Sunday, May 21, 2023


 Well... it's gunna rain all day again.

How unusual!  Joking.

We have had almost an entire year's worth of rain already this year.  Some parts of the country are already well over that statistic.

And the next two weeks are not looking spectacular either.  Just mostly... RAIN.

So today I'm going to park my car outside and turn the garage into a drying room.  I will hand wash the gazebo sides and hang them to dry on racks.

At least then I can sew the tabs on them for anchoring down against the wind.

I will get Stew to hand dry the gazebo itself so it can be put away for the next month.

Then I plan on making another 'travel bag' for runners.  I'm going to have two bags.  One for runners that go on the gazebo walls and the #1 rack.  The other bag will hold 'spare' runners.  

On wet days we will only have out one rack of runners. (if we even go!)

On fine days we will have two racks.

Slowly refining how we do things at markets, depending on the weather, and WHERE we are.

A couple of places we can take up a lot more room, so two racks will work.  On wet days, only one rack is gunna be put up now.

We might go out a bit later to find some mid-size tent pegs for the gazebo side anchors.  And a wander around The Base.  

And that is about all I have for ya right now.

Someone tell me they are getting a suntan, SOMEWHERE!  Cos I sure in hell didn't get one last summer!  

Listened to it rain all night long.  Then it was sunshine and roses this morning.
So I was geared up to put the sides and gazebo outside to dry etc.  
And it rained.  AGAIN.

ABOVE:  So it's all in the garage drying.
I have even managed to get the 2nd runner bag made.  I just need to add carry straps.  I'll probably make them this afternoon.

Bex called in to pick up a shit load of art supplies that I've given to her arty farty friend Ren.  

ABOVE: Steve 'n' Bex got this for me.  It's what I say to them, and visa versa, a lot.  *smiles*

Very cute.  Might just hang it in me car.

It's now 11. 20 and I'm hungry.  I might just suggest to Stew we go out for a nice lunch somewhere.  

SUN'S OUT !   Stupid, stupid weather.

ABOVE:  Well the tent pegs were an easy find at Mitre 10.  I'll work on sewing on tabs sometime this week.  Or next week.  There's no hurry.

Stew and I ended up at Subway in Chartwell for lunch.  Delicious as always.  But not going there again.
I simply COULD NOT understand a word they said.  Even Stew struggled to understand them.  
I am totally 100% sure I've bitched about that before!
Don't be in a public service job if your english is so bad 99% of the public can't understand you!  Does my goddam head in.

And there ends yet another rant.
I'm kinda full of them lately.  I really should try and be brighter/happier, and more positive.

Now?  Might have a nana nap.  

No nana nap was had.  But I did simply relax all afternoon.
Then I decided as it was so quiet on here I'd just say...



  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Just a thought but you can buy screw-in tent pegs for a firmer hold. It will mean that you will need to take a cordless drill and appropriate size socket but they hold much firmer in the ground

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Good to know! Thanks.

  2. Here we can buy screw in pegs to hold leashes for dogs or what ever, they are like the screw in "things" for uncorking wine bottles, Just a thought. What miserable weather you have had, we had rain overnight and it is cold today. Cheer up, my youngest GD, is having minus 1 degrees and snow during the day, minus 7 degrees at night. Only consolation it is daylight from 3:00 am. when the sun rises until 9:40 p.m. In Iqaluit, NWT. Canada.

  3. We went to a Subway up north where I couldn't understand what was being offered. Isn't all of this wet weather awful? Suntan... my legs are lily white, no colour on them at all this summer.

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I never ever go to Subway. Too many questions in the production line….do you want onion, do you want pickles, do you want tomato….you get the drift. Marie, Melbourne

    1. Haha, I had to laugh. I've only been once and with my grandsons. I just said "what they had"... made it easy, they knew what they wanted :)

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    This is so interesting. I rarely eat there. My experience is entirely different when I do. I can see what they are doing/each step, I give directions, they ask almost no questions.

  6. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Busy but productive day here weed eating lawns visited the old people corned silverside in the crock pot 😋 suns out birds are chirping am going to sit down shortly and have a break. Gotta make a loaf of bread too faark it never ends hey!! Yum Subway haven't had that for yonks but if you've in an English speaking country...they probably have to take whoever they can get not too many people wanna work these days GM 💙💙

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    You are going to leave yourself with no where to go and no where to eat if you don't cheer up!! You said you want to travel so you will have to get used to not understanding different languages and accents even in English speaking countries. I don't go to Subway any more as they only half the filling they used to ha\ve. Audrey

  8. Visible minority is the reason and they are usually the people with poor English language skills and the only ones who will work for minimum wage, maybe not because they really want to but, if they are a refugee, working is one of the requirements to stay here. AND Some, not all people who have spoken English all their life think they too good to work serving the public and would rather collect government benefits.


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