Saturday, May 20, 2023


 I got ruthless with the mint patch yesterday.

I pulled as much of it out as I could:

ABOVE:  Luckily the ground was super wet and it came out fairly easily.  I've left some of the root system in the ground, so it can come away again in Spring.

It felt good to get outside, even though I loathe gardening!

ABOVE:  The begonias from 'nowhere' are running amok in the rockery!  They just keep coming up all over the place.  I still have no idea where they came from.  I dead headed a lot of them.

ABOVE:  Our 2nd Princess Maud Azalea is flowering.  It's  a sad, spindly shrub.  I hope it thickens up eventually.

I put some boiling water on some weeds in the rockery too. 

ABOVE: It seems weird that so many plants are having flowers now.  Like, at the beginning of winter?  Dumb plants.

Today is the last market for a month.  I'm looking forward to a break from them.

And I'm not expecting ANYTHING from today's market.  It's going to be wet, wet, wet.

But... we are going, purely to maintain our spot.

Catch ya later.


ABOVE: All set up and luckily, before the rain started.
The organiser came around and said there's a severe wind warning out for around 11 am! 
Why the hell didn't she cancel the market????
Now we might have to pack up early BUT still pay the fee.
That doesn't seem right.
One girl opposite us set up her stall and now she's already going home!  And its only 8.15 am. No one is even here yet.

And I just made a very good sale! Totally didn't expect to sell anything in this weather. It was a lady who expressed an interest in a Kiwiana Runner a month ago. She came back today and bought one. See, THAT is why we came. People know we will be here, in the same spot.

9.31 am. Pissing down with rain. Virtually no one here. Miserable.

ABOVE: I want  10 outta 10 for perseverance! Just got cold so on went the hat.

1.40 pm:   We packed up about 30 minutes early, as did everyone else.  The day was utterly MISERABLE.
Wet and windy.  Not too cold though!
We only made three sales, so although we made A TINY BIT OF MONEY, it was not worth it for all the effort it took.
When taking down the gazebo, the wind caught it when Stew pulled out the ground pegs!
We managed to save it from flying off to the never never.
Next time we will lower it enough so I can hold it in the middle while Stew does the rest.  

We've come home with a lot of wet things to get cleaned and dry again.  The entire gazebo, all the walls and our plastic ground mat all have to be scrubbed and dried.  And the tablecloths.
Luckily none of my products got wet.

Next time, if we know it's going to be such a dreadful day weather wise, we are going to pay the fee to hold our site, but NOT GO.
It's simply not worth it.

I have a long list of things to do before the next market (as long as it's DRY).  Like sew tabs on the bottom of the gazebo sides, so we can peg them down.  
They flap around in the wind and cause our tables etc to fall over.  I made some 'temporary' ones for today using some tape and safety pins I had in my 'work' box.

We have two battery operated lights to hang in the gazebo while it's dark (usually during set up time), and today?  Flat batteries.  All of them.  Most frustrating.  So gotta get new batteries for them.  

Now it's time to just freakin' well relax.   I can't do anything else right now cos it's too wet.  All the wet shit has to wait till the next fine day.  

8.05  pm.  It hasn't stopped raining and blowing all afternoon.  So we stayed inside and just watched the telly.
Had takeaways for dinner too.  Should have had something very light, but oh well.  Being cold and tired makes you self indulgent.

I have no other plans for the evening, so will sign off and catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Worth it just for her xx Hopefully it fines up just a little bit

    1. It didn't ! Just utterly miserable day. Very, very few people came.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Great start to the day for you. I hope more come back to look at items they have seen previously


  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Booth looks great.

  4. That's a GREAT picture of you ! You have your iconic fish and FBGs in the background! Complexion is flawless. And the winter gear shows your endurance! Love it!

    1. The flawless complexion is thanks to a good camera filter! I have wrinkles and sun spots and you name it going on in 'real life'! lol

    2. Shhh. Don't tell......

  5. As I was strolling down reading your entry I thought that was a shot of a white haired lady with black jacket leaning looking at your stall....until I got far enough down to see it was pompom on your black hat...even after seeing the full picture when I backed up a bit it still looked like lady with white hair.
    Hope you have made some more sales and high winds held off not too cold.


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