Monday, May 22, 2023


 Our girls had started scratching ... a lot.

So I figured they were due for a flea treatment and bath.

So at 6.30 last night I decided to given them a bath in our wet room.  (a shower room in other words).

I knew I'd end up with a sopping wet room, and a sopping wet ME.

So all good, the room needed a good clean anyway, and I could have a shower afterwards too.

I asked Stew to bring in the paddle pool...

ABOVE:  It works rather well for bathing the girls, nice and warm too.

They seemed to not mind it that's for sure.  Much nicer than a cold wash outside.  NOT that I'd do that to them in winter!

ABOVE:  Nice and clean again.  And I changed all their blankets and cushions and washed them all last night too.

It's quite a big job when you do all that, but I'm happy it got done.

I hadn't really done much yesterday afternoon/evening, so it was nice to do something good.

Hopefully the girls stop scratching now.  I saw no evidence of fleas after all that too!   They might just have seasonal allergies.

Today I am going to Spotlight to buy some tape for the bottom of the gazebo walls, for anchoring them down on windy days.  The walls are dry now, so I can do that stitching then get them folded up and put away, until our next market.

The next market is on June 17th. A full 4 weeks away.  Yaaaa.  Totally need a break.

The other thing I want to get done today is make some straps for the 2nd Runner Bag.  The bag is made, so that job shouldn't take too long.  Oh and some small drawstring bags for tent pegs, clips etc in our Market 'work box'.

So, I shouldn't be too bored for the next couple of days.

Plenty to get on with, on top of all the washing I've got to get done!

I managed to get 8 towels sopping wet last night, what with bathing the dogs, me, and drying the wet room floor and walls.  They are all waiting to go on the racks, once I get all the gazebo walls off them.

Right, catch ya later...

1 pm:  First up, I got what I needed at Spotlight nice and early this morning.
Got heaps of washing on racks to dry, even though it's not actually raining today.  I don't trust the weather!

I have been pottering around in the garage and sewing room for the rest of the morning, just getting bits 'n' bobs done.
I'm about to sew the anchor tabs on the gazebo sides.  Then I'll have some lunch.

Bex let me know this afternoon that some snap closers finally came in the post.  So I hot footed it over there and picked some up.
Now I can get on with finishing off the 28 I've made but not got the tops for!  That will keep me happily busy for a while!

The larger snap closers have not arrived yet, so I can't make any of the larger shoulder bags yet. Sorry Sandra C and Chris D.  

You know it's cold when the dogs refuse to come out of their bed!  Coco has stayed in bed all day.
And  yes, I've checked on her and she's fine.  Just trying to stay warm.

Bex let me know late this afternoon that some of the snap closers had arrived, so I zipped over there and picked up some.

When I got home I found out that the three tops I'd knitted were too big.  So I  had to start knitting more.

I ended up getting two made.  And one stitched on and finished.

ABOVE: This one is a cute little coin purse.

I didn't do Moss Stitch either, I just did Garter Stitch.  It is so much easier and quicker, so I'm sticking with it.

I'm off to bed in a minute, so catch ya tomorrow.



  1. That looks like an ideal bathing set-up for the doggies.

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Would it have been easier on your back to use the laundry sink to bath the dogs? If mine were smaller it'd be easier but I have to do it outside with the hose because I've got nowhere to do it. Too expensive to get them groomed now! Colleen x

  3. That reminds me to get some flea and worm stuff for the cat 🐈

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    In the summer, we set up kiddie pools like that outside for the dogs to play in, we have floating dog toys and sinking dog toys. They love it.

    We bath the dogs in the bath tub which has a hose attachment.

    We have a neighbor with a golden retriever who loves mud. He gets scrubbed in the middle of her yard with a garden hose regularly.

  5. Kiwionholidays5:34 PM

    Great catch up on here as usual,
    Those Furry 🐶friends,have the right idea ,we usually push ourselves to the bitter end,, but they recharge when needed,

    Loved the bath idea 💯🎸

    It’s fabulous how you work in with Bex re craft etc and so neat they live nearby,

    Hope the weather picks up for you all there,,,

    Sunny here today so DH was painting the new outdoor Reno’s in the sun ☀️

    Cheers 🥂

  6. That stitch looks great. I do not know the diff between stitches - but I do know that little bag is just as cute as all the the others - so by all means.... Simplify.


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