Sunday, May 28, 2023


 Today we have Lacy and Keera visiting all day.  That should be lovely.

It's always so neat to see them.

Bex is doing a Market today, so Stew and I plan on checking it out.

ABOVE:  It's a one off market, and one I could have had a stall at.  But we needed a break from markets, so gave it a miss.

Hopefully Bex does well.

It will be nice to attend a market as an attendee, not a stall holder.

I got my Ducks and Geese patterns made late yesterday, so I might make a start on that runner today.

Last night I did knit another top for the Glasses cases.  It's not the knitting that is causing my right hand to cramp up like I thought.  It's the hand stitching when I'm attaching the tops to the bottoms.  That kills me hand!  So that is what I need to take a break from, for a few days at least.

ABOVE: This is the area that got changed when I moved one section of the lounge suite out of here.  I know you probably can't tell the difference, but we can.  It has opened up that area considerably.  I love it.  I can see me sitting in me Dad's chair, feet up, enjoying that room and it's warmth over winter.  The ottoman will become my coffee table.  Handy dandy.

And on that happy note, I'm off to start my day.

I will get quite a bit done before Stew and I head off to that market.

Stew has an ikkky job this morning...

ABOVE: our kitchen sinks are blocked. Stew thinks its a blockage in the insinkerator pipe.  So he's gunna have a go at fixing it this morning. 
Something tells me we are gunna need lots of towels. And a hose to syphone off that water.

ABOVE:  8.55 am. Still in bed. Oodie on cos its FREEZING. Might get up soon. 
Waiting for cuddles in bed with Miss Muppet. Yeah. 

ABOVE: And just like that... I have company.

OMG... the smell emanating from our kitchen!   Its DISGUSTING.  I'm hiding out in me sewing room till its done and aired out. That insinkerator is to blame according to Stew.

12.21 pm:  And he fixed it!  Well done darling.
He's sprayed sanitiser/air freshner around, so it's not too bad in the house now.

ABOVE: Trying to get a decent photo of that girl!  She's like Dante, pulls silly faces so ya have to make her laugh.

Lacy got a good one at the park:

ABOVE:  Very cute photo of mother and daughter.

We are heading off to the market very soon... hopefully there's a few stalls worth seeing.  We might even find a new heart for the wall.

I have made a very good start on the Duck Runner this morning.  I can actually start stitching it tomorrow.

We just got home from the market.  It was one of the saddest markets we have ever been to.
There were more people involved in the market there,  than visitors to it.  Very sad.
And it's a freezing cold day, so I wouldn't have gone to it expect to support Bex.

A dear friend from Auckland (Tracy),  came down for a day trip.  She visited Bex too.  And I am expecting her to call in on her way home again.
I can't wait to see her, it's been a long time since I saw her.

AND today must be the day for it... I'm also expecting my friend Sharon, from Taupo, later on today too.  She's meeting up with her son for some shopping, so is visiting us later while she's in town.
What a lovely turn of events.  Two dear friends visiting us on the same day.  

ABOVE:  And just like that, they came, we yakked, and they just left.  Such a lovely visit, thanks so much girls.
I hope they have a good drive back to Auckland, it's motorway all the way now, so it's any easy drive.

Not long till Lacy and Keera leave, then we will await Sharon's arrival.

ABOVE:  I forgot Tracy's shoes!  I was rather taken with the bottom of them. ... how cool are they?  I am now going to be looking for some for myself.  Of course.  Totally funky sneakers.

My friend Sharon arrived not long after Tracy and her daughter 'S' left, and she stayed and yakked up a storm for a few hours.  Wonderful to see her too.
I'll post the obligatory photo of her and me tomorrow... cos I can.

For now, I'm freezing again, and am in me thermals and Oodie, and am going to just sit and watch TV till bedtime.  It's been a really lovely day.
Catch ya tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Good luck Bex 🤞 been up since 4am JAYSUS he asked "wanna coffee?" 🙄🙄 GM💙💙

  2. Omg our sinks were like that... no insinkerator but dishwasher pipe... it was all rice! Weird cos we have rice once in a blue moon. Lots and lots of swears 🤬

  3. When our sink clogs like that all I need to do is use a plumber's plunger. Works every time. You can use it when the water is still in the sink.

    1. Can you see the plunger in the photo ? That didn't work. Nor did Draino or Baking Soda and boiling water.

    2. Oh dear, my powers of observation. No, I didn't look at the photo closely enough. I'm glad it's fixed now though.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Do you have the heating on in your house? mine is on nearly all the time in might need a plumber.... Peta

  5. Miss Muppet is growing up so fast. Such a gorgeous kid.

  6. Love the snuggle pic of you and Keera 😍

  7. Looks like a lovely day. Just a thought ... have you considered making a couple of pink ribbon cancer runners for Pink Breakfast events? Might be something to consider for next year 🙂

  8. It was so nice to see you two too! I could spend hours soaking up all that glitters in sparkles.
    The front of the house driveway and carport look great BUT THE BRITTO “swoon”


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