Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I'm probably going to bore you shitless today.

Cos all I'm going to be doing is sewing.

And maybe a bit of housework.

Last night at Cards, I was given this plant from one of my girlfriends (A belated birthday gift):

ABOVE: Aren't they stunning!   They need to be re-potted, so I will do that sometime today.  I have no idea where to put it yet... just hope I don't kill it.  I'm not too flash with keeping inside plants alive.  edit:  I think it will look awesome in the lounge, as I have pinks in there!

ABOVE:  I meant to show you this little platter I made up to take to the FBG meeting the other night too... just found it when I downloaded photos last night.
Everyone was super impressed with it.  I reckon I could get doing platters down pat pretty quick.

I think I will ask Steve to make me a couple of smaller wooden ones now... for taking to meetings/small gatherings and so on.   They are so popular.

ABOVE:  I am ploughing through the 7 tree runners I laid out the other day!
I've simplified them a tiny bit, by not using fabric for the tree trunks, instead just doing a satin stitch with brown cottons.
It's no quicker, but it is less fiddly.

ABOVE: This is the last of the seven runners 'on the go' right now.  I should have it's tree trunks done by mid morning, then I can start doing the small amount of quilting required,  and adding the backing fabric to them.

Then binding. OMG I'm not looking forward to the binding.  It's a shit job.  But, it finishes them off so beautifully, it's worth doing.

ABOVE: This is the 'tankini' I bought yesterday.  I won't look that good on me... but oh well... at least I have something to wear in the pool.  *smiles*  In case ya don't know what a 'tankini' is, it's a swimsuit that's just the top half.  Then you wear separate bottoms.  I shall be wearing cycle shorts.

So there ya go.  Not much happening here ... catch ya later.


12.15 pm: And lol... I've found a third option for the pool position!  Not gunna show you... or you will get utterly sick of me.  *smiles*

I've done some housework, some sewing and even a wee bit of gardening!  Yeah... just dead heading stuff mostly.

I've just have me lunch and am watching a little bit of TV... Home and Away I taped.  Then it will be back to the sewing.

6.30 pm:   Well.. I did tell you it would be a quiet day eh?  I've done some sewing and not much else.
Brylee is at work. Griffin is at a friends.  Stew is home and I'm about to go for an FBG walk.

I think most of the girls are dressing up as witches and the like, as it's Halloween.  I won't be.  Cos I'm NOT an American, and have no interest in 'celebrating' an American, highly commercialised event.  Is it even an 'event'... like, what is it really?

I neither know or care.  I'm just going walking.  In 10 minutes.

There is quite a cool wind blowing, so it should be a nice walk. 

 ABOVE:  Well... it was a good walk, lots of ladies dressed up.  But some of us didn't, so I wasn't the only one.

In one little street a bloke ran out and gave us lollies... he hadn't had any trick or treaters knock on his door!  So he wanted us to have the lollies.  I took some for the teenagers.  
And yes, I look like a bloody chipmunk!  lol

And that's me done for the day.  I'm now freezing, wrapped up in a blankie watching TV.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good Morning DCR WORLD 😊

  2. im always terrified those Tanki things would ride up and expose everything. I wear a one piece with 3/4 tights underneath still doesnt look like the photo u listed though lol my days of flat tummy and no rolls has GONE and i dont have your dedication to get back into the mindset

  3. That lovely plant might go well in a shady place in the garden I think. It's beautiful!

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Didn't you have a swimsuit when you were going swimming recently. Or perhaps it is too big for you now - congratulations if that is the case. I feel the same way as Freedom but it looks really pretty though. Audrey

  5. That platters looks delicious. Love your tankini-where did you buy it? Tree runners look great. Enjoy your walk.

    1. I got it from Farmers Marlene.

    2. Need to go and have a look.

  6. Just something fun to do even if it is commercialized ;) That platter makes me hungry!


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