Saturday, May 27, 2023


 We have no plans for today.

Which is nice in a way.  We have done quite a few markets of late, so not having any for a few weeks is neat.

We can sleep in today.  I will really enjoy that.  Though to be honest, I could sleep in every day if I wanted to.

Last night I did some doodling.  We  had a white metal heart on our bedroom wall.  Our walls are white, so it really didn't stand out at all.

So I doctored it.

ABOVE: That should make it stand out!   I was tempted to put more colour on the very outside edge, but then I thought "less is more", so left it.

ABOVE:  I'm chuffed with how many Glasses Cases/Coin Purses I have finished.  No pressure to make more right now.

There's about 10 more to put the knitted tops on, but they can wait a few days.  My friggin fingers need a break.

(I have put a piece of cardboard inside each case so it stands up nicely, in case you are wondering what's popping out the top of some of them.)

ABOVE: This is the funky notebook I got yesterday to track my food in.  It's got a holographic effect.  

I was rather surprised at how many there were to choose from!  I looked at AT LEAST 40 at The Stationery Warehouse.

And then almost that many at TYPO.   Are notebooks that popular then?  Must be.  😃😂😅

Stew will do his little weekend grocery grab a bit later on.  While he's doing that, I might make a preliminary start on my Duck Runner.

Which just means drawing the ducks and goose so I've got a pattern.

And thinking about placement, and what else I will put on the runner.  It's always fun working on something new.

1.04 pm:  Stew and I went to town this morning.
We did a big wander around all the gift shops, looking for hearts.  We did not see any that we liked.
It would be nice to have a few in different colours/styles, but yeah nah.  Will have to wait till the next market, there's always someone selling some there.

ABOVE: We did find these things.  Pink thingees for the flower arrangement on the dining table.  Two shell tassels, no idea where they will go and yep... another melamine tray.  LOVE IT.

Now... home and about to have lunch with Steve, Bex and the boys.

ABOVE:  For you Kate:  The heart wall.  A work in progress.

We had a lovely lunch with the kids, then we spent some time enjoying their company.

ABOVE:  Stew and Steve moved this section of the sun room lounge suite into the garage, to be taken by Brylee sometime soon.
I've changed a couple of things in the sun room, so I could get my Dad's lounge chair in there instead of that big piece.
It can get so very nice and warm in the sun room, even in winter, so I wanted to sit in there with me feet up on me Dad's chair.

ABOVE: These two working together to detangle a skein of wool for me.  If left up to me, I'd have chopped it up with scissors and then thrown it in the bin in a fit of rage!
I don't handle tangles too well.  Just as Stew. 😅😆😂

I am now sitting watching tv and knitting.  Though I will have to stop knitting soon as my right hand keeps cramping up!  It need a break obviously.

Time to sign off.  It's been far too quiet on here today.  Makes me wonder if this blog should retire.  It's fairly bloody boring for anyone but family to read I think.



  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I love the heart. I bet it looks pretty on your wall. Happy weekend!! Ky Girl

  2. Pic of it on the wall? Looks very cool.

  3. Typo...I love that shop!!

  4. Rhonda8:22 PM

    I thought your blog was for you to keep track of your days 🤷‍♀️ as well as inviting readers to enjoy your crafty, daily life and tip bits. Love it just as it is. Thank you for sharing. I suppose weekend days would see less comments on your blog as people go about their family commitments. 💕💕💕💕

  5. I enjoy comments, it makes me feel connected to more than just my family. I spend the majority of my days alone. I don't enjoy it. The dogs are not talkative. I know I should try harder to join more groups to make more social connections, but it's not that easy to do. That is why I really do like the interaction with others via comments. I also wonder if my blog is just boring as shit some weeks... same old stuff.

  6. You never bore me Chris

  7. Anonymous10:27 PM

    We are headed into holiday weekend in USA, people are probably quite busy. I picked up a larger grocery order (large for me) yesterday/Friday. I still do curbside grocery orders/pick ups, which I think are best invention ever. It saves so much time, no impulse buys, can take the dogs with me. This would have been super helpful when my kids were little. I remember when drive thrus became available at pharmacy, another wonderful invention.

    When you have a slow day at here on the blog, maybe ask a question. Like today, something about knitting/yarn or rearranging furniture.

    I used to crochet, but I could never get the hang of knitting. My hands are so arthritic now that I cannot do handwork of any kind.

    I rarely rearrange furniture. Almost every room in my house has built in’s - shelves, window seats, ledges, counters, cupboards, desks. Even the nightstands on each side of my bed are built into the wall. A few rooms have had their contents shifted a bit over the years, but most have stayed the same since we moved in 20 years ago.

    I have an idea for your heart wall, no offense meant. It occurred to me that if you make a large frame on the wall with trim boards and paint the wall inside of the frame, and then hang the hearts in the frame, they would visually pop. I have never done that myself, and I am not sure I have ever seen either, but it occurred to me. I am not sure what else is on that wall, maybe it would be too crowded looking.


  8. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Hi Chris. I don't think your blog is boring at all. I really enjoy reading it and seeing what amazing craft you create. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Katrina, ACT, Australia

  9. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I must make a resolution to post a comment more often….I love reading your blogs. You tell things as they are!
    It is a holiday weekend here in the UK and the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky!
    It usually rains when we have bank holidays!
    Thank you for writing!

  10. Not boring at all, I love reading what you are making for market, your trials and tribulations, just like you I am busy and do not comment as much as I should at this time of the year. Pat ,


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