Saturday, May 13, 2023


Our country used to be 'known' for the humongous number of sheep we had.

Not any more.  I reckon we should now we know for the MILLIONS of bloody orange road cones we have!

Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE... no matter where you go, in town or on the open road you will encounter THOUSANDS of them.

ABOVE:  I didn't think to count just how many times I had to stop for roadworks, or swerve to avoid random road cones that seemed to be there just for the hell of it.  
There is nothing more annoying than coming up to a sign saying SLOW DOWN to 30 kms an hour, and then you drive along 2 kms of road cones .... and NO ONE is working on the road.  And you can't even see WHY they would be working on the road!  
Right, little rant over.

ABOVE:  Why did I gather a bag full of pumice?  Hmmm.  Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but something will come out of it.  😂😉😊

ABOVE:  Literally the FIRST thing I noticed as I walked into the house yesterday.
MARLEY has been 'gardening' in the lounge!
I know it was Marley cos when I saw the mess and said 'What the hell' a bit loudly, she took off into the garage super fast.  Tail between her legs.
It's exactly the sort of thing she would do.

So in future, she will be confined to the garage when we are out of the house.
Little shit.

Hopefully the plants will survive being uprooted.

ABOVE:  I mentioned yesterday that I'd bought some prepared meals for my lunches.

I worked out it would cost half the price, compared to cooking a meal for myself, which was what Stew worked out too.

I am starting to wonder if it's cheaper to buy prepared meals/eat out/get takeaways as opposed to cooking at home???

Something to ponder eh?

I paid $45 for 6 meals, which works out at $7.50 each.  I think that's damn good!

Now... back to our usual programming.

I am going to be sewing today.  No bullshit, I am!

I want to finish that fish runner, then make a couple more Glasses Cases/Coin Purses.

So yeah... catch ya later.


Stew got up earlier than  me and turned on the heat pump.  Thank god.  I would have been right bitching otherwise!

Seriously cold.  Which means next weekend's Tamahere Market is going to be a damn cold start/day.   Out comes the thermals/hat/scarf/gloves/blankie.
And I'll still be cold.  *sniff*


 OMG!  Look what I found on the blogosphere!!!
It is going to be my NEW sign off thingee.
I love it.

ABOVE:  Dinner this evening will be mutton chops with veges.  Mushrooms.  Cauliflower baked in the oven.  

ABOVE:  I tried making a honey mustard dipping sauce, like the one we had the other night at the Indian Restaurant.   I think it came out rather well.  Stew and I just had a test run of baked cauliflower bites with the dipping sauce.  Nice, very flavoursome.

Steve, Bex and the boys just arrived for a catch up.  Then bought a thingee for Stew that is like a plastic apron, that you put around ya neck. There's suction cups to put on the mirror in the bathroom.  It's a 'shaving apron'.  Looks dang handy, and will certainly keep all the beard hairs off the bench.
Photo later, when I can get Stew to pose with it.  😂

After Steve 'n' Bex left this afternoon, Stew went out into the yard and did a bit of weeding.  Then he planted out new vege plants (got them this morning).

ABOVE:  We got a rhubarb plant.  It's in a small pot for now, but might need a bigger one a bit later on.  We will see how it goes.

ABOVE:  In our vege pods we have 2 types of Broccoli and 2 types of Cauliflower.  Both should do well there.  Well we hope so.

ABOVE: While Stew did that, I finished the final fish, and started sorting out bubbles.  I will do them tomorrow or Monday.

Now, it's 6.43 pm and we are winding down for the day.
Our dinner was good.  But not as nice as I remember it being.  (lamb chops cooked in mint sauce).  I'd say it was average.

Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. those pre-made meals are super-yummy but they are usually TINY!!!... I'd need 4 of them lololol. I usually bulk them out with veges ie: beans, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumber or tomato (not peas, corn or potatoes)

  2. Frozen meals are a lot better than they used to be but I do enjoy the process of cooking a meal. My brain seems to register that I've eaten if I do that. That's why shakes don't work for me - too quick and easy.

  3. I'm a huge fan of frozen meals when I have room in my freezer - they are great for price, convenience and portion control. I love the photos you shared of your trip - great that you managed to have a mini-vacation with your besties plus Mike and Joyce. I loved how you surprised your friends.

  4. I concur that the premade meals are tiny. But, maybe that's a good thing!

  5. In Minnesota there is a joke "We have two seasons. Winter and Road Construction".

    1. Yeah its the same here really, only we get road cones year round.


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