Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 Yesterday I literally sat on me bum ALL DAY long, knitting and hand stitching tops on Glasses Cases and Coin Purses.

I had planned on doing the same thing today, but seriously?

My butt is sore from sitting all day.

I need a break.

ABOVE:  I ended up getting 4 Glasses cases and one Coin Purse done yesterday. 
The Alpaca Glasses Case is SOLD.

My plans for today ... go for a walk at the mall.
Do some window shopping and a small grocery grab.
Post the Glasses Case to Tracy.

Then come home and MAYBE knit another couple of tops.

I watched 3 movies yesterday.  Not something I would normally do, but what else was I gunna do while knitting?  It was quite nice in fact.

More often than not I start watching a Netflix movie, get bored and turn it off.  I've got dozens of movies in my 'Continue to Watch' list!

But yesterday I persevered and watched the entire three movies in full.

I doubt I'll ever do that again.  Maybe one will be watched today.

But for now... I'm off to start me day.
Catch ya later.

11.07 am:  And my morning is done.
Walk - tick
Groceries - tick
Post Case - tick

Now... I'm going to open the windows and air the house, as it's FINE!  Fine!  Fine!

6.12 pm:  Not a lot happening here.  I went out again this afternoon and bought a new 'tool box' for my embroidery threads and what not.
My Mum's old embroidery box simply isn't big enough.

ABOVE:  This box is much bigger, and more organised.  Wasn't even very expensive, like $35 at Spotlight.  They have quite a variety of sizes and styles.  This one suits me.

I've made a couple more tops and stitched them on this afternoon, while listening to a 'who done it' true crime series... for like 4 hours!  It was tedious, but at least at the end it did have a conclusion.

Stew just got home, so I've stopped listening to shit on Netflix now.  

It will no doubt be a quiet evening here, as per usual.  So I'll sign off and catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Have you watched A Man Called Otto yet? I know you’re a Tom Hanks fan… I absolutely loved it, and I’m not one that can sit still for long!

    1. Stew and I saw it at the movies the day it came out. LOVED IT. Now waiting for it to come out on Netflix here in New Zealand.

    2. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Not sure why I’m anonymous, maybe cause I’m on my phone … anyway, it’s Coffee Slut aka Sue!

    3. I am also anonymous when on my phone. I can't seem to fix it.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I'm struggling to find something good on Netflix 😞 just been to pick up George after a morning at the spa 🐶 and now apparently I have Long Covid JAYSUS GM 💙💙

    1. I watched The Mother which I enjoyed. Bugger about Long Covid, I got that after my 1st round with Covid. Extreme fatigue for months. I hope you bounce back quickly.

    2. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Watched that I liked it am looking for a series I can watch after he goes to bed 😆 I'll be okay can't kill weeds 💙💙

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    We have been painting again!!!. We finished the wall then went onto the door frames and architraves and decided to do the cornices near the ceiling. My hubby reckoned we needed to use ceiling paint so we had that tinted the same colour as the already finished architraves and frames. Well - it came out Brown!!!!!. What!!! it was really weird stuff to paint with all patchy but now its a totally different colour. So we went back got different paint and repainted them. It's not totally the same as the frames but it's a pretty close- liveable I see a bit of yellow in it now but I am over it. Weirdly we originally picked up a 3 colour - colour card and chose the middle colour well the one that was wrong looked a hella of lot like the third colour on that card but they assured us they used the right tint. I know you have done a lot of painting - but I just feel I am not really getting any better and now I think parts of the wall will have to be redone where we spilt over from the cornices. Crap. Maybe because you are a good sewer/crafter you have a skillset that is good with painting as well. Maria(Australia) Also I know it's good to have a day off and reset and you have had lots of rain not that motivating when it keeps dragging on. I stayed up to watch a 7 part series once. Wouldn't recommend it had the weirdest dreams obviously a mishmash of all the series. Bye

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I am wondering about your neck/shoulders/back from all that sitting. I can no longer do marathon days of the same position.

    I work on genealogy at our PC, I sew at a sewing machine, I scan photos. All that can really do a number on my back if I am not careful. I have to limit the number of hours I spend on that type of activity. I have to take breaks and do something that allows me to stretch and get my circulation going.

    I take a hour yoga class every morning/5 days a week. The dogs and I walk several times a day, they seem to have internal clocks, they remind me.

    Maybe you should set a timer. And get up and walk or bounce or do a YouTube video or use your home gym at regular intervals - ?

    That being said, I also am careful to put my feet up and take a nap every afternoon. I pack myself in hot packs (arthritis) and turn off my phone. I play white noise for myself and for the dogs who nap with me.


  5. A New Zealand meme just popped up on my FaceBook page. Have you ever seen or heard of Gibbs Farm? Apparently there are sculptures on the property.


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