Friday, October 05, 2018


Sooooo... yesterday I had a problem.
It stopped me blogging from lunch time on.

I could hardly see!

Seriously, my eyes were sore, and I simply could not see properly... it was like everything was blurry, and I almost had double vision! 

So obviously I couldn't see to type or do the blog... or even watch TV.  I just had to sit and wait for it to ease up.

And why did this happen?


I changed my make up wipes.   I always get Johnson's, but there were none at the supermarket the other day, so I bought a different type.

ABOVE:  So yesterday morning I used the NIVEA wipes, and by lunchtime my eyes were all itchy and my vision was dreadful.

I struggled with seeing things properly for HOURS!  Thankfully by bedtime I was pretty much seeing OK again, but still having some blurry moments.

Clearly, I won't be using the NIVEA wipes again!

Today? I've got an FBG walk on at 9.30 am, followed by morning tea with the FBG girls who are on today's walk.  That should be nice.  

I've managed to get these done:

ABOVE:  6 more owls.  I don't think I need to make any more of them for a little while!

And that's all for now!  Catch ya later... after me walk.


9 am:  and just like that, change of plans.
Got outta bed and boom!  My lower back was killing me!  Must have slept wrong... so walking ain't gunna happen today.

After thinking about it ... it's probably a good idea to give my blisters a rest too.

So, what to do?  I've seen an advert for a shop out in the country side pop up on Facebook many times, so Brylee and I are going out there to have a look-see.

It's out Te Awamutu way, which isn't far from here at all.  After we've been there, we are going into Te Awamutu for a wander around the shops there.

Should be a nice change of scene.  I'll take me camera, so might have a few nice photos to share when we get back.

2.30 pm:  And Brylee and I have had a fabulous few hours!

First up, we went to The Interiors Barn, which is out in the whoop whoops between Te Awamutu and Cambridge.

 ABOVE: See?  Whoop whoops.  But very pretty area.

ABOVE:  It is a very lovely shop, lots of rustic type nick nacks, wall stuff, furniture and the like.  Prices were varied... some stuff was really expensive, and other stuff was down right reasonable.  We got a couple of  'reasonably' priced things ...

 ABOVE: That diet sign... cos it is funny.

ABOVE: And this one, cos it's handy to know/have handy in the kitchen.  Just need to find a wall it put it on now!

ABOVE:  Left The Interiors Barn and passed these gorgeous cows on our way to Te Awamutu.

In Te Awamutu, we walked up and down the main street, popping into a few Op Shops and a really GREAT 2nd hand clothing/shoes/handbags/jewellery shop:

ABOVE: I totally recommend this shop to anyone wanting a bargain!

 ABOVE:  Brylee got TWO dresses for $15!

ABOVE: And I got two tops for a bit more than that... but they are perfect for summer.  Both are light weight and can be worn over a white camisole or t-shirt.

Op shop purchases:

 ABOVE:  A melamine tray, cos like... I REALLY NEEDED ANOTHER ONE!   I counted up how many I've got (53!).  
At least I don't pay much for them, and they are damn handy when you have a lot of visitors!

ABOVE:  And these little dishes will be perfect for putting chutney/dips etc in on my birthday.  I think you can bake in the 4 on the right too?

And that's 'it' for the shopping! We had lots of fun, then came back to Cambridge for lunch at a coffee shop. We shared some wedges actually, but they were so HOT we didn't really enjoy them much.  Lots of laughs though, trying not to choke or burn our mouths with them!  lol

It was so nice to spend some quality time with our girl.  Must do it more.  

Time to just chill out for a while now... it's tiring shopping!  And my back is killing me... so some relaxation is on the cards.

Well it has been a lovely relaxing afternoon and evening.  I really love Friday nights.  Silly bugger dinners, Coronation Street... and a weekend to look forward to with Stew home.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I react to Nivea too.... but when my vision goes funny it's a cluster headache and rest is best!! Have a super day...gorgeous weather in Rotorua today 😍

  2. Yes, when my vision does that it's a visual migraine - I never get the actual headache, just that visual thing. It's like a cascade over your eyes. Not sure if that's what you experienced though. Hopefully just a reaction to those wipes.

  3. Change of plan sounds good, enjoy your day out with sounds lovely.

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM

    That sounds like an awesome outing - mother/daughter time is great too. I love that Equivalent picture. It's fun and practical. Liz

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Thank you for today Mum, it was really nice to get out an about and do some shopping. And we did have some pretty good laughs 😂😂. From Brylee

  6. Glad you both had such a great day. The shops you visited look really interesting and you both got some good bargins..

  7. What a fab positive post Time poor atm so will post more tomorrow

    but a Brylee and Chris day and the amazing retro bargains and memories Well thats this months TREASURE thats for sure

    Hope when we are back on hols we can do that trail,,, sounds so good!!!

  8. I love that sign lol. Awesome clothes too. Make the most of having kids that want to hang out with you. Lol

  9. I had something similar one day with my eyes but no itching. Things just got really blurry. When I laid down it magically went away after a few minutes. That was scary!


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