Wednesday, October 24, 2018


OK... here's a different start to the day:

ABOVE:  A little video to 'amuse' you... or not.

I got a text from my niece in Australia yesterday afternoon... she's been spending a few days visiting my Mum in Coffs Harbour (Australia).  They went out for 'High Tea':

ABOVE:  Doesn't it look lovely!  Drooling looking at the lovely cakes and sandwiches.  I am sure they really enjoyed it.

Now today?  I have an FBG walk at 9.30, then I'm off into Hamilton again.  I won't be long in Hamilton, then I am coming home to work on some table runners and placemats.  

So.... catch ya later!


Right, it's now 12.35 pm and I've been on the go all morning.

Went walkies:

ABOVE: Third time doing this particular section!  I wish they would hurry up and post the last few sections, I'm sick of doing the same walks over and over again.

I was given two porcelain birds on my birthday, from my sister in law, Khady.  I found the perfect place for them:

 ABOVE: This is the 3 dimensional picture I made years ago, it hangs above our bed.  I decided the birds would look good added to it...

ABOVE:  I just have to move the little hearts around some more, they ain't quite 'right' where they are.  *sigh*

Just had lunch, and now... relaxing for a little while before I move on to the next project/job.

4.45 pm:  and I'm stinkin' hot and bothered.  TRYING to make better fitting covers for my trestle tables (for markets).... what a fucking shit job.

Just fiddly.  And Marley got my pin cushion (with about 80 pins in it) and took off with it without me noticing.

When Brylee found it in the hallway, in the little bugger's mouth, there were NO PINS in it!

OMG!  I freaked out, thinking she has swallowed all of them!   But, thankfully, I found them all in her pen.  Maybe she ate a few?  Won't know unless she starts crying when going toilet I suppose!

Then the neighbour started mowing his lawn, and for some reason, Coco goes mental and has a breakdown when he does his lawns!  She literally has a panic attack, so I have to tie her up so she doesn't hurt herself.

I've now got a friggin headache and still have to cook dinner.  NOT what I feel like doing.  What can't they just starve? Like, really.

Stew got  home and cooked dinner!  I had marinated pork steaks out, so he did some veges and gravy to go with them.
And that's me done for the day.

It may only be 8 pm, but I'm going to bed!
Just can't seem to catch up on sleep lately.  So, so tired.


  1. Yo DCR hello lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Oh and you Ladyies Christina and Granny look Gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Your Mum and Neice look like they're enjoying it!

  4. Thanks Lacey๐Ÿ’‹
    First time for Grandma to have a High Tea at 81 years old. She loved it!

  5. They say one of the reasons they do that is that they think it's another bird (reflection). That tea looks nice!

  6. Looking good grandma and Christina the high tea looks amazing

  7. Toasted sandwiches for dinner is my go to for non cooking night (everyone makes their own).

  8. Oh and your Mum is looking healthy as a horse :-)

  9. Must be a day for dogs today. My girlfriend in chch pup got her fruisimide tablets (pee pills). Jayne was in a right panic until she found the bottle chewed but still in tacked . hope Marley has no I'll effects of the pin cushion saga . chick drum sticks doing there thing in oven here for tea but I only have 2 old tummirs to feed not 2 men and a teenage gal .thank god I say.

  10. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I saw a picture on Facebook. Apparently single bed fitted sheets fit those fold up tables

  11. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Hi You have been so busy no wonder you are tired...are you going to put up more pictures of your party ?


  12. sleep tite and catch up 2 weeks from now !!!!!

    sometimes our body says NO More and we have to slow down ..

    We are doing it tomorrow on ,,,,and hope you ones can do the same!!!!



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