Thursday, May 25, 2023


 This morning I am seriously thinking of taking off to the pool for a swim.

Even though I know the water will be COOL, I really miss being in the water.  And maybe if I just get in the main pool and do some laps, I will keep warmer than if I was doing the Aqua Class.  Which was slower, I never got warm doing the Aqua class. Hence why I stopped going really.

So, I'm probably gunna go mid morning and see how it goes.  I might need to get some goggles so I can see where my lane is.


ABOVE: Last night I got 4 more tops knitted for the glasses cases, so later on today I will stitch them onto the fabric cases.

I'm certainly powering through them, getting their tops done.  I can't wait until our longer snap closers arrive, then I can make some larger shoulder bags.  Just big enough for ya phone, card and keys.

Bex showed me a photo of a quilt the other day with little ducks on it.  She reckons I should do a duck table runner next.  Hmmmm.... 

ABOVE: They are cute.  And I'm already thinking of a way to make them 'mine'... as in a bit different.   

ABOVE:  Very quick sketch (I can't draw to save myself!)... it's an idea.  And one I might actually do in a few days.

But for now.... I'm off to start me day.  Go buy some goggles... bla bla bla.
Catch ya later. 

OMG, what was I thinking when I wrote that shit above?

I got outta bed this morning and was like, OH HELL NO!

It was far too cold to even contemplate going swimming in a cold pool in winter!  CRAZY.

I hate being cold ffs!  So, instead of swimming, I took myself off to town and did a big walk up and down Victoria Street.


ABOVE:  There were hardly any people around, so I didn't have to dodge anyone.  It's actually not a very nice place to walk around, town is littered with 'unsavoury people', to put it politely.  A couple of times I actually didn't feel safe.
So I won't be doing that again.

ABOVE:  I had to walk past Knit World, so popped in, hoping to find some more Cotton Yarn for tops.  

ABOVE:  They did have some, but not a big selection, and not many bright colours, which is what I'd really like to find.

ABOVE:  On my way home, I stopped in and visited Lacy.  She's doing OK.  
I also stopped in at Spotlight and grabbed some more Cotton Yarns.

ABOVE:  Once home I dragged the drying racks from the garage, and stuck them outside.  It might not 'enhance' the look of the street, but MEH.
At least my washing will get dry.

ABOVE: These are the yarns I got today.  They should keep me going, and give me a few more choices for tops.

Now?  I am going to sit on me bum and stitch those 4 tops on their bottoms.

VICKIE:  When I said I wanted to make shoulder bags, I meant exactly what you described.  A small bag big enough for ya phone, cards and keys.  On a strap, over ya shoulder.... across the body or however you want to 'wear' it.

I just finished the 4 Glasses Cases, so on to making more tops I suppose.

Or I could fold up the huge pile of washing?

ABOVE:  Most of it is linen.  Which is easy to fold.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

Any guesses what will get done first?

The washing won.   I love folding linen, and putting it all away in the linen cupboard.  My Mum was exactly the same. 

And we both hated folding clothes.  Mum would pile clothes up on the spare bed until we had to go hunting for something to wear!  lol

I'm probably not quite that bad, but Stew has been known to go hunting for undies now and then.  Whoops.

I spent the evening watching TV and knitting tops for the cases.  I've got 5 more to stitch on tomorrow now.  Each top takes me about 45 minutes to knit, so no mean feat getting 5 done tonight.  My index fingers are munted.  So sore.  I will be giving them a rest tomorrow from knitting.

And talking of rest, it's almost 11 pm, so time to sign off and go to bed.

Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    You said - larger shoulder bags, big enough for ya phone, card and keys.

    I think tiny cross body bags (instead of shoulder), which involves a longer adjustable strap, are fabulous.

    I carry about 6 cards (credit, drivers license, medical, car, etc), $25 cash, my phone, an emergency house key, and my car fob. Tiny and convenient.


  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    That duck one looks fabulous and such a clever idea with the goose. I have a fishing tackle box but I use mine for different coloured earrings - so I can find the right colour easily. Enjoy your swimming Maria(Australia)

  3. Mum ill walk with you if your upto doing it again, 2 is better than 1, and if not that's ok, I am thinking of doing that walk (the cbd) in the early mornings or if I can't get a buddy I'm going to bike it 😀
    #Lacy 💜💙

  4. Aw sweet. Look at all the handmade items Lacy has on her walls!
    My guess is the laundry is ignored.... At least, that is what happens at MY house!

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Hi looks like you had a busy day...I was wondering if you have ever had "blurry vision" with your diabetes? Peta

    1. No not really. Sometimes if I'm knitting or sewing for long periods of time, when I look up it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust, but on a whole, nope. Eyes are fine.

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    As I always say, fold your washing as you get it off the line or out of the dryer and you'll never have that issue again :) xx Colleen

    1. Anonymous10:22 PM

      That was one of my goals when we moved 20+ years ago.

      I had semi-permanent full baskets of clean clothes in the laundry room at the old house. (Chris, I realize you do not do that.)

      When we moved, I vowed I would fold things right out of the dryer or off the drying rack, no piles. And I pretty much have. I just have an occasional basket of socks, waiting for me.

      We had a neighbor who used to dump all the clean clothes in a pile on the corner of her bedroom. It was quite the mountain. Her family then had to “dig”. Yes, a wrinkly mess. The (really) ridiculous part was laundry room was on first floor and her bedroom was upstairs. So she hauled full baskets up a flight of stairs to dump them.

      We had another neighbor who did laundry every night after the kids went to bed, and she and her husband changed into their comfy clothes. So she almost never had any dirty clothes, everything was clean and put away by the next morning. She also had the cleanest house I have ever seen.


    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Last night my husband got my washing in for me, and didn't fold the smalls. So I had to go do it. I'm like, as you're taking it off the line, literally move your hands a few times between the line and the basket, and it's DONE! I even peg the socks together so that you just unpeg both and fold them together on the way to the basket. A couple extra minutes saves hours of heartache later, I reckon! Good job, Vickie! xx Colleen. PS Mine stays folded into the basket until the next day when I unpack it and put it away, though! I lay things like shirts and tops that get hung up, across the top so they don't crush!

  7. Duck Duck Grey Duck


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