Monday, October 01, 2018


Yesterday I got started on a few robots... I didn't even make a start on them till almost midday, yet I got this many made:

ABOVE:  Six robots!   And I'm thrilled with them all.  

This morning I'm going to have a good look at what I've already got made, and decide what I need to add to my stash.

1st of October!!!!  OMG the year is almost over.
It's Brylee's 18th Birthday tomorrow... so I better pop out at some point and get a card and cake and so on.  

So... I have a bit to do today on top of the usual housework.
Griffin is working all day, so it's just me and Brylee home.  
Let's start the day...



I now weigh LESS than 
my son Steve.

1st BIG GOAL done and dusted.

I lost .900 grms this week.  So... my next BIG GOAL is only probably 2 weeks off.

I can't describe the feeling ... except WONDERFUL.

NOTHING tastes as good as this feeling.

YES.. I'm still far too 'cuddly'... but I ain't as cuddly as I was!  *SMILES*

When driving around Cambridge, I avoid the 'High Brigde' like the plague.  Cos it's so narrow.  Stew drove us over it once and I freaked out!

So, today I wanted to go over to Leamington (other side of Cambridge)... and I always take the wider, Low Bridge.

But today for some reason I found myself about to go over the HIGH BRIDGE!!!  I don't even know how I got there!  But it was too late to turn around, so I kept on going, freaking out at the thought of having to shut my eyes if something was coming the other way!  YES, I thought I would do that.

But... BUT.... I did it easily!  My wee car got over that bridge just fine.  Phew... another first for me today!

Been sewing all afternoon... got two more dogs on the go.
Went to the supermarket again.... and I've got a bit of a funny story about that... for tomorrow.  *smiles*

The family are eating dinner, chicken crumbed sausages and wedges... and I'm about to head out for an FBG walk over on the Leamington side of town.  Think I will brave the high bridge again!  Cos I can.

Sadly, no walk photo tonight.  Sue T mucked it up somehow... but never mind.  It was a nice walk, albeit a bit wet.

Griffin came with me, so that was nice too.

Home and warmed up under me blankie for a good while.  And now... bedtime.


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Congratulations on your 1st big goal. Well done Mum, Steve don't go on a diet 😁. From Brylee

  2. Shot Ma Congrats on getting to that goal and taking Dory over that bridge

  3. Well done mum supa proud of you..keep up the excellent work.. and well done on the Bridge.

  4. Congratulations on your goal!!!

  5. way to go with your goal super pleased for you Chris xx

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Well done!!


  7. Congratulations!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Congratulations on the Goal!!! Fantastic effort. LOL @ Brylee - yes, Steve, don't go on a diet!!!!

  9. Awesome...well done!

  10. That's awesome news....

  11. Fantastic goal to reach Chris, well done.


  12. You are doing so well. Obviously this is having positive affects on other areas of your life as well. GO YOU!!!

  13. I LOVE the robots! Especially the first one, top photo, on the left.
    Congrats on reaching a dietary goal!

  14. Awesome that you have met that goal Chris ... well done! Looking forward to hearing you've reached your next goal too - which I know you will.


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