Thursday, May 18, 2023


 We have a nasty fog again this morning.  

So, I'll probably go for another walk, only this time I might just go to the mall.

I'm very tempted to go to K Mart and get a couple of cheap bras, that fit me properly.  Someone suggested it the other day.  Not a bad idea really.

I'm sure not spending $60+ on bras that might not fit me in another 6 months.

So, while at the mall, before I do me walk, I will pop into K Mart.

OOOh, I need to get some soy sauce for dinner this evening too.  I'm going to make a chicken stir fry.  Should be good.

I looked at the weather forecast last night.  It's not looking good for Saturday, but we will be going anyway.  We can just put out way less stuff and have the front wall up, with the doorway partly open.  No expectations, no disappointment.

In fact, it looks like we MIGHT have a couple of dry days over the next two weeks!  Our weather really is CRAZY.  Normally I actually wouldn't give a shit, but when you do markets in the open air... it does get a bit old fast.

At least over the next 5 months (this month included), we only have one market a month.

It will give me plenty of time to make a few Christmas Runners, Reindeer ones, and more traditional (read boring) ones too.

Right, I'm off to start me day.  Make the bed.  Get some washing on.  bla bla bla

11.50 am:  And I've been out and about.  Walked.  Did a quick grocery grab.
Came home and have just cooked my lunch, I will be cooking the same thing for Stew's dinner.

ABOVE: Chicken and  Vege stir fry.  I couldn't eat all of it so will pop the rest in the fridge for tomorrow.

Now... I'm going into the sewing room to do some sewing.

Oh I forgot to say, I tried on some bras at K Mart but just didn't want to get any.  Even though they were cheap, what I'm wearing right now will continue to 'do' for now.  When they become no longer 'adjustable' I'll get some new ones.

edited:  I'm just a little bit angry right now.  Fuming in fact.

8 pm:  I ended up at the pub with Stew and friends tonight.  Lovely to catch up with Jenny W and co.  Home now, and am freezing!
Blankie back on for sure.

Catch ya tomorrow.  Time to just sit and yak with me man till bedtime.



  1. Traditional (boring) ones will be great. Having them in a variety of colors will strike someone's fancy. Or even muted or GASP !!!!! Neutral colors.

  2. Proper fitting bras make so much difference to how your clothes fit & feel

  3. Ha $60 I wish my bras cost $95 a pair that stir fry looks relish.

  4. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I went to the local Bendon Shop scored 3 bras for $130 sucks having big bazookas 🙄 we've got soup and garlic bread for dinner bloody shit weather is pants as well!! Sounds like I'm in a funk today sooooo busy with work driving me to drink 🍻🤣 GM 💙💙

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    On the fuming. My guess is not your doing.

    I can imagine how frustrating this must be. We have that type of general situation going on in my husband’s family. We just passed the first anniversary of the start of the problem. So we are on year two of “really stupid”.

    I have a very low tolerance for stupid and especially stupid things for no good reason, stupid just to be mean/stupid.

    There is so much that is out of our control that can happen (cancer or a serious illness for example) in our families’ and friends’ lives - what I see as real problems. It seems incredibly obnoxious to create/prolong problems that could be handled much better, kinder, smarter, quicker. I see these as manufactured or unnecessary problems. I really resent the time suck and upset that they create.

    In our situation, I think there is definitely a personality disorder going on and some really deep seated old sibling rivalry/family dynamics that are very dysfunctional. Most of the time, I walk away from these types of people/issues. But this one is a legal problem that has to be solved.

    So I feel for you.


    1. When you have raised 8 kids, as I have, there are many different ways people can rile you up! We have our fair share of issues to deal with, most never see the light of day on Diet Coke Rocks! Just snippets. Like today. Don't even get me started on sibling rivalry and having a dysfunctional family! Stew and I have disowned two of our kids already thanks to THEIR behaviour. Oh to turn the clock back and do things differently. For a start I'd not put up with even a quarter of what some of our kids have done to us, put us through etc. Life eh?

  6. The stir-fry really looks delicious


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