Tuesday, May 23, 2023






And listening to music with me earphones on.

That is me for the day.

Well... I do have some washing to fold.  The bed to make.  Bla bla bla.  Just the usual shit.

I won't be going to WW tonight.  I was a pig last night.  We had dessert for dinner.  Enough said.


1.43 pm:  Bloody hell!  I had no idea it was that late in the day already.
I have been knitting tops and sewing them on all morning.
I have only managed to get two done so far!

ABOVE:  Llamas and a Kiwiana one.  I am going to take a break now and have some lunch.
Thinking it will be a baked potato, onions, mushrooms and some spaghetti.  Comfort food.
It's actually a nice day outside.  Sunshine even.
I should really go and sit in the sun, catch some Vitamin D.

Then I'll be back to the knitting/stitching.

Oh! Are they Llamas, or Alpacas (above)?  Anyone know the difference?

As predicted (by me), I've been knitting and sewing tops on glasses cases and coin purses all day.  My bum is numb!
And probably a couple of inches wider.

Stew is home and about to cook some sausages for his dinner.  We tend to only have something very light in the evenings now.  

It has cooled down considerably since about 6 pm, so I'm gunna find me blankie and get it on.
Then continue knitting/sewing till bed time.
Catch ya tomorrow.  For a REPEAT of today.

Bet ya can't wait.




  1. Mmmm. Dessert for dinner!

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I am up to my eyeballs in gardening. Cleaning out beds, weeding, dividing/planting. Trying to get everything done while the weather is nice and cool. No mosquitos or humidity yet.

  3. Hi Chris, I've just started a Youtube workout which was recommended to me by another lady at a motorhome park. It's all low impact and I'm finding it really great. Nothing lying on the floor, all standing up! Look up "Lucy Wyndham-Read" - she's English and very lovely to follow along to. With all the damn rain I've got to do something :)

  4. Kiwionholidays1:27 PM

    I think you look fab in that outfit
    Snuggly is best in May to September in NZ

    Don’t beat yourself up about the 🍮 last night
    One of our fave sayings for that is

    “One swallow, doesn’t make a Summer”

    So today will be all good 👍

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Kiwionholidays1:28 PM

    That sounds fab for the wet weather indoors 🕺🏿🎸

  6. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I have often wondered about the difference between llamas and alpacas so I looked it up. "The biggest difference between llamas and alpacas is their size and the type of coat each of them has. Llamas grow a coarse wool coat, whereas an alpaca's hair is longer and finer." Audrey

  7. Are they glasses cases? If so can I please buy the Llama/alpaca one?

    1. Yes they are glasses cases. And Yes, you can buy the Llama one. PM me, or I will PM you.

  8. I am having a baked potato for breakfast as I read this. I always eat weird things for breakfast!


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