Friday, May 19, 2023


 I went out last night.

Joined Stew at the pub.

And within minutes I had put my foot in my mouth, and said something to someone that OBVIOUSLY upset that person.

It was my fault, I shouldn't have mentioned a certain subject that was still obviously raw to that person.

What happened next though?  

I was very rudely told to shut up, or better still, move to another table!

So I will not be going to the pub again.   Which is perfectly fine by me.  I'm not a 'pub' person.  And I am not someone who appreciates being told to shut up either.

No matter if I made a mistake and mentioned something touchy.  Not nice how that person handled it.

That person is a 'friend' of over 30 years standing too!  Maybe not a friend after all?

Moving on to today.  Well, it's supposed to be raining, so I won't be walking outdoors.

So will probably go to the mall.  Then home to make sure everything is ready for market tomorrow.

Oh... yesterday afternoon I was cross with someone in the family.  That issue is resolved in a way, I got my feelings out and said what I'd been holding in for quite some time.  
And now we move on.  Still speaking, which is good.

Anytime ya wanna come do the vacuuming, you can Ho Ho.

11.21 am:  And well, the weather isn't as bad as forecast.
So I went for a walk on the streets.  Just 30 minutes today as my legs are a bit sore for some reason.
Then when I got home I really felt like something 'nice' to eat.
So my brain went...

Burger and chips?
Taco Bell?

Yeah.  Seems when I'm cold all I can think about is FOOD.

I opened the pantry.  Looking for something NICE to eat.
And my eyes fell on DATES.

OMG.  Date scones.  YES!!!

So I made some.

ABOVE:  I will be having two for my lunch.  And I'll leave two for Stew's supper.
Unless he doesn't want them, not sure if he even likes date scones!  Crazy that I don't know that.
Only been with the man since 1985.  Derrr.

So... I'm now just chilling out, thinking about doing that market prep soon.

3.30 pm:  Market prep is done.  I took half the runners out of the runner bag, so we don't take too much tomorrow.  It will be a very slimmed down stall.  No point getting everything damp.

I just left my card group, and it's 'parent' group.  Now debating leaving the FBG group as well.
It's not like I go over to Cambridge to walk anymore, so why stay in a group that have virtually nothing to do with me?  Likes on Facebook hardly count as 'friendship', when I'm only 20 minutes way.  I'm never invited to meet up with any of them outside of walks, so yeah.  Probably leave that group too.

I must make a renewed effort to join SOMETHING here that might lead to new friendships.  Just don't know what.
Maybe a quilting group?  Let's see.

4.26 pm:  I got a little burst of energy, so I went out the back and pulled all the old mint plants out.  I think that it will grow back, mint is pretty hard to eradicate.
Then I poured boiling water on some of the weeds.
I'd read somewhere that you can kill weeds that way.
Lets see how they look tomorrow.

7.30 pm:  Dinner was Chicken Stir Fry again.  2nd time for me, 1st for Stew.  It was delicious.

After dinner Stew and I packed the car in readiness for tomorrow's market.
The weather forecast is dire.
But we will go anyway.

And that's  a wrap on today.  Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. How f*#*ing rude!!!! No one has the right to tell someone to shut up like that. They clearly have an issue and need to deal with things themselves.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Yeah nah no friend GM 💙💙

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Not a friend at all

  4. I think it's really hard to make new friends. I still have my high school friends. I think it's important to join groups and such though, because acquaintances can be fun too. My Mom is in a quilt group. She enjoys it and they occasionally have "retreats" for a weekend. But, I am not sure that she gets together with them much, if at all, outside of quilting activities. Same with cards, or book clubs. But.... you never know.

  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I’m learning bridge such friendly people it’s great - Anne Palmy

  6. It is hard and as you get older i reckon its harder. I take my hat off to you for even doing all these things... I'm way too shy

  7. I'm in a social runnimg/walking group and actually socialise with a lot of them outside of runs but I think that's a rarity. A quilting group sounds good as long as you found one that suited you. Bridge is a good suggestion too since you like playing cards. What about somethimg to do with craft?

  8. It is so hard to make friends. I was in the same boat when we moved here. The book club were not happy to drive the 20 minutes for meetings at my house. I am hoping that when we move to a country town it will be easier to join in. Suburban life sucks.

  9. Rhonda10:20 PM

    It’s hard finding friends we click with. A lot of people see family as their friends but it’s important to have friends outside of that circle, in my opinion. After I retired, I volunteered at an Op Shop and I’ve met the most lovely group of people. We meet with our partners outside of our time at the op shop and have great catch ups and outings. I have found lifelong friends

  10. Anonymous12:09 AM

    You seem to be a very touchy person, hard to get along with, maybe try counseling.

    1. Anonymous4:18 AM

      Magpie / Australia here saying what qualifications do you have to make such a statement, do you know her? I don’t think so, or maybe you are a troll. I know Chris would never hide behind an anonymous comment like you have.

  11. I find it hard to find friends where I live, people here have been here for ages and are mostly University grads, know it all people, book smart but, no common sense. The younger people come and go with the semesters. Glad I kept up with my friends from my previous location.

  12. Hugs. I have the same issue here and no groups around to join.


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