Thursday, November 01, 2018


Just when I thought Option 3 was the best so far for the pool position... I took Stew outside to check it out last night (around 6 pm) and...


 ABOVE:  When I pegged it out yesterday morning... the sun was all over that area and it looked like a good option.

But as the sun came around in the afternoon it lost all it's sun and was in shade from about 4.30 onwards!  

Not such a good idea after all.

ABOVE: So now I'm probably going back to Option number 1, as even number 2 is in the shade by the afternoon, but this area is not.

So glad we've had time to suss out the best place to put the pool!

Now... today?  More. Sewing.

And another FBG walk tonight, so pretty much a repeat of yesterday!

ABOVE:  Grrrrr... the last two BIG blisters just healed.  And I've got another one in almost the same place.  At least this one doesn't hurt as much, and isn't as deep.


2.15  pm: and I have finished the stitching of the 7 'on the go' tree table runners!

ABOVE:  Now 'all' I have to do it make the binding and sew it on, then hand stitch it at the back.  ALL... .... ha ha ha!  That's going to take me days and days.

I have 10 days till the next market, so I should get them done.  Don't know if I will find the time to make any placemats though... and dammit, I need more of them too.  *sigh*

But, there's only so much I can do in a day.

I am utterly knackered.  I keep waking up with a hot flush EVERY SINGLE HOUR over night... so I never feel like I've had a sleep at all.

This morning I stayed in bed till 10.30!  Didn't sleep though, just lay there thinking about all I should be doing.  I might as well have got up and done it!

Such a waste of time.  Probably won't do that again any time soon.

ABOVE: I pegged out the FINAL (and first option) pool position too.
Now we just have to wait for the pool to arrive.
Hopefully by the end of the month it will be up and running!

I can't wait.  All I ever wanted when Stew said we were moving back to the Waikato was a pool!  It gets SO DAMN HOT here over summers.
I literally melt.  I can't tolerate the heat and humidity that you get here.  Having a splash pool is going to make my life that much more tolerable over summer.

The kids are equally excited.  Stew?  Nah, not so much. But I hope he does use it.

I'm taking a break for an hour, for lunch.

And it's now 5.15 pm and I've not done any sewing!  Did other shit.  Will mention that tomorrow.  For now, I have to finish getting dinner ready.

NO WALK TONIGHT either.  Forgot it was Griffin's Senior School Prizegiving.  He's getting an Award for 'something', no idea what!
So we have to go to it.  Oh yaaa, three hours on shitty school pews watching everyone from kingdom come get awards... and Griffin.
My idea of hell.  

SHOOT. ME. NOW.  Maybe I'll take a bottle of wine in me bag and sip it... at least I will be giggling.  lol!

Prize Giving went well.. only 1.75 hours!!!  I will tell you more about it tomorrow, for now I just want to warm up again.  It's bitterly freezing tonight!


  1. Ouch! The blisters look painful. Maybe at some point consider a visit to a podiatrist for a shoe fitting - I know my husband had to go down this route a few years back when his running was causing blisters. Once he had been fitted for new shoes by a podiatrist, the problems disappeared. Your garden is amazing - it always looks so lovely!

  2. Option the garden may get a fair bashing but watered at same time maybe hook up 2 med height sloush buckets rinse fret muddy stuff rinse feet cleaner water then you enter. A solar shower attachment to hose off feet out door,solar shower over wooden slat to rinse bodies and feet?

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    You will be able to give your birthday dress another outing at the school prize giving, attending as a proud Mama.

    Enjoy! Congrats to Griffin

    Cheers, Shona

    1. Sadly, it's gunna be too damn cold in the school hall for me pretty dress. I'm in long tights and a warm hoodie!

  4. I hear you about stitching on binding by hand! Have a look at this alternative, I have used this faux-binding method a few times and I really like it.
    I could imagine this could look nice with your runners :) Monika from Himmelgarten Quilts

    1. Wow Monika, that looks pretty good! I will try it on a small sample piece first before going whole hog on a table runner! I haven't done much stitch in the ditch before, though I'm sure it's not that hard.

    2. I. DIDN'T. WAIT..... LOL. Photos on tomorrow's blog of how it went. It's now 10 to 1 in the evening/middle of the night, and I'm off to bed!

  5. Lacy Harvey9:29 PM

    Oml I have tried to do this comment now 3 times lol dam Google account lol

    Was trying to say I can help you with your new bag choice for the wine and your wine choice lol 😂😁🍷 dam your Google xx Miss Crazy


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