Sunday, October 14, 2018


Right, up bright and early this morning, heading off to market in Cambridge.

I hope like hell it goes better than the last few here... cos if not I doubt I will keep doing this one.

It's bloody freezing for at least 8 months of the year on the 'cold' side of the road!  And I hate being cold!  (or hot for that matter!)  Clearly I'm a fussy tart.

This will be the first time I've tried selling my soft toys too... so it will be interesting to see if they attract any interest?

The market runs from 8 - 1, so I shall be back around 2 with an update.

So, while I don't hold out high hopes for a good day... I will try to think positive thoughts.  

There is an FBG walk on tonight... so I will wait and see how tired I am mid afternoon before committing to going or not. 

And on that score... we better get moving... time to go.


1.18 pm:  Another freezing frost this morning!  Well OK... it was a light frost, but a frost all the same.  We had to de-ice the car's windscreen!
And because my site is on the shaded side of the road, I FROZE the entire time.

And while sales were AVERAGE, I have decided NOT to do the Cambridge Trash 'n' Treasure Market again.  Almost everyone who goes there is out for a bargain, or trash/2nd hand shit.

My stuff ain't trash or 2nd hand.  So, it's just not worth my time, or getting that cold for!  So, I'm handing in my notice, effective immediately.

I will do the Tamahere Market till the end of the year and re-assess that one as well.  I'm done freezing my bum off!

Kinda sad though, cos I do enjoy the social side of it, getting to know the other vendors, seeing lots of people I know as they pass.  But ... I'm DONE.

Can you believe it.... it took me FOUR HOURS to warm up again!  Four hours till I actually felt warm.  Frozen to the core obviously.

So glad I've pulled out of that market.  Now ... it's 9.30 pm and I'm thinking of going to bed soon.  Both Stew and I are knackered.


  1. Good luck for maximum sales! If you're selling your robots, you're going to be rich!

  2. its nearly 11 am so hoping you have sold plenty and its been a warm morning

  3. Well you gave it your best shot Chris and thats the main thing really. You are not a quitter so you will only go up from here . The Market at Tamahere may be the boost you need and may lead to other places

    Hope the suns shining WARMER now and you get to do the fbg walk

    Lovely Brylee and Griffin have their jobs You all are in busy zones but take time out to do the family things like at Rotorua

    Awesome for you all


  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Your wares are beautiful, maybe you could sell on line ? or on commission in a childrens shop for some of the things?


  5. sorry it didnt go well today can understand y u dont want your lovly crafts along side second hand and other peoples trash and junk

  6. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I think your feeling the cold because your skinny now, hopefully you’ll cope with summer a lot better Jo

    1. LMAO! I'm far from 'skinny' babe! Still got a long way to go to be even 'normal'. But thanks for the compliment.

  7. That sucks! I am getting all the invites for shows around here for the holidays. Debating on some that weren't all that great last year lol.


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