Tuesday, May 02, 2023


 I was looking at all the Glasses Cases/Coin Purses last night.

And something stood out to me rather glaringly.

There was only ONE BLUE Glasses Case and one Light Blue Coin Purse.  And this is by a person who LOVES blue!

Crazy.  No idea how that happened.  But I will be rectifying that today for sure.

Bring on the blue.

So you don't even need to guess what I will be doing today right?

I'll get some blue cases done, then if it's not raining, or at least not too much, I'll be going out for a walk.

ABOVE:  I really enjoyed making these Kiwiana Glasses Cases.  (bear in mind they are not finished yet, they have to get their tops put on)

ABOVE:  And these two very cute, little girly Glasses Cases too. (also not finished yet)

I'm trying to make sure I have a very good variety to choose from.

11.45 am:   I've been working like a demon... 

ABOVE:  There ya go... BLUE ones.  (topless for now... poor Bex!)

I'm now moving on to a couple of little odd jobs.
Sew some tie down tabs on the blue gazebo door/wall, and make a carry bag for the racks.  They slip and slide all over the place in the car, does Stew's head in.
So... more to to...

ABOVE:  1.10 pm:   Another job to tick off me list.
A travel bag for the racks.  I had that extra thick calico fabric in lots of various bits... so I cobbled them all together and had enough for the bag.  Excellent.  I didn't have to go and buy anything.

Now... I need a break!  I've been sewing for 5 hours straight.

Weight Watchers this evening, DOWN 500 grams.  Half a Kilo.  Not bad.  Not spectacular, but it's a loss and I'm almost back to where I was a bloody month ago!
Slow and Steady.  No rush.  I'm happy if I never lose another kilo, cos I'm so much healthier and happier.

And now... I'm off to Card Night in Cambridge.
Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Our Winner (S) and Loser (M) from Cards. It was a lovely evening, lots of lovely snacks.
Cards is at mine next time, so I don't have to travel.  Yaaa.

Home now, and watching Coronation Street before bed.


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    This is Maggie from Melbourne Aus. Those green glasses cases are exquisite,

  2. Bring on the blue! And even those stripe ones like the runners! Even if it's only two pieces.

  3. I have realised as I have got older that the more variety of good choices in a selection, the more likely I am to buy. Something about having choice, wanting to be able to buy them all, then talking yourself into just one or two of your favourites really helps you feel you are being restrained and getting a good deal. Bring on the blue! Good luck x

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    So many snap tops to make haha they are very pretty tho 😍 bex

  5. Poor Bex she gonna have to get the boys on the production line

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Absolutely lovely ~ you're a very talented lady, well done. Ro (n.w. Italy)

  7. Dang it I’m knew I should’ve waited I love the top right corner one and the left middle row one hmmmmmm 🤦‍♀️

  8. Anonymous11:47 PM

    I too have been doing projects using up what I have, only buying supplies if I absolutely have to and buying the minimum possible. I even go so far as to take back any unused extra. Or pass on rest of opened package to neighbors or friends.

  9. Bex is going to have to teach you how to do the tops haha. They are addicting to make aren't they?


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