs or sugar!

And of course, it's been FANTASTIC to be allowed to stop doing the twice daily blood testing!  OMG I hated that.

It's good to really get to know how it feels when you are well and have the blood sugars under control.  And on the flip side, also good to know when you are going too low.  Stew had a low late last night as he was getting ready for bed.  So he had to eat something, which didn't work, so he had a Barley Sugar, and that did work.

I'm so glad I've not had a low in quite a while now.  They are nasty.  

Right... I'm outta here, I need to get into Hamilton then back in time for me walk.


OMG  SO COLD TODAY!  I'm home from Hamilton, chilled to the bone.  Sitting in my lounge with an electric throw on and the heat pump on high!

So, the car. It looks lovely, big enough for the trestles and market stuff.  Stew will have to check it out on the weekend.

While there, I took another little car for a test drive.  Now... I might not be getting a Swift!  But I won't say what the new option is, as I could yet change my mind!  Women's prerogative and all that! lol

And as expected, the FBG walk has been cancelled AGAIN.  *sigh*  I'm actually not too upset about it as I really am so cold.

(edit)  MARIA:  in answer to your question:

Symptoms of low blood sugar can occur suddenly. They include:
I have experienced quite a few of those symptoms!  Especially the skin tingling!  OMG I have that a lot.
When I had the last couple of 'lows' I got light headed, sweated, and got all shaky too.

At least there's lots of symptoms that you can't ignore! lol

What have I done all afternoon?  KEPT WARM.  Full stop. End of Story.
Then I cooked dinner.
And then I played cards with me girlfriends.  And Jacqui, cos she's here for the night.

We had a really nice evening.  We always do playing cards.  I won!  Jacqui almost lost, but managed to pass that spot to my friend Sue T.

Now... signing off to spend some time with Jacqui and Stew.

Monday, June 25, 2018


I will be spending part of the morning checking out car yards.  Online.

There doesn't seem to be that many in Hamilton, so I'm going to check out some Auckland ones.

LYNDA:  I am looking at Suzuki Swifts as an option, I like the look of them very much.  

 I am wanting an economical vehicle for my run around town car. Anything would be cheaper to run than my Highlander!

For the second car, we are hoping to find a nice station wagon.  So, we have lots of homework and looking around to do.  It might involve a trip up to Auckland in the next week or two I reckon.

After lunch I am going on an FBG walk... so hopefully the weather behaves and it doesn't get rained off.  That annoys the shit outta me!
When I set my mind to going on a walk, I get all pissy when it's cancelled!  And dammit, the forecast isn't looking too good right now.

So, fingers crossed for no rain between 1.30 and 2.30!

I've not done any sewing for a couple of days either, something keeps cropping up to stop me, so maybe if the walk is cancelled I will get into the sewing room?  

But for now... I shall sit down and check out cars online.  Send out some feelers for trade in deals etc.


First up.  It's freezing, and wet.  The first walk up for today (one I wasn't going to) has been cancelled.  So... not looking good for my walk at 1.30 pm.

Cars.  Starting to get bamboozled with all that's out there.  But it is looking like a trip to Auckland is definitely on the cards.

And that's all for now... I'm off to do some housework and warm up!  Sitting in front of the computer for 2 hours made me even colder, even though I have the heat pump on!

12.10 pm:  Spent the morning looking at the sky... and it started to clear up with blue sky and sunshine... for about an hour.
Now?  Pissing down again.  Grrrr.  Waiting for the call to say the walk is cancelled.  *sigh*

Totally knew it ... the walk was cancelled.  Partly cos of the weather, and partly cos people pulled out.

I went into Hamilton to look at a couple of cars Stew found online.

We MIGHT have found our new cars!  Still have to get all the ducks in a row... but looking good.

These are the sort of cars we have our eyes on:

 ABOVE:  A Suzuki Swift.  It's got a few of the 'whistles and bells' like reversing camera and bluetooth.

ABOVE:  A Mazda Atenza Station Wagon.  This would be used as the 'family wagon' for trips, taking my stuff to market etc.  I would put a roof rack on it too, so we could still use our roof box.

Well... thanks for all the car imput!  We are still in the process of looking, getting prices, and trying to make up our minds on what to get.

The only one we are totally sure on is the Suzuki Swift.  The station wagon is still undecided now.

I got to the point where I was totally over even looking, so for the past couple of hours I've just watched TV and relaxed.

Time to sign off... catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


I actually didn't notice yesterday, but Marlene pointed it out in a comment...
Sandra and I were dressed in the almost exact same colours yesterday!

It wasn't till I looked at our 'selfie' photo that it was so apparent to me.  Too funny!  Kindred spirits, and best friends for about 15 years now!

In case anyone gets a bit miffed... one can have MORE than one 'best friend' by the way.  I have quite a few of them in fact. 

Now... today.

I will be sewing... once I've done a few odd jobs around the house, and got the pesky teenagers onto a job or two as well.  They did NOTHING yesterday, while poor Stew did heaps of things around the house.    

Time to make them earn their pocket money!


2.47 pm:  And it's been another day where what I had planned didn't happen.

Stew and I have been in Hamilton looking at cars.  We have decided to change vehicles, first time in 10 years.  Time for a change.  
I want to downsize my big car for something cheaper to run around.  
And Stew wants to trade his in on a station wagon, so we can still take all my stuff to market.

So.  Lots of options out there, we just have to do our 'homework' over the next couple of weeks and get our ducks in a row before proceeding.

More than half the day is gone now... and we have done nothing in the house!  Well... the kids did some window sill washing (not very well either I must say), so that will have to be done again.

It's never ending eh?  Housework.  Cooking. Cleaning.  bla bla bla.

And I'm getting cold just sitting here, so might just move.

We've had a nice quiet evening in front of the TV... dinner was BBQ spare ribs and coleslaw, just yummy.

Time to sign off and get to bed, nearly midnight.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


I thought Denim was in season last week.
Now I think NOT.
She just didn't display all the signs after the first couple of days of me thinking she was coming into season.

I'm feeling really confused now.  She only had a tiny light pink discharge for a day, nothing else.  So, it looks like she didn't have her first season after all.

And I'm worried.  Neither Marley or Denim have had their first season yet and they are 10 months old.  That is VERY LATE for their breed.

Maybe I'm worrying about nothing and they will both go into season next week!  Time will tell I suppose.

FROST here this morning.  I bet it's killed off half my succulents!  I dread going and looking.  But I will... once I can bear to get out of bed!  It's so COLD!

Our new microwave was supposed to arrive with a FREE Sistema pack.  It didn't.  So maybe we will be going into town today and picking that up?  

Missed seeing our little girls lately?  Well here they are:

 ABOVE: Yesterday, having a tug-of-war with that soft toy.  Can you tell who's who?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Before they ripped it to shreds and put it's guts all over the house, I threw it in the bin.  They have taken to ripping all soft toys to bits now, so I am going to take them all away.  
I don't particularly like gazillions of fluffy bits all over the place!

Right... time to roll over and keep warm for a bit longer.  I'm not that keen on getting up!


4.10 pm:  Well!!! Where have I been all day?

Out!  I got a text from my girlfriend Sandra, who lives in Palmerston North bright and early this morning. 
She was up in Tirau for the day, but at a loose end.  Her husband was there on a car part hunt and she'd gone along for the ride.

So... I went and picked her up and we went into Hamilton for a wander around the mall, then we met up with Stew and the kids for lunch.

After that we went back to Tirau and checked out the shops there too.

I really enjoyed spending the day with Sandra.  It wasn't what I had planned, but it was a lovely day.  

 ABOVE:  Sandra and I outside an Art shop in Tirau...

ABOVE: This driftwood man on old fashioned bike has been around FOREVER!  I'm sure I saw it first 30+ years ago!

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist getting a new piece of Polish Pottery while in Tirau... I got these two dishes to use for my lunch/dinner/soups etc.  They are so pretty.  

Sandra was supposed to go 'shopping' too, but only ended up getting a new phone case and one of these:

ABOVE: Like a PopSocket, but with a ring.  I got one too... as I had to return my PopSocket at it kept falling off my phone! 

Here's hoping this one doesn't fall off.

So, that's been my day so far!

Now it's time to just relax for a little while I think.  And warm up.  I'm freakin' cold!

Well I've been utterly lazy this evening! Did nothing but watch TV and play 2048 on my phone.  It was bliss.
I think I'm coming down with a cold... as Brylee has one, I will blame her.  I've had a mad as itchy nose since lunchtime too... it's HORRIBLE.

I think I will be off to bed shortly, so ...